The Lockdown Zone

So, our idiots-in-charge are planning another total lockdown. I hadn’t realised the first one had ever ended. The WHO, on the other hand, have noticed the imminent rebellion and are now against lockdowns. Rebellion would scupper their plans. Lockdowns haven’t made a scrap of difference anyway. Countries with no lockdowns have seen exactly the same results but with a lesser effect on their economies.

Masks do nothing either. They might make you feel safe but it’s a false sense of security. They are not stopping any virus, they are simply amplifying bacteria so you can get a bad case of impetigo and/or pneumonia later. Since they are now planning to make masks compulsory outdoors, an insanity no microbiologist who hasn’t been bought off could possibly support, I have decided to increase the range in my possession. I can’t go to that site too often, it’s a money sink for me.

Okay, so is there really a virus? It has never been isolated, so is it real? Yes, it is. People have suffered from it and some have died. At the start of all this it looked really bad but it’s turned out to be just another flu. Like bird flu, swine flu and all the rest of the End of the World viruses, it’s just another flu. Not the Apocalypse. Its current death rate is the same as seasonal flu, which is now firing up for winter and which will be used to artificially inflate COVID figures. Yes, it can make people pretty sick, it can kill, but flu can and does do that too. Every year.

It is still true that this ‘new’ virus has not been isolated. Which means that the early claims that it was part-HIV are likely to be bollocks. Was it created in a lab? Unless someone manages to isolate it, we’ll never know for sure. Did it come from bats? Quite likely. A lot of coronaviruses do. And we do know the Wuhan lab was working on bat coronaviruses. Still, until it is isolated, the jury is out on its origins.

Not that it really matters now. This virus has done its worst, the annual flu will take up the job of terrifying the entire Western world from here on in. The PCR test can’t distinguish between flu and COVID. Did anyone ever stop to wonder why PCR was never used for the detection of other coronaviruses in the past? The answer is simple. It doesn’t work. This is not what the PCR test was designed to do, in fact it is almost as far from its intended purpose as it is possible to get.

Lately we are being told that the virus can live for 28 days on money and smartphones. This is utter nonsense. This virus is a bit of RNA wrapped in a fatty coat with proteins embedded in it. It will fall apart if touched with detergent. Just like a grease layer on water. It will mutate into a useless pile of nucleotides in sunlight. It is not a superbug.

Sure, some viruses can lay dormant for a long time but those are DNA viruses with a protein coat. You can actually crystallise them for storage. Not Coronaviruses. RNA is far less stable than DNA and a fat-based coating is open to any kind of soap. This is a virus that, outside an active infection, is very easy to kill.

Besides, if we are supposed to use our phones for ‘track and trace’ (another cock-up that is failing miserably and very expensively) what is the point of telling the gullible that those phones are a source of infection? They are going to have people turn up at restaurants unable to scan the QR code because their phones are at home in a bucket of formaldehyde. Along with their money.

Then we have the ‘long covid’, actually known for a long time as post-viral syndrome. If you get a really bad dose of any respiratory virus, or even a very bad case of a gut virus like the norovirus, you’ll probably be clear of it in two or three weeks. However, in that time, it has made one hell of a mess of your insides and you are not going to be jumping out of bed the moment you are virus free. You are going to feel like hell for weeks, maybe months, as your body puts itself back together and tries to remember which bit went where.

That is not unique to this virus. It can happen with any virus if you get hit hard enough by it. It isn’t likely to kill you unless you have some other condition already but yes, you are going to have a horrible time with it.

Alternatively you could be lucky. You might just get a cold. You might not get any symptoms at all. It depends on a lot of factors.

First, how much virus did you get? A small dose could be quickly slapped down by your immune system. A large dose could get established before your immune system cranks up enough to deal with it. That small dose will get your immune system ready for any bigger doses that might come later. If you don’t believe that, you don’t believe vaccinations are real because that’s how they work 😉

If you’ve had a coronavirus flu in the past you might have residual T cell immunity (a type of white blood cell that remembers old infections) which means your immune system can react faster. It’s not perfect but it could reduce it to a week of throbbing-head Hell rather than three weeks bedridden and wishing for a visit from the Reaper.

Vitamin D is important here. Where I live, well north of The Wall, vitamin D is an important supplement. We don’t see much of the sun for about six months of the year. It’s also very cheap. Vitamin D supplementation is so important I’m surprised the NHS don’t hand it out for free. A year’s supply is less than £10 and they’d free themselves from all kinds of vit-D-related illnesses.

