I don’t think it’s going to work.

I may go out tomorrow if I can borrow a face to wear.

Oh I’ll step out in style with my plastic smile and unbarbered hair

It’s a very old song. I think it is one of my earliest memories of a song, aside fom all that Lonnie Donegan stuff my mother liked. I only have a few Leg Iron Books mugs here currently but there’s one up for grabs if you can tell me who sang it and what it was originally called (it wasn’t Lonnie Donegan).

Meanwhile, two new faces arrived today, to add to my Hall of Faces.

The Saw mask will need a bit of cloth taped over the inside of the mouth, the sugar skull is already sealed so they will both be legitimate Covid masks since they cover my nose and mouth. Shops aren’t allowed to make me take them off but just in case they demand it, I can wear one over the other.

I’m quite enjoying this subjugation. You want me to wear a mask? Sure, I’ll wear a mask. I am amassing quite a collection. I’m happy to become a Faceless Man. Good luck with that facial recognition stuff you paid millions for. I can go around a corner and have a different face now. And I am obliged to cover my face by law (there are those who have said covering my particular face should have been law long ago) so you can’t make me take it off or I’ll infect you with… whatever you are currently scared of.

This virus has receded. It’ll come back in the next winter, the Wonder Winter in which nobody will die of flu for the first time in recorded history. You can be sure of that.

This New World Order, this population reduction to five hundred million people worldwide, is not going to work. We have around seven billion people on Earth and there are still places humans have never visited. Still new species to discover. I’m not talking about the bottom of the sea, I’m talking about on land. Huge tracts where no human eye has ever set foot. The planet isn’t overpopulated, it’s just being managed by idiots.

Okay. To get down to 500 million people you have to kill six and a half billion people. How? The military? How long before some grunt is pointing his euthanasia rifle at his grandma? Will he fire?

Sure, you take the military from country A into country B and let them loose. Meanwhile the military from country B is killing everyone in country A. This works until both militaries hear about what’s happening to their families at home. Then they want to go home to defend their own country.

I have seen the bleeding hearts bang on about deforestation in the Amazon while insisting we all go vegan. They say nothing about the deforestation to install wind farms and solar panels. Hey, you want everyone vegan? You’re going to have to deforest the whole damn planet to grow enough crops for that. Some places can only grow grass, which ruminants (cows and sheep) can eat but you can’t. What will you do with those places? Oh and, incidentally, what do you think happens to all the animals you think you’re protecting? What do you think happens to the wildlife that eats some of those crops?

The population reduction proposed means that out of every 14 people, 13 must be killed. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, are you the one they’ll save? I know they won’t want me. How many soldiers, how many police, will they really need when there’s a small subservient population? If you are a soldier or police now, are you to be saved or are you just a little bit lower down the list, once you’ve done your job? 13 out of 14 will die. Are you number 1 or number 12? Where are your family on that list? Where is your father? Your brother or sister? Your children? Are you the one who will be ordered to depopulate them? Will you do it?

How long before that realisation kicks in? I mean I know it worked in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia and China and Cambodia and North Korea but applying that globally is a very different game. Especially when you are dealing with countries, such as Poland, who have experienced this same shit in living memory.

Suppose they succeded. 500 million. About a thousand of them own all the wealth on the planet. What will they buy? Who is making anything? Why would their drones bother if they are not going to be adequately compensated? Who is making ornate furniture when they get the same pittance for banging a few planks together? If you are a drone with no hope of advancement, why try?

Soviet Russia found this out. So, to a lesser extent so far, has China. Basically, if you eradicate all capitalism you eradicate all motivation. If you cannot possibly advance from where you are now, there is no point trying. No point making anything unique or beautiful when you get paid the same as someone who bangs rough hewn planks into something vaguely chair shaped.

All those billions of dollars will be worthless when there is nothing to buy. Where are your fine wines, when a homebrewer using baker’s yeast and some strawberries gets the same pay? Where is your gold when digging out iron pyrites gets the same pay? What use are your diamonds when nobody else even knows they exist? Where do you get your fine clothes when all anyone bothers to make is sackcloth?

There will be rebellion. It’s human nature and to paraphrase the Joker: ‘You have nothing. Nothing to threaten us with. Nothing to do with all your money’. Money will become an irrelevance when nobody can earn more than the absolute basics. The billionaires have nothing to buy. Oh but they can buy people? How? There is nothing for the bribed ones to buy either. This game makes money entirely pointless.

