The end of the beginning

Finally, the rebel colonists will be voting for their next boss. Will it be Trump or Biden? As someone who has no vote in this game I’m frankly tired of hearing about it.

Yet, like a massive motorway pile up, it seems impossible to look away. The election has been going on for weeks, it seems. Voting has been happening for ages. In some states, it doesn’t even really end tomorrow – a few places allow votes to count if they arrive anything up to three weeks late. Surely if you had a postal vote and knew your postal system was slow, you’d have sent it in plenty of time? Apparently not.

At least two states won’t start counting until the election is fully over. There is no way they’ll be ready to announce results on election night. Then there is the cheating. Both sides have been caught at it. This is modern politics so you can be sure there’ll be more of it and there will be challenges to any close-run results. Basically, this is going to drag on right through November and probably beyond. This election doesn’t mark the end of the matter. It’s just the end of the beginning.

Who will win in the end? I have no idea. Biden’s side produce polls to say he’s ahead. Trump’s side produce polls to say he’s ahead. The whole thing is so absolutely polarised now that it seems impossible to find a totally independent source. Anyway, the polls were way off last time so it’s probably best to ignore them.

It does matter who wins. The two front runners have completely opposite plans for America. It’s not like the UK elections where they are all pretty much a bunch of wishy washy middle of the road wasters. This election is a real ‘choose your path’ moment, and hte paths run in exactly opposite directions. However, only the Americans can decide.

If King George III hadn’t been doolally, all of this could have been avoided. On the other hand, America might now be choosing between the same parties currently in the UK parliament.

Not really an improvement.

6 thoughts on “The end of the beginning

  1. In the old days, the Royals would have a “Fool”, to stop them disappearing up their own arse.
    Any Fool that survived, was not as stupid as he pretended to be.

    Trump is a “Fool”.
    Somehow he got elected!
    Instead of “the next politician”.

    The whole political class have had a lesson they won’t quickly forget.

    I hope he gets another go, to really drive the lesson home.


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  2. If anything, the last couple of years have proved that the US left is completely unhinged and unscrupulous, not to mention corrupt. Combine that with their strange voting practices and this election yields a pucker factor > 9000.

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