It’s very simple

So there is much hoo-hah about how shop workers have kept going through this alleged pandemic while public sector workers are happy with lockdown and want more of it.

The public sector is terrified of Covid. Aldi, Tesco and all the rest aren’t bothered. Why is that?

It’s very simple. The public sector is at home on full pay. That will change soon. Why? Because the private sector is dying. The small businesses that pay all that tax to keep the public sector going is dying. There will be no money for the next budget. It’s all going to collapse. It’s inevitable. Nobody in government is even trying to stop it.

The private sector is at home on 80% pay, coming from the taxes the private sector pay, plus massive government borrowing. This is total economic collapse in the making. You might be happy now, you might be home on full pay, but when the shit hits the fan (and it will) what will you do then? Do you have a generator, a private water supply, the means to catch and grow food? I do, I saw this coming but nobody wanted to hear it. And I didn’t even go all Icke on you. No lizard people, just evil humans. Well it’s too late now.

Why are shop workers apparently immune? Ah, they aren’t. Some have come down with the covid virus, been sick for a while and gone back to work. They are not in the same boat as those on an annual salary.

Shop workers are paid an hourly rate. Not an annual salary, where the money coming in every month is the same whether you turn up or not. On the hourly rate, if you aren’t at work you don’t get paid. If you want sick leave you need a doctor’s note, not just a ‘positive test’ and absolutely not an ‘I am scared’.

The unions could call strikes over ‘safe working conditions’ if they really believed it was unsafe. The haven’t and won’t because then they”d have to pay the strikers. So much more profitable to rake in those subs and let the taxpayer take the hit.

Unfortunately the taxpayers are being eradicated fast. Most of them are the small businesses the lockdowners are determined to destroy. We’ll be left with the big corporations who pay no tax. What then?

Well, you know, it’s pretty much done. It’s far too late to worry about it now, far too late to bother with telling anyone what ‘climate change’ and ‘the pandemic’ really mean. They love it, they love to be eternally terrified and in America, they will perpetuate it because Trump. No logic or reason is required.

Let it go. Let them have their new Wiemar republic. Let them experience it for themselves and let the survivors work out a new way. If they have any sense left it’ll be pretty much like the old way, the way that worked for millienia before the meddlers started.

There will, however, probably be some nasty stuff in between. There usually is.

14 thoughts on “It’s very simple

  1. Not only public sector workers but those pensioners on juicy defined benefit annuities. Like my elderly neighbour. He won’t take any risks and supports the strictest measures because he want’s to get that pension many years to come.


    • I’m on a pension, it allows me to run the little publishing business even though it makes very little money. I’m also pretty reclusive, live way out of town and have minimal interaction with people anyway. So these lockdowns aren’t affecting me too much – but I am still thoroughly opposed to them. They are very, very wrong and lead to a very dark place indeed. A place I don’t want my children and grandchildren to have to live in.


    • I remember that part… very VERY creepy and scary. For many many years, all through the 60s, 70s, 80s, and into the 90s, my life “focus of concern” on the large scale always focused around nuclear armageddon. Over the past 30 years though, largely due to awareness sparked by the antismoking movement, my future fears have shifted toward a 1984/Ayn-Rand/F451/ type of phobia.

      – MJM, hey, what’s life without a good phobia or two…

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  2. Am I right thinking you have got your privates mixed up with your publics.
    Another nail hit on the head. We have moved on from protecting the NHS so as not to interrupt them dancing in the corridors and now we are hell bent on protecting the lockdowns.
    A death wish has engulfed us.

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  3. Spot on and we can see it as nurses who worked throughout this nonsense.
    I made myself very unpopular with some colleagues because I said we don’t need a pay rise, there is no money and we are lucky to still have jobs when many others don’t.

    I really don’t understand why so many people are flickered and happy to remain so. Let the government parents run everything and control our lives to keep the nasty stuff away. The monsters are not under the bed or in the wardrobe, they are there in front of us promising to protect us and so many people just accept it. Crazy.

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    • Once the free money for doing bugger all stops they’ll be frightened all right, they’ll think you just press the reset button and all will be well.

      My sympathy pail is empty, my statutory response now is ‘you got exactly what you voted for’.

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  4. Now for the avoidance of any doubt, I’m hoping it won’t be as bad as that. Think; what do we expect all the dispossessed, bankrupted small bizzo people to do? JUst lie down and die>

    Yes, I expect some will. they will shoot themselves and their families in some cases, or jump off tall car parks onto concrete as is wise, or similar. I do hope not too many for we need as many as possible to Go Forward as can do so.

    The “Pubs Business” is as we all here suspect and in our hearts know, is a gigantic effort by the State To Shut All Pubs. You can’t have people chatting quietly and grousing in private about the State and Covid-Murdering Of Civilisation, in places which are _//Hard To Police.//_ . So, such places have to be shut. Specially if they are now “high price gastropubs” (For The Elites – You See Which will surviv afterwards… and which will not…) The “elite pubs” will have to be “helped”, so they are available to _//The Masters//_ , in “The Great After”.

    The same goes for the “Restaurants”.


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