2020 in hindsight

It was pretty crap, as years go. It was my 60th on the planet and every single one of the other 59 were so much better.

I guess it started in fire and ended in ice. Australia and several American states had massive forest fires, many of which were found to be deliberately set and were made worse by Green policies that prohibited clearing of detritus. At least Scotland was spared that – but then most years it’s so wet here you’d struggle to start a campfire.

My father died very suddenly in February. The funeral was at the beginning of March so at least CStM and I could travel to Wales. Things started shutting down as we were on our way back. We were unable to return in June for the long delayed interrment of my father’s ashes. Incidentally, CStM had saved up a tidy sum for my birthday, we were going to take a holiday. By the time my birthday arrived we were barely able to leave the house. So that’s been indefinitely delayed. I just hope there’s a holiday destination still solvent when this all falls down.

Terrifying images appeared of Chinese people dropping in the streets, tales of crematoria working round the clock to dispose of the rapidly accumulating corpses, images of empty streets and people in hazmat suits spraying something… it really did look like a very deadly virus was on the loose.

Then it hit Italy, via a Chinese-run leather works. Italy was soon overwhelmed. The hospitals were filling, people were dying. The virus seemed to have a very high rate of hospitalisaztion and death at that point. Looking back, it becomes clear that only hospitalisation and death was then being counted. People who stayed home sick, from severe flu to a bit of a cold – and those who already had natural immunity due to previous exposure to similar viruses – were being ignored.

Once those were factored in, the kill rate for the virus dropped far below 1%. The hospitalisation rate dropped too. There were reports of scientists concerned that the virus would burn out before a vaccine was ready. Concerned? Yes, concerned. There’s a lot of money in vaccines.

So they kept it going. Change to ‘cases’ (positive tests from a test already known to be unsuitable for diagnostic purposes) so people who aren’t sick can be counted. Lockdowns have never been tried before. China went so far as to board up people in their houses. The first lockdown didn’t do much so… keep doing the same thing over and over and see if you get a different result. That’s a definition of something.

Oh, in the middle of all this came the murder hornets and the UFO footage. The hornets came to nothing. I see the UFO footage is back though. Plus, every other day was a report of an asteroid that might hit the Earth. By the end of the year we were actually hoping one would. They seem to have stopped that now. They realised it wasn’t scaring us, it was giving us hope.

All over the USA, Europe, everywhere, emergency hospitals were built to cope with the predicted onslaught of patients. They have been quietly dismantled, never used. There are doctors online claiming that if only we had all worn masks they would not now be overwhelmed with patients. I have my doubts – real doctors are well aware that masks in the hands of the untrained are worse than useless.

Meanwhile, a woman was arrested for filming an empty hospital, and the internet is abuzz with doctors and nurses performing dance routines in empty wards. They are either trying to tell us something or they are just taking the piss. You decide.

Hospitals in Brazil. Or America. Or what happened when a woman filmed an empty hospital in the UK. Winston Smith is a busy boy. These videos aren’t even staying on BitChute for long.

So, is there a real virus? Yes, there is. It’s an unpleasant one, for some it’s extremely nasty and for those who are already old or sick it has the potential to be deadly. However, it is not any worse than seasonal flu which can do exactly the same thing. Seasonal flu has vanished. It’s all Covid now.

I have seen reports from people who claim viruses don’t exist at all, that they are the waste products put out by sick body cells. You can prove Koch’s postulates with a virus. I don’t think this has been done with this particular one but for many others it has been done. You can prove infectivity, you can prove spread. Viruses are real. If no virus was ever real, then the eradication of smallpox in the wild by vaccination was not possible. The reduction in polio incidence by vaccination could not have happened. Trust me, viruses are real and this one is too.

Also, most vaccines work. I don’t think any of them are 100% but if they don’t stop you getting the disease they will at least reduce the severity and the time it takes to get over it. I’d say most are at 50% stopping you catching it and a bit less than 50% cutting down the severity. There are always going to be a few people where the vaccine doesn’t work, or had side effects. We are all different. Nothing is going to work for everyone.

