All except one part

If you haven’t seen the film ‘V for Vendetta’, I recommend it. Most entertaining.

The plot, basically, is that a fake epidemic is engineered to bring the population under total control. There is a curfew, there is a ban on large gatherings, and it’s not the police who enforce it but the Fingermen, directly employed by government.

Laws are brought in without parliamentary process. There doesn’t seem to be a parliament any more, just one ruller called Chancellor Sutler. Sutler makes the law, there is no parliamentary process at all.

Everyone lives under repression, everyone is watched all the time and one step out of line gets your house raided and you disappear. The thing that jarred with me was that this was all brought in under a Conservative government. I didn’t think the Tories would do all that, but here we are.

In the film, the character known as ‘V’ eventually brings down the goverment (one man, Sutler) and frees the people. V has no eyes and yet is able to navigate his world perfectly. He is horribly burned, he was one of the subjects of ‘vaccine testing’ under the new regime. And yet he manages to destroy the system single handedly.

Now, in real life, Chancellor Boris is bringing in new laws without recourse to Parliament. You will now be arrested if there are more than six of you in a group unless you are on a packed dinghy from France or tearing down a statue or glueing yourself to something in the name of climate change.

He has already mooted the idea of curfew and of ‘covid marshals’ (prototype Fingermen). These will come.

All for a virus that has run its course. Sure, ‘cases’ are increasing but ‘cases’ are just positive tests. Not necessarily actually sick people. Hospital admissions are well down, deaths are barely registering, and the test has been slated by its inventor because it was never designed to be a diagnostic test. It will find dead virus.

So we are fast moving into the world of ‘V for Vendetta’ apart from one detail.

There is no ‘V’. There is no mystical warrior coming to save you. No cunning manipulator willing to sacrifice himself for the common good. He is the truly fictional part of the story. And that makes him the most dangerous part of it.

People are going to sit around waiting for a superhero to save them. Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, ‘V’… none of them exist and none of them ever will. They are stories. The background of the stories can come true and indeed is coming true but the one part missing from reality is the Great Superhero. He’s not coming.

If you want to get out of this you’re going to have to do it yourself. Nobody is coming to save you.

Or you can sit back and wait for some costumed superman who doesn’t exist.

The game is on. It’s your move.

15 thoughts on “All except one part

  1. There is no β€˜V’. There is no mystical warrior coming to save you.

    ‘Conspiracy theorists’ call this predictive programming: planting ideas through fiction for what is planned later on, so is accepted more readily when it happens.

    I used to be a big fan of Alex Jones, but I now see him in the same light (or darkness) as David Icke, Boris Johnson, Donnie Trumpton, Nicola Krankie, BLM, antifa, the U.N., and so on – fakers, in my opinion, doing the job of being superheroes for one portion of the population or another (a superhero for every persuasion – almost), so that everyone else can feel like sitting back and relaxing, thinking that their viewpoint is being taken care of.

    One word I hate is “stakeholder.” As if ordinary people, not pre-chosen for their ‘qualities,’ have any chance to influence society in any way whatsoever, other than in completely mundane matters.

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    • I’m too old for all that running-about jumpy climby stuff. I’m pretty good at ‘chemistry’ though and can throw a mean axe. I’d stick to being a backroom boffin, I think πŸ˜‰

      But I could never blow up a train. That’s just not on.

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  2. V for Vendetta was one of the many DVDs I re-watched during the early days if lockdown never imagining that I was living in the prequel.

    I’m not yet decided whether ‘they’ planned ‘it’ all in advance, including the spurious ‘Pandemic’, or whether they made ‘it’ up as they went along.
    I’m also unsure what ‘it’ might be, perhaps ‘they’ are also.

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  4. Well, I don’t think the new COVID marshalls won’t last long. Organised crime will seize on the business opportunity of the lockdown and any low quality enforcer (And they will be low quality) getting in their way will either be bought off or dealt with in one way or another.

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  5. I put together a short explanation of our immune system at work.

    This is a simple description of the immune system at work, in the mosquito and alligator, which are similar to humans, and how, viruses are stopped by the immune system, but this ONLY works, IF, the stored iron levels are very low.

    Alligators, mosquitos and humans, all of them try to remove iron from pathogens.

    “Iron withholding as an innate immune mechanism in the American alligator”

    “Mosquitoes respond to viral infection, by inducing expression of heavy chain ferritin, which sequesters available iron, reducing its availability to virus infected cells.”

    “antibacterial and antifungal properties of blood and other tissue fluids cannot be maintained unless there are exceptionally low levels of available iron.”

    Our immune system can stop it, with its lactoferrin, but only if the iron levels are low.
    β€œLow iron-saturated LF effectively combats bacteria and fungi, acting in a bacteriostatic and fungistatic way. The degree of iron saturation also influences antiviral activity of LF. ”

    This illustrates the increased iron found in meat-eaters.
    β€œIt seems that reduced insulin sensitivity in meat-eaters is amenable to improvement by reducing body Fe”

    Humans cannot eat meat because it leads to an increased, abnormal level, of stored iron, which disallows the human immune system to effectively eradicate the virus.

    “elevated iron stores may put women at risk for persistent HPV infection”

    “Herbivore Hypothesis”


    • One of the effects of long term zinc supplementation is said to be reduced iron absorption. In extreme cases, it can reach the point of anaemia. Could that be part of zinc’s antiviral action?


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