The New Witchfinders

Well, the Spiteful Nannying Party, the ones in charge of the Scottish government, want to bring in a new ‘hate crime’ law. It is so vague, so wide ranging, that having a copy of ‘Game of Thrones’ would be illegal. Think I’m exaggerating?

Well having a Bible could soon get you jail time in Scotland.

You see, the Bible has several passages decrying homosexuality as sinful. The Church insists that there are only two genders. Those statements are ‘incitements to hate’ under the proposed law.

Even the police have stated that this new law is impossible to enforce, but then they reckon without the army of mask nazis and visitor snitchers created by the madness of this new virus. Oh they’ll get reports, loads of them. One or two might be genuine, most will be the spite-driven trying to get a neighbour in trouble.

As for me, I’d be screwed. I have two Bibles here. I have a partial translation of the Key of Solomon, I have full translations of Goetia and of the Grimoire of Armadel, I have a book on the Voynich Manuscript and several others on mediaeval magic, and a lot of Aleister Crowley’s books. Yeah, when a story contains a demon or a spell, I didn’t just make it up 😉

In the film V for Vendetta, possession of a Quran meant a death sentence. In Scotland, it could well become close to reality if the SNP get their way. See, if the Bible is hate speech, every other religious text will be too. The Bible merely condemns homosexuality, it does not advocate their brutal murder.

Basically, if the SNP pass this law, it bans all religion in Scotland. All of it.

This is going to get interesting.

47 thoughts on “The New Witchfinders

  1. Have they collectively lost their tiny minds? Spiteful doesn’t cover it. Sinister or some other S word adjective would be more appropriate now that they are crossing the division between Religion and State.

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    • No, not spiteful. Just thick and too wrapped up in their tiny Holyrood bubble. Probably never heard a real old style Scottish comedian*, or been in a real pub, or joined the school gate parent chatter group, or been in a crowd of real football supporters.
      Can you even imagine a ten year old Nippie. What a barrel of laughs she would be. More likely the “Please miss.Please miss. I saw Jimmy kissing Senga behind the bike shed” sort of wee clipe.
      Think that everything can be fixed by a new law, and then another to deal with the unintended consequences.
      After all, they are all lawyers and the secret rule for lawyers is “Always make more work for lawyers.”
      Bit like road makers and menders. Dont you think that after 2 thousand years we don’t know a better way of making roads than the Romans did?
      The only advancement has been the pouring on of an otherwise useless by-product of producing coal gas. Nice bit of early marketing.
      *Not a BBC approved, mention Trump, Boris or….? and a quick burst of canned laughter, sort of “comedian”.
      Here endeth the rant.

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    • Unfortunately, they haven’t lost their minds. Some were never sane to begin with, but the ones making the rules, I’m sure, are cognisant of their evil.

      Banning religion is on every dictator’s bucket list, so it’s obvious that this would happen at some stage, but remember, first, Scotland then the rest of the UK then the rest of the world eventually through the Department for International Development and the leftist ‘foundations’ (Soros, Gates, Clintons, Ford, etc.).

      When the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 was repealed by all the other parties (even the Greens) it must have infuriated the SNP, so they limped off, wounded, to plot their revenge and impose something much worse. That 2012 legislation saw football fans dragged out of bed in dawn raids for what they sang at a match the day before. I don’t they’ll blink at doing the same to preachers – the few who still believe scripture.

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      • There have already been cases of street preachers being arrested, and it wasn’t even in Scotland – it was England.There are already overreaching laws criminalising speech. The SNP would make it unsafe to speak at all.

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    • No, they haven’t lost their minds. It’s just that this sort of law is not something you see anywhere that Justice can be represented with a blindfold and weighing scales. You do see such, though, in dictatorships and notably Communist ones. This is how Beria could say ‘show me the man and I’ll find you the crime’. It’s how police states work: make laws so general that anyone and everyone is going to be guilty, then apply them selectively. Has the Scottish government yet said ‘decent people have nothing to fear’ or anything to that effect?

      Sinister, I’ll give you. Deeply, deeply sinister.

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  2. A good reason to reverse devolution. I don’t know if anyone noticed but the Conservative and Unionist party won the UK election. So why is the Labour party running Wales and why is the Scottish Nazi Party is running Scotland?

