The University Prisons

Well, the mechanic is getting all the parts and I should be rolling by Monday, maybe sooner if he gets them by tomorrow. This guy could be a regular for fixing the car (assuming lockdown makes the inactive metal box seize up something else, which is likely). I’ve used one tank of petrol since March and flat battery has happened twice already, despite having a new battery last year. This car is used to driving between Aberdeen and Cardiff, it doesn’t like the sedentary life. Still, it’s all part of the Boris plan to eradicate personal transport, I suppose. Might need to rebuild that old stable.

On the plus side, we are all up to date on story editing for the next anthology and there’s still a week left for submissions. Last minute submissions will pose no problem. I’ll be sending out contracts as soon as I think of a suitable title, then payments, and we are on course for a first week of October release. I can’t use ‘lockdown’ again even though I have a story about where that leads in the book. I can also use the time to dream up a cover – perhaps making use of that plague doctor mask, or the skull mask… I have so many now, and not one single overpriced and useless surgical mask. ‘Maskquerade’ might be a contender.

Nine stories so far, including one new author. I’m delighted to note that every anthology has introduced at least one new author so far. Not bad, considering this is number 12. There’s still time – and I have another story brewing.

My mother had scheduled a visit in October but of course that’s not going to happen now. She’s rescheduled for November, if the twats in charge come to their senses by then. It’s now public knowledge that both the CSO and CMO, who are running this through a grotesquely compliant Boris, stand to profit from a vaccine. I thought everyone knew about that months ago but the news is treating it as if it’s a scoop.

So we have to suffer until they can sell us a vaccine that won’t work. The annual flu vaccine is being pushed again, it’s that time of year, and that has an estimated success rate of 40%. The real rate will of course be a lot lower since some of those who don’t get flu wouldn’t have got it anyway. You might as well rattle a gourd at people and claim that if they don’t catch the disease, it has worked. You’d probably get very close to a 40% success rate.

No vaccine against any coronavirus has ever worked. Vaccines against stable viruses work. Smallpox was eradicated using a vaccine, it is still the only disease to be truly eradicated from the planet. Even the Black Plague is still around although now we have antibiotics and can deal more effectively with its major vector – rats.

Cholera is easily controlled by water supply treatment, even my tiny treatment plant here (filter and UV) will deal with it. All the diseases, apart from smallpox, are still around and this new cortonavirus is going to stick around too. Get used to it. It’s currently killing a lot fewer people than the annual flu and a hell of a lot fewer than cancer, heart disease and the rest.

Yet people are going around in plastic tents and someone is selling a space helmet with a pump sending air in through filters. Idiots are paying a lot of money for these things. I have a plastic Bane mask that is just as effective (as in, not at all) but a lot more fun. Especially as they can’t make me take it off. I’ll carry around my Saw puppet mask in case they insist I change it.

Now, in Scotland at least, Wee Nippy has confined thousands of university students to their rooms, enforced by police patrols. They cannot go to the pub, they cannot go to the shops, lectures are all online and they cannot even visit each other’s rooms. They’d be better off in prison.

Why even let them go back? Well, they are paying fees (unless they are Scottish or EU students, which has mysteriously never included English students who do have to pay fees – but the SNP aren’t anti-English despite their ‘go home’ signs at the border) and they are paying rent. Yes, they are all paying a lot of money to be in prison while rapists and murderers get it all for free. Isn’t that fun?

Even the non-fee-paying Scottish students, who I suspect are a major part of the SNP’s core vote along with their parents and families, are in the University California. No pubs, no going home for weekends even if they live a short bus ride away, no visits from family or friends or other students, lectures all online. Which all those students could have done equally well at home. They might not be paying fees but they are paying rent. I hope this devastates the SNP vote next election. If it doesn’t then the Scots are idiots.

Imagine being a first year student, possibly away from home for the first time ever, and being told you cannot go home and your family cannot visit you. Just think about how that would feel. Doesn’t it feel rather like being imprisoned for no crime other than breathing? You’re in a cell, can’t even talk to those in the other cells, and you’re fresh from home. You’ve committed no crime. How do you feel? I finished writing a Halloween story linked to this last night and it was true even before I typed the last word. It’ll be in the book, and on the blog when the book is published.

