Another one

I’ve been a bit distracted today. I had thought that my son and his wife were seeing the doctors today to set a date for the Caesarian birth of my second grandchild. It had to be Caesarian because of reasons.

Well, he phoned at shortly after 8 am, at which point I was barely awake enough to be coherent, to tell me it was under way. It wasn’t a ‘set the date’ meeting, this was the Great Unzipping.

So, I now have a grandson, and my granddaughter has a baby brother. She hasn’t met him yet and neither have I because the current farce does not allow hospital visits. We’ll both have to wait until he comes home.

I’ve seen photos of course. He’s definitely one of us. He looks like he disapproves of the whole planet already.

The docs thought he had an intestinal blockage so he promptly had two massive shits and cleared it. They then thought he had breathing difficulties so he coughed up a load of mucus and cleared that too. He is going to be a master of ‘I can fix this myself’ and ‘Don’t worry, it all grows back’. He might end up with a medical record even shorter than mine.

There’s only one dark cloud today. My father had three great-granddaughters and doted on them all but he wanted a great-grandson. He died before seeing his fondest wish come true.

Well, it came true, and I hope that wherever he is now, he can see it’s happened.

Of course, if he’s been reincarnated as his own great grandson then my son and his wife are in for a very interesting time 😉

9 thoughts on “Another one

  1. Congratulations. I did laugh out loud as you described your grandson clearing his various passages (well, the first one). Obviously upsetting the medical profession from day 1.

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    • That’s my boy 🙂

      My son once sliced through his finger with a router. At the hospital the doctors asked him when he had broken his thumb. He didn’t know he ever had.

      The family tradition of ‘It all grows back’ remains intact 😀


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