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    • It’s been a disaster all round, as the virus has made clear. One NHS, rather than four, would need far fewer managers and would deliver a consistent response. One government, the same.

      We’re paying for far too many politicians here and they aren’t even working together.

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  3. The Schottische Nazionalische Partei continue to demonstrate their allegiance to the Frankfurt School and the sheeple are ever-ready to agree with them. When did so many Scots have lobotomies?

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    • There really aren’t that many. The central belt is far more populated than the rest of the country and tends to skew the result in a referendum. Breaking the 2014 independence vote down by region, ‘Yes’ only won in three areas of Glasgow and one in Dundee. Yet the result was only 55/45 for ‘No’.

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  4. Lets be sensible here, they wont be going after the Torah because of ‘anti-semitism’, they wont be going after the Koran because the ‘slims will nut up, and they wont be going after the Hindus because you cant really grasp some ones holy kid being a blue elephant! No, this is the usual anti Christian bigotry dressed up as “equality, equality” virtue signalling. I bet the wee krankie doesn’t have any plans to ban satanism, probably piss off too many of her parliamentary cohort.

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    • No bugger reads this stuff 😉

      I suspect, if they did, they’d start with demands for censorship. But then, all I have to do is move south of the border. I very much doubt I’d be the only one making the trip.

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  5. This farce of sexual orientation must be addressed using logic, reason and Science.
    Scotland seems to be a hotbed of laws in regards to the LBGTQ community.

    “Adoption by gay couples in Scotland was approved by MSPs in 2006 – despite an official consultation process which showed that nearly 90 per cent of people opposed it.”

    The LBGTQ community are medical anomalies, medically disabled, victims of hormone misadventure and thereby have access to all the rights of a disabled person.
    Those rights are quite extensive.

    “hyperandrogenemia in female-to-male transsexuals”
    “may be one of the factors contributing to the sexual orientation ”
    “Reduction of the body iron stores can improve hyperandrogenemia”

    Gender is a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth.
    Anything other than that is a medical condition, hormone misadventure caused by endocrine problems.
    Gender ambiguity in the LBGTQ community is easily explained.

    The government, by law, has been fortifying our foods with more and more of the metal iron.
    Iron causes endocrine problems, hyperandrogenemia, hormone misadventure.

    “Reduction of the body iron stores can improve hyperandrogenemia”

    The divisive LBGTQ situation has been fueled by the fact, the special rights of the LBGTQ were won through criminal collusion, criminal corruption, criminal conspiracy and outright fraud.
    “81 Words”
    In 1975, the year homosexuality was decriminalized, the vote which made homosexuality legal, was rigged in favor of the LBGTQ community.
    At the time, homosexuals were not allowed by law to be psychiatrists and therefore were not allowed to vote for or against the criminalisation of homosexuality. The group allowed to vote to remove homosexuality from criminalisation, contained a substantial number of illegally closeted homosexuals who were ,legally, not allowed to vote. The vote constituted criminal collusion, conspiracy, criminal corruption and fraud.
    “Fryer was not alone in the APA. Because homosexuals were not allowed to practice psychiatry, Fryer and others like him had to hide their sexual preference, but they began to meet informally at APA conventions, calling themselves the Gay PA.”
    Illegally closeted American Psychiatrists, had the LBGTQ community proclaimed sane, removed themselves from the DSM.
    “Spitzer was astounded to find standing at the bar several heads of university psychiatry departments, well known researchers, and the man in charge of dispensing federal grants to psychiatric training programs. All were closeted gay men”
    “Before that time, all lesbians and gays were considered sick—pathologic.”
    “25% of the membership bothered to return their ballots”
    Twenty five percent of a small group, contain a substantial number of criminally closeted Psychiatrists, criminally colluded, conspired and were closely involved in changing the world and it must be remedied, by a referendum with every citizen having a vote.
    This LBGTQ fiasco must be remedied and those criminals involved, imprisoned, if they are not already dead.
    Homosexuality must again be recognised for exactly what it is, a hormone misadventure, medical misadventure, a medical .. condition, not ‘normal’.
    Hormone misadventure, a medical condition, not normal, abnormal.
    They legally should be still in asylums or prison, if it weren’t for criminal collusion, criminal conspiracy, criminal corruption and fraud.
    Medical anomalies are to be treated by doctors, treat the hyperandrogenemia.
    “Reduction of the body iron stores can improve hyperandrogenemia” “may be one of the factors contributing to the sexual orientation ”

    At the time, the UK government was openly funding the Pedophile Information Exchange.

