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The Christmas book is complete, authors who opted to be paid in books should receive them soon. I am getting notifications of despatch from Amazon and you will probably find your books arriving in more than one box. It’s happened before, I once ordered 36 copies of an anthology for distribution (before I found out Amazon will send them direct) and that order arrived on one van in 36 boxes. The poor bloody driver had to scan every one.

Currently I am engaged in avoiding filling in my tax return. I really couldn’t stomach giving those wasters anything at all this year. So, unlike previous years, I am ignoring not one penny of allowable expenditure. Everything I can legitimately claim for is going in there. Down to the last postage stamp. If I’m lucky I might even get a rebate on the tax on my pension.

The spectacle of Mad Hancock pretending to cry on television when he was in fact clearly trying not to laugh, his appearances in Parliament where he is openly lying and again, clearly trying not to laugh, are frankly disgusting. You might find it all very amusing, mate, but we don’t. Tar and feathers is the gentlest of the fates I have thought of for you. If you’ve ever read Michael Moorcock’s books you might recall Dr. Jest. That’s what I have in mind.

Twenty years of research has not produced a vaccine against any coronavirus. Every one that looked promising ended up causing far more damage to the vaccinated than the virus could ever do to the unvaccinated. Autoimmune disease. Pathogenic priming, in which the vaccinated immune system subsequently goes into overdrive when faced with the wild virus and inflames the entire body. Every damn time.

This time they have ‘solved’ that problem by skipping most of the tests. If you take the vaccine, you are the test. You are the experimental animal. And it’s for money, and you won’t be getting any. Mad Hancock and his sidekicks Shitty and the Valeyard stand to profit massively from this. You are going to suffer but it doesn’t matter as long as they profit.

Would your government really do this to you? How many died as a result of the war in Iraq based on ‘we know he has chemical weapons, we have the receipts’? The so-called justification for that war was bollocks. How many terrorist attacks have they glossed over as ‘oh, he was a bit nuts’? How many young girls were serially raped while they arrested the fathers for trying to stop it? You really think the government gives a shit about you? If so, you are deluded. You are cattle to them. You are a source of profit, nothing more.

Face it. Your government does not care about you. They care about getting rich and if that means some of you have to die, well that’s just collateral damage. It does not matter which party you support, it does not matter which one is currently in charge. In this respect they are identical. They do not care about you.

The mRNA vaccine model is beyond useless. It is actually dangerous. Did you notice that even after vaccination you’ll still need masks and social distancing and lockdowns, and that the vaccine does not make you immune to catching and spreading the virus? Did you notice the sudden appearance of ‘mutant covid’ as the vaccines appeared? If (ha!) the vaccine doesn’t work, if you get horrible side effects, well then you have ‘mutant covid’ and it’s not the fault of the vaccine. Here, have a new vaccine against our new virus. You’ll still need the masks and everything else because this doesn’t work either. Ker-ching!

On the other side we have the anti-vaxxers. I’ve been called one because I don’t want to take an experimental and probably very dangerous injection, but I’ve had so many needles in my arm it would probably rip off like a stamp. All the vaccines I’ve taken were based on proven science, all were thoroughly tested before release, and all were created before the Pharmers were given immunity from prosecution. I’m fine with all of them.

Oh but the anti-vaxxers are claiming that the vaccines contain aborted foetus cells. They might. The only way to grow a virus is in living cells, and if it’s a human virus then you need to grow it in human cells. Short of strapping someone down and infecting them, the best way is cell culture and the longest running human cell cultures either come from cancers or from aborted foetuses. The cancer lines are not normal cells so of course they go for the foetal cell lines.

It’s unlikely there are any entire cells in the final preparation but there might be bits. So, the anti-vax argument goes that injecting an extra X chromosome is the reason that so many boys want to be girls now.

Yeah, I had to do a double take too.

Even if a thousand intact X chromosomes made it into the vaccine, their presence in an entire body is so infinitesimal as to be irrelevant. They will have no effect. They will not be incorporated into cells. It does not matter at all.

