What is really happening?

‘Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’.

This new virus looked really scary at the start. The Chinese were boarding up homes and apparently burning corpses at a rate that would have made Hitler’s jaw drop. And yet…

Once testing spread to the non-sick, it became apparent that for most people it was a bad cold or nothing at all. China has returned entirely to normal. Sweden ignored the whole thing and has a health outcome almost identical to everyone else’s and a far better economy. It’s clearly over, even in the paranoid West there are now very few hospital admissions due to this virus, the hastily-built backup hospitals saw mostly nobody and our hospitals are largely empty.

Yet we are all supposed to wear masks (that cannot work) in shops, can’t meet in groups of more than six and there are threats of curfews. Apparently the virus has mutated into an entirely nocturnal form. Or the curfews are going to hide something we’re not supposed to see. Which option is sillier, do you think?

The NHS has, mostly, shut down. If the Tories really planned to sell it off they won’t get much public outcry now. It’s no bloody use to most of us anyway. Let it go.

If it was a prank by China to destroy the West, it has worked. There is almost nothing left of this virus, you are now 13 times more likely to die of the regular seasonal flu than Covid, it’s turned out to be a damp squib of a pandemic.

So why are our governments continuing with this farce? It makes absolutely no sense at all.

The other big news of the day is, of course, the unscheduled arrival of boatloads of men in Dover. Hardly any women or children, just tens of thousands of men who, if they had stayed in their own countries, could have transformed them. Instead they ran away, leaving their families behind, so they can complain about fancy hotels most of us have never been able to afford to visit. We are supposed to be afraid of these whinging cowards.

If there is any truth in the rumour that they are an invading army, the lawyers currently preventing their removal are accessories to an enemy invasion. They might want to look up their legal standing in that respect. I’d also suggest that any lawyer blocking the removal of an illegal invader should have that invader live in their house while the case is being heard. Why would that be a problem? The lawyer believes they are beneficial to the country, after all.

Look, this does not make me anti-immigrant. Only anti-illegal-invader. But hey, if you want to play the Outrage Game, you have fun with that. I’ll let you know if I start to care.

Then there was the story that police are intercepting a terrorist attack on the port at Dover. Again, this makes no sense. If the ‘enemy’ are piling in their troops through Dover, why would they want to blow it up? It’s their main landing point. Any other port and it could be credible but Dover?

It’s all distraction. Something is happening behind the curtain and we’re being enraged by alternatives so we never calm down and look.

Calm down. Drink tea. Smoke.

And… look behind the curtain.

11 thoughts on “What is really happening?

  1. Social distancing, curfews, wearing the mask, business closures, it is all a continuation of the smoking ban on an ever increasing scale so that more and more, than just the smokers, get caught up in the net. Anyone complaining now but who still was all in favor of the bans and still gets online to bad mouth the smokers has in fact signed their own death warrants as the same health fascists come looking for the rest of them and even worse than banning smoking, which did not affect them, so they did not care, they will all get forced jabs of the “vaccine” and nothing they can do now to stop it. They asked for it when they stood in favor of the smoking bans. Now they are getting their turn to be herded and made illegal. Social distancing, curfews, wearing the mask, business closures, all a continuation of what began in July 2007 when the ones who will be affected next, most of them, stood down and let the smoking bans destroy millions.


  2. I’ve also been trying to work out what this hysteria is meant to hide.

    Any “local” explanation is flawed, because virtually the whole world is doing it!

    I can’t believe that so many countries are in on this stunt.
    Could it be that most of them are just following fashion?
    Or is it just that people in power instinctively like to talk up the Bogey Man?

    Incidentally, I dropped my Leg Iron mug on a concrete floor and it broke!
    Is that outside the guarantee? I’m a bit heartbroken! 😦

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    • We don’t know much about the guarantee on your floor, but I suspect that dropping things on it would go beyond “normal wear and tear”. You might want to ask your household insurance if it is classed as “accidental damage”, although the cost of running over it with a half decent 2-part epoxy and repainting might be less than the excess?

