Well that didn’t work

Early in the Big Covid Scare I dropped the prices of ebooks on Leg Iron Books to 99 cents. There was a small effect in the latter end of the first quarter (to the end of May). Subsequently I put all novels and single author ebooks back up to $2.99, still a good price. I can’t do much with the print books, almost all the money goes to Amazon anyway. That free shipping? It’s not free. The seller pays it. We get pennies per print book and putting up the price just means the cost of postage goes up in proportion. Sneaky…

So, this quarter (June to August) is a disaster. I’ve been plugging Leg Iron Books on Twitter, Parler and Gab (the latter two are mostly political so I don’t know how much use they’ll be for marketing, and the rampant ‘Da Joos Did It All’ on Gab has somewhat put me off going there).

There’s a Leg Iron Books page on Facebook that gets a few more likes every day but that doesn’t mean they’re buying anything. Linking to all the writers I can find on social media isn’t working. They want to sell books, not buy them. I have to find where the reading addicts hang out.

Goodreads does not have publisher accounts. You can get an author account on there if you want to jump through hoops. It’s a pain of a procedure and I’m not sure how much good it does. I have an author account and don’t think it’s sold a single book.

I thought lockdown would be ideal for selling books. Seems most people have taken it as their cue to actually exercise as an excuse to go outside, or to stay in and make banana bread. Okay, I know a lot of people are suffering financially but hell, I made those books so cheap! The anthologies are all still at 99 cents and even they are only trickling. It’ll be a long long time bnefore I see a return on those.

This quarter’s sales have been disastrous. The only book that sold was a print book that didn’t even have an eBook version! So, cutting prices didn’t really work. I won’t do that again. At least I learned another marketing thing that doesn’t work.

Sorry, authors, I have failed you this quarter. I’ll try something different in the next quarter.

What I really need is a scandal that gets the Daily Mail interested. That’s the most effective book selling device I’ve ever seen.

10 thoughts on “Well that didn’t work

    • I see a few others on Twitter saying sales are bad this year. I wonder… usually people pick up a few books to go on holiday, but if they can’t go on holiday then they don’t need the books. September used to always be bad because everyone had bought all the books they needed for the summer and had no money left after a fortnight boozing in Torremolinos. Maybe this September will be different.


  1. Cynical head says maybe people have enough scary stuff and horror in their lives now watching government imposed lockdown, compulsory muzzles and tik tok dancing doctors who refuse to see live patients.
    That satisfies the requirement for 2 hours of scary shit a week?
    Rocky Horror Show could be redone with a modern theme?

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  2. Promotion must be an art form. My business is almost dead in winter, so back in about 2006, I had a friend who sold Fair Trade goods and I put on a winter promotion on my website whereby customers buying flags would get free fair trade bars of chocolate. The more flags you buy, the more free chocolate you get. What could possibly go wrong?

    So, why were sales that winter even lower than usual? A customer gave me quite a large order over the phone and I told her that she would get quite a few bars of chocolate. “Chocolate?,” she sneered, “That’s the last thing I need!”

    I immediately pulled the campaign and gave most of the chocolate to friends and family. I think it probably frightened customers away somehow.


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