The reason so many boys want to be girls now, and vice versa, is pressure groups forcing this nonsense on them. Sure, there are real transgender people but not very many. There are real hermaphrodite humans too, but not very many. And sure, they should be respected for who they are but pushing it on others is trans-evangelism. You are you. We don’t all want to be you.

This rubbish distracts from the real problems with this new and entirely experimental vaccine. Which are firstly that it clearly will not work and is not intended to. Its only purpose is to make money. Secondly that it is just the beginning of a roll out of more and more vaccines that will not work.

Thirdly, that it is very dangerous indeed. It is almost a guaranteed autoimmune disease and past research on coronavirus vaccines are clear that vaccination makes the subsequent infection far, far worse. All those vaccines have ever done is make money for those producing them. Now that the Pharmers are immune from prosecution, ask yourself whether safety or profit is their main motivation. They have nothing to fear if their vaccine kills millions.

I will not be taking the vaccine. Call me all the names you want and take the vaccine if you want.

I’ve stopped arguing with the Church of Climatology. It’s time to stop arguing with the Church of Covid.

Enjoy your End of Days.

15 thoughts on “More vaccine stuff

  1. I’m late with my tax return also but like you I will squeeze them to the limit. I actually do have a little refund coming as I pay on account. That’s this weekends job. I’m fed up and I am totally knackered. But the vaccine, anyone who has it is walking into the unknown and Hancock can go do one. I have things I want to do to him… But I won’t espouse them just yet.

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  2. There is a comprehensive summary of the public assessment report on the website. They say that ‘the benefits are greater than the risks’. Not to the thousands of otherwise healthy people who may suffer complications from taking a vaccine that they might not need they’re not.

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  3. Twenty years of research has not produced a vaccine against any coronavirus. Every one that looked promising ended up causing far more damage to the vaccinated than the virus could ever do to the unvaccinated. Autoimmune disease. Pathogenic priming, in which the vaccinated immune system subsequently goes into overdrive when faced with the wild virus and inflames the entire body. Every damn time.

    Have you got a link for that issue? I’m very happy to believe what you write but a link to pass on to others would be very useful.

    I’ve previously come across Antibody Dependant Enhancement, which sounds a lot like Pathogenic Priming, is one a subset of the other? Or are they just different names for the same phenomenon?

    My previous attitude was ‘no’ to mRNA vaccines but wait to see how the old style ones panned out.
    You’ve convinced me to give them a miss too, so thanks for the extra information, I wasn’t aware of the reasons why no such vaccine had previously been put to use.

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  4. This is what the Gov site (Brian’s link, above) has to say about it:

    COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 encodes a mutant viral spike (S) protein of SARS-CoV-2, with two point mutations inserted to lock S in an antigenically preferred prefusion conformation (P2 S). It is formulated as an RNA-lipid nanoparticle of nucleosidemodified mRNA containing N1-methylpseudouridine instead of uridine. Encapsulation into lipid nanoparticles enables transfection of the mRNA into host cells after intramuscular injection. During mixing of the RNA and the dissolved lipids, the lipids form the nanoparticles encapsulating the RNA. After injection, the lipid nanoparticles are taken up by the cells, and the RNA is released into the cytosol. In the cytosol, the RNA is translated into the encoded viral protein. The viral spike (S) protein antigen induces an adaptive immune response through neutralising antibodies.

    So that’s fine then, nothing to see here, what could possibly go wrong, move along now.

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  5. There’s a big move to eliminate posts like this.
    They call it “dangerous misinformation”, “hate speech” etc. They “fact-check” it.
    With the cooperation of “Big Tech”, they’re gonna have a lot of success.

    This worries me even more than the virus and the vaccine.

    The entrepreneurs who took the internet and created a revolution, they all seem to have sold out.
    Perhaps in exchange for being allowed to dodge taxes?

    There will always be awkward buggers like us, though.
    We were here before the free internet.

    They’ll never create a reliably docile human race, unless they use selective breeding.

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  6. Another useful lift from Brian’s link –

    “BNT162b2 RNA is not the subject of a European Pharmacopoeia monograph (Ph. Eur.) or other pharmacopoeial monograph.”

    That’s spin speak for inadequately tested.

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