I once had a rabies vaccine before visiting China. Waste of time. They’d eaten everything that could have given me rabies. I was told at the time that the vaccine won’t stop me getting rabies but it will give me enough time to get to a hospital for treatment. Considering what I knew about rabies, I thought ‘good enough’. The treatment, incidentally, is horrible but the fatality rate of rabies makes it worth the pain. In the end I escaped rabies and all the other things I was vaccinated against before going there.

I speak as one whose mother was offered thalidomide for her morning sickness in the latter half of 1959. She declined. I am really glad she did, it damaged so many people. So here’s my take on the new mRNA vaccines.

I am not touching them. I will discourage my family from accepting them. This ‘rollout ‘is an experiment on the population conducted by government. And it is going to be a disaster. Coronavirus vaccines always have been – but it’s impossible to find that research now. It’s been buried. Videos of doctors telling the truth about it are deleted.

You don’t believe your government will experiment on you without you knowing? Hahahaha.You really think they’ve stopped?

Meanwhile, we are hearing that a ‘negative test’ will give you access to pubs and so on – but a negative test is like your car’s MOT. You were fine at the time of the test. You might have caught it on the way home. It is meaningless.

And now Spain leads the way in sewing little Covid images onto your clothing

The vaccine, as stated by the manufacturer, will not stop you catching the disease. It will not stop you spreading it. You still have to wear masks and not touch family members. The vaccine changes nothing. And nobody is asking ‘well then, what’s the point?’ They are all clamouring for this injection that will do them no good at all.

If you don’t accept it you will go on The List. Excluded from society. Well, speaking as a smoker, you lot excluded me from society over a decade ago so what’s new here?

China’s Wuhan district, where people dropped in the street and homes were boarded up, is now entirely back to normal. No second wave. Nobody mourning the loss of their entire family. It’s party time there. Face it. We were scammed.

Nobody has dropped dead in the street outside China. None of the urgently-built extra hospitals were needed. Hospital staff all over the West are posting dance videos in empty hospitals. If you don’t see it, it’s because you don’t want to.

I am not going to push this, I have given up trying to reach the unreachable, as I have with the Church of Climatology. If they want to believe Siberian permafrost is melting while it’s -50C there, let them. I am busy preparing for what is coming, let them enjoy their pretend science while they can.

So, we have reached the end of 2020. My uncle died at the end of it, on Christmas eve, again nothing to do with covid other than that his cancer treatment was delayed by dancing nurses. If you want to tell me the NHS is being overwhelmed, tell it to some drone who’ll fall for it. I’m done listening to this shit.

On a lighter note, my daughter became engaged to her boyfriend at New Year. I am pleased, he’s a very good guy and shares my delight in destructive toys like bows and axes and so on. I think, in celebration, I’ll let him put a crossbow bolt through a lithium battery. I have some dead tablets we can use.

So it’s not all bad going into the New Year. Still I think we might see some politicians getting their just desserts this year.

And some so-called ‘scientists’.

18 thoughts on “2020 in hindsight

  1. A nicely balanced post. I told a stranger today on twitter that he’d become a GMO and he said he’d rather believe the MHRA. I thought it’s not worth bothering with him. Game theory teaches us that the government do things in their own best interests. Not ours.

    My poor uncle has had the vaccine. He has become a Guinea pig. It’s ironic cos he used to have Guinea pigs. Some 40 years ago.

    Luckily my new squeeze is into ww2 history so I can get my point across by using reference points from history. It should be piss easy to show the analogous events.

    I remain in Tier 3 but they’re in tier 4 but they’re in decent health and they get plenty of skyshine during the year so their vitamin D3 levels should be reasonable.

    If not I will l give some to them.

