Out of book limbo

Yes, this place has been through another of its silent periods. I was preparing two books for publication at once. How? Well, both authors had supplied cover images and Cade F.O.N Apollyon stepped in as editor for Ruth’s book. That saved me a lot of time and work.

Now available are Mark Ellott’s ‘A Moment in Time’ and Ruth Bonner’s ‘Just Call Me Roob‘. If you have an Amazon allergy, the ebooks are also on Smashwords. Hopefully they’ll also soon spread to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, and more. Most of the rest have, there just seems to be an issue with Underdog Anthologies at Smashwords that’s a pain in the arse – but they make so little I haven’t yet bothered to worry about it.

There are three more I’d like completed before Christmas, plus the Christmas anthology of course. Then I might do something I never imagined I’d do when this all started with the Underdog Anthology in December 2016. Heck, back then I thought I was optimistic to call it Volume 1, and the Christmas book will be number 13! Which would have been a bad numbering sequence, but for 2020 it’s probably quite appropriate.

In December, I might actually need to close to submissions for a few weeks.

Yes, in four years I’ve gone from wondering whether I could find enough authors to fill one slim volume of stories, to actually having to close submissions for a few weeks so I can catch up! I’ll close on December 1st so if you have that massive tome of a fantasy novel spanning ninety generations of elves all set to send, you can still send it. I won’t guarantee to do anything about it before Christmas though, three books and an anthology plus some progress on my own writing means I’ll probably manage to take a half-day off for Christmas day. Well nobody can visit, might as well do something useful with all this time.

I still have to do the three volume annual thing but since I cut all the anthology prices to the bone for the duration of this nonsense, there doesn’t seem to be any hurry. I couldn’t charge more than $1.99 for the eBook version at the moment anyway.

If only all this work made any money. If you’re looking for a surprise stocking filler for Christmas, do take a look at the Leg Iron Books selection. There’s something for everyone (except the Gary Glitters and convicted councillors) in there. The authors will appreciate every penny of royalties, they’ll appreciate it even more if the royalties are more than a pound. Seriously, there’s some talented writers on sale at bargain basement prices over there. I even have a range of my own books in there of varying thicknesses to suit almost any wonky table leg.

Anyway, I have not entirely withdrawn from the real world – well, no more than usual. Today we did manage to visit Son and the grandchildren. Granddaughter is nearly three, her mother worries that the lockdown means she’s not developing social skills. She’s my granddaughter. She has no need of social skills, she just needs blade and crossbow lessons. Grandson is eight weeks old and has already mastered the art of the disapproving scowl. They are both developing perfectly normally. If Billy Gates Gruff wants to mess with this DNA, good luck. You have no idea what you might produce.

This vaccine is really gaining some acolytes. They think it will fix everything. The fact is, this vaccine isn’t a vaccine. It’s going to insert mRNA into your cells to make them produce proteins that are foreign to the body. This is, by any measure, not a good idea. You can pretend that sex is a construct to your five-or-seven-chambered heart’s content but biochemistry – trust me on this – is fixed.

At this point the Vaccine Brigade will call me an anti-vaxxer. I am a retired microbiologist. I have been vaccinated with every legitimate vaccine going. Some that the general public never get offered because they aren’t working with the horrible things I’ve worked with. My children and grandchildren are vaccinated. The only vaccine I have ever refused is flu vaccine because it’s money-making crap. I will definitely refuse the Billy Gates Gruff’s not-a-vaccine.

Real vaccines work like this. You take dead cells or attenuated (they can’t infect) live cells or even just appropriate bits of protein and inject them. Your immune system finds them and says ‘What’s this? What’s all this infecting? We’ll have no trouble here’ followed by ‘This is a local body for local cells, there’s nothing here for you’ and proceeds to wipe them out with antibodies.

The antibody production then declines. This is normal. It does not mean you have lost immunity. It means the immune system doesn’t waste time, protein and energy producing antibodies against something it’s already defeated. It would be like an army going through a battlefield eternally re-shooting the enemy it’s killed. Waste of bullets.

Instead, the immune system cells are able to store the information to make particular antibodies against things they have seen before. They don’t need to make them all the time. When the same pathogen appears, the immune system doesn’t need to go through all the ‘What is this and how do we kill it?’ routine. It just goes ‘Oh yeah, that one. Load up Antibody 73 and get firing, lads’.

