Something has been niggling at the back of my mind for some time now. It came into focus when I saw one of the ‘senseless violence’ videos circulating recently.

I don’t mean the feral protestors. Of course everyone was videoing that. News channels (those that admit it’s even happening) and almost everyone present with a smartphone. Something was happening, people filmed it.

In this particular video, a man ambles along the street then takes a seat on a low railing. Another man, on a bike, passes him and as he passes he smacks the seated man across the head, knocking him to the floor. There was no logic to it, it was senseless.

But… why was anyone filming the man in the first place? Nothing was happening. He wasn’t doing anything illegal, he wasn’t protesting, in fact he wasn’t doing anything at all. There really was nothing to film until the second man showed up. The film was also remarkably steady. It wasn’t a hand held phone – no matter how steady your hands are, there’s going to be some movement. This was a fixed camera in a mount or on a tripod.

Clearly it was set up for the camera. The man who was hit might not have known it was coming, but someone did. A gang initiation, a vicious prank, who knows? It’s not that particular film that matters here, it’s the thought it triggered.

Remember all those videos of masked Chinese people in Wuhan, just falling down dead in the street? It caused speculation that a second infection could be fatal, that the disease worked like Dengue fever – a bad flu first time round, increased lethality if you catch it again. There was later speculation that it was the mask that caused them to asphyxiate and spontaneously die. It’s never happened anywhere else.

But again, these films showed nothing happening at first. Just people walking along a street, with the one about to collapse centre frame – and a very steady camera. There was no reason to be filming at all.

Then the victim simply poleaxes and lies still on the ground. That’s the event – but how did the camera operator know it was about to happen? Was it all an act?

A stable camera filming a nondescript street scene in which the person centred in shot suddenly collapses. Not just one, but several such films appeared. These have to have been staged.

Then there were all the reports of Chinese hospitals bagging up still-living patients and sending them to the incinerators. Videos taken by Chinese journalists in which they try to alert medical staff that they’d seen the body bags move and yet nobody responds. Were the body bags loaded with actors for effect? Drive them around the corner and let them out, then burn a load of pigs so you get the effect of a massive rate of cremation. Could that be?

Wuhan is back to normal. Films of huge parties are coming out of there. Nobody is sad, nobody is in mourning for thousands of dead people. It is, literally, business as usual. And nobody wears masks.

The boarding up of homes, the roadside tests, the silly infrared thermometers (these are not a reliable way to assess body temperature, they only measure skin surface temperature and if it’s cold outside, you might only register 25-30 oC). Was it all a massive practical joke to send the West into lockdown? It has certainly made a hell of a mess of Western economies.

The virus is real, it’s nasty and it has killed people. Nowhere near as many as claimed, since we’ve known for some time that doctors were pressured to put ‘covid-19’ on death certificates even if the corpse had been rolled off the tarmac after a passing steamroller and no test was performed. It now transpires it has killed mainly the elderly and infirm and has had much the same effect as a bad seasonal flu.

It’s now simply called ‘coronavirus’ as if it’s the only one. Every flu virus is a coronavirus. MERS, SARS, bird flu, swine flu, seasonal flu and many common colds are coronaviruses. If they are testing for coronavirus this is never going away. Vaccines are futile against coronavirus and always have been. The only thing those vaccines achieve is profit for the company making them.

Vaccines against stable infective agents such as polio, tetanus, measles etc – they work because the target doesn’t change much over time. Although I see there is a resurgence in polio in Africa that was actually caused by the use of a live vaccine.

A live vaccine contains an attenuated (not dangerous) version of the virus. Your immune system sees it, kills it and remembers it. That vaccine virus is not supposed to be able to set up much of an infection, just enough to set off your immune system. However, it’s still active and it seems this one managed to mutate back to its original form, or repair the damage done to it. It’s really best to stick to vaccines containing killed virus.

Coronaviruses mutate too fast to allow development of a reliable vaccine. That’s why there’s no vaccine against the common cold. There never will be. Treatment is the only option.

So here we are, six months into a two week lock down to ‘save the NHS’ when nobody can see a doctor and ‘protect the elderly’ while anyone over 60 entering a hospital was issued with a ‘do not resuscitate’ notice and the virus was deliberately introduced into elderly care homes. I’m begining to feel like 23-David with all these contradictions, all of which I am supposed to simultaneously support.

We are now to wear masks while the virus has declined to the point where even the doctors can’t attribute more than single figure deaths to it. The NHS is still largely closed and demanding a pay rise. Boris has declared he wants a curfew, people cannot gather in groups of more than six except when they can and he’s going to employ some Stasi to enforce it. He hasn’t yet gone the Australian route and installed full-on Panoptica monitoring. It’ll come.

Meanwhile, China is partying as they import all the coal they can get while the rest of us declare we have to manage on ridiculous solar panels and windmills. Boris wants to ban all cars except the fancy dodgems and you can’t have a gas boiler to heat your home – and no, you can’t have a chimney either.

This is becoming a very silly game. In so many areas now. It’s clearly all been orchestrated and it’s ramping up as if those running it are panicking. Which they probably are.

The real climate change is about to manifest. The next few years will make it clear that all of this ‘preparation’ has not been preparing people to survive climate change, but to be wiped out by it. That’s why they are moving so many people towards the poles. People who are going to struggle to cope with a level of cold they have never experienced.

I have seen people claim the virus isn’t real. It is real, but it’s a vicious flu. I have seen people claim that there are long lasting effects. This is post viral syndrome and it’s not common and certainly not exclusive to this virus, but it does affect some people. I have seen medics attribute almost everything to this new virus which, as a smoker, does bring a touch of relief. It used to be that every disease was my fault, now your cough, dry eyes, dandruff, middle ear infection, anything that afflicts you is coronavirus.