    Lets hope things improve

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  2. Here’s hoping 2021 is better than 2020. I keep thinking it can’t be worse but… 😦

    I’m 71 years old and “vulnerable” because I have chronic kidney disease, which is one of the top co-morbidities. So I’ll probably take the vaccine as the lesser of two evils. The Astra Zeneca one though, I don’t fancy taking the experimental Pfizer or Moderna ones.

    It’s “just deserts” by the way, derived from the verb “deserve”. Nothing to do with puddings. πŸ˜‰

    Happy New Year

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      • I can only remember one bout of proper flu and I was around 30 at the time. I assumed it was a cold, went back to work after three days and was promptly told to bugger off for at least a week. I looked like the evil emperor in Star Wars. It was awful, fortunately I never had it again.

        I will not take the Covid vaccine, especially not this mRNA one. If that means no travel, so be it. I can, in summer weather, pretty much get anywhere in the UK by walking, if I can’t drive. In winter I don’t want to go anywhere anyway.


  3. A Good New Year to you and yours and to CStM and hers. Dispite all you are still a lucky man.
    Thank you for your posts. You have made my life better. – the humour, the knowledge, the glimpses of your little projects.
    Same for all other bloggers who publish inconvenient truths.
    Blessed are the cracked, for they let in the light.

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  4. My wife’s father was a doctor, and he refused to give Thalidomide because he didn’t trust it, despite (so I’m told) being offered financial inducements from the drug companies to do so.

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  5. All the oldies around us have had the mRNA vaccine. I’m inclined to believe it contains less shit than the Oxford one. All the oldies that have had the vaccine have been tip top. In fact they are uncharacteristically cheerful. I hope I get it. But we are younger and will probably be offered Oxford. Even if its all placebo, a shift into optimism is a good thing. We are now in Tier 4 even though there are only a few cases in our local area. We are stuck between two centres of struggling hospitals. I wish someone would actually film one of them. But, of course that would not promote the ’empty’ hospital theme. And they wouldn’t be allowed in.

    I wouldn’t believe a word coming out of China. They are not allowed to publish anything negative on pain of ‘disappearance’.

    I don’t think the Government follow only ONE scientist. And I’m sure they still experiment, yes. The videos telling me the whole thing is a hoax and this or that is the ‘cure’ all worry me by the hysteria in tone and usually CAPS LOCK headings as they are passed around by their followers. They remind me of Greta and the green people’s knickers and faces, all twisted with fear and angst.

    The doctor videos might be being censored on MSM but they are breaking the sound barrier elsewhere.

    So in the absence of truth one way or another, and being a searcher/ observer of truth myself rather than a promoter of any single ‘truth’, I proudly remain a sheep.

    There are things I cannot change. And neither can anyone else.

    Hope 2021 is a better year for everyone.

    Be happy.

    Stay home if you are asked to.

    Its temporary.

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  6. Thank you for another helping of wufluphobia. Of course what’s laughingly called the government wouldn’t deliberately put Brits ar risk: those squaddies lined up at Christmas Island in the fifties all went voluntarily to top up their suntans

    A guid New year tae yin an’ a’
    An’ mony may ye see.

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  7. I have some sad news, Leggy.

    Steve “Smoking Hot”, of N2D and TL4U, was diagnosed with cancer in early December.
    He left hospital, came home and was looked after by his 4 girls, who manned us round the clock until he drew his last breath at 8:45pm on December 23rd,

    He was strong and courageous throughout. An inspiration.
    He had spent his life dodging stupid rules and choosing his fights.
    And looking after those he cared about – and quite a few people that didn’t really matter to him, just for the hell of beating the bad guys.

