Normalising Bagboy

Five years ago, my son’s stag do took place in Frankfurt. We had a fine and drunken time there. A couple of his friends smoked, and some of the bars in Frankfurt still allowed smoking indoors.

Well, put that together with Frankfurt’s tobacco prices – roughly half of UK prices – and it was a particularly excellent weekend all round. Scotland had banned smoking in pubs nine years before that. For me it was like the old days – a beer and a smoke at the same time. Indoors!

I noticed, however, that my son’s friends didn’t seem too comfortable with this indoor smoking. Their actions were almost furtive, as if they were breaking some law or other and expected to be told off at any moment.

That’s when I realised they would have been around 16 when the smoking ban happened. They had never experienced a pub without the smoking ban, never had their beer along with a cigarette, indoors, in comfort. What felt entirely natural to me felt strange and uncomfortable to them.

Everyone born after them will feel the same way. Smoking indoors will just feel ‘wrong’. They won’t rebel against the ban. It’s all they have ever known. It’s their ‘normal’ now. Smoking inside a pub is never going to feel normal to them.

Well, assuming there are any pubs left after this lockdown. It’s not looking promising.

Now consider what is being done to children from a very young age. They are terrified of climate change. They are being told that masks and isolation are essential. They are actually being taught that contact with another human will kill them! At the same time, they are being taught to consider changing their gender and/or engage in a same sex relationship whether they are gay or not. Quite how that’s going to mesh with the ‘human touch is deadly’ lessons isn’t really clear. Then again, confusion is all part of how this game works.

Still, these kids are going to grow up terrified of everything, even hugs. They are going to consider any human to human contact as an assault. They are going to think masks and curfews and isolation are normal. That gender reassignment is normal, even desirable, and the eventual deletion of gender altogether will come as a great relief to them.

Within a decade there will be no need for a virus to enforce compliance. Comfortable compliant conformity will be normal. They will grow up knowing nothing different.

Oh the masks are not permanent. However, they will not be taken away by relief, but by a new terror. That’s yet to come. I won’t spoil the surprise.

See, the authorities have already realised that masks mess up those expensive facial recognition cameras. So the masks will have to go. All at once, not in some piecemeal slow release program. They’ll use the terror of the mask wearers to enforce mask removal. Same people, same idiots, same method.

Someone, I know, is going to point out that teenagers always rebel. Always. Every generation. It never fails. It’s true and it won’t fail in the future as it’s not failing now. Look at today’s teenagers. See how they rebel.

They are taking up school strikes for climate change. They are burning stuff for Antifa and BLM. They are dressing like steampunk nightmares and demanding the destruction of the businesses that made it possible to dress that way. They rail against capitalism on their iPhones. They buy ‘smash capitalism’ T-shirts from… well… capitalists. Basically, teen rebellion is driven by the same thing it’s always been driven by.


Idiots are easy to control. They don’t think they are being controlled.The big difference in the modern world is that teenage idiocy now continues into their twenties, thirties and beyond. They don’t grow out of it. They’ve been conditioned not to. They’ll accept money for protesting against capitalism. Money supplied by very rich people. They won’t question it. They have not been taught to question, only to accept what they are told.

So they will not fight against the masks nor against the constant threat of a degree change in temperature, they will accept that they are white and therefore guilty of some mysterious undefined crime, they will never understand what carbon dioxide really does and they will welcome population reduction because they will never imagine it would ever apply to them.

The masks are here for some time yet but they will be removed by a new terror eventually. While everyone is masked, we can all enjoy living in the world of Bagboy. In that video, notice something about all the adult animals’ mouths? Also pay attention to the ‘judge’ figure’s face towards the end. The video is from 2013.

It’s like they were trying to warn us. Cover your breath.

18 thoughts on “Normalising Bagboy

  1. I agree but it is taken place much slower than you think. Most people just ignore the rules now. Their unexpected consequences are a generation that doesn’t follow rules and doesn’t think. Our government thinks it can then lead them but they are mistaken. This can’t last and violence will occur before conservatives take over and replace by all the bad boys in our society. And, to be clear, I’m not talking about Boris the Buffoon or his useless band of helpers as they are clearly not conservative.

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    • Boris started off well, and I think also he did believe, well a bit, in traditional conservatism. Perhaps with a touch of “moderate-statist-liberality” in a Churchillian mould. As, remember, Churchill did start out politically as a Liberal. He also was very involved in creating the modern welfare state in the early 1900s.
      Boris admires Churchill; you have only to read his book “The Churchill Factor”.

