Wrap the truth in tinfoil

If you are hearing bad things about your product, backed up with photographic and video evidence, but you intend to keep selling it, what can you do? Deride and deny the stories, call them conspiracy theories, say ‘Oh come on, it’s not that bad’ and ignore video and photo evidence.

There is a better way. Put out stories about your product that are so bizarre, so unbelievable, that people will laugh at them, debunk them in an instant and then label every linked story as a tinfoil hatter’s nonsense.

This is an example.

Now, I’m not saying the one reporting this is complicit, he could have been fooled into believing it, but if you search for this mysterious disease ‘monsterism’, this is all you get. Not one single medical report or scientific paper, just this same story on multiple channels. ‘Monsterism’ does not exist.

It’s something so hard to believe that I’d be reluctant to write it into a Halloween story. People’s heads swelling to twice the size overnight, yet they made it to the emergency room on their own? People growing hair all over their body until they turn into Chewbacca overnight? A woman whose fingernails fell out, to be immediately replaced with talons which she then used to attack medical staff? This is B horror movie stuff. It’s not real. You are not going to turn into a damn werewolf. This kind of thing, if it happened, would burn out your metabolism in a few short hours and kill you.

This is nonsense. It’s easily debunked.

And once it is, all those stories of bad reactions to the Moderna vaccine are ignored because this ridiculous claim wraps all the rest in the same tinfoil.

Bell’s Palsy, tremors, fatigue, reactions bad enough to stop you working or living a normal life are happening. Not many, so far, but not many have had the second dose yet. The real rate of bad reactions is yet to be determined, and that’s what this global trial is set up to find. I won’t be taking part, thanks, since from what I hear so far the rate of bad reactions to the vaccine is a lot higher than the rate of bad reactions to the virus.

Governments all over the world are proud of what they are doing to their people with these rushed experimental vaccines. They have people clamouring to take part in the experiment. Well, that’s because they haven’t told them it’s an experiment, and I suspect most governments don’t know it is either.

This story is more than tinfoil hattery. It’s propaganda. It’s a technique that has worked before and will work on most people this time too. It has a purpose.

To wrap the truth in tinfoil.

6 thoughts on “Wrap the truth in tinfoil

  1. Hey! They didn’t tell me they were going to PUBLISH my pics! Wow! I’m famous now! I can enter the Mr. America Contest! 🙂

    Actually… a TinEye search turns up a couple of things that pre-date COVID at least by a bit…


    and from 2007

    OK, so fake news.

    BUT… what I found even more disturbing is that one of those sources, the realrawnews one, seems to feature a number of satirical articles that lack any indication they are satire, and that play close enough to the feeling/news of reality that there are probably LOTS of people believing them. And in some cases that sort of belief can actually be dangerous… e.g.:


    Published satire, to be responsible, should always have either

    A) a clear label of Satire at the top and/or bottom so that anyone doing more than real quick reading will recognize it as satire; and/or

    B) a “clincher” near its end that is SO ridiculous that almost no one will mistakenly take it seriously.

    In the nuclear story, “Trump hiding in a broom closet with the nuclear football” may have been aiming at a (B) type label, but I’m not sure the COVID “Monsterism” met such a a condition. The closest to it, aside from general craziness, was this:

    ” “Monsterism,” an irreversible process by which a homousian devolves into a Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal.”

    with the giveaway ben homousian (which has one google reference with this definition:

    “in the fourth-century Arian controversy, a person who held that God the Father and God the Son are of the same substance.”

    I know that in my own satires I pretty much always have tried to take the (B) clincher route. E.G. in my A.A.T.T.A.A.C.K. piece at:


    I noted that taxpayers would happily see their taxes increased to build new jails for anyone selling a beer to someone one year underage (17 at the time the story was written.) along with other extremisms.

    However, as I know at that link, even WITH such craziness scattered throughout the story, I was getting emails from people seriously wanting either more-or-less kill me for my crazy political effort, or, just as bad, people wanting to join my group!


    In any event… the Tin Eye links and links from those links at least show the pic-as-a-result-of-vaccine is a fake.

    – MJM, who’s gonna find that damn photographer and make him eat his negatives!!!


  2. There’s a whole department (secret of course) in Whitehall, dedicated to inventing wild conspiracy theories for just this reason. People don’t believe me, call me a conspiracy theorist, but I know it’s true. Big Dave down the pub knows* a man who knows** the cleaner and she told him.

    * Not biblically
    ** Biblically

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    • No need for a department. I’ve convinced people of bizarre things all on my own 😉

      For example: ASH says tobacco residue never decomposes and we’ve been smoking here for 400 years. Therefore all grey dust is tobacco ash. Also, America doesn’t have roundabouts because the Romans never went there. Roman chariots had no steering so they built straight roads. We put in roundabouts at crossings and that’s why the Roman empire collapsed.

      It’s really easy to pluck ‘logic’ from the air when people already believe something insane. Thanks to the antismokers, people believe smoke can pass through walls and cigarette filters are eternal. They believe a trace of ash on someone’s clothing will give them instant cancer. They will never be convinced otherwise so why not ramp up the absurdity?

      I suppose the reason I think these absurdities, like lizard shapeshifters and ‘monsterism’ are deliberate attempts to ramp it up to where nobody sensible could believe it is because… I’ve been doing exactly that for years 😉


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