Initiating Panoptica

Here it comes, and I haven’t even finished the book yet. So here’s a bit of backstory as to how Panoptica came/is coming to be.

The genderless society was a given. 23-David and 81-Mohammed covered that. The method to achieve it is far more efficient than I had envisaged and possibly more horrifying. So I will make adjustments.

The embedded chips… well established and already in use so that wasn’t anything new. Getting people to accept them? All the Strangers covered that. The new fear instilled by what is basically a new flu will make it so very much easier. Has anyone noticed that nobody dies of the flu any more? It used to kill people at the same rate as Covid19 but now it kills hardly anyone at all. Nobody seems to be questioning that.

The hard part was the barcode onesies. I didn’t have a good explanation for where they came from. Now I do.

Facial recognition technology is a way to control people. It’s invasive, it’s very expensive, it needs lots of trained operators, it requires very expensive and very precise cameras and maintenance of those cameras and it’s still not perfect. It is, basically, a dud idea. It’s just more Chinese overpriced tat for sale to the West. There are already lawsuits set up to oppose it and they will win because governments don’t really want it. This is not the control they are looking for. It’s a distraction. Something to make you think you won an argument.

With things like facial recognition, people don’t know they are being watched. That’s no good for control. You want everyone to think – know – they are always being watched all the time. Then you don’t have to actually watch them. They will behave as if they are always being watched even if you haven’t looked their way for months. I think the idiots in charge have realised this.

So here we are. There are people claiming Melbourne is a hotbed of infectious death far worse than New York based on deaths per population size. Melbourne is in the middle of the winter flu season while New York is in summer. Nobody in Melbourne has flu. New York’s handling of this virus has been appalling but even so, they are in summer now. Outside the Death Camps they call retirement homes, almost nobody is getting sick. What is now happening in Melbourne will happen in the northern hemisphere in September/October. The Second Wave is assured, it will be flu season.

Aberdeen, Scotland, is in lockdown because of some new ‘cases’. It is not clear whether these people are sick, dying, or merely tested positive. It was enough to shut down the city.

Even way out here everyone is in masks. On the rare occasion I visit Local Shop now I wear the most terrifying one I can find. I’m building up to Bane and then the plague doctor. It’s all a fucking joke. The masks do nothing. They just deflect a cough or sneeze sideways, which is their purpose in surgery. They stop almost none of it. And yet I see people wearing surgical masks as if they will help. If I have to wear a mask to get a bottle of milk I am going to take the piss. I am not going to argue with them, I have beaten my head against the antismoker and Cult of Climatology lunatics for long enough. I’m not going to play this game. Let them live in terror of nothing at all. They seem to like it.

The masks serve another purpose. They make facial recognition technology obsolete. It can’t recognise masked faces. All it needs now is ‘Oh but you can’t identify anyone!’ and ‘How can we know who is who’ and ‘Muh Individuality’ and bingo – you are all in barcoded onesies that identify you as an individual in the collective.

Then there’s no need for expensive cameras and expensive technology. The barcodes identify you, even if your face is entirely covered (it will come to that). Cheap cameras can do it.

Did you know that most speed camera boxes in the UK have no camera inside? The boxes are cheap. The camera is expensive. The box is a deterrent even if it doesn’t actually do anything because you don’t know which boxes have cameras in them. The same is true of many street CCTV camera boxes. Why?

The real camera isn’t needed. Only the semblance of a camera. It’s been a Panopticon for years and it’s about to accelerate. You need a few real ones of course. You need to catch the occasional nonconformist to keep the rest believing in your illusion. Still, most of your camera boxes can be duds and nobody will realise that.

Now we have ‘hiccups’ as a possible sign of coronavirus. Note that it’s not COVID19 any more. It’s coronavirus. The flu is coronavirus. The common cold is coronavirus. There are hundreds of different types of coronavirus, some are very nasty, some are merely inconvenient. Now there are no deaths from the new one they have moved on to ‘cases’ which means a positive test even if it’s just the common cold. Every other disease has been vanquished, only coronavirus remains.

Winter is coming. Flu season. Flu kills thousands every year. This will be a ‘second wave’ and we will be locked down again. Admit it, most people are scared enough now to accept it.

Now there are rules coming out to say you must wear a mask for an online Zoom meeting even though you really can’t get infected over the internet. It is not about health. Hell, none of the nonsense has ever been about health.

You cannot visit other people, even family members.

Later – you can visit but do not touch.

Stay six feet away from everyone. Touch nobody. Anything anyone else might have touched, disinfect it. Everyone else is a disease-riddled monster.

And now – if you can be seen, even over the internet, wear a mask. Don’t even look at each other. Soon you will not be allowed to speak. Speaking spreads the virus – that one’s already out there.

You are being isolated. Masked. Confused. Frightened. You treat everyone else, even your own family, as an enemy, a pariah. Your fear does not allow you to listen to reason, nor to reason for yourself. You are looking for a saviour, a way out, a way of being accepted back into some kind of normality. It will come. When it does you will grasp at it and embrace it.

And it will be the end of you as an individual because this is exactly how cults initiate new members. Roobeedoo had a good video explaining this, I hope she puts it in the comments because I can’t find it now.

There are those laughing and calling me ‘conspiracy theorist’ now but trust me, I didn’t just make up the stories I write. I research their backgrounds because fiction has to be plausible and sometimes I find things hardly anyone is even looking for.

So… can I stop this? Nope. Not even going to try. You’re on your own. There is no Marvel superhero coming, you either accept this or pretend it’s not happening or fight against it. Entirely up to you. Nobody is coming to save you. Listen to the warnings or enjoy your comfortable compliant conformity in Panoptica. All I’m going to do is document it, hopefully before it happens, although it’s going pretty fast now.