The Billy Gates Gruff ‘vaccine’ does not do this. Bear in mind that the immune system recognises antigens – bits of surface material, not whole cells – and destroys the cell carrying them. The entire cell.

So, the Billy Gates Gruff ‘vaccine’ makes your own cells produce surface proteins that your own immune system recognises as foreign. It does not simply block the protein. It kills the cell carrying it. Your own body cells.

This is not a vaccine. This is an autoimmune disease in a syringe. I don’t care if they never let me enter a pub or restaurant or travel on a plane again. Not that we will be able to afford planes once the budget airlines have been wiped out. I am not going to be injected with this monstrosity.

You want to believe it will save you from what has turned out to be a bad flu? Fine. You go ahead. I won’t gloat, I probably won’t be one of the six people allowed to attend your funeral anyway.

You want to call it tinfoil hattery, go ahead. Or get two degrees in an appropriate subject, live through an entire career dealing with infectious disease and retire with a shed filled with lab equipment, like I have, and then maybe you’ll give it some thought.

Or maybe not. Maybe you’re excited to be injected with an experimental not-a-vaccine that claims 90% effectiveness against your own immune system’s 99%. Maybe you really want the aches and headaches of approaching arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Maybe you hate yourself so much that the agonising death of your body, cell by cell, is a delight to be savoured.

You just know it’s going to be called ‘Long Covid’, to get more idiots to take the thing, don’t you?

Meanwhile there is nobody sensible in charge. Boris is the Henpecked Premier, doing whatever his squeeze tells him to even though he must know, deep down, it will utterly destroy the country he was elected to lead.

That other bastion of Western Civilisation, America, seems to have no idea what it’s doing any more. That last election was a farce that would have embarrassed even the EU presidential election. Still nobody knows who won and I think it should be down to a cage fight between Trump and Biden. Go on, America. Election by Thunderdome. Two old fogeys enter, one old fogey leaves.

Maybe we should choose leaders who have a future beyond a rich retirement in the Cayman islands.

It doesn’t matter now. The game is on, Panoptica is approaching reality at a horrifying speed and it’s too late to stop it. Like climate change. It’s happening, it can’t be stopped, it’s not going the way they think it’s going and it’s adapt or die.

Darwin was right about that. It’s not evolution unless we turn into White Walkers. It’s adaptation.

We’ve done it before.

The big question is… how many of us have the guts to do it again?

30 thoughts on “Out of book limbo

    • There are a few vaccines coming out. Standard vaccines, using bits of virus outer coat, will probably be okay (they won’t work so I won’t bother but they aren’t likely to be dangerous).

      The RNA-based one though, I’m not going anywhere near that one!

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      • Good idea to avoid it. Autoimmune diseases are the sort of thing you wish on your worst enemy and hope like hell you never catch a dose. This type of vaccine would make the worst effects of HIV/AIDS look like a walk in the park, with added muggers.

        But is wouldn’t pass clinical trials, would it?

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        • There are two in the news here today: one by Pfizer, one by someone else, both claiming 95% efficacy. One of them looked to have tested it in a thousand or so folks and then exposed them and a thousand placebo folks to the virus. The real vaxxers got sick 95% less often.

          I won’t link because there are tons of stories with different thoughts, though I haven’t seen anything along the lines of what Leg is concerned about. The safety testing will go on for two years, but hey, who cares about safety anymore? LOL! No one’s dropped dead from it or grown two heads yet so they’re applying for permits to get it out there by the tens/hundreds of millions.

          My advice: Invest in high-quality bowler hats (like in Clockwork Orange).

          You’ll make a fortune when those second heads start to sprout!

          – MJM, the Amazing Headless Smoker…

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              • There is a thing called post viral syndrome that can last for months, that’s true. Always has been. It’s not unique to Covid. It’s where you recovered, but the virus left such a mess behind that it takes time to replace all the cells it smashed up. That will leave you feeling like hell long after the virus has gone.

                It’s not too common but it’s not exactly rare either. Flu does it too.

                We know the flu vaccine is only partially effective, and a Covid vaccine isn’t really going to be the magic anti-coronavirus vaccine that will suddenly appear. Sure, if you’re lucky, flu vaccine will stop you getting flu, but then it comes down to – would you have caught flu that year anyway? I had flu once, 30 years ago. I’ve never had a flu vaccine. If I had taken the vaccine the last few years I would have been counted as a ‘yes’ for the vaccine’s success. As it turned out I didn’t catch it anyway.

