The Tiers of a Clown

There are four tiers of lockdown in England. Clearly designed by an evil clown who would make Pennywise gasp in awe. I think it’s much the same all over the UK. Note that there is no ‘tier zero’, no ‘zero risk’ or ‘mild risk’ tiers either.

Also note the numbering. Normally, the highest risk would be labelled ‘1’ and it would count down from there. That would have enabled a gradual easing of restrictions by adding more tiers at the bottom. Instead, they are numbered from the bottom up. That does not allow easing of restrictions at all, but it does allow increasing restrictions by adding more tiers at the top.

Nobody can convince me that this is accidental. I expect to see Tier 5 in January. I also expect to see at least one ‘new strain’ with added superpowers soon after the New Year. There are new strains all the time with any coronavirus, indeed any RNA virus will throw up a few viable new mutations every month. It’s very rare for any virus to produce a more vicious strain, they always tend to produce milder and milder strains. This is as much in the interests of the virus as the host.

Ebola doesn’t get far. It kills its hosts very rapidly and in very horrible ways. It has not mutated into a milder strain, maybe it can’t. Because of its effect, people isolate those infected very strictly, which limits its spread.

A virus such as a coronavirus can produce far less nasty forms. Eventually it will add to the huge list of respiratory viruses that cause colds. There’ll never be a vaccine against the common cold because so many different types of viruses cause it – and because a cold isn’t really a big deal for almost everyone.

In that state, two things happen. The weak variant spreads like crazy because it’s not really doing any harm to its host. It’s just a nuisance. The other thing is – getting the weak variant is very likely to give you immunity to the nasty variants. This means the nasty variants gradually disappear, but the virus continues to survive as the weak variant.

Sooner or later, another virus that causes a weak response in bats or birds or pigs or whatever produces a mutation that can jump to another species, such as humans. The new host hasn’t seen this one before so the infection makes a hell of a mess. The seriously ill hosts are isolated by the rest of the potential hosts which, for a non-mutating or slow-mutating virus, means that bout of infection dies away until the next host-jump.

However, a fast-mutating virus can produce weaker forms of itself that don’t cause enough harm to get the host isolated, and if the virus gets it absolutely right, the host won’t even realise it’s there. Those ‘perfect parasites’ already exist. They reproduce so slowly and do so little damage that the host doesn’t even notice them. Retroviruses can insert themselves into the host genome and stay dormant in there for years, reproducing along with host DNA whenever the host cell replicates. Some, like HIV, will reactivate years later and cause AIDS. Some don’t. If they get into the reproductive organs they might never need to come back out of that DNA ever again, they will be in every cell of the host’s offspring and part of the host DNA forever. It’s the ultimate free ride.

But I digress. I’ll try to stay out of lecturer mode.

There will always be new strains of any coronavirus. Always. The ‘tier’ system is set up to escalate, never to de-escalate. This game is far from over. In fact, it is set up in such a way that it will never end. It cannot end. There is no end point. The game board is a circle.

And yet this virus is not even in the running for an Armageddon Virus. Well over 99% of those who get it survive. By far, most of those who get it are getting anything from a bad flu to a mild cold. Sure, it’s not nice, but unless you are very old or have a serious illness already, it’s really not likely to kill you. If you already have a heart condition, diabetes or respiratory problems, keep away from it – but then, if you are in any of the risk groups, you should already be keeping away from seasonal flu. It kills a hell of a lot of people too.

Strangely, not this year. Flu has almost disappeared.

Another thing struck me as odd. Every winter the news is full of images of hospitals overrun with patients. Waiting in corridors, on beds in corridors,and the famously faked ‘child on the floor’ photo. This year… dance videos. Yes, they’ve started up again. Not just the UK, they are coming from all over the place.

Well, brace yourselves. This is not going to go away ever. Not even after you have that vaccine that has already been stated won’t stop you catching it or spreading it. So it’s really not a vaccine, now is it?

