Firefox no more

So, the Mozilla organisation has joined the Internet Speech Control Club. I am really, really disappointed, as a long-term user of the Firefox browser. I have downloaded Opera and am considering Brave as a backup to replace Chrome. It’ll take a while to move all my Internet accounts over but I feel I have no option. I cannot support this censorship.

Look, whatever you think of Donnie, King of the Oompa Loompas, once this kind of control sets in it is going to affect you sooner or later. And you can’t complain if you supported its inception.

Trump has been banned from Twatter, Farcebok, Instantgroan and no doubt others. He’s not alone, they are having quite the purge at the moment, deleting everyone who does not think the leftie groupthink. Sure, if you’re happy with that, cheer it on, but look at Twatter’s stock market lines. All the rest will follow. They will become Leftie echo chambers and nobody else will bother going there. Advertising revenue just slammed into a wall. Capitalist businesses see little point in advertising to communists. Don’t you get that?

Parler is strugging under the weight of Twitter refugees fleeing to their platform. I access it on a desktop via a browser (currently Firefox but that will have to change). Apple and Google are banning Parler’s app from their stores because they don’t impose the same communist approval moderation. Mozilla will no doubt follow suit soon, hence the necessity to try other browsers.

I haven’t been on Gab in a while. I tried it but was put off by the rampant antisemitism on there. We are talking ‘one step from gas chambers’ levels here. I don’t want to be part of that. Parler didn’t have that, it felt more balanced, but it was hard to use. Well, it’s new, it needs a lot of tweaking.

Twatter has just allowed a tweet from the Chinese Communist Party declaring that their enslavement and forced sterilisation of Ugyhurs is a great success and good for them. They allow the Ayatollah of Iran free reign to call for the nuking of Israel and the deaths of gays. They are happy to let BLM and Antifa and various Dem senators and representatives call for the harassment and extermination of their political opponents. Don Trump tweets for calm and peace and they deleted it and banned him. There is nothing anyone can show that proves he called for an attack on the capitol. He didn’t.

All this ‘free stuff’ isn’t really free. It’s all about advertising. If you have several million people on your platform, you can get advertisers to pay a lot of money to access those people. But… when you tell your customers they are not welcome, who are those (capitalist) advertisers advertising to? They will soon realise they are trying to sell stuff to people on benefits who can’t afford what they are selling.

So it’s goodbye to Firefox. It’ll take a little time to get used to new browsers but I think it’s worth it. Firefox has joined the Cancel Crowd and will soon not allow access to sites they disapprove of. One day, that might be this one, so best get out now.

Well, they had a good run.

18 thoughts on “Firefox no more

    • The USA will soon have a Democrat President, a majority Democrat Senate, and a majority Democrat House of Representatives. *If* the govern well fair enough, but there are no excuses if they don’t.

      Plus Amazon have kicked Parler off their AWS infrastructure. That is chilling.


  1. It may well be my technological ineptitude but I have had problems getting recent updates on FF to work cleanly on my craptop and phone even though an older version works fine on my desktop. I signed up to parler but it’s hard work. It strikes me that these self-appointed censors don’t get the business model, just like the many TV advertisers who apparently think that the mixed race family is their target market.

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  2. Very sad. But thanks for warning us.
    It seems that some businesses and organisations who want / need public support have forgotten the point of having a usp.
    Obviously, the more they look and act just like their competitors the more the punters will decide that this particular clone is so much better than all the other identical ones. A nicer shade of beige?
    Camel beauty contests are fine until some rebel rides up on a Clydesdale.

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  3. Leggy/LR,
    Its okay to ditch one browser in favour of another, but are you fully sure of what you are getting.
    Brave uses the Firefox core engine, it is a variant of Firefox. The same is true for Opera and most alternative browsers. A lot are also based on Chrome, which is incidentally the same core as the Chromium browser, a.k.a Google. Whatever the browser, all roads lead back to the same wad of open source code.

    I tend to keep a variation of browsers and the only one I’m not willing to use at all is Edge. If you want to broadcast all your business to Microsoft, that’s the one to go for. But each browser has its own attributes, for example Opera has its own built-in torrent client and a VPN. The TOR browser is very secure as well, and useful if you do P2P file sharing or want access to the dark web. Its advised that if you do anything like that though, do it through a VPN.

    So I will stick with Firefox for now, it has the best ad blocking and anti-tracking/fingerprinting security of all browsers, the biggest collection of 3rd party add-ons and has ways of pirating almost anything from the internet. It has never censored me, and if it ever did I would drop it like a lead balloon – as would the rest of its user base. Then Firefox exists no more and without that you could say the same for Mozilla.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass personally for what Mozilla believes or says. All I know is that Firefox works for me right now.

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  4. I moved away from Firefox to Brave browser about a year ago now on Windows 10, Linux and Android and it’s been a good experience. Most plugins still work, especially ublock origin which does a great job of keeping the ads out. Still have FF and Chrome installed as backups but use them very rarely. Sometimes have to fire up IE or edge, but only for obscure plugins for crappy devices I’m fixing for other people (sandboxed, obvs).


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