                There are definite advantages to being an unsociable old bugger 😉

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                • “There are definite advantages to being an unsociable old bugger”

                  Indeed. :> I’ve generally taken a “pub hiatus” for three weeks or so in the winters: I’ll watch the flu graph and make a good guess as to when we’re entering the transmission peak, and then just stay home a bit. Haven’t had a real flu-like thing for years and years and years.


                  • Thirty years since my one and only experience of flu. Strangely, the smoking ban has helped – nobody wants to stand outside in the snow so pubs are off limits in the depths of winter. Could be one reason why smokers are less likely to get it in the winter peak 😉


      • Does the new Oxford vaccine work using the same method as the Pfizer/Moderna one? I understand (from what one can glean in the MSM) that its a more ‘traditional’ vaccine, does this mean its safer, regardless of whether it works or not?


        • The Oxford vaccine, as far as I know, is okay at fridge temperature. The other two candidates need to be kept frozen – one of them at -70C. That kind of cold is needed to preserve RNA/DNA/viruses.

          I’d put a lot more trust in one that’s good with simple refrigeration. It sounds like it’s in the more ‘standard vaccine’ mould.


  1. I’ve been in two (uninformed) minds about this vaccine.
    I’m no anti-vaxxer. They’re a bunch of loonies, but I do respect their right to be loonies.

    Thanks for this post.
    I’m allowing for the fact that you may be wrong, so it’s not your fault if t goes badly!
    But I’ll take my chances, and rely on my own unmodified immune system – it’s never let me down yet.

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    • My immune system has done pretty well for 60 years. With help from some vaccines – I didn’t get the MMR vaccine because it wasn’t around, so I went through the actual diseases. If modern kids can be spared those I think that’s a good thing, they were all fucking horrible. Mumps was a special bastard.
      I’m now on no medication of any kind, apart from Vit D, zinc (you need more of it when you get old) and peppermint oil for a 30-year dodgy gut. Which has turned out to be genetic anyway. My son recommended peppermint oil, he didn’t warn me that after taking it you burp Polo mints and farts feel like exhaling after an extra strong mint but from the other end… Still, it does seem to work.
      Incidentally, apparently mice hate the smell of peppermint so spiking one of the softgel ones and dropping it behind cupboards might help keep the little sods out. They’re cheap enough to give it a try.

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  2. Thank you for that. It is rare to read something that my gut feeling tells me is correct.
    Last night watched the “inventor” of this bit of chemistry on a British news programme telling us that his expensive snake oil really really, cross my heart, on my mothers grave, works. Just like Sir Tom Bouch on a certain bridge he designed.
    In the case of this Pfizer thing we never hear how those who took the placebo in the test trilal got on.
    I suspect that I would rather have the placebo.

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    • I wouldn’t.
      The placebo should be sterile saline. It isn’t. It almost never is. The ‘placebo’ is a meningitis vaccine which has known side effects. This helps to mask any side effects from the test vaccine since , hey, the placebo group had effects too.

      Never imagine the Pharmers have any interest in health. They are in it for the money. If you could cure something with a 10p pill they’d buy the patent and bury it. Every patient cured is a long term customer lost.

      It’s a business. A big and very profitable one, as long as the patients always need the medication.

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  4. Thanks to Leggy we’ve got better information on so many aspects of this shambles than most. Unfortunately the bulk of the sheeple swallow what’s fed to them without asking. It’ll be the same when the holy water is rushed into availability: the sheeple will fall over themselves to get it and the MSM will cover up how many fall over because of it.

    BTW Doonhamer – You can’t knock Thomas Bouch – he had a cast-iron case.

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  5. To be honest I’m in two minds about the current mRNA vaccines.

    Firstly, if you can generate mRAN that codes for the spike proteins, then you can generate the spike proteins themselves and surely bunging a good old load of that stuff into a person together with the standard adjuvants is going to have pretty much the same effect as making the victim’s own body churn out foreign spike protein? Granted purifying the protein you want out of the usual protein soup that generating proteins gets you might be a bit difficult, but pretty much any purification can be scaled up.