There’s also a small matter – every coronavirus vaccine that has been tried, has failed. Every one of them simply primed the vaccinated for an extremely, and often fatal, reaction to the virus.

A proper vaccine, the real deal, will give you a better than 50% chance of not getting sick at all and if you do, it’ll reduce the severity because your immune system is ready for it. Some, like measles, you only need one shot. Others, like tetanus, you need a ‘booster’ every few years to remind your immune system about it. These work. Smallpox vaccines worked extremely well. Hepatitis vaccines work. Tuberculosis, polio, these and many others work.

Coronavirus vaccines have not only never worked, they have always made subsequent infection far, far worse. And yet this is the one, totally experimental using a technique never before approved for use in humans, that they want to make compulsory? Well I’m not taking it.

No travel on public transport without a vaccine? Out here there isn’t any so… *shrug*. No entry to pubs or restaurants without a vaccine? They’re shutting those down very efficiently anyway.

Compulsory medication, any smoker will tell you, is that ‘It’s just a nonsmoking area in restaurants, that’s all’. “It’ll just be this one” is the foot in the door. There is no limit once the principle is established. As with the ever-expanding smoking bans, it’s for your own good. It’s for your safety. It’s for your health and those around you. How can you possibly object? Think of the cheeeldren.

I am thinking of the children. Specifically mine. I do not want them to have to live in Panoptica, but that is where this is heading. No family. No friends. Go to work. After work go back to your storage box you call home. No socialising. Eat as directed. Take this medication as directed. A hundred grams overweight, you can’t get the bus. Walk to the next stop and try again. No private transport. No privacy at all. You will own nothing and you will be happy. Because you’ll be drugged into oblivion with compulsory medication.

Oh I am indeed thinking of the children. The world we are creating for them now is a horror Clive Barker wouldn’t have come up with, and he came up with some truly terrifying visions.

You may now start calling me ‘tinfoil-hatter’. I don’t care any more. I tried to tell people about the reality of climate change and so many other things. It’s now too late to get ready for it, if you haven’t already. You can call me ‘anti-vaxxer’ even though I’ve had vaccinations against things you don’t know exist as part of my job. This year I had a letter telling me to go for my flu jab. I’ve had so many vaccinations my arm looks like the edge of a stamp but I’m not getting that one.

I’m not getting the covid one either. If that means I’m no longer part of society well, I’m a smoker. Society threw me out over a decade ago. No big deal.

I take vit D, 4000 IU, zinc, quercetin, quinine in tonic water and peppermint oil daily (that last one is for unstable guts and it seems to be working). I do not get flu, I rarely get colds.

Make of that what you will.

23 thoughts on “The Tiers of a Clown

  1. Two elderly people in Israel have already died post shot. Apparently the 89 Yr old was, seriously ill. You wonder why they even bothered vaccinating him. Poor fellow. Yet they say, it can’t be due to the vaccine. But if he had tested positive for “Covid” whatever that actually means it would go as a Covid death. Double standards. I’m still in tier 3 for the time being thankfully. I’d hate to be in tier 4. But Hancock isn’t going to back down now. He’s got victory within his sights. I just hope someone somewhere jabs him as hard as they can do that he feels the pain.

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  2. I had been hoping that this was some kind of test run to find out how people would behave, but it looks like the real thing.

    It cannot end. There is no end point. The game board is a circle.

    Or snakes and ladders where the last six squares are all snakes. Perhaps there will end up being 100 tiers? Tier 100 meaning you are drugged up into oblivion and kept in a perspex box on a shelf alongside everyone else in Tier 100. Without air holes, obviously, to help stop the spread.

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  3. As a long time follower of your blog, I wish you would stay in lecturer mode a bit longer. Even for a series . . .

    My own educational background prior to ‘business’ is more maths/physics/engineering – not much on the old biosciences. But is has meant that I have a reasonable grasp of the games that can be played by modellers & a healthy scepticism of the statistical nonsense being fed to us by our masters.

