Distractions: Luciferase and Borgbots

My undergraduate project in 1981 was on Eiseinia foetida, a banded eathworm that lives mainly in compost heaps. In the few weeks available to my undergraduate self, I was tasked with finding out whether this worm had a gut microflora that differed from the material it ingested. My conclusion from that short project was that I found nothing in the gut that wasn’t also in the soil.

Given much more time, and modern DNA analysis techniques, I might have found something different. I had a few weeks of dissecting compost heap worm guts (my career developed into increasingly smelly and horrible things later) and I reported what I found. Interesting microscopy, I wish I had had access to a microscope with a camera.

Anyway, one of my contemporaries at the time had a project involving a bacterium, Vibrio fischeri. If you’ve ever managed to get to the beach in warm weather, away from any street lights, you might have seen phosphorescence. Flashes of light in the breaking waves at the shoreline. That’s Vibrio fischeri, among many others. My contemporary had a non-stinky project, he’d delight in showing off his rotating flasks of luminescence in the incubator rooms.

It reacts to oxygen by producing light, in direct relation to the amount of oxygen. It does this down to nanomoles of oxygen (for the nonscientist that means ‘almost, but not quite, bugger all’). I used that same bacterium later to measure tiny amounts of oxygen through a photomultiplier. That was later superseded by membrane inlet mass spectrometry. Oh I have played with some fantastic gadgets in my time 🙂

So. The way this works is by the action of an enzyme on a light emitting substrate. The substrate is luciferin. The enzyme is luciferase. They are so named because of the light they produce, after the Biblical Lucifer (Beautiful Light) and not because we had to perform experiments within a pentagram lit by candles and wearing a cape and pointy hat. That was optional.

Luciferase is not a new thing. It is not linked to Satanic dealings in any way. It’s a convenient name for an enzyme that, paired with the proper substrate, produces light. It’s been known about for many decades and has probably existed forever. This does not mean it cannot be twisted to nefarious purposes, it just means it wasn’t intended to be. it’s just a name for a bacterial light producing phenomenon.

Next, hydrogel. This is a gel that is mostly water. I’ve had it applied to wounds before, more times than I would have liked to have been wounded. It speeds healing and stops you picking at scabs by keeping them hydrated so they don’t go dry. It does not contain Borg nanobots. It is water in a loose gel.

I’ve been fascinated by nanotechnology for a long time, especially those little machines that can only be seen with an electron or scanning-tunnelling microscope. Almost, sometimes literally, made of nothing but molecules, they turn incredibly tiny cogs with incredibly tiny levers. It’s fascinating but there is no room in there, even now, for any kind of computing power. They don’t do much yet. I’m sure that will change but really, it’s a long way from the Borg nanobots that turn you into a drone within minutes.

All that said, I will not be accepting the silly Covid vaccine. This disease is far less scary than measles. I don’t need a vaccine. I’ve had so many vaccines you could probably rip my arm off like a stamp, but not this one. Or rather, any of the three.

There is one from Oxford. It needs to be kept in a fridge. That’s okay, that’s normal. There’s usually one millilitre or so and a doctor or nurse can bring it up to body temperature before injecting just by holding it for a few seconds.

Another one needs to be frozen. That’s not normal. The third needs to be frozen at -70C. That is far from normal. That is the temperature we’d use for DNA or RNA samples. Or viruses. Ask how the vaccine is stored before you take it. If it’s not in the fridge, don’t touch it.

The video I linked to claims the little needles in the plaster-vax will pierce your cells and inject RNA. Nope. Pierce the cell membrane with what, to the cell, is a 9-inch shell, and the cell is dead. You will not get a subtle addition that way. It will get in through a virus vector. That’s not new, it’s been tried many times to fix genetic diseases and unfortunately never succeeded. Very much worth a try for the good intent ones though.

Boris has said that the vaccine will not be mandatory. The government, his government, has also mooted the idea of a ‘freedom pass’. Test negative and you can live. Test positive and it’s the Gulags. It does not need to be mandatory if you cannot live your life without it. You can refuse it if you want but you’ll die alone if you do.

If I took a test today and it was negatiove, I can move among you at will tomorrow. Am I safe to do so? I might have caught the disease ten minutes after the test and be waving my ‘covid-free bracelet’ at your face. Testing negative just means you haven’t caugt it yet.

So it will not be compulsory to have this vaccine but if you can’t prove you had it, you’re going nowhere. Is that really non-compulsory?