    Mick Walker (Zaphod)

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  8. Dear Legiron,
    Not sure I have posted on your site before but I have been reading your blog for many years, as well as those of Raedwald (RIP) and James Higham.
    I am sorry to hear of your personal tragedies this year, particularly in a year when you have not been able to meet other relatives and grieve properly.
    I am (slightly) younger than you and still in work in the City of London (working from home at the moment of course) but I have never felt so pessimistic about the future – 2020 has been such a stinker of a year.
    Covid-19 is a bad flu – I don’t deny that it has killed people but the damage done to the economy by these lockdowns is insane. We have had bad flu years before but have never wiped out the economy in response to a bad flu year before. I can only conclude there is another agenda at play.
    Covid viruses constantly mutate so although I congratulate Big Pharma on coming up with Blue Peter solutions in record time, those solutions will be (at best) as effective as the annual flu vaccine given the virus’s continued evolution.
    Where does all that leave us?
    Well it probably leaves me and my adult children out of a job in the next few months (we all work in the private sector – in financial services, engineering, IT etc – all of us have been given warnings that are jobs are at risk). The private sector pays for everything – public sector salaries, pensions, social care etc yet the private sector has been thrown on the bonfire in the response to this pandemic. Teachers, politicians, councils etc clamour for more lockdown but that is because they don’t miss a paycheck whereas real industries face closure. Teachers’ unions outrage about being asked to provide classes from home is just a demonstration of the fact that they do not “get it”.
    The Chancellor warns of tax rises to pay for the measures brought in to cope with the pandemic – if the private sector is dead there is no-one to pay anything. Tax paid by public sector workers comes from the private sector anyway so is simply a deferred contribution from the private sector.
    There is much talk of a Great Reset .. I won’t get into that conspiracy theory but I think that this pandemic and the response to it (from a UK perspective) really means that the UK needs a massive reset along the lines of the following:
    1. NHS – totally unfit for purpose – it has good people but if our health system is unable to respond when the people need it, it is is junk and needs to be junked – trash it, get rid of all the D&I initiatives/translations services and get it back to basics. Has anyone been able to see their GP since March – where are they?
    2. Public sector salaries and pensions – take a swingeing scythe to them now on a retrospective basis – unaffordable and we should not be impoverishing our kids to pay for a privileged state sector. Bring on the strikes – let’s see if anyone notices.
    3. No tax increases – recovery funded by reductions in the drain on the state under 1 & 2 above – give the wealth generating sector a break and let the country recover from Covid and Brexit.
    That’s my message for 2021 – no other comment on 2020 other than it sucked …
    Against the background of that bleak summary, I do wish you and your readers a happy New Year.
    Best wishes


    • The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory. It’s being openly advertised by the UN and WHO.

      I haven’t even been to Tesco since March, much less the GP. My mother (79 and in Wales) fell and banged her head earlier in hte year. It took a week of constant nagging from my brother to get her a GP appointment. My son had an infection in his leg, diagnosed and antibiotics prescribed by internet call. I have a recovering strained wrist, I just ordered a wristsplint online and didn’t bother with the NHS at all. I recently had an invitation from them to get the flu jab, which I have ignored in the same way they have ignored everyone else for months.

      They couldn’t have saved my father. He died very suddenly from a pulmonary embolism and was dead before the ambulance could get there. Probably even before someone called an ambulance. I console myself that it was likely entirely painless. They *might* have been able to save my uncle if his cancer treatments weren’t so delayed. We’ll never know.

      Some have noticed that the empty hospitals, the dancing nurses and (today) the news that ambulances need mechanics because they all have dead batteries from lack of use, could be leading somewhere. It’s well known that Mad Hancock wants to sell off the NHS. With dancing nurses, ignored cancer (and other) patients… we are soon going to reach a point where hardly anyone would object if he did that. What I don’t understand is why the NHS staff seem so keen to help him get there.

      As you say, all the tax increases are irrelevant when there is nobody to tax. The mass of small businesses were paying the bulk of it, the big businesses have fancy accountants and can dodge most, in some cases all, tax. Who you gonna tax, Rishi Sunak? Hmm, there’s a Ghostbusters parody song in there somewhere.

      2021 is definitely going to be… interesting.


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