The Tinfoil Motherlode

What if conspiracy theories are in fact centrally coordinated distractions?

Ha! The existence of conspiracy theories is in itself a conspiracy theory. A Moebius strip of eternal looping, a definite and clear path that leads only to itself. Maybe you’re thinking ‘Oh hell, he’s gone full Icke. Next he’ll be in a shellsuit on TV claiming to be God’.

No, this is all speculation. It came from a conversation with Cade F.O.N Apollyon on Twitter. Which was pretty sensible to start with but if any of you know either of us, it didn’t stay that way for long.

Adrenochrome came up. Oh you must have heard of it. The magic chemical extracted from terrified children at the moment of death, which allows the elite to live forever. I have a good reason to believe this is utter nonsense. Well, several reasons, but this one will do.

I’ve seen the chemical structure of adrenochrome. It’s very easy to find online. It’s not a complex molecule. Remember we are talking about people with practically limitless cash here, and we are in an age where labs can synthesise whole strands of DNA using a computerised machine. Therefore, these obscenely rich people could pay some biochemist/organic chemist to synthesise adrenochrome by the bucketload. Even if it took a research project to isolate and identify the enzymes involved in its construction so they can make it from scratch, well they can afford it out of pocket change.

So why don’t they? Could it be because it’s not what they want?

Let’s go back to David Icke. He has long spoken of a high level sex pest and paedo ring but then he starts in with the lizards. I remember a TV series called ‘V’ about a race of aliens who came to Earth to help us. In fact they came to farm us, but that’s not the point here. The point is, they looked human but when they took off their faces they looked like velociraptors. Protruding snout and all. Where was the protruding snout behind the flat human mask? It ruined the series for me.

Also the Slitheen in Dr. Who. They disguised themselves as fat humans because they were fat aliens. This time, the mask fit – but they spoke perfect English in their human suits and couldn’t speak it when they took off the suits. That kind of dissonance ruins a good tale. It destroys belief. It makes you regard the threat of invasion by the Slitheen as utterly absurd. Which, hopefully, it is. The fat green slimy bastards.

Icke’s sex pests/paedos in high places… Cyril Smith, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile, and lately Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and now Hunter Biden. Many more to come. Icke was right about that. Why did nobody listen? Because the lizard stuff was far too absurd to be believed. That part overshadowed the rest. The absurd part destroyed belief in the whole story.

Crazy shouty Alex Jones (take a chill pill, Al, and you’ll get more listeners) has banged on about child abuse and witchcraft at high level meetings for many years. He famously filmed a ritual at the Moloch statue at Bohemian Grove without getting arrested, shot or ‘disappeared’. Did they know he was there and just set it up for him?

You would expect that if David Icke or Alex Jones or any of their ilk were getting dangerously close to the sordid truth, that they’d mysteriously commit suicide or have an accident or just disappear, right? Hasn’t happened. However, many who have been focused on the child abuse part and none of the lizards or magic or child-blood-potion stuff have indeed mysteriously vanished, committed suicide or been involved in accidents. You don’t hear about them because they weren’t making outrageous claims that the media (and the rest of us) can scoff at.

All they said was, there are some very rich filthy bastards who get their kicks from raping and killing small children.

Now that, that is dangerous, because it’s believable. Those people risk getting caught. So what do they do? Find a tinfoil hatter and give them another layer of tinfoil.

‘Oh yes, it’s true, we torture children for Satan and drink their blood for the adrenochrome because we are really lizards who want to live forever’.

Consider your first reaction to that sentence. Now consider your first reaction to this one:

‘We are vicious perverts who delight in the rape and torture of children for its own sake’.

First one – you laughed, right? Second one – I bet you didn’t.

What if Icke, Jones, all the others, did in fact come dangerously close to the truth but instead of just killing them, the psycho child abusers came up with a better plan. ‘Leak’ the ‘truth’ that it’s lizard people or Adrenochrome or Satanic rituals. Give them absurdities to spread. Then the narrative is broken, people laugh at the absurdities and ignore the real parts.

Well, the real parts are emerging. Huge revelations are coming. Paedo gangs all over the UK, who have operated with impunity for decades, are now being rounded up. Why? They know things about those further up the chain so the court cases have to be held in secret.

It’s all coming out and the powerful ones are now disposing of their suppliers. It’s not just that they don’t need you any more, guys. You are now a serious liablility.

Look after your children. The supply of easy targets is drying up. Since Ghislane Maxwell was arrested and vanished, a great many trafficked children have been rescued and snatches from the street have increased. I think there’s a plea bargain at work, she’s far from the top of the tree. The law would gladly let her go for the big names she can give them.