There will be a vaccine. It won’t work – like the annual flu vaccine, it doesn’t really need to – but most will take it anyway. It will kill more than the virus and it will come with a mark or passport that allows you to exist in the world. Without that you will be forever a pariah. The hysteria has reached that point and more. Refuse the vaccine and you will have Bodysnatcher point and scream aimed at you whenever the drones find you.

If you want to pretend I’m an anti-vaxxer, look back in the blog. I’m a retired microbiologist. I’ve benn vaccinated against things you’ve never heard of, but I will not take this one. You can if you like, I will do nothing to stop you.

The flu vaccine claims a 40% success rate. That is piss-poor even before you realise that most of that 40% probably would never have caught flu anyway. If you are vaccinated and don’t get it, it’s counted as a success. It’s like the guy throwing rolled up papers out of a train window in Esher to keep elephants off the tracks. When someone points out there are no elephants, he responds with ‘See? It works’. Coronavirus vaccines do not work. Any of them. They are the paper balls that keep elephants off London train tracks.

They do, however, make someone a lot of money. Hint: it’s not you.

This whole charade is about control. The virus is real but it was hyped by China to wreck Western economies and it has worked. The daft lockdowns have killed more than the virus ever would have (look at the reality of Sweden) and now Western governments are left with trying to get out of it without losing face.

I’d have a lot more respect for any government who came out and said ‘Yeah, we got pranked by the Chinese, you can all go back to normal now’ but I really don’t expect to ever see that. They’d rather be pilloried than admit they were wrong.

Then again, maybe they don’t want to do that because everything is going according to plan. Your initiation into the New Normal is almost complete. So many of you are desparate to be part of it.

Did anyone tell you what your New Normal actually is?

Did you ask?

23 thoughts on “Initiating Panoptica

  1. Doctors across the board aren’t attesting who is exempt from wearing a mask. Anyone can go to the government covid dot gov website and download a “I am exempt from wearing a mask”. You can either print it off and attach on a lanyard or just download to smartphone (if you have). It is against the Disability Discrimination Act for anyone to enquire why you are exempt.

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  2. I posted on the futility of mask wearing and why they don’t work on Facebook. I think it was either ignored or not believed. Ignorance sadly is bliss for some people.

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    • I did too on a local discussion group and moderators took it down. Seems to me that sensible objectors are being censored, not only by FB but the new stazi too.

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  3. The problem is that nobody has the guts to actually do the experiment and work out what droplet size will transmit viable virus, and what will not. Thus the guesstimate is that if you can slow exhaled droplets down enough, they will fall out of the air before infecting anyone, and the ones that are too small to fall out do not carry viable virus for very long.

    That’s an awful lot of suppositions with no evidence one way or the other.

    The evidence (probably hidden now) from the Maryland Infectious Diseases unit is that really quite small exhaled droplets will contain viable influenza virus and transmit it. Surgical masks are not designed to filter such virus out of inhaled air, but are designed to filter exhaled air and trap the majority of the larger exhaled droplets. Almost no mask will trap everything; surgical masks are just there as a mostly-effective gesture. So, what we have are a number of ineffective measures that are largely theatrical in nature, and are not based on actual evidence.

    The salt-treated masks I told Leggy about many moons ago have a much better chance of filtering out the virus-containing infectious droplets, but explaining this to the government is useless. The reason is that there are too many idiots out there who would refuse to use effective masks, or who would simply fail to use them correctly. Morons even now cannot seem to realise that the mask goes over the nose, for instance; there is little hope of training them to use effective masks correctly unless weekly mask training in teargas-filled rooms is instituted (that’s the Army method, BTW; it facilitates rapid learning by aversion of hideous pain).

    So, we’re stuck with infection control theatre until a viable vaccine is finally produced.

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    • That’s brilliant: every shop should now have a walk-through entrance tunnel filled and replenished with tear gas. Only those with correctly-fitted masks would risk entering.
      Just imagine how the economy would be kick-started! Covid-free shops! Twats kept out! Mask sales increased (for proper ones)!
      Have I missed the point?

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  4. Just a quickie about fixed speed camers.
    As you approach said camera there are two small circles in the back (actually the front) of the metal box. If those circles are black the camera is live and recording your speed, no good screeching to slow down on the white road markings beyond, the picture is to identify an already known offender.
    If the circles are grey, that is a metal ‘blank’ and the camera is blind, not in use. Been this way for thirty years or more.
    At least 3 such cameras hereabouts have been ‘necklaced’ but have not been repaired after many months.

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  5. Fake virus scare requires fake compliance. A light bandanna over the nose and mouth with wraparound sunglasses (Hat optional) protects from the surveillance, but is comfortable enough to wear for protracted periods. After all, the mask mandate does not specify what kind of mask you have to wear.

    One can play ducks and drakes with the system by demanding “Look, just tell me which bloody law I’m supposed to be complying with!”

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  6. What is coming ?
    ‘Health passports, a green light for a new tyranny’
    18th June 2020 h/t toby young

    Sorry can’t do links from an Android. If that is The Plan it is very scary indeed.

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  7. There’s many a front door with a picture of an alsatian or pit bull with the caption “Fangs Lives Here” even though “Fangs” is a miniature poodle – if he exists at all; the cut-price alternative to a security camera, possibly borrowed from the authorities’ whose ‘blind’ cameras have been suspected for years.
    There are striking similarities between The Pandemic and the smoking ban. I’ve been pointing them out to the virus sceptics who may have fallen for the SHS scam because 13 years on I’m almost as angry about it as the day that the ‘new normal’ for smokers began.

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