    “How did the pro-paedophile group PIE exist openly”

    Coincidentally, an organization Science shows directly linked to the LBGTQ community.

    “Three Canadian researchers have shown that left-handedness is more common in gay men and in lesbian women than in comparable heterosexual persons.”

    “A new Canadian study that found pedophiles have a strong tendency to be left-handed could help change decades of thinking about such sexual deviants”

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    • Okay. I have no religion and I’m not gay so gay people have no effect on my life at all. I have known a few who were open about it, all of them pleasant company (some hilarious). I have few friends and have no idea if any of them are gay and don’t care. I do not have a ‘friend application questionnaire’ so I’ll never know. So I have no beef with gay people and no reason to oppose (or support) them. Although if I saw a gay person being attacked, I’d help them out as I would with anyone else.

      I don’t know why some people (and it happens in the animal kingdom too) turn out gay. As long as they are good people, I don’t care. The same applies with gay adoption, as long as they are good parents, why should they not adopt? The child might be stuck in a orphanage otherwise and those places seem to be rife with paedos. They might get some abuse in school for having two dads but does that really compare to being repeatedly arse raped by care home staff? I’d take the school abuse, personally.

      Gay and paedo are not the same. They keep being conflated but they are not the same at all. Consenting adults can do what the hell they like in private as far as I’m concerned. Paedophilia is a one sided relationship, the child is being taken advantage of by an adult and that is genuinely evil. Rape is evil. Two adult men or two adult women in a consenting relationship is not evil. You might consider it ‘wrong’ (I know Stewart does) but it’s not actually evil. Nobody is being hurt, nobody is being forced to do something they don’t want to do, so there’s no evil involved.

      But I can see that you consider it wrong, whether through religion or some other reason. Almost all religions require their adherents to procreate and increase the congregation, you might come to realise in time that every organised religion is based on money. That does not mean that there is no God, it just means that Man is spurred more by gold than any God. Just look at the Vatican…

      On your other points –

      Your premise that excess iron in the diet is to blame is easily tested. To start with, if it’s in our food there really should be a much higher proportion of gayness in the population since we all eat it. A test on the iron retention in gay and straight people would soon check that.
      Left-handedness was once actually punished in UK schools. Children were forced to write with their right hands. Genetics says there should be roughly equal left and right handed people but the schools forced the issue. Later prejudice against ‘cack-handers’ (the term was still in use in the 60s when I was young) meant that they didn’t get as much chance to reproduce and are now under-represented. Do you really want to go back to a world where left-handedness was seen as an abomination? Really, look at the level of that kind of hatred. It’s right at the base level, isn’t it? Do you want all left-handed people branded as gay or even locked up as precrime potential paedos? Who’s next? Gingers? Take a deep breath and really look at what you are trying to start here. It has been done before and it has never ended well.

      The LGBTQ(insert entire alphabet in no particular order) are resisting the inclusion of child molesters in their ranks. They don’t want those freaks either.

      In summary then –

      -I don’t believe that anything consenting adults do in private, that neither harms nor even affects anyone else, is wrong. Certainly not evil.
      -I think paedophiles should be cut off at the knees and stood in a bucket of salt (in case you think I’m some kind of softie). What I would do to rapists would probably get me a dawn visit from the men in white coats if I put it here. Suffice to say, it would take quite some time.
      -Left-handedness is not inherently evil. It has been made to appear so by religion (Latin for ‘left’ is ‘sinister’, many words for ‘left’ have been co-opted into words for something nasty but that was not their original intent). Left-handedness denotes right brain dominance so maybe there’s some kind of link there, but not all left handed people are gay, nor are they all paedos. The converse is also true.
      -I don’t automatically hate anyone for their choice of partner (as long as the partner consents and is of legal age), for their beliefs, amount of melanin expressed in their skin, size and shape of nose, bank balance, anything other than their character. I have a short life as a human, my father lasted 82 years and if there’s a genetic link I have two decades left. I am not going to spend that time hating people. There are much better ways to spend it.
      -The current trend on persuading children to transition to the opposite sex is a good example of true evil. One you missed but a very important one.
      -If there is a God, and he’s not an utter rule-obsessed jobsworth, then even though I have never worshipped or believed I think I’m in with a better chance than someone devout who has spent their whole lives hating a whole group of people who have no effect on them at all. I don’t hate anyone and I certainly don’t want to kill or lock up anyone who doesn’t live my way.

