Slap af! Slap af godt!

Når et problem kommer langt, du skal slap af…

Okay, it’s pidgin Danish, I’ve only been doing this for 6 months and they use each word for anything up to 25 different meanings so I reckon I’m doing about as well as anyone who was born in Denmark six months ago. I mean, take the word ‘taget’ which can mean ‘took’ or ‘the roof’. Or ‘dyr’, which is ‘animal’ and also ‘expensive’. Let’s not even start on ‘som’ or ‘hvis’ or ‘på’. Like the caterpillar in Alice, these words mean exactly what you want them to mean.

‘Slap af’ means ‘relax’ so it’s really the opposite of the original song. I just didn’t expect ‘slap af’ to mean that… but we probably shouldn’t go there. It’s lucky I learned this one because if someone in Denmark had told me to slap af, I might have taken it very much the wrong way.

It is, however, a good time to sit back and slap af. No, stop that, I meant the Danish version. Relax.

Chill. Let your blood pressure down. You probably have a valve somewhere, modern medicine refuses to tell you where it is. Usually it involves pulling your finger to let the pressure out.

We have the debacle of an election in America. Very important to Americans, obviously, but its final result will have knock on effects all over the planet. For the avoidance of doubt, I don’t want either of them to win. Unfortunately one of them has to and we’re going to be stuck with one or the other for four years. This is, to me, a matter of secondary importance. We have far too much trouble with our own idiots in charge in the UK to get too concerned with matters elsewhere.

Specifically Scotland, where the mini-government, run by the mini-Kim-Jong-Nippy has now declared fines for entering or leaving Scotland. It’ll cost you £60 to get in or out. Trust me, at this time of year it’s not worth it. Whether they have the authority to do this (they don’t) doesn’t bother them. They’re stupid enough to do it anyway. If this place ever gets independence with this lot in charge of it, hell, take my money at the border.

Meanwhile Boris, and by extension the group once known as the Conservative Party is being run by Carrie Wormtongue. If you’ve seen the Lord of the Rings films (or read the books as I did back in the 1970s) you’ll understand how Boris is perfectly fitting his role as King Theoden.

An MP by the name of Cleverly, who clearly isn’t, has said that the internal combustion engine would never have been accepted as a replacement for horses by government diktat.

That’s not what happened.

As with modern electric cars, early motor cars were primitive, expensive and had limited range. They were the toys of the rich. Eventually, and largely thanks to Henry Ford, they became affordable. Over time they became available to those who weren’t rich. Over time, petrol and diesel refuelling stations appeared that made cars more useful.

Until then, for most people, the horse was a better option. However, the horse needed to be fed and mucked out and exercised and groomed even if you didn’t go anywhere for a week. The car can just sit there until you’re ready to turn the key. It was lowered cost and convenience that changed us from horse and cart to car. Not government diktat.

Boris, under the influence of Wormtongue, has no interest in this natural graduation. Electric cars are currently expensive, have limited range and are nowhere near as good as even a small 4×4 for country roads. There are few places to charge them. All of this will probably change over time but Wormtongue wants it done tomorrow.

Boris does not have klokkene to tell her it’s impossible. He is a henpecked useless beta girlie man. The conservative party, what’s left of it, is now run by someone madder than the single Green MP that ridiculous band of maniacs have managed to get elected. The health minister is, frankly, demented now. He is banning hugs. Seriously. They will not be in power after the next election. At this point I’d say they’d be lucky not to have to campaign while picking the last bits of tar and feathers off themselves.

Our alternative? As with America, I don’t want either of them to win. Both main parties are entirely useless.

So what will happen? History tells us, if anyone bothers to look at that any more. This kind of disenfranchisement led to Hitler. Stalin. Pol Pot. Mao-tse Tung. Hugo Chavez. Che Guevara. Fidel Castro. All came from nowhere to get themselves put in charge of countries they then ruined. And then a lot of people died. Every time.

Maybe it will be different this time. I doubt it. People keep blaming it all on ‘Da Joos’ but this is wrong. The blame lies with four, maybe five of ‘Da Joos’ along with quite a few Goyim. The rest are just like us Goyim, just trying to live, just trying to get along. They know nothing of the Rockefeller plans, the Kalergi plan, the Georgia Guidestones. They are just living their one and only lives, like the rest of us, the best way they can.

However, somethig nasty is coming and it will win. You know why it will win?

Because it has separated humanity with incredible efficiency. Different skin colour? You’re the enemy! Different gender? You’re the enemy! Different religion? You’re the enemy! Vote for the other side? You’re the enemy! And so on.

None of these are the real enemy. Relax, slap af, chill, give your mind time to actually think.

Your imagined enemies are the same as you. They have houses and cars and jobs and children. Just like you. They wash the car and cut the grass just like you. They send their children to school just like you. They buy the same things in the same shops as you.

They are human. Like you. Exactly like you. They might not vote the same way. They might not agree with your politics. Maybe they are individuals and not the drones you want them to be, maybe they are actual humans. Like you.

Your real enemies are those pitting you against your neighbours. They are few. very few. They could not hope to succeed if we just relax, chill, focus and… notice them. That can’t happen while we are all fighting each other.

It really doesn’t matter, in any two party system anywhere, which one wins an election. Those parties are two cheeks of the same arse. They are in it for themselves, not for you. There are exceptions, but those are few and if you want to find them, look for the ones getting the most hate even from their own side. The political machine does not like dissent within its own ranks.

It’s probably too late now. So many factions with their own grievances see every other faction as the enemy. There really isn’t time to convince them, and they don’t want to be convinced anyway. They are happy shouting the slogans they’ve been fed and none of them think they’ll be the ones rounded up and sent off to the gulags.

I rather suspect they will all be rounded up. The goal, remember, is to reduce the human global population to five hundred million. That means getting rid of six and a half billion people.

Whoever you are, your chances really aren’t that good.

12 thoughts on “Slap af! Slap af godt!

  1. It strikes me that one of the big steps in the great plan was to reduce what’s laughingly called “politics” to a two party with neither being a light in the fog. The Schottische Nazionalische Partei have gone to the next level aided by inept (or orchestrated lack of ) opposition. The Braveheart sales pitch really hit home with the unthinks.who won’t mind being serfs of the EUSSR if the poison dwarf gets away with it all.

    When the great plan really gets going – and it won’t be long – the Highland Clearances will seem like a Sunday school picnic: except that you won’t be allowed Sunday schools.

    Liked by 1 person

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