Okay. A bit on 5G and this damn virus.

I recently saw a map on Twitter which compared the installation of 5G in the UK with coronavirus outbreaks. They matched up remarkably well. Which is not really surprising.

Out here, in this house built at least as far back as 1760, we can get 4G in one part of the house and no reception at all in another part. It’s built with thick granite walls. If you stand by the kitchen window you get perfect reception. If you sit in the living room – nothing. We are not expecting to see 5g in our lifetimes out here. Our landline phone and internet is still coming along copper wires and we don’t expect that to change any time soon.

It is not possible to create a virus with any electromagnetic waves. It is not possible to control a virus with electromagnetic waves. They have no nervous system, they are not even one complete cell by any definition. There is nothing to control.

What can be controlled is where and when 5G gets installed. No company would start by installing expensive infrastructure out here. Hell, the roads from the 1700s are still here because the newer roads are on different routes. You can even find milestones and retaining walls. A farmer who lived here not-too-many years ago amassed a huge collection of Pictish flint tools and arrowheads that he turned up when ploughing the field that’s right next to the house. I have a collection of handmade nails I’ve raked out of the fireplace after burning some of the old timbers from the cottage down the hill. You can still see the round mounds that were the bases of ancient settlement huts. Yeah, not much happens here.

In densely populated areas though, it’s different. Lots of people in one place, a good spot to roll out 5G. It has a limited range so towers have to be close together. Would you like to set up 15 towers between here and the nearest village, most of them doing nothing but relaying this one house to the internet? Of course not. How about another 20 or 30 to connect that village to the next one? For maybe a couple of hundred subscribers at most?

No, you roll it out in the cities. Where you’ll get the best return on investment, because the population is densely packed in those places.

A densely packed population is also where any virus will thrive. So it comes as no surprise that 5G installations coincide with high levels of infection. Of anything.

Correlation does not always equal causation.

23 thoughts on “Electrovirus

  1. All the same, you beta look out. Your environment is a disaster waiting to happen. Dr. Mogumbo has developed his state of the art statistical computer consisting of a bell jar containing a complete set of cryogenically dried gallus gallus bones in a vacuum. Of course, being Scottish these are the bones of a gallus gallus gallus..Dr. Mogumbo has predicted, using his Ossian computer, that in a worst case scenario the biological melange that is your ancient midden in a granite confinement, bombarded by the high energy electrons and positrons will create a virus that in combination with its vector colicoides impuntatus will devastate first the North of Britain and then carried in the protective packaging of fine uisge beatha will spread throughout the whole civilised world – and Wales.
    Your only possible hope is send lots of your English and American bank notes to Dr. Mogumbo c/o The University of London.
    In the meantime completetely cover the granite walls and floor with finest alumnium foil or best qality wallpaper.
    You have been warned. Do not deny the science.

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        • “Conspiracy theories” arise when the official causation narrative does not correlate with the known evidence and rightly so. Having studied 9/11 in great detail, I am certain that the official narrative is completely fabricated.

          The fact is that there have always been conspiracies: just look at the British monarchy through the ages. Up until at least the Jacobite era, there was one plot after another to replace the incumbent monarch.

          No offence intended, but it appears to me that people who reject out of hand all narratives which run contrary to the official ones do so out of pride – to alert others that they are not so dumb as to believe in “conspiracy theories” but instead will believe the stories told by the MSM, which you admit, Longrider, are barefaced liars, and they are, so why would they tell the truth about 9/11, coronavirus or anything else? It would be more intelligent, surely, to examine the alternative views and make up your own mind – even postulate your own theories, like Frank Davis does. not that I believe in them all, but I defend his right to hold them and not think any less of him. In fact, I think more of him for being prepared not to accept what has been force-fed to us by the mainstream.

          Those who reject alternatives as a matter of principle are like the many religious people I have met who are convinced that their beliefs are more correct than adherents of other faiths, so I have heard Mormons vs Catholics vs Presbyterians vs Baptists vs JWs all convinced of the rightness of their own beliefs when they may all be wrong and probably are!

