Never Mind the Baubles

… here come the Sick Pistols. (thanks to Roo B. Doo for that title).

Well it’s that time again, my hand is still strapped up but it’s beginning to accept short periods of two handed typing. It’s growing back slowly. I have of course imbibed large quantities of painkiller so there might be some digressions.

Fill the wards with those infected, falalalala, lalalala

Tis the season to get tested, falalalala lalalala

*ahem* There is a reason for the madness. I am struggling with a title for the Christmas anthology. I’m thinking a dark cover, the moon in the background with Corona spikes and a silhouette of Santa with glowing eyes. But what to call it? I have been brainstorming with Roo B Doo on this and we haven’t come up with one we both like yet.

The Darkest Christmas

Santa gets the Sack

The Christmas Downgrade

The Disease in Santa’s Sack

Viral Christmas


Track and Trace Santa

Season’s Vaccines

Any more input welcome. I need a title to put on the author contracts. All but two have responded to edits, pretty good since they only went out in the last two days. It’s nearly there now, but I can’t publish without those contracts agreeing to let me – and there needs to be a title on the contract. Nobody sensible would give me an open contract for the amounts I can afford to pay. And I won’t ask them to.

So I need a title soon, I have until the last author responds and on past experience, that’s not likely to be very long. It’s going to be a pretty grim Christmas for those of us who aren’t rich or pompous enough to ignore their own rules, and the title should reflect that. Many of the stories do.

In other news, my daughter’s boyfriend has borrowed one of my slingshots. He has a bet that he can knock over a can at 30 yards with a cactus fired from a slingshot. Well of course I loaned him one of the good ones. This is exactly the sort of thing everyone should be doing. I can’t use them anyway until my hand heals.

I think he’s a good fit for the family.

9 thoughts on “Never Mind the Baubles

  1. Coronal Ejection(s ) ?

    20/20 Vaccines

    The Crown of Thorns Anthology
    Subtext : line up for your jab.

    Coronamas Experiment

    (as in Quatermas etc)

    Corona Spikemas

    Loads of options

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  2. “Corona X-Mass Injection” was the first thing that popped into my head.
    I see something similar was suggested in the first comment tho.

    Corona X-Mass Injections (plural on injection)
    Do You Fear What I Fear? (play on Christmas song “Do You Hear What I Hear?”)
    Red Gnosis and Reigns, Dear
    Can Sell Culture (“cancel culture” play-on)
    The Reason for the Seizin’ (“the reason for the season” play-on)
    Tyrd I Weld (heh…Google Translate may have gotten this one wrong)
    A Fifth Full Of Christmas (liquor/fistful, since this is the 5th Christmas anthology)

    I’ll do some more stewing. đŸ™‚

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  3. Long time lurker, first time poster. Just thought I would inject a little lightheartedness into miserable times. I therefore present the upcoming

    “The CoVID SAGA”
    All hand scrubbed and masked, running in SOCIALLY DISTANCED circles crying out,
    “IT’S BEHIND YOU !!!”,
    waiting for their HERO to release the Common People from incarceration.
    The Baddies– CoVella De Ville; Big Pharma Stooges,
    Their Hero– Sir Vaxxalot,
    Our Heroes– All the Common People who stand up and say
    I would like to thank the contents of my cocktail cabinet for the inspiration (imbibation) that led to this important work and statement on our times.
    I thank you all.

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