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  3. That NWO that gets banged on about ad nauseam in the ‘alt’ media isn’t new at all. Seems obvious to me, though I am deranged, that the bit behind the curtain’s of illusion is the WO the one that’s been all my life. It’s the only thing that makes sense unless Ming the Merciless is the one true god.
    Hope I’m wrong and Ming is behind it all as the gear we will have to wear to ‘fit in’ is way better that the crap we get sent from China/Vietnam/Indonesia/Turkey etc.


  4. Like many others on here, I have watched, open-mouthed, as country after country collapsed into a state of abject panic in the face of what is, as you say, Leggy, little more than a nasty flu at worst.

    Then, in conversation recently, a friend of mine mentioned the Pandemic Emergency Bonds which were issued in 2017 and which were due to mature in 2020 – which I’d never heard about and about which there has been not a squeak in the MSM. Very interesting. Look ‘em up.

    The bottom line is that the WHO needed – and I mean they really needed – an officially-classified “pandemic” to occur before July 2020 to avoid paying back all that capital to their many investors. Coincidence? Mmm, maybe. But a rather conveniently-timed one, n’est pas? Conspiracy theory? Maybe that, too, but – well – the bonds actually do exist, they were issued (raising millions) and, yes, they were due to be paid back this year – unless of course they’ve “had to be used” to, err, “help developing countries in the event of a pandemic.”

    Suddenly, all that mass panic and hysteria sort of falls into place. As usual, one just has to “follow the money” …..




    • Dear Jax I

      ““With this new facility, we have taken a momentous step that has the potential to save millions of lives and entire economies from one of the greatest systemic threats we face,” World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim said. “We are moving away from the cycle of panic and neglect that has characterized so much of our approach to pandemics.”

      Instead we have seen entire economies trashed, abject panic from our beloved “leaders” and unbelievable neglect from the likes of PHE and the NHS Envy of the World™. There are those who reckon that the lost lives due to our beloved governments’ responses will be greater than those who died ‘with covid’, most of whom were at death’s door.

      How the hell are we to get rid of such entrenched incompetence and evil amongst the governing classes? Bear in mind they inflict all this using our money, extorted from us through the abuse of tax.


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  5. Even here in New Zealand we are subject to all sorts of restrictions.On South Island where I live there have been no cases of the virus for the last 120 days,yet we still are supposed to keep our distance and cannot meet in large groups. The cases in North Island are imported by people returning from places like India and Afghanistan.These have been put into quarantine anyway.
    It is now official that New Zealand has its worst ever recession, not surprising given that the whole economy was shut down and the tourism trade will not operate at all this year. Having lived through all sorts of shit in my 82 years I cannot remember having had to suffer this sort of nonsense before.

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    • Hey, another NZ denizen, citizen!
      I’ll be 68 in a couple of weeks so a wee bit behind you! ;=})

      (Do you read kiwiblog.co.nz? Lots of posts in General Debate day by day.)
      (although it’s a short news cycle, morning to evening, then next day. Still.)

      I was just going to post a slightly flippant note that (Yay, Capitalism!) that there are now quite a few few outlets offering your own photo printed mask.


      One can imagine a cigarette, a pipe, or whatever else.

      Personally (now that masks are legally required on public transport here!) (although I’ve noted schoolgirls blatantly ignoring and the bus driver too) I’ve thought I might cut out a mask shape from the stretchy plastic weave that garlic bulbs come in, 2-3mm gaps, and staple elastic band to it.

      Just about as effective, would allow me to breathe, but look the part.

      But so far I’ve just kept a cheap woodworkers dust mask in my pack or pocket.
      Pulling it under the nose helps with breathing, but it’s still submission…
      No news of actual spot fines for non-mask on PT yet though.

      I’m in Auckland, and quite agree that the SI restrictions are absurd, damaging.

      (Perhaps the blog owner can put us in contact, he has my email address)
      (and this is permission to share it with you. Good to know someone older!)

      Best regards!


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