          Lecture over! I realise it is time-consuming when you avidly research these things for yourself.

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          • I’m glad that lecture is over.

            I am well aware of evidence and history and have done enough research of my own over the years. Of course conspiracies exist. The successful ones have done so because they are conducted in secret by a small number of conspirators – the toppling of James II being an example. Some have spectacularly failed – the gunpowder plot, which is an example that keeping such matters secret is a difficult task.

            However, the 9/11 conspiracy theories are all bunkum. Indeed, they follow the exact point I made above – they see correlation and presume causation where there is no credible evidence. The official narrative on this one meets the Occam’s razor test (the simplest explanation is likely to be the most accurate – i.e government agencies failed due to incompetence). Any anomalies in timescales are fairly easily explained due to the chaos that ensued in the aftermath. I’ve done enough incident management in my time to recognise that even minor incidents are difficult to piece together after the event.

            There is no credible evidence of some dark false flag operation – it’s pure fantasy. And before we go down the rabbit hole, I’m not going to be drawn any further on that one as I’ve had more than my fair share of wacky theories on it and all of them have failed to withstand any scrutiny. I reject these theories precisely because I am capable of doing my own research and because I understand how evidence trails work. I reject them for the same reason that I am sceptical of the MSM. Scepticism of the MSM’s narrative does not mean that I am foolish enough to simply believe the bollocks peddled by Loose Change.

            No, GWB did not plan an inside job. If you believe that he did, I have a bridge to sell you. Small denomination, used notes only, please.

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              • It’s precisely because I am able to look at evidence that I reject the theories. They simply do not stand up to scrutiny. 9/11 was a straightforward Islamic attack that succeeded because the security agencies were half asleep. Nothing to see here.

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                • I didn’t see this comment when I replied to your other one, above. Anyway, there was nothing “straightforward” about 9/11. Here’s what I remember that is appropriate just to take care of the Muslims:

                  a) Within a day or two, the 19 hijackers’ names, mostly with photos of mean-looking bearded men, were being flashed up on our TV screens. Where did they get this information from so quickly? But then several of them pointed out that they were still alive and well and living thousands of miles away.

                  b) The passport of one of the alleged hijackers was found on a New York street, which had somehow escaped the fireball. Just so we know who we’re supposed to be looking for!

                  c) The alleged hijackers couldn’t even fly Cessna aircraft when they tried in Florida, yet they managed to perform feats with large passenger jets on 9/11 that even experienced pilots would have found difficult or impossible, especially flying just feet off the ground on their approach into the Pentagon – the most guarded building in the world? And not any CCTV footage of the alleged crash (unless you believe those 5 frames released years later which don’t show any plane).

                  d) Each jet had 4 or 5 men armed with stanley knives and rather than risk being cut, dozens of passengers and crew just allowed them to take over and murder everyone. You believe that?

                  e) In the 19 intervening years, the Islamic world has been raped and pillaged by the West and given new regimes ten times worse than they had before. Iran’s turn next, I reckon.

                  And talking of security agencies, how many does the U.S. have? 20? 30? And they were being warned by other countries’ security agencies. Even shock jocks were talking about it: first William G. Cooper and then Alex Jones said what would happen several weeks before.

                  And of course, as usual, there were training drills going on at the same time rehearsing an attack on New York.

                  And that’s just a tiny slice of the nonsense they expected us to swallow.

                  I’ve just remembered something really rather pithy. These vicious murderers committed these heinous crimes because they ‘hate our freedoms.’ So what happens: our own governments have taken many of those freedoms away themselves and continue to do so. You couldn’t make it up – but, they did.


  2. S’funny that that correlates with a report I saw last week which stated that London was low risk for fantasyvirus while cities North of Potters Bar weren’t. Which hallucinating ingrate writes this bollox?

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    • I’m no scientist but perhaps London is lower risk because London is such a densely populated area, so any virus would burn out quickly due to natural immunity. If reports interest you, the following is worth 2 hours of anybody’s life. This guy knows his stuff and not only does he offer a logical explanation to your question, but also reveals some factoids about a certain P.Valance that you might not already know.