Beware. The child killers need their fix. Until they are fully taken down, every child is at risk.

And if you want to pretend it’s all about lizards and magic potions, keep laughing. Until your granddaughter disappears on the street.

This is not a game.

20 thoughts on “The Tinfoil Motherlode

  1. Richard D. Hall made a show about David Icke. I might have made this comment before, but I expected it to be a glowing endorsement, as they’re both heavily into aliens, but Hall reckoned that Icke was genuine, but being fed nonsense to discredit him.


    There’s a theory that Alex Jones and his sidekick were allowed to film at Bohemian Grove to propel him to a lofty position in the ‘alternative media’ circuit.


    When I was a Mormon, many years ago, there was a big meeting in Dundee for the whole of Scotland (I was an usher). Some bigwigs from Salt lake City were there. The previous day there was a ‘priesthood’ meeting, which I attended, and Thomas S. Monson gave a talk. Now, he was my favourite from SLC, yet I sensed extreme evil coming from him, something that I’ve never experienced before or since, even though I have met some truly evil people.

    When I left the church a few months later, realising that it wasn’t ‘the true church,’ I read that paedophilia was a problem in the church and even that there were child sacrifice ceremonies in the Salt Lake Temple for the leaders. Monson went on to become the next president and ‘prophet.’

    If these people are murdering children, they aren’t doing it to try to ensure a good harvest, so what do they get from it?

    Another memory of that ‘priesthood’ meeting was that the bigwigs picked on people in the congregation and made them look small. Maybe they’re just power-crazed?

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    • Some people do give out that feeling of evil, or ‘can’t be trusted’, or whatever you want to call it. People who met Aleister Crowley describe getting that same feeling.

      Pure science dismisses ‘feelings’ as non-objective, but even as a scientist myself, I don’t dismiss that gut feeling you get from some people.

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      • I get that spine-tingling feeling about Creepie no-Funberg. Even watching her on the telly or looking at a picture of her. The sensation clearly can travel wirelessly and remotely; perhaps the aether embodies Palantir-like properties?

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        • That’s interesting about Crowley, who really was evil. I assume that almost no Devil-worshipper takes his religion so seriously, as you’ll find with many or most people in any religion.

          I know it’s creepy, but I don’t remember ever having that feeling in the presence of another person. I also don’t buy the idea that feelings don’t matter. We are emotional, thinking people with certain undeniable instincts.

          If you’ve ever seen the documentary film “No Intelligence Allowed” (2008), it is obvious that the scientists, both ID proponents and evolutionists, run on feelings and their opinions seem to be generally formed by what they want to be true, more so with the evolutionists.

          See if you think this is objective scientific insight from still-living philosopher Thomas Nagel:

          I want atheism to be true and am made uneasy by the fact that some of the most intelligent and well-informed people I know are religious believers. It isn’t just that I don’t believe in God and, naturally, hope that I’m right in my belief. It’s that I hope there is no God! I don’t want there to be a God; I don’t want the universe to be like that.

          Of course! Who would be mad enough to want to have hope in a better life ahead and more peace in this life? And they wonder why suicide levels among young people have risen so much?


  2. Jonathan King, and, Gary Glitter. Also. Jonathan King was the lynchpin of British
    Pop music. For years. He virtually controlled it. He must have pissed someone off badly to get caught
    I was very balanced about the lizard part because we all have lizard brains. I think he was using a euphemism that they were basically psychopaths

    But yes. The stuff learnt in the late 90s and early 2000s is all correct. Every one has their theory about Diana. I knew she was embalmed from 12.30 that day. They didn’t mention that until later. Its how I woke up from the media.

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    • I had also thought that Icke was referring to the primitive reptilian brain that still exists within ours, but no, he really does mean scaly lizards. That’s the part he’s probably been ‘fed’ to wreck the rest of his story.

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      • Well having said that, one of my friends who I tend to believe has seen the shape shifting in process. So I dont really know until I see it. But I believe its not completely untrue, Apparently the Queen Mother and Ted Heath or James Callaghan have been seen to shift. This would correlate with Diana saying theyre all reptiles. etc etc.

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  3. Conspiracy theorists, especially the really loopy ones, are actually a national asset, especially for nations like America. The best ones are the extraterrestrial life true believers, who are a prize beyond value if you happen to be an aircraft designer working for the military.

    You see, there is only so much you can do in computer simulations and in wind tunnels. Sooner or later that new, super-stealth drone has to get some serious flying time in the great outdoors, where it can encounter things like weather, swarms of insects, birds, rednecks with rifles and really good aim (DO NOT ever underestimate the aiming capabilities of a redneck; they may not have much brains but shooting things is something they’ve been doing all their lives), and so on.