    Back in March, I decided to find out more about bio stuff & started (in my usual way) with a list of basic questions:
    Q01 was How much was the returnable deposit on a bottle of Corona lemonade in 1961?
    Q02 was What exactly is “a virus” ?
    There were around 40 more at the outset.

    Following through on those questions was a useful primer & has helped me to understand some of this stuff a lot better. Some of the side turnings into history were interesting, like reading up on the (now closed) Medical Research Council’s Common Cold Unit (CCU) – the originators of the term ‘coronavirus’. It operated between 1946 & 1989.

    I’d love it if you went into more detail. Full on lecturer mode – sprinkled, of course, with anecdotes.

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  4. Tiers 6 and 7, I think, will be where the police round up anybody not directly employed by the public sector and shoot them en masse in football-stadia, to “protect our NHS”. Tier 6 is “to regulate pubs and other private businesses not supplying directly to councils, police and authorities, and tier 7 will be “to save the children”…I think Legiron wrote something about this under “Piper in Hazmat”, below.

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  5. Not that I don’t believe you, but could you provide some sort of proof for your assertion that ‘Coronavirus vaccines have not only never worked, they have always made subsequent infection far, far worse’ please? Just so that I can point people towards it when they’re trying to persuade me to have the innoculation?

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  6. I found the (frightening) following on the Nourishing Obscurity blog which suggests it be passed on. You may wish to do the same if you agree with it.


    International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, exposes a remarkable truth about the covid-19 vaccine. Watch and share this. Click on the following link to go to Dr Coleman’s website then click on the health button.

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  7. Saw by chance a short bit on RT yesterday – a man talking about how the covid restrictions can be kept permanently to deal with ‘climate change’. He thought it was a great idea.
    Yes, ditto about your blog being a beacon of light.

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  8. One thing that has just pinged up in my memory is the closure of Australia’s vaccine programme after volunteers taking their vaccine started tested positive for HIV.
    Apparently their vaccine used a part of the HIV virus to trick cells into accepting the RNA code that would trigger a response to Covid.
    Now I’m no scientist, but who the f*ck dreamed up that it was a good idea to take bits of one of the deadliest, untreatable viruses (HIV) and splice it with another deadly virus?
    Now they don’t know if those volunteers will permanently test positive for HIV or if it’s a temporary thing. The operative phrase being “Don’t know”. Which tells you all you need to know about these fast-tracked vaccines and the element of risk attached to accepting one of them into your body.
    I hope the volunteers sue, because even if they don’t have HIV, testing positive for it could affect their lives in future in so many ways.

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    • “I hope the volunteers sue, because even if they don’t have HIV, testing positive for it could affect their lives in future in so many ways”

      At least HIV sufferers aren’t threatened with being “Cancelled” as those of us who intend to refuse a CV vaccine are. Qantas, and other airlines, saying a vaccine certificate will be required to fly, the UK government denying they have any plans for CV “passports” at the very same time as contracts for companies to develop them were uncovered. Spain and Bulgaria saying they will record any “Non Vaccinated” on central databases. And that’s before the spectre of banks making it difficult (or impossible) to access & spend your money. You’ve only to look at China (who kindly gave us the virus), and their “Social Credit” system to see this sort of dystopian nightmare already in action…

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  9. ivermectin is gaining grass roots acceptance as a covd preventative and a treatment here in the Americas. See Dr Pierre Korey’s videos. He represents Front Line Covid Critical Care. Any thoughts?

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  10. I regret to report the never-ending scare tactics are working. Quite a few people I know, including some family members, after months of carrying on regardless, are now more stressed and succumbing to the mainstream nonsense.

    “If a lie is repeated often enough, eventually some will believe it.”

    I’ll wait for “Stage 2” of the vaccine scam, when the activator (virus, natch) is released. Then watch the ‘vaccinated’ dropping like flies worldwide.


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