      A mere virus epidemic would not of itself stop Boris thinking like he does…or did… You know what I think about all this Panoptica Horror now inflicted on us all? Boris got pankced by “EXPERTS”. Not, of course, real experts like Legiron here. But “experts”, that had been pornographically “modelling” pandemics, desperate as these morbidly wicked people are and do, and deeply orgasmic about “models” of megadeathliness, that they wanted to test on real live people. Boris was panicked at the last minute by the possibility of major public opprobrium if her were to do nothing (ie Sweden more or less) and megadeaths then followed.

      So, he overdid the PrussiaNazi type “lockdown”, hoping to be better safe than sorry, and now the “modellers”, the “experts”, the GreeNazis and all those that hate modern Western Civilisation’s glory and triumph, have seized their opportunity to bring it down all in one hit.

      I rest my case; discuss…

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      • It will be no use Boris saying “I was following the science” anymore than “I was only following orders”. He chose to rely on Ferguson who was already known to be a charlatan and multiple failure.

        Out and about from March 23rd, as a key worker, it was plain to me that the worst was over and had Boris then said
        “That’s it folks, we are beating this thing, thanks for saving our glorious NHS but it’s back to work for everyone except those that we decide are vulnerable.
        ” Now you youngsters have had a particularly hard time but now it’s time for to do you bit, go out there, enjoy yourselves in the way young people do; infect as many of each other as you can to build up that so important Herd Immunity to protect your Grannies the next time this pesky little rash dares to show its ugly face again.
        I salute you all, let’s make Britain Great again !”.

        He would have become a National Hero, dining out on his Churchillian leadership for years to come.

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      • Lord T – I agree but it is taken place much slower than you think.

        It’s called Fabian socialism – moving almost imperceptibly slowly so the people don’t catch on.

        Most people just ignore the rules now. Their unexpected consequences are a generation that doesn’t follow rules and doesn’t think. Our government thinks it can then lead them but they are mistaken.

        I would think that their consequences, as far as CV is concerned, could have been foreseen, and might be used as an excuse for future lockdowns, or at least to keep the fear at a max. for longer.

        The Establishment has been leading the young ‘rebels’ by the nose for at least a couple of generations: ‘Womn’s Lib.,’ ‘Gay Lib,’ ‘Kid Lib,’ ‘Animal Lib,’ and now ‘Trans Lib’. They aren’t interested in genuine freedoms, though, like the many people wrongfully arrested worldwide for displaying these same ‘Lib’ credentials in commie, Muslim, etc. countries and they hate free speech in the West, once again doing the Establishment’s bidding and paving the way for the SNP’s new ‘hate’ laws, which will likely be a blueprint for rUK and rWorld..

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        • D.D. Discuss. Personally, I think you’re being a bit kind to BoJo to propose that he was still a conservative when he took the second most important job in the Free World (wait a moment until I stop laughing).

          I agree with UTBB, The Boris could have handled things more Churchillianesquely and been hailed for it.

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        • Apart from taking over academia, cultural institutions, the media and the arts the Frankfurt school had specific targets to be destroyed and lockdown provided the perfect tool to achieve this.

          The Church and other organized religions:: Shut down for 6 months with no re-opening in sight, many of its adherents disillusioned by their leaders pathetic failure to take a stand against it.

          Education:: shut down for 6 months, re-opening as a dystopian nightmare to the delight of authoritarian types attracted to teaching. This part of the plan will succeed in the University sector, perhaps not so in Schools and Colleges.

          The Family :: attacked on two fronts by lockdown.
          1) numerous families cooped up in crappy flats for months on end with vulnerable children even more at the mercy of unstable parent(s), Social Services barely functioning.
          2) partnerships rent apart by care homes forbidding visits for many months, sometimes (still) and by ludicrous regulations about who may visit who in the wider community.

          Law and Order :: already weakened by bending the knee, lockdown was the perfect mechanism to remove the last vestiges of Policing By Consent.
          Initially by alienating the public by overzealous interpretation of early lockdown, latterly becoming a goon squad violently suppressing lawfull dissent.

          Climate Change, not part of FSs agenda but getting hoi polo to make our own decisions to abandon overseas holiday was just an unexpected bonus.

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          • UTBB – That’s a fair take on the past six months, but it’s much worse than that, when we consider what happened before – and what is in the pipeline for afterwards, like new ‘hate’ laws and new sex and relationship ‘lessons’.