      I’m not a believer but I do see a lot of the things in Revelations starting to happen. I’m keeping my options open. I will not pretend to believe as some kind of ‘insurance’ because if there is a God He’d know I’m faking it and that would just make it worse.

      Maybe the end times really are here. Who would your God take, the hater or the lover?

      Might not be much time left to decide.

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      • Yes, I do consider homosexual behaviour to be wrong [cue being dragged out of bed in dawn raid]. It’s not just a religious thing. It’s been a taboo in just about every society always. Even in ancient Greece, the pederasts never ‘married’ the objects of their desire. Some of the behaviour involved is also plainly disgusting to normal folk. That’s why they use ‘gay’ rather than ‘homosexual’ so we don’t dwell on the ‘sex’ part, if you could call it that.

        “I’m not gay so gay people have no effect on my life at all.”

        I beg to differ. Well, I would, wouldn’t I? It’s part of a much wider social re-engineering agenda. Encouraging fruitless relationships obviously leads to fewer births which gives the PTB an excuse for mass immigration, which is designed to weaken society to facilitate an end of national borders in a socialistic one-world system.

        As the Theory of Evolution can be shown to be false, I believe, it only leaves special creation as a reasonable explanation for life on Earth. The ‘finely-tuned’ universe which allows life at all is more evidence. That’s why atheist ‘scientists’ developed the multiverse hypothesis – because this universe is so incredibly right for our existence, it means that there must be nigh on an infinite number of universes we’re not aware of which are ‘wrong’. It’s just obvious, isn’t it…?!

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        • Well now, I don’t think it’s the gay people that are really the problem. They are what, one or two percent of the population? Mostly they keep their sex lives to themselves, just like the rest of us. Most of them think like everyone else, what happens in private is nobody else’s business.

          The problem is in those who want to politicise gayness. Look at those ‘pride’ marches. Who the hell thinks it’s a good idea to march with nothing but a nutsack covering your bits? I am sure almost every gay guy out there is cringing at the image. Okay, if you want to prance about at home with your bits in a mesh bag, fine, but in public?

          And the stuff pushing transgenders and gayness in schools. It’s not real transgenders and gays doing that. They’re happy to let kids grow up and find their own way. This is an agenda and when you look at it without bias, gays and trangenders are not the ones doing it. They are being used. It is a seriously evil agenda, an evil way beyond anything you can pin on gay people.

          Muslims are being used too. So are Jews. So are the BLM and Antifa idiots. When the ones running the game win, all of them will be disposed of.

          Look at the real evil, the man behind the curtain.


          I don’t believe the universe is ‘finely tuned’ to allow life. I think humanity is finely tuned to live on this planet. If the whole universe is finely tuned for life then we’d find some elsewhere. We can’t even live on any other planet in our solar system, never mind other systems.

          So, either live evolved to live on this planet, or (referencing Genesis) a God made the universe and Earth and then designed Man to live on it.

          I don’t think the universe was made for us. I think we were made (or developed) for it. There is no need to imagine parallel universes unless you’re a fiction writer 😉

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          • Sure, it’s all being orchestrated. So, I think, is the war on creationism/I.D. Aren’t they banned from the classroom? It’s a bit like YouTube and FB deciding what is and isn’t a valid argument by their own ‘standards’ and without allowing a large number of ‘dissenters’ freedom of expression. This might be another legacy of coronavirus we’ll be stuck with.

            As I told a homosexual bloke recently, beware what the Government chooses to side with today, because they can just as readily turn against them when it suits.

            This could happen if, for example, transgenderism means it becomes illegal to identify as either male or female, so those who identify as LGB by definition would be breaking the law.

            “If the whole universe is finely tuned for life then we’d find some elsewhere.”

            Only if evolution theory is true. Physicists say that the universe is finely-tuned to an amazing degree, which is required even to make the existence of atoms possible.