This is a taste of an independent Scotland under the Spiteful Nannying Party, headed by Kim McJong Nippy. Note that not a single one of those students has needed hospital treatment or any doctor’s attention. Not that there are any available anyway. If you really want this world you are a total bloody idiot.

Once my car is fixed I will have to take it for long drives. Even if it’s just to buy more petrol for the lawnmowers, the generator and the new brushcutter which I have dubbed the Petrol Driven Bastard. You’ll know why when you see it. This year the garden tools have used more petrol than the car.

I have some battery driven ones too, but the battery strimmer is a gentle stroking massage device compared to the Petrol Driven Bastard.

Better get in some more scythe practice. It’s going to be cutting edge technology again soon.

If Boris the alleged ‘libertarian’ gets his way, soon we’re going to party like it’s 1499.

19 thoughts on “The University Prisons

  1. Flu vaccine success.
    Remember Horace Barchelor, from Keynsham, spelled K-E-Y… know the rest.
    The great football pools forecaster with Infradraw.
    If you won he got paid, I think was how it worked.
    Better than with pharma co. Win or lose you still pay.

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  2. Re: Horace Batchelor (immortalised in the Bonzo’s “Intro and Outro” along with “Zebra Kitt”), I rather liked an anecdote I read by a Bristol policeman: “During the 1970s I was a Police Sergeant based in Keynsham. Horace Batchelor was a well known but reclusive celebrity who lived on Bath Road. One morning I heard over the radio that one of my officers had been called to his house. A short while later the officer came to the police station and told everyone, “I’ve just been to Horace Batchelor’s house, and he’s dead, spelled D E A D.”

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    • They are doing it to everyone via GP contact info which is probably illegal.
      They sent my instructions to my stupid old Nokia so, sadly, I will be unable to respond

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  3. Sorry to read about your car playing up again. You should have a mate like mine, Neil who inherited his dads Zephyr and a big old garage/workshop including a full sized inspection pit and winch. He spent half his free time in that pit under the Zephyr.

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  4. The first years will be those whose school education ended in such chaos.
    I’ve come across a lot of self satisfied smirking ‘their own fault for going out drinking’ from elderly women, probably those whose grandchildren were too thick or idle to go to University themselves.

    One report spoke of Universities being relaxed about lockdown until the 2 week cooling off period* ended and then came down heavy.
    (*apparently during this period students can say this ls not for ne and get a refund for fees and accommodation charges).

    Another complained on Radio 2 News of being scared in her locked down hall in which there is no internal Security imposing social distancing “it’s all one mad crazy party”. Some good news then.

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  5. O/T Legiron do you remember a while back us exchanging posts about DofE water testing labs ?

    From what I gather local lockdowns are not put in place because of rising ‘cases’ ,as is reported, but from the results of thousands of daily tests of sewage waters (which can determine the location of ‘infecteds’ to within a few streets).

    I learn that these tests are being done in those very same labs whose normal work has been displaced
    2 things possibly arise.
    1. Is the reason that the testing programme is in such a mess (blamed on.lack of lab capacity) because they are more interested in testing shit than testing people?
    2. In the absence of normal fresh water testing, can we look towards outbreaks of groovy waterborne diseases of which cholera springs to mind?

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    • Alternatively there is a possibility that this may be a means of accurately determining actual spread.
      Karl Denniger over at the Market Ticker has been banging on about this for a while.
      He maintains the primary transfer vector is oral foecal, same as Norovirus or Polio, good arguments in favour of that as well.
      Good examples from Singapores hospitals back that up as well.

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        • Please do, Ive posted it elsewhere a number of times but it doesn’t gain any traction.
          The logic behind Covid being primarily contact spread and aerosol transfer being secondary / very limited certainly makes sense and orrwsponds with real world evidence.
          Th clincher for me is that Covid did ot decline with an increase in humidity which every other aerosol transfer virus does, indicating there is another mechanism at work.
          Because this invalidates all the anti-social distancing, muzzle, control nonsense, it is evident a lot of special interests really do not want this to gain publicity.
          As Leggy will affirm, all thats needed to control a contact virus is proper handwashing and wearing a mask in certain limited high spray circumstances.


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