    So, out of the hangar door go several copies of your top-secret pride and joy, and into the view of assorted people with long lenses and an interest in such things. If you send the aircraft round the Mach Loop, you’ll get plenty of publicity and the absolute mother of all bollockings from the top brass. However, flying it out over American range land is a different story. The locals have an ingrained habit of, if they see a small aircraft with amazing performance characteristics, radar invisibility and a habit of vanishing from conventional view, of saying to themselves “Bloody weather balloons!” and taking an immediate and strong interest in the ground at their feet.

    The reason is simple: if you report any unknown flying craft in the USA, then the ET “Experiencers” immediately claim you as one of their own tribe and tend thereafter to hang around you and generally make you feel like a right tit in public. They are certifiably barking mad, and their proximity and tendency to claim you as a friend tends to make you look utterly barking as well.

    Cowboys are sensitive to that sort of thing. You wouldn’t think it, but big hairy blokes who think nothing of wrestling with cows, castrating bullocks in the field and other such manly things do have a sensitive side, and implying that they in any way share any kinship with UFO nuts tends to find that sensitive side, and give it a bloody hard kicking.

    Therefore the US Military are rumoured to have an interesting sideline in flying silent, black helicopters around the place (silencing a helicopter is known technology and works very well, buggers the flight performance though) doing such things as spying on known UFO nuts, lurking in strange places and also kidnapping cows. Said cows do not fare particularly well out of this sort of thing; getting nabbed by a helicopter is lethal for the animals and this is done to perpetuate the myth of little green men in flying saucers mutilating bovines for their own purposes. The military don’t do this for any other reason than to keep the supply of conspiracy theorists going, useful little idiots that they are…

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    • There were once a lot of reports of ‘black triangle’ UFOs in the UK. The local airports saw nothing on radar. This went on for quite a while until the RAF suddenly produced a stealth bomber – a black triangle that didn’t show up on radar.

      They didn’t just magic that plane out of the air so those UFO sightings everyone laughed about were test flights. The UFO crowd went very quiet for a while after that…

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  4. Not all of the “mysteries” being perpetrated and spread or whatever are quite so flashy, nor readily discernible as being the overt things they are. They’re more seemless. Reasonable even, probably because of their relatability. They may even be concepts simply being regurgitated because “they sound reasonable”, irrespective of any actual applicability. (Irony Alert)

    Now I personally love me some self-deprecation. Properly applied, one can learn a great deal about oneself, and (hopefully) improve. But I keep seeing these themes of “we humans are naturally bad at/with (insert concept here)”.being espoused by the lofty and/or enlightened.

    Recalling events. (correctly)

    Yep…some educated and lofty mouthpiece of a someone telling me (and others) that I am (we are) bad at remembering, logic and reason? My irony alarm fires off almost immediately. Mainly because I wanna know the logic used in ascertaining this/these, I wanna know how they reasoned this/these out, and I wanna know how they remember this/these and also how it is that they somehow are able to recall this nonsense. The only thing that I can come up with is that many are so indoctrinated into the “single-point-of-failure” types of models and also the modern grading and rating systems, that they’ve come to the conclusion that 1 single fuckup = absolute failure. As a result, “they” are not reasoning anything out, hence they aren’t challenging their own logic. Someone says a something, everyone else seems to believe this something, therefore I need to believe this something too so I can be in the club. Now that I have adopted this standard, anything that != this standard = wrong. Back on the single-point-of-failure thing…

    Your memory isn’t bad, but according to “them” and their impossibly high standards, 1 misremembered something makes you forever suspect as being unreliable.
    Your logic isn’t bad, but according to “them” and their impossibly high standards, anything perceived as illogical makes you forever a dunce.
    Your reasoning isn’t bad, but according to “them” and their impossibly high standards, anything that is unreasonable to them means that you are incapable of reason.

    It’s possible “they” come by this honestly. 100% is the standard afterall. Not 99%, not 95%, not 90%, and certainly not below 90%. We gotta have 100% accuracy, 100% of the time. The search is for goldmines that are loaded with solid deposits of pure and produce only pure, not quartz deposits indicating where gold may be found with some digging. Too much work for not enough return.

    These concepts of “humans are bad at logic/reason/memory” would seem to work.seamlessly together to weave certain narratives. Provides one the ability to lead others. Gaslighting, of sorts. Provides an opportunity to spin. Turn even the most mundane of somethings into fantastic revelations. Or at a minimum, remove cetain obstacles/details from one’s path. Make those pesky details irrelevant. MSM/big media would certainly stands to gain. But so would any “alternative” press/news. Clears that fact-checking path of any hindrances blocking the story’s ability to break, and makes the audit-trail as smooth and easy-riding as a freshly lain blacktop road.