    On the other hand, the generation method does appeal very strongly to the hacking geek in me. I spend my life these days trying to make lots of computers all behave in step with each other, and also in trying to predict what might go wrong, and head it off beforehand. This is not behaviour which endears one universally, I might add, but I frankly don’t care. I am afflicted with the brain wiring fault known as autism, and the mild variety that I have does curious things to my mindset.

    I am almost blind to the subtle body language of most people, and I am also almost completely unafflicted with the compulsive social behaviour which seems to so bedevil most of humanity. Soap operas are entirely unattractive to me, being as they are a strange attractor for compulsive socialising apes. What I lose in social autopilot I gain from having so much brain space freed up to do useful things (other than track my apparent social status in several different social trees, that is).

    So, I therefore tend to salute and appreciate elegant solutions to problems, and mRNA to educate immune systems is just one of those elegant solutions; I look forward to seeing the same trick tried on the more conserved proteins seen on influenza viruses, for instance. I would also like to see this technique tried on polio virus, since quite a lot of the modern live vaccines have this annoying tendency to go berserk and cause almost as much of a problem as the original wild-type virus did. It would be worth accepting a lower efficacy rate if the potential for the live vaccine to go native was removed entirely.

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    • The problem with getting your own cells to produce the virus protein is that your immune system doesn’t just attack the protein, it kills the cell expressing it. So this RNA vaccine will kill your own body cells.

      Also, there’s really only one way to get that RNA into your cells in the first place – with a virus.

      A long time ago there was an attempt to treat cystic fibrosis by inserting the missing genes into those people who have it, using a virus outer coat to get the genes into the cells. That was not the same as this, they were trying to use a virus vector to insert human DNA to replace a faulty gene. It didn’t work out but the intent was good.

      In this case, the intent is nothing short of insane.

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  6. Why though would they develop and want to use such an obviously (except to a science ignoramus like me) dangerous vaccine? Was it quicker to develop? Are they taking a punt and to hell with the consequences, there’s bucks to be made? It sounds evil.

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    • It’s not the vaccine itself that makes me suspicious.

      – Covid is showing a 99+% recovery rate. Ordinary flu is worse. Many other diseases are far worse.
      – The vaccine is rushed through and there is constant talk of making it mandatory. Measles is a killer disease. The vaccine for that works, but isn’t mandatory.
      – The only vaccine I know of that’s mandatory is yellow fever, and you only need to get it if you goto a country where yellow fever is present.
      – We won’t be able to travel or shop or work unless vaccinated. That applies to no other disease on the planet. I refer again to the first point.
      – More and more in the government teams are being revealed to have financial interests in the vaccine.

      Okay, developing a vaccine isn’t a bad thing. Although no coronavirus vaccine has ever shown more that about 50% effectiveness. We didn’t panic about swine flu or bird flu, we didn’t even rush out a vaccine when Ebola looked like it was going to spread. Ebola’s kill rate is up there with Pol Pot and Hitler. By comparison, Covid is just an annoyance.

      So there is no need to rush out a vaccine, no need for mass compulsory inoculations, based on the figures associated with Covid. So we are down to one of two reasons.
      Either they plan to massively reduce the population by killing or sterilising us with this vaccine, or they are doing it for the money.

      I’m hoping it’s just for the money.

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      • We’ll need to see and count, from among “The Elites”, who publicly goes for _a_ _vaccine (and which one)_ , and who is publicly known to have recieved it and is certificated as such, and whether these people are “dispensable” or not. Shallow celebrities will not count; their “post-mortem-folk-memory-halflife” lies between 72 and 100 hours.

        There can be no possible advantage in quickly killing, say within a generation, a very high and rather randomly-self-selected proportion of large populations of seemingly “nothing-people”, but among whom are represented, uniformly, all professions, trades and occupations that support the grand lives of the so-called elites.

        I turn now to sterilisation. What’s likely to happen when hundreds of millions of people, many of whom will be angry and articulate, discovere that they’ve been sterilised covertly without their knowledge?

        Just thinking aloud here. I think it’s about the money really.


  7. Dear Mr Legiron

    A commenter on a regular blog I read (might have been yours) noted this website some time ago:


    Hover over the figures to see previous (2017) figures and percentage change.

    Whoever authored it seems to have it in for dear old Blighty and the good old USA – populations down 79% and 70% respectively. By 2025. 5 years time.

    Did someone mention a vaccine?


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