            What I mean by what happened before is basically over a century of increasing Leftism in the West, so all the things you mentioned were already drastically weakened.

            Churches: seen a large decline in congregations in the past three generations. Cultural Marxism responsible for some of this, perhaps principally through creating/exacerbating the schism between conservative and liberal religious adherents.

            The Family: under attack for the past century or more with women increasingly ’empowered’ to do without men by, for example having a ‘career’ on a supermarket checkout in place of having a family, having a child with a single-use Kleenex of a man, encouraging all sorts of alternative arrangements, sticking old folks in homes and of course family planning/planned parenthood lowering fertility rates under the guise of giving people a better quality of life, disemburdened from more than a couple of children and now finding themselves not only in homes being looked after by strangers, but living in a culture of disrespect and disapproval of the values of older people. E.g. older people being blamed for ‘Brexit’ because they/we were too stupid or too full of hatred to know right from wrong.

            I’ve plugged them before, but the Scottish Family Party’s YT channel is good at documenting the PC destruction of the family as well as the racist anti-racists and other un-PC subjects:

            Law and Order: Seems to be getting more silly by the year. Getting into trouble for defending your home and family from intruders is just one notable possibility now.

            Climate Change: the relentless march to sweep all reason under the carpet to help forge worldwide communism. No lie too great or small to make a contribution. ‘Deniers’ like Johnny Ball and David Bellamy never heard of again. Climate change an(other) issue of discrimination and hatred which must be stamped out at any cost.

            Of course, social life was weakened a lot before lockdowns, e.g. the smoking ban in pubs, clubs and bingo halls probably closed thousands as a direct result. Churches, I’ve mentioned – love them or loathe them, they provided a much needed service for socialising as well as instilling basic moral standards in children, now obviously lacking and detrimental to society. Thousands of post offices closed. Numerous police stations closed and local bobbies no longer knowing the citizens or able to clip a naughty child round the ear (like even parents in Scotland now and soon to be Wales, if not already). The social life of non-working/part-time women when I was growing up: shopping together, meeting regularly in cafes, meeting in each others’ houses, looking after us children after school and having their hair done together (while we kids sat bored to tears on the sidelines while they relaxed under the hair driers reading magazines – probably extolling the virtues of communism (and, conversely, consumerism: to encourage materialism for perceived wants and needs to expand the female workforce), Even social life within families has suffered tremendously. Of course, it’s no longer just old people left with strangers, but also children, as both parents or the single parents pursue their careers, The price of houses – artificially inflated due to postwar legislation restricting construction which makes both parents having to work pretty much a necessity in many areas.

            I suppose that’s part of this new fake version of environmentalism (goodbye friendly David Bellamy, hello nasty ecowarriors). The eugenics of ‘sustainability’ a subject for another day.

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  2. Last Friday I found myself unexpectedly stuck in city traffic.
    The cause turned out to be Registration Day at The College (6th Form College as was). The main building sits in grounds but The College has expanded to take over several large buildings nearby and outside each of these were crowds (‘queues’) of excited happy older teenagers eagerly enjoying each others company, totally abandoning Social Distancing and not a poxy mask in sight. Not one out of 2-300 in ‘queues’ of the sort you might expect outside a busy nightclub.

    The city’s teenagers will have spent lockdown knocking around together, furtively at first but lately more openly; the alternative being sat at home with scared parents watching beeboid claptrap. This will have given them plenty of time to come to the collective agreement that masks are bollocks.

    Over half of the new intake for The College will have come from the surrounding (crap) towns and for those kids coming to The City is a Big Thing in their lives.

    Imagine being in the dozen or so travelling in from Crapborough, arriving all masked up at the nearby train station, they don’t know the other masked kids from Boring-by-Sea but they know they are all doing the same thing.
    Coming into the station they will have seen the City kids unmasked and, not wanting to be seen as the pussies from Crapborough, their masks would have been off in an instant.
    Conformity has its uses sometimes.

    The new students were also moving between the various buildings, making use of the Zebra crossings in place for that purpose, caring not a jot for the hapless motorists stuck in traffic, self-obsessed bastards.
    I blame the staff, neither they nor College Security made any attempt to marshal the rucks into proper SD queues, probably because they knew they would lose.

    By lunchtime it was the same but more so as the entire student body (approx 2k) seemed to be on the move entirely swamping the sad maskoids shuffling up from the nearby High Street.

    Very refreshing sight I thought.

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