Oh they”ll go back to slavery, we’ll be picking cotton and other crops, but what will they do with it? Who will they sell it to? When most of the population is gone, who are your trading partners?

When there is no more money, many of us will become hunter-gatherers. We can’t get into the system if we don’t accept control and those who accept control will die out. Gobleki Tepe started me wondering if this has happened before. Maybe they didn’t transition from hunter-gatherers to advanced stonemasons. Maybe it was the other way around. If you’re a skilled stonemason suddenly getting paid the same as someone who bangs rocks together, what would you do?

This New World Order is a massive failure in the making. I wonder how many times it’s happened before. It is happening again.

They never learn.

20 thoughts on “I don’t think it’s going to work.

  1. I’m too late for the mug so I Googled and Wikipediad*.
    The original title, as written by Randy Newman was Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear, Alan Price and his set, or maybe the record company, change “the” to “his”.

    I didn’t want a mug anyway. 😦

    * I’m trying to make “Wikipedia” into a verb. Burning question of the day: should it be “Wikipediad” or Wikipediaed”?

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  2. True, it’s not about money in the end – just control. The billions are useful at the moment for Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates and other ‘philanthropists’ to assert undue influence on the world’s nominal governments and which tends to be unwanted by ordinary people who aren’t SJWs.

    For ‘sustainability’ read urbanisation for greater control of people, and turning farmland over to biofuels and trees to absorb carbon dioxide instead of for growing food. Now we also have vegans in the mix. Have you ever wondered about those RSPB areas, each one protects up to tens of thousands of seabirds, which by sheer numbers can’t be considered ‘endangered’ but they eat billions of fish. but Scotland’s fishing fleet has been famously kept in ports for ‘sustainability’ while protected seabirds sweep across the seas pinching human food.

    For “women’s reproductive rights,” which most of the main ‘foundations’ seem to favour as well as the U.N., read aborting and contracepting previous and future generations and ’empowering’ women to keep single and enter the workforce, which, of course, also restricts family size. No wonder fertility rates are at or below replacement levels even in India and most of Latin America and desperately low in other ‘Catholic countries’ like Spain and Poland, not to mention Japan and S. Korea.

    As for LGBTs, they tend not to have children by definition, so these lifestyles are promoted ad nauseum. I just found out last week that a male friend was last seen in a supermarket wearing a skirt, lipstick and high heels. There are now several such people in this small town. It never happened before, not in public. They would have feared shame in the past, but now it’s something to be ‘proud’ about.

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  3. What if the Covid19 modified virus is just a trial run by the would-be population controllers?
    They will have learnt a lot about its dissemination & spread (and the reactions of the masses), very useful for designing the next round.
    Research labs around the world are working hard on suitable antidotes/vaccines, perhaps not all for Covid19 but for its successor. And when these have been developed (to protect our masters, not us of course), the really nasty virus can be released with a fatality of 95%. Stop Gates now!

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  4. The last time the global population was 500 million or less is estimated at between 500 and 1000 years ago.

    So the super elites murder 7 billion people to save the planet. Then within fifty years they’re all dead and the population rebounds and within 1000 years we’re back to 5, 6 maybe 7 billion again. I’m sure Gaia will be grateful.

    Even if they wipe out humans entirely, (and there are plenty who would love to do that), some other ape will come along and fill the gap within a few hundred thousand years. And this new ape will be just as environmentally conscious as the current one.

    They could wipe out every species with an opposable thumb, down to the last lemur on Madagascar, but even then something else will evolve to take our niche within a million years. My money’s on the bears, they’re halfway there already, and bears aren’t very green. (Well no living creature is very green. You don’t last long if you are.)

    So the whole mass murder will be pointless anyway, but I don’t suppose it will make much difference to the psychopaths who can’t wait to do it. The eco bollocks they spout is only a rationalisation anyway. They just hate humans.

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    • But with the globalists finally in charge of everything they can ensure that the population doesn’t exceed 500 million. Ever. They’ve been practising for years with ‘family planning’ and ‘planned parenthood,’ the proles not understanding that it was the globalists doing the planning, not the parents planning for a happier, easier life with their 2.4 children, as it used to be 40 years ago, but is now far lower and many Western countries have their entire population increases due to high immigration rates.