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  3. What you say is true Leggy, however it is well known for radio frequencies and emf from power lines to cause things like headaches and general feeling of sickness in a few people and that is a proven fact, The higher frequencies tend to be the worst, for example your microwave door does not have an RF shield for fun – microwaves work on a molecular level, making the molecules of your food vibrate and causing them to get hot. And that’s only at about 1GHz – 5G runs many times higher at around 56GHz, although the power is also many times lower, so low that it is harmless to most people, I’m speaking now as someone who has been into electronics since the early 70’s and Its my thought that perhaps, in some cases, these symptoms have been mistaken for flu-like ones and that’s how the conspiracy theory started and spiraled. We had exactly the same conspiracy theories when mobile phones came onto the scene. I don’t know if my thoughts on it are correct but they would certainly fit in with your explanation.

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    • I have heard of this ailment. A few people can’t even live in houses with mains electricity because it’s a constant irritation to them.

      Mains electricity and the fields it produces are very new things to humans. It’s actually surprising the reaction is so rare. Or maybe it isn’t, maybe most of us haven’t noticed the changes. Maybe a lot of illnesses are really our bodies trying to adapt to something new.

      Maybe someone will study it one day, although I think they’ll find it very hard to get funding. Remember the Victorian obsession with arsenic-based green dyes? And who had a lot of money invested in the mines? 😉

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  4. All I will say here, is that the last three or four generations of H sapiens are the most fortunate, and also therefore the luckiest because the most healthy and best fed – and biggest! – humans that have ever lived.

    We have Modern Western Medicine….when it’s not sporulating stalinistically into the National Covid Service.

    We have The Haber Process (for nitrogenous fertilisers.) Enabling us to grow a continuous slight surplus of foodstuffs of all kinds on 28% of the planet’s land area instead of 75%.

    And a global transport network to move food around to willing buyers in real time – thus abolishing famine. (Unless you’re an African dictator and steal all the money first.)

    We have the internet. And a white male to thank for it. And continuous, on-demand (so far…) electricity, to power it and other useful machines.

    We have effectively limitless (within the limits of the practically-accessible volume of Earth) fuels. And metals, and other useful substances; and we’ll never manage even to scratch the surface, be we here ever so long.

    But turning back to health, none of us, not even XR zealots or the greenest Nazis, would wish themselves back in “The Golden Before”, when for most, life was risky, nasty, filthy, brutish, and statistically short.

    I’ll take the microwaves, thanks. And go about my business despite viruses.

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  5. I’m a long time lurker I go back as far as your miniature models and cleaning days.
    I always enjoy reading your outlook on life in general.

    I find that most subjects I wold have commented on have been covered by some one else much more succinctly than I ever could.
    Just recently I came across this article.


    This is the CDC paper he is referring too. I gave up at Jennifer Harcourt.


    Does any of it make sense?


    • The models will return although I’ve moved up the scales a bit (eyes aren’t what they used to be).

      I’ve heard a lot about this never-isolated-virus. Apparently normal flu is almost nonexistent this year, which is a remarkable coincidence. Also, the ‘new’ one seems to have an infection rate, kill rate and recovery rate which is turning out to be… just like flu.

      The claims around it get ever more bizarre. There was one claim that hiccups could be a symptom. Today I read that the virus can age your brain 10 years and reduce your IQ. I suspect it’s more likely to be the propaganda and lockdowns that are responsible for that 😉

      There is definitely something suspicious here. Testing stations are empty and yet they claim hundreds of thousands of tests per day. Since the test doesn’t work anyway, they can claim what they like without doing any actual testing. Hospitals are half empty, patients are being ignored, the elderly are being issued with DNR notices whether they like it or not, you can’t get near a GP (certainly not in this part of Scotland) and you can’t go to a hospital. And yet it’s following the exact same pattern as annual flu.

      I’m beginning to think the likes of David Icke have been on to something all along.


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