            There could be an extra dimension. We get an inkling from scripture, perhaps most famously the ‘writing on the wall’ from an apparently disembodied hand at King Belshazzar’s feast. It would explain how some people (claim) to be able to speak to the dead and also ‘alien’ abductions. The spirit realm could be very close.

            There is this tantalising scripture: “May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height.” Eph 3:18 – Four spacial dimensions!


            • I meant to correct something I wrote earlier, viz: “…because this universe is so incredibly right for our existence, it means that there must be nigh on an infinite number of universes we’re not aware of which are ‘wrong’.”

              I must have picked that up from somewhere. Shows what can happen when you don’t think for yourself. It’s a logical fallacy. A mathematical fallacy, anyway. How can you get “nigh on” to infinity? Whatever number you come up with, you just have to multiply it by a million, so it’s either infinity or it’s not; there is no ‘nigh on.’


            • beware what the Government chooses to side with today, because they can just as readily turn against them when it suits.

              Already seen this with the feminist movement, now we’re seeing women cast aside in favour of transgenderism. They haven’t started on men yet but then ‘straight white male’ is already synonymous with ‘evil demon’. It’ll come.

              Support for gay people is waning with all the new genders, since ‘gay’ is no longer sufficiently different and still includes the hated ‘white males’ in its ranks. It’s heading for total deletion of gender and by the time they get there, people will be so fed up with it all that they’ll welcome the genderless society. They’ll think it will mean ‘everyone equal’ and it will – all equal as sterilised worker drones.

              Anyway, better write more of that story. The early parts are already coming true.


              • Feminism has been used to emasculate blokes for a long time. No wonder some of them want to mince around wearing lipstick and high heels. Now, it’s finally come back to bite them. Not just the radicals, but all women. Useful idiots all right.

                Before I cancelled my TV licence 15 years ago, I noticed how men were being denigrated, particularly in adverts, but I was watching somebody on YT exposing Peppa Pig, which I had never seen, but he pulled up clip after clip of the eponymous porker speaking to her dad like he was a delinquent child.

                Yes, we’re waiting for the denouement of Panoptica (plus what’s left before that). Don’t get it right, get it written. You have an army of armchair critics to advise you.


      • I was ‘stuck in an orphanage’ until 9yo before being happily adopted by normals. So far as I was aware the Home was entirely absent of paedophiles though I left before becoming one of the ‘big boys’.
        It was run by The Church Of England Children’s Society but they gave up their orphanage role to avoid having to give up their charges to perverts, as did the Catholics.
        Sadly they also gave up the Church Of England part of their title and are now just The Children’s Society, in the name of inclusiveness I suppose. One of their workers told me this just a few years ago, I did not tell her the reason for my animosity.


        • I’m sure 90% or maybe even 99% of orphanages are fine. They never make the news.
          I worked with a guy who had a ribcage with at least one healed crack in every rib. His orphanage was in the 1% (or maybe 10%, there are no figures available) that made the news. He had to go from Aberdeen to Oxford to state his abuse, some 20 years after it happened. He never talked about the really dark stuff he experienced, but what he did talk about would stop you breathing.

          You were in a good orphanage. The paedos don’t go for the ‘big boys’

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      • “my father lasted 82 years and if there’s a genetic link I have two decades left”

        As I pointed out, iron affects the hormones, and they’ve recently coined a phrase, it didn’t exist before, ‘age-related iron accumulation’, and now when one reads the article in Psychology Today ..

        “Might it be that some or many men who lose interest in their wives in middle age and “come out” as gay are in fact responding to the profound influence of unknown and unidentified hormone changes? “


        • That’s interesting. There have been a lot of cases of men married 20-30 years, often with children, suddenly declaring they are gay. Okay, back before the 1960s it was actually illegal to be gay so it’s understandable that gay men would keep quiet about their preferences. But that was 60 years ago, aside from some residual homophobes there’s no stigma in being gay now and it’s certainly not illegal.

          So why would a gay man get married in 1990 and keep it quiet for 30 years now? Maybe they don’t. After all, it was really not a big issue to be openly gay in the 1990s. Even before then – comedians like Larry Grayson and the over-the-top Julian Clary did pretty well on TV. I was a big fan of Larry Grayson, by the way, and his comedy was entirely non political.