You can pretend this is racist if you want, but anyone who doesn’t have pasty white skin living in Europe really should be taking a daily dose of at least 4000 unit vitamin D. Heck, I’m as white as A4 and I take that much but then I’m a lot further north than most of Europe.

Vitamin D can be made in your skin in sunlight. Dark skin is for the tropics, it’s important there because we whities turn into Lobsterman and then shed like a flaky snake in that kind of sunlight. Far from the tropics, you need lighter skin to make enough vitamin D. In the tropics, dark skin lets enough UV through but way up here, it certainly doesn’t. Get the supplements.

Next, zinc. Also a very cheap supplement. Zinc stops transcription (copying) of the virus inside your cells. Don’t overdo this one, it can interfere with iron uptake to the point of anaemia. I take one every other day, if I feel I’m getting sick I’ll go for one a day.

Hydroxychloroquine (yes, I know, Trump said it so it’s therefore evil and the anti-Trump lot will die to prove it) is an antimalarial drug. It is safe, it’s been in use for over a century in one form or another. In African countries where malaria is endemic they pop these like sweets. In the time of the British empire, they put quinine into tonic water to make the stupid pompous idiots take it.

It works like this.

“Quinine will stop you getting malaria.”

“Maybe, but it tastes horrible so we’re not taking it.”

“Okay. How about if we mix it with gin?”

“Ah, now we’re talking”

Hence tonic water. It still works. It helps the zinc get into your cells. Make sure it’s proper tonic water, not the modfern fizzy crap that boasts of having no quinine and is therefore not tonic water at all. You can mix it with gin if you like, but not with whisky because that is a crime against the universe and you will burn in Hell for eternity if you do that.

Tonic water, hydroxychloroquine if you can get it, one every other day going up to one a day if you get sick.

So far then, vitamin D, zinc and quinine in one form or another. One more thing. Vitamin C.

I like orange juice, cranberry, pineapple, in the mornings. Not all at once of course. So I do tend to wash down my vit D with vit C. All of these things help your immune system and they are all cheap. I have of course taken the precaution of stocking up on all of them before the Toilet Paper Loonies find out about this. Yes, they are buying toilet paper again. The end of civilisation will surely mean no domestic water supply or sewage, therefore we must stock up on the most useless article for that scenario. You might die of starvation or dehydration or disease but at least you’ll meet your maker with a clean arse.

There is one more thing proven to be protective and you’re not going to like it. Really, you’re not going to like it at all.


Whether it’s the nicotine (currently seems likely) or something else in smoke, smokers are not catching this virus at a rate proportionalt to their prevalence in any society. This particular prophylactic is, however, not cheap at all. It’s expensive and you’re going to be roundly hated by the mask wearers. Still, mask wearers are going down with COVID at a far, far faster rate than non-mask-wearers. So you won’t be bothered by them for very long.


There isn’t going to be one. Coronaviruses mutate so fast that every year’s flu vaccine can claim no more than 40% effectiveness. Well, there will be one. It won’t work but it will make some people a lot of money, which is what vaccines are for these days. They used to be about curing diseases but the Pharmers have worked out that curing things isn’t profitable. The big money is in long term treatments – and not using cheap treatments. There will never be another eradication as happened with Smallpox. That was the one and only disease ever to be eradicated. Then nobody needed a smallpox vaccine ever again.

The Pharmers learned from that. It will not happen again.

None of this is about your health. They really don’t care about that.

It’s about your money.

12 thoughts on “The Lockdown Zone

  1. Oi boris, you know those people from the WHO wot changed their mind about the masks? They gone and done it again about the lockdown so you’ll have cancel yesterday’s announcement. Bummer ain’t it mate.

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  2. Oi boris, you know those people from the WHO wot changed their mind about the masks? They gone and done it again about the lockdown so you’ll have cancel yesterday’s announcement. Bummer ain’t it mate.

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  3. “Whether it’s the nicotine (currently seems likely) or something else in smoke, smokers are not catching this virus at a rate proportionalt to their prevalence in any society. This particular prophylactic is, however, not cheap at all.”

    My money has been on nitric oxide since the first proper description of the effects of the virus

    “COVID-19 lung disease, as far as I can see, is not a pneumonia and should not be treated as one. Rather, it appears as if some kind of viral-induced disease most resembling high altitude sickness. Is it as if tens of thousands of my fellow New Yorkers are on a plane at 30,000 feet at the cabin pressure is slowly being let out. These patients are slowly being starved of oxygen.”
    Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell ER and critical care doctor” for NYC.