      As for evolution, do you understand what would have to happen for an “ape-like ancestor” to turn into a human being, not merely by developing opposable thumbs? Many aspects of the skeleton need to radically change, with all bones optimal, blood vessels to operate optimally with the new, ever-improving skeletons and plumbed in to work with all the internal organs as well or they would be less fit in the struggle for survival, plus all the other functions all wired up correctly to the brain so that, for example, instincts for survival, breeding, etc. are still present.

      By the way, you don’t get a human brain just by increasing the capacity of an ape brain. The surgeon Dr Vij Sodera FRCS had a patient whose brain, either from birth or as the result of an accident, was smaller than the largest gorilla brains, yet he was fully human. He also saw the X-ray of another man’s skull which had a bit of a bun on the back and thought that a Homo erectus had walked into the casualty department. He asked to take a photo of his head/face and he looks fully human. Neanderthals have odd skulls, but that was probably due to vitamin D deficiency due to climate change (brought on after the Flood) so they were prone to arthritis, bad teeth, broken bones and rickets. Other than that, they were fine.

      Ape dentition is completely different to humans, we meet in coffee shops and discuss philosophy and they swing from trees eating bananas, etc., etc.

      I’m the resident creationist; good afternoon.

      I reckon that the globalists want to keep 500 million people on the Earth so that they still have lots of people who will worship them, cheer on the football teams they own and their racehorses, and do all sorts of menial work and also better work for architects for their Towers of Babel and doctors and sadistic local administrators, but they can control 1/2 a billion far easier than seven or eight billion, forecast to go up somewhat before falling. Africa is the main place where there are still high fertility rates. Now, western governments, ‘charities’ including religious ones, the ‘foundations,’ etc., are flooding the continent with “women’s reproductive rights” and LGBT+ -Heteros. Then when a one-child policy is commonplace due to “sustainability” then the population will collapse in a few generations. That’s my take. Or they might use a virus or nuclear war.

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    • The mortality figure is 7,200,000,000 people. Ninety three point five out of every hundred to reduce the world to 500,000,000 population.

      My brother in law loves the idea, or says he does. I think he’s lost the plot completely.

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  5. “Some places can only grow grass, which ruminants (cows and sheep) can eat but you can’t. ”
    Maybe, but not many. One of the harshest environments for soil acidity is West Falkland. You’d think that no tree could grow there right, but no, I believe that they’ve had to outlaw it in case someone brings one in that can handle the acid soil.
    In many other places, a couple of centuries or less without ruminants and the soil recovers enough to support trees.

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    • I wasn’t thinking about soil acidity, that can be fixed although not in an ‘organic way’.

      I was thinking more about the glacier-carved mountains – north England, mid Scotland, parts of mid Wales – that are now just a thin layer of topsoil on rock. Aside from the logistics of tilling near-45-degree slopes, messing with that thin layer will cause it all to wash to the bottom of the hill in rain. You can raise sheep on those hills but you can’t plant much.

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  6. A bit off topic but my gob has been smacked and I am sorely depressed.
    Apologies to non Scottish residents.
    I have just watched Oor Nicolar giving her daily talk on this “global pandemic”.
    The muttering in the ranks must have reached her ears, or those of her advisors, because she had to tell us that all this stuff about masks, isolation, etc. etc. is essential because scientists say the science is settled, and scientists can be trusted. Honest. Cross my heart.
    This from a lawyer. A politician lawyer.
    Fair enough.
    But then in a programme suposedly devoted to beating the “global pandemic” her sidekick, Fiona Hyslop, tells us to fear naught. In order to get the country out of the economic pit that they have driven us into the Scottish government is going to spend squillions of bawbees on supporting renewable energy developments, have all, well some , homes insulated, “encourage” ,you know what we mean, the replacement of gas, oil and coal fired heating with heat pumps, bio-fuel thingies. All electric transport.
    Give out money to develop more sustainable power and transport. As if all the vehicle manufacturers in the world are not spending billions on this.
    Remember they have ruled out nuclear. Every useable loch and river is already producing hydro-electricity.
    Certain service industries will be given free money.
    And all this will regenerate the Scottish ecomomy?
    Ha. I dispair.
    I do not know if I want Scottish Independence purely because, without UK money and energy on becalmed days, and a sink for all electricity overproduction on windy days, it will bring this madness to a head and return us to sanity. But I know that that is wishful thinking.
    I could swear.

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