Take off the tinoil. Transhumanism is a thing, has been for a long time, they really think they can do this. Despite the warnings of the Cybermen and the Borg, they are trying for it anyway. Like communism, they think their version will work. Not for you. For them.

This does not make me complacent about the imprinted ‘vaccine status’ thing, whether chip or (frequently replenised) luciferase. I know what the original luciferase does, I know what hydrogel is but those things, like anything else, can be perverted. And will be.

Everything you see is false now. Everything is based on ‘divide and distract’. Relax, look around you and see what has really changed. Remember how it used to be. Remember where you came from. Remember who you are.

Rik Mayall was right. Burn your television.

17 thoughts on “Distractions: Luciferase and Borgbots

  1. Whilst I am usually somewhat sceptical about most conspiracy theories (and I am a firm believer in Hanlon’s razor) I do believe that something murky is going on.

    Something about which we are kept in the dark, and which probably does not bode well for us.

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  2. Very, very interesting.

    I expect they wear pointy hats at the Skull and Bones society at Yale, where President Bush I and II were both members. If memory serves, John Kerry had also been a member, so the Bush vs Kerry election was S&B vs S&B. No wonder evil triumphs in ‘high’ places.

    I think the CV scam has opened the eyes of many former sceptics who probably used to use ‘tin foil hat’ as a derogatory term, but not any more.

    Re. nanotechnology. It’s fascinating but there is no room in there, even now, for any kind of computing power. They don’t do much yet. I’m sure that will change but really, it’s a long way from the Borg nanobots that turn you into a drone within minutes.

    Being the resident creationist here, of course, it has already been achieved by a supreme intelligence. Scientists, as you say, are way behind. The more we learn about molecular biology and genetics, the more astoundingly complex they seem to be, so mortals will probably never catch up, but they don’t have to. Those with evil intent just need to know enough, like how to weaponise and spread a virus, then cash in on it. Not that they ever would, of course…

    In complete contrast, some ID proponents in medical fields have been using the design inference to discover new treatments via engineering principles derived from the evidence in biology (what are molecular machines if not the Creator’s nanotechnology?).

    Having been part of the creation vs evolution issue for many years, it has all the hallmarks – on both sides, you might say – of blind adherence to faith-based dogma, like climate change, tobacco smoke panic and transgenderism: you pick a side depending on your preconceived ideas or prejudices (and whatever propaganda you’ve been subjected to) and run with it, regardless of the evidence or the integrity and motives of the people involved in promoting a particular world view. That said, it seems to me that the rational, nice people tend to have anti-establishment views. Even there, the media try to portray anti-establishment sorts as being unhinged or violent skinheads or other assorted oddballs.

    Just a few – as usual, long-winded – thoughts.

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  3. “It’s fascinating but there is no room in there, even now, for any kind of computing power.”

    Ok, I’m going to do a little what-iffing here.

    What if, the computing power is outside? For example, an RFID tag (which is essentially what your contactless bank card is) is powered by radio frequency emitted from the reader.

    All you need then, is a ‘vaccine’ that has a range of different molecules which respond (resonate) at different frequencies (check out what 5G does with oxygen molecules). The reader can then ascertain whether a particular molecule is ‘on’ (resonating) or ‘off’ (not resonating). Now you have binary code and biometric ID.

    But bugger all of that. I’m more concerned with vaccines containing MRC-5 right now. I know these have been around for a while, and have always avoided any vaccine but it becomes a bit scary if they want to make it mandatory. I’ll die on my feet rather than live on my knees.


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  4. I’m not an anti-vaxxer but neither am I in a rush to have a poorly tested one.

    My concern over these vaccines for this virus is the potential for ADE (antibody-dependant enhancement) where having antibodies against one strain (perhaps from a vaccine) mean that you might get hit much harder by a different strain. And perhaps having this year’s vaccine means that next year’s vaccine hits you hard.

    Have you got any words of wisdom (I realise that it’s not your direct field of expertise but you have credibility with me (been following since the days of We’re all racists now))?

    Back in the early days of this virus, it was said that having had last year’s flu vaccine made your chances of catching this virus higher and if infected, hit harder. Not heard anything about this for many months…was it proved false, or just awkward for vaccine pushers?

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    • ADE certainly happens with Dengue fever. Successive infections are much worse than the first. I haven’t heard of it happening with flu but it’s not impossible.

      A lot of things have gone quiet. The rumour that it escaped from a lab just faded away, I don’t think it was actually disproved. It’s now been demonstrated that asymptomatic positive people don’t spread the virus and that masks make no difference.