          I recall some studies, that went very quiet, about plasticisers in plastic bottles having effects analogous to female hormones. There were concerns that men would all grow boobs and inverted willies. Well the boobs happened, but that was obesity, not plastics. The inverted willies were caused by wokeness.

          So if excess iron can do the same, is that going to be as well as the plasticiser oestrogens? It would explain why so many men now wear flamboyant dresses no woman would be seen dead in. They have far more female hormones than the women do!

          I have also noticed that a lot of child sex offenders (individuals, not the gangs) are around the same age, they are almost all in their early fifties. 53 seems to be a magic number. Puts them all as born in the 1970s when plastic bottles had fully replaced returnable glass ones.

          There is something happening here. Too many pieces fit together too well. It looked random at first but it looks less random by the day.

          I see Johnnie Walker now sells whisky in a paper bottle. A Tetrapack style one lined with plastic. I once had a miniature of that on a plane, in a plastic bottle. It was vile. I’m sticking with glass for my whisky.

          When you add iron accumulation into this, it’s just another piece. Older people are often zinc deficient. Zinc interferes with iron absorption. Too much iron, like too much salt, is as bad as too little. And if you want to make people sick through electromagnetic radiation, it’s so much easier if they have a lot of conductive iron in them…

          I will have to think on this further.


      • I think, at the moment, Islam trumps almost everyone and with transgerderism weakening the feminist movement then that will probably continue for some time, but not forever.

        In my dystopic novel (I currently have a mental block after committing half of it to my PC) the Muslims are permitted to have their way after every other religion is banned (other than state atheism, naturally), but it’s only to destroy our own institutions and way of life. Ten years after other religions are banned, Muslims are brutally disposed of once they have served their purpose.

        I used to worry about a worldwide caliphate, but those in control won’t allow that to happen. It’s simply divide and conquer tactics as usual.

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  6. Even before devolution they would often try out rubbish laws in Scotland first and if they got away with it there would bribe Ulster to do likewise before imposing it upon England and Wales in the name of uniformity .
    Police say it is unenforceable? Copper Spokesperson, speaking about the petty new Covid regs in Manchester
    “The public might want to inform on their neighbours”
    Not the full on Crassandra Dickhead but a a call for Denunciation nevertheless.

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  7. Dalrymple’s observation applicable yet again?

    “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”
    Theodore Dalrymple

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  8. Leggy, Totally agree.
    TOT. I have wondered what affect the introduction of iron cooking pots had on the health of peasants, ie improve iron intake from zero.
    I think that aluminium cooking pots were/are a big mistake, Notice the pits of missing metal after cooking in an Al pot.


    • There was a theory going round for a while that linked alu pots & alzheimers.
      No idea what became of it, spiked, disproven or memory holed?


      • Many of these things that were about to wipe us out just disappeared. They get replaced by the next imaginary terror.

        Have you noticed hardly anyone cares about climate change any more?


        • There is a fair amount of crossover between the warble gloamers and the masked morons ( allegedly).
          Maybe humans can only sustain a panic about one thing at a time?, possibly because a panic is a monomania.


        • Leggy,
          I can’t believe I missed the ironic potential here, posted by EdP on Headrambles:

          Ed P on 11th August 2020 at 11:08 am said:

          How about an, “Emperor’s new clothes” trick?
          Just a loop of knicker elastic around the ears, draped across your nose & chin, so it’ll look like an invisible mask to the checking goons.
          “It’s made of the finest and thinnest material, only those with excellent eyesight can see it.”


  9. Reasons masks are bad, not sure if you can work some of thisinto Panoptica as well.
    Certainlu indicates why Krankie loves forcing people into them.
    “As if Piers Morgan feverishly promoting them weren’t evidence enough, here are the facts on why you absolutely, categorically should not wear a face mask. They make you suggestible; they make you more likely to follow someone else’s direction and do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. In short, they switch off your executive function – your conscience”


    • Uniforms work in much the same way. The masks do indeed constitute a kind of uniform.

      China used to make everyone wear blue boiler suits. I have something similar in Panoptica, although the suits have barcodes so they can pretend they are individuals. We’re not at that stage yet but the masks are a good starting point.


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