    Having typed all that out, it occurs to me that maybe a truth is that “logic” and “reason” aren’t the cold and emotionless concepts they are made out to be, and “facts” (memory) are neither cold nor emotionless either. Maybe they simply have properties which allow them to be more easily and/or readily labeled and accepted as being…cold, but in reality they just burn differently than other passions. Maybe the institutionalization of passion(s) and love(s) has helped in regards to certain things being labeled as being cold. (thinking here about how both institutions of learning and corporate infrastructures can strangle the living shit out of loves and passions)

    Yeah maybe there are concerted and concentrated efforts to mislabel and misrepresent certain passions, or if all else fails, lull certain passions to sleep.


    Maybe I’m just rambling. (lolz…very likely)

    Sure as shit some weird stuff going on tho.

    And I don’t mean nCoV-2019 nor the associated lockdowns either. Nor the pineal gland eating extraterrestrials, nor the andrenochrome injecting elite, nor the regurgitated gyro and tic-tac UFO stories, nor “disclosure”, nor the rehashed extra-dimensional nonsense supposedly transpiring at the LHC, nor QAnonsense, nor the starlink satellites being lofted up in droves every other week, nor Biden-o-sin crackpipe pics, nor Antifaint, nor Be Yell Em, nor Brexitaintevergonnahappen, nor fishing rights, nor Crip Toe Curr Incy, nor Yellow Vests, nor MS-13, nor climate “can you spare some” change, nor wildfires, nor 5G, nor 5D, nor stargates, nor even the 2020 US elections.

    There is a massive worldwide Easter egg hunt going on right under our noses, and it has fuckall to do with any of that more or less “popular” stuff.

    And for anyone who suffered through all that, here’s a seasonal song for your trouble. 🙂

    ^”The Great Pumpkin Waltz” – It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown^

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  5. I don’t think there are “lizards”.

    I think that a rather small number of very powerful and recently-rich people, many of which like doing things which are officially forbidden “by law or custom” to the rest of us, or else are regarded as “not”, have found how they can get away with it more easily and for longer.

    There is not above about 500,000 of these folks, at the maximum. That’s about 1 in 15,000 of all us humans thought to be alive right now. That’s about the number-percentage in the UK which are undergoing “Common Purpose Training, in “Beyond Leadership” ” , or which have already “graduated”.

    1 in 15,000 means that one of these could, should all humans be allowed to live, have 15,000 slaves. Or, if “the plan”, the GreeNazi Plan, the one about “sustainable earth”, kicks in, slightly over 1,000 slaves per human in his own household. That should be enough to keep him and his.

    Just thinking, idly.

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  6. @Legiron: not that I’m contradicting you, and of course there have been nasty individual perverts, but what convinces you that the kind of operation alleged in e.g. Operation Midland is a fact?


    • Carl Beech was discredited but a lot more came to light from ex-police whistleblowers. Naturally these aren’t going to go public (the few who did were quickly hushed up) so it’s impossible to confirm their stories. There are, however, a lot of them and none of these whistleblowers stand to gain anything at all by speaking out. Some social workers came out too, but again they only speak anonymously.

      I don’t have any direct evidence myself, just what I hear, so I can’t do much. However I have met more than one victim of orphanage abuse and that does seem widespread. It’s not just a few perverts, there are a hell of a lot of them and if they have involved anyone in high places, you can bet they’re well paid/threatended to keep very, very quiet if they’re caught.

      If there is a high ranking paedo gang it’s going to take a very long time and some very brave investigating officers to catch them. Most likely, as with Cyril Smith, they won’t be ‘outed’ until after they die.


  7. In view of recent events I dug out from my digital dungeon Alex Jones’ 2.5 hour long messy documentary End Game (2006). Before he got shouty.

    I scorned most of it originally but a lot of what he had to say has now or is coming to pass. It avoids all mention of sex, child abuse or lizards but starts with Bilderberg/Davos, he’s right about Bill Gates and his vaccine, the increased militarization of the public sphere in America and how the upcoming dictatorship will be guided by ‘expert’ medics and scientists.
    I recently found it again on a YouTube channel split into 10 parts with Greek subtitles.

    David Ike was permitted his presence on YouTube until precisely the emergence of covid when he got cancelled.

    Talking of youtube search ‘Dead Zone 2003’
    Click 2nd down, called Preview but actually a mash up.
    Key words.
    Virus like sars
    Qt tip tests.

    Spooky or spoof, who knows?


  8. I agree with you 100% Leggy. Icke says many good things and is spot-on, but then he goes and f**ks it all up talking about lizards and 5G.


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