      I’ve seen a couple of folk on Twitter in hospital with pneumonia, complaining that they did everything they were told, including wearing masks, and don’t understand how they’ve caught Covid. They haven’t. They have pneumonia. caused by wearing masks for too long. That was the cause of the ‘second wave’ in Spanish flu. It’s been known for a long time, it’s in a report authored by some big names in science including a certain Dr. Fauci. Yes, he knew what would happen if everyone wore masks all day, and he kept quiet.

      There’s too much going on here for it to be a conspiracy theory any more. Something big and nasty is afoot.

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      • Thanks. I agree that there have been some very strange decisions made in the last year. And the ‘scientists’ involved in those bad decisions have not been disciplined at all. So their shenanigans are being sanctioned by their owners and controllers IMHO.


  5. I’ve been waiting for your opinion on the other 2 (apart from the Pfizer one, which you commented on earlier). I don’t know if we’ll have the option as to which vaccine they use, but if it does become effectively compulsory in order to live a reasonably normal life I’ll try for the fridge one. In the meantime I’ll try to hold out until they’ve been properly tested and the trials are over (in a couple of years time, if what I’ve read is true).

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  6. Like Leggy, I am a former biologist. Unlike Leggy, I have been working for the past 25 years in a different highly technical environment, namely computers. Hey, what can I say, I’m mildly autistic and humans are far less readily understandable than computers, or any other complex system, for me anyway.

    What I am seeing with the covid-19 epidemic and policitians is very similar to what I see whenever strong encryption is mentioned to them. Or, for that matter, whenever anything complicated that doesn’t involve getting lots of humans to vote for you is mentioned to politicians; they do try to formulate an intelligent sounding response, but you never, ever get actual insightful responses.

    This is what is being seen with the covid-19 pandemic. Politicans are incapable of distinguishing between biosecurity theatre and actually useful things to do. Mandating mask use is a useful thing to do, but permitting people to not wear masks without providing evidence-backed reasons is not a useful thing to do. Permitting small children not to wear masks is useful; allowing them to wander around shops unchecked is not useful.

    Testing people for presence of antibodies against covid-19, and for presence of RNA from covid-19 is a useful thing to do, but only if you want the information that this testing gives you.

    As Leggy rightly points out, a clear RNA test only shows that at that point in time, the person didn’t have any of that RNA on them. It doesn’t detect sub-clinical infections of covid-19, or recovered people. The only way to do that is to completely isolate people for a few days BEFORE testing, then you know they’re not harbouring a sub-clinical infection. Then they’re OK for a few days, or however long it is covid-19 takes to go from infection to viable disease spreader.

    The only way out of this one is a viable vaccine, and as has been pointed out numerous times, life as a vaccine-refuser will be untenable. This sounds harsh, but this is the only way you contain highly infectious diseases like this.

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    • The study in China, ten million people, has shown that asymptomatic positives don’t spread the virus. You have to be in contact with someone actually showing symptoms to catch it.
      This is why it’s affected so many hospital workers. They don’t come into contact with asymptomatic people, not even those for whom it’s a bad flu. They only see the really virulent cases, where the virus is running riot and likely to be pumped out by the millions with every cough.
      So it turns out it really isn’t any more infectious than flu, although it can be a very nasty infection if you do get it. There’s really no need to punish non-vaccinated people any more than we’d punish those who don’t take flu vaccine. Heck, there are no consequences for refusing a measles vaccine and that’s much more contagious and deadly than this!

      Actually, it might be more accurate to say that there are no consequences for refusing other vaccines… yet. Once they’ve made one vaccine mandatory, do you really think they’ll stop there? It leads to a world when the government can inject you with anything they like, whenever they like, and you have no option to refuse. So, either we stop this right now or live with the knowledge we can never stop it later.

      In one generation, government mandated vaccines will be normalised. Nobody will be left to question it because it’s for their own good.

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    • That’s the one that worries me. They have to have a mechanism to get it into the cells, and a viral coat is about the only way to do that. They inject it into your arm, not your throat, so there must also be a mechanism to propagate it throughout the body. Nobody gets ‘arm flu’. So basically it would need to be a self-propagating virus.

      Then there’s the expression of viral protein. The immune system won’t attack the protein, it will attack the cell expressing the protein. So, you have an autoimmune disease in a syringe, and once it starts there is no way to stop it. Millions of lifelong patients for Pharmer treatments, since there cannot ever be a cure.

      Always remember the pharmaceutical industry is a business. It does not care about you at all. It’s there to make money. Long term, especially lifelong treatments make a fortune. Cures are a one-off payment.

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