    Remember the mountain climbers?

    Nitric oxide a new treatment option for COVID-19
    5 Oct 2020

    “Researchers at Uppsala University have noted that an effective way of treating the coronavirus that caused the 2003 SARS epidemic also works on the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The substance is nitric oxide (NO), a compound that has antiviral properties and is produced by the body itself.The study is published in the journal Redox Biology. “To our knowledge, nitric oxide is the only substance shown so far to have a direct effect on SARS-CoV-2,” says Åke Lundkvist, a professor at Uppsala University, who led the study.

    I’m waiting for this to be sure.

    April 10, 2020
    “The final study, which is just getting started, will examine whether giving nitric oxide to health care workers who aren’t sick, might actually prevent them from getting COVID-19.”

    “The prevention trial will eventually enroll up to 470 health care professionals working with COVID-19 patients. The workers will inhale nitric oxide at the beginning and end of their shifts, and go about their business as usual in between. (A control group will not receive the drug.) Researchers will check the workers for fever or other COVID-19 symptoms every day.”

    But I find that Pharma got there first.

    1 Apr 2020
    Therapeutic Products Directorate of Health Canada approves IND application for Nitric oxide inhalation (Thiolanox) in COVID-2019 infections

    There is a big market growing out there, while we are being told to quit.

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  4. Largely, I agree. I take zinc, D and 4*one-a-day Vit C (Linus Pauling was a great fan). I do think CV is real, is nasty, and may well have been a contributory factor in over 50,000 excess deaths in 2020 so far. Yes, the victims tend to be the very elderly; and that does raise two issues:

    1. The old N*z* joke about mind over matter – ‘I don’t mind and you don’t matter’. How ruthless are we prepared to be? Roll the dice on those QUALYs? ‘Bring out your not-dead and we’ll finish the job?’

    2. The care of the elderly has long been a quietly ignored scandal. Flu has been roaring through care homes annually for years – a Welsh survey found 75% of residents got the flu jab but only 10% of the workers (who tend to do stints at several homes, so acting as a vector).
    Instead of comparing this year with previous ones, we should look at the previous ones. Or maybe go full-on Logan’s Run, with Carousel at ooh, age 60?
    That should stop the WASPIs whingeing and boost the care-burdened economy no end.

    Btw I had ‘three weeks bedridden and wishing for a visit from the Reaper’ a few years ago. Bloody hell, the boredom! If it was in my foot I’d have gladly had it amputated, instead it was in my head. Until then I thought flu was a cold that lasted more than a couple of days.

    The Belarus President recommends drinking vodka*; my preference is Glenmorangie, though Waitrose are selling Johnny Walker for a hard-to-resist £15. G&T is nice but more than one session and one tends to get the gin blues, I don’t know if that’s because of the botanicals? But sorry, not taking up smoking again, it took me 5 years to stop (and you would be hard put to name a brand I didn’t smoke from 15 to 25).

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  5. Can you give quantities for zinc please?
    I wonder how much unintentional good was done by the use of cast iron cooking pots and kettles, and to a lesser extent zinc plated jugs?
    I have read that tea had medicinal properties and protected the victorianns. Also because, !ike beer, it used boiled water.
    Aluminium cookware was not a clever idea.
    It would be nice to see if there is a difference between tobacco smokers, chewers and sniffers. Maybe that is Sweden’s secret.

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    • I have a reagent-jar of 500g of dry crystalline zinc chloride (general purpose laboratory reagent grade, but its analysis for lead salts shows none. Iron (0.001%) is the main contaminant.)
      When my wife is not looking, I carefully introduce no more than 3 or 4 milligrams
      of the dry material into the spaghetti bolognaise sauce while it is boiling away.

      I don’t think you’d want more than 1 milligram a day of any zinc compound, max.

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    • Don’t forget all those brass handles hospitals used to have. Copper and zinc, trace amounts on your hands every time you used them. Copper is antibacterial too. Still all the money they made by scrapping them and replacing them with wood and plastic… now they have to spend it all on antibiotics.

      I use a commercial zinc supplement from Amazon. It’s about 40 mg. I take one every other day, not daily, because it can slow down iron absorption. Same with the tonic water, one little 150 ml can every other day. If I get sick I’ll boost both to daily.

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