Basically, our governments have all been pranked by China and so have most of the people. I don’t know what China has on our politicians and scientists – it’s probably money – but only Sweden has said ‘Ah, screw this, it’s nonsense’ and Sweden has come out of all this in better shape than all the lockdown countries.

Yet the farce continues. Wee Nippy has now introduced the ‘Rule of Six’ in Scotland. Outside my immediate family and CStM I don’t think I know six people so it’ll be hard to keep to that rule. It’s an arbitrary and stupid rule to apply at this stage but then arbitrary and stupid seems to be every government’s modus operandi at the moment.

There is no natural end to this post. The puzzles and contradictions in the world today could fill a book. So I’m just going to stop.

Let’s just hope the idiots in charge do the same.

21 thoughts on “Puzzles

  1. I’ve been saying since March we should lock down the vulnerable (since we are caring and not genocidal) and let the virus rip as for 99% it is a relatively mild infection. I’ve also said that a vaccine is useless. Corona viruses, like influenza viruses are RNA viruses. Owing the conversion to DNA and the conversion back to RNA once zillion copies have been made the potential for mutation is pretty high. Not as high as a ‘flu virus as the RNA is not in discrete packets. But high. This is really basic and old stuff re virology. So why are governments wasting huge amounts of money on a vaccine that will be useless except for maybe 5% of the population? Just like for ‘flu it will stop last years strain not this years. If they don’t understand the dynamics of ‘flu virus and its vaccine no wonder these scientifically illiterate politicians don’t understand SARS-2 virus but why are the SAGE lot or the few who are scientists at least not telling the government how useless a vaccine will be and that herd immunity is the best policy? Is it me? Am I wrong. was 10 years at university utterly wasted?

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    • The one baffling me is the PCR test. It was never intended as a diagnostic test, it will find fragments of dead virus and if you ramp up the number of cycles (as they have) then the primers will eventually produce what you’re looking for even if it’s not present in the original sample. This has all been clear since the test was invented. The inventor has even decried its use in this context.

      How the hell did none of those government experts, in governments all over the world, not know this? Are they all idiots?

      Or is there something sneaky going on?

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  2. There are thousands and thousands of different viruses of all kinds specially embedded in bats, which comprise about 25% of all mammalias species. Many are “coronaviruses”, which simply describes their physical morphology. I found that this has been known for…years. Many can and will escape and adapt to infect other mammalian hosts such as H sapiens. The difference is that we are clever and modern and scientific (hence the “sapiens” bit) and we can do “workarounds” such as “modern Western Medicine”.

    Us moderns ought not to allow ourselves to be bullied, by terrormediatactics, and by doomporn, into acceptance of pointless restrictions, decrees and curfews and fines and stuff, into willfully surrendering ancient and normal liberty-behaviours. I’m starting to think that THe Enemy has decided to chain us all up at once, owing to an unlooked-for but “nice” opportunity..

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  3. Not sure about the set up street collapses. To operate their Health Passport Traffic Light thing requires lots of fixed cameras because it’s all based on facial recognition. People do keel over spontaneously now and then and it would only take a few bored operators to make those public.
    It’s for the same reason that we see so many ‘bad Russian driving’ vids, most sensible Russians have a dashcam to help avoid the attentions of corrupt police in the event of an accident and it’s no surprise that now and again they capture something interesting.

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    • It’s never made clear whether they died or passed out – what makes me wonder is that it’s always someone in centre shot who keels over.

      Even if it’s a street monitor catching someone who faints, releasing it was very good propaganda.

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  4. The interesting fact coming out of the latest spike in case numbers is the lack of hospitalisations and eventual deaths.
    It’s possible the people becoming infected in this latest peak are younger and therefore better able to withstand the virus, or the same demographic is being infected as before, it’s just that we’ve killed off most of the least able to resist the virus in the first wave.
    Or it could be that finally the doctors relied on Science (and not politics) to dictate what medicines and procedures to use to reduce the more serious effects of the virus and therefore more people are surviving.
    Or it could be that more tests are showing up more cases and because testing and tracking wasn’t really in place, the first wave involved vastly higher numbers of infections than the scientists were aware of. Therefore this second, better-tracked wave is providing more accurate statistics on the infection rates and lethality of the virus.

    On the importation of covid into care homes, it’s still happening. My wife is a care manager and a month ago one of her residents got taken into hospital. On arrival tested for covid. However, no covid test prior to release from hospital a week later. Instead the advice was to take the resident by car to a testing station and get them tested after being dumped back at the home. Needless to say the resident was instead isolated for 14 days after arrival and strict infection control measures put in place. Thankfully no spread of the virus.

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    • SkintsailorMark. Who drove the car ?

      The ‘cases’ detected in March-April will have been those obviously ill, probably hospitalised so a proportion of them died. ‘Cases’ now are the result of a vastly ramped up testing regime designed to prove that the Covid is still a real and present danger when the world and its dog knows it is not.

      Medics tell me that procedures used around Easter that failed to stop people dying of the Covid are now successful in treating the vanishingly small number of those now actually ill. This would indicate that the virus has already mutated into something less deadly.

      Our politicians pretend not to know this in an attempt to delay our retribution.


    • SkintsailorMark. Who drove the car ?

      The ‘cases’ detected in March-April will have been those obviously ill, probably hospitalised so a proportion of them died. ‘Cases’ now are the result of a vastly ramped up testing regime designed to prove that the Covid is still a real and present danger when the world and its dog knows it is not.

      Medics tell me that procedures used around Easter that failed to stop people dying of the Covid are now successful in treating the vanishingly small number of those now actually ill. This would indicate that the virus has already mutated into something less deadly.

      Our politicians pretend not to know this in an attempt to delay our retribution.


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