Lies, damned lies and governments

Today I managed to get to the post office. It’s actually a corner of the counter in Local Shop but it works. Once again I had to use the battery booster to start the car (that was a damn good buy) because we’ve been iced in for almost a week. I mean properly iced in, you couldn’t stand out there, never mind drive down a steep driveway.

I still have that court case to deal with. Third summons, the first two were adjourned, and I had to send back an acceptance form within seven days again. They don’t seem to realise that outside Glasgow, roads can be impassable for days at a time. This time the case is in May. Really puts me off offering any information in the future, the crash I witnessed was a year last August and this is still going on. The poor bugger probably wishes he hadn’t survived it now. My only testimony is dashcam video which I’ve given them, I really can’t see what they expect me to add to that.

I am getting a lot of strange tales from America, some stuff about it being a corporation that can only be dissolved if there is no president and a hell of a lot of very big money links. Something else about starting a war with China but provoking China into throwing the first punch. It fits together, it’s logical, there is a coherent story, would make a pretty decent novel, yet I would have scoffed it away as pure tinhat foilery in any other year. This year, if aliens landed on my lawn expecting screams of terror, all they’d get is ‘Oh hi, would you like a cup of tea?’ So I’ll wait and see what happens. Currently, if Biden tore off his mask to reveal he was Jimmy Savile and Harris unmasked herself as Elvis, I’d barely raise an eyebrow. Well, just over a week to go to find out what’s happening over there, if anything.

The UK government is, as usual, lying through its teeth. Well, is there a government in the world that isn’t? They all talk utter bollocks, they seem to think that’s their job and if you think they give the slightest shit about you, just count how many they send into wars they start but never fight. You are an entry on a spreadsheet, nothing more. Easily deleted, easily replaced.

Mad Hancock told Parliament that vitamin D had no effect on Covid back in October. He told them he had commissioned a study that had shown this. Now it appears no such study ever existed. Hancock lied. He wasn’t mistaken. He wasn’t misled. He lied.

We are under increasing levels of lockdown. If we ever get out of it we will be whiter than Nosferatu. There won’t be any racism left because every molecule of melanin will have been drained out of absolutely everyone until we are all the Glass People, skins transparent so you can see the guts inside. Think how much the NHS will save on X-rays, they’ll just get you to stand in front of a window.

This lack of sunlight means you are going to be seriously short of vitamin D. Never mind Covid, vit D does a lot more than that. It’s involved in the immune response to all kinds of diseases, it’s involved in calcium transport (vit D deficiency causes rickets) and it has many more jobs to do.

It’s very cheap. A year’s supply costs less than a tenner even at 4000 IU. It takes a lot to overdose on it. You’d really have to try very, very hard. In combination with zinc and vitamin C and either quercetin, quinine or hydroxychloroquine, it can render you very resistant to any kind of virus and a lot of other infections too.

Here in the north of Scotland we don’t see much sun over winter, and going outside often risks more – broken bones from falling on black ice, for example. So I take vitamin D washed down with orange juice. I take zinc, carefully, it can interfere with iron absorption to the point of anaemia if you overdo it. And I have quercetin and also quinine in tonic. I’d like to get ivermectin just in case but I have heard about it for so long as an agricultural veterinary drug for parasites. I’m still coming to terms with the idea that it can be used in humans. I’ve only just heard about that. We use it on sheep here. That’s an additional squint-eye from me.

So, the vaccine is rolling out. The vaccine that does not prevent you catching or spreading Covid and therefore will make no difference to lockdowns or masks or any of the rest of it. It will make one difference. It will make those involved in the vaccine a lot richer. That’s it. That’s all it does. Because that is its purpose.

And so. we will have to show papers to prove we have been vaccinated against something that is less deadly than measles. Conspiracy theory, right? Haven’t our own goverments said this will never be implemented? You trust them, surely?

Well of course. Government is there to look after you.


2 thoughts on “Lies, damned lies and governments

  1. Worldwide coup by….? Ordering everyone to stay indoors

    Vast amounts of printed money

    It’s Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 writ large


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