Strange days

Well, Trump leaves office in four days. I don’t see anything stopping that. There are still those outlining wild plans for how he can continue but I don’t really think he can now. I mean, he had four years. Now he has four days.

Be fair to the guy, he did a lot of work bringing peace to the Middle East, he boosted the American economy, he didn’t start any wars… he actually did a lot of good things. Sure, the man’s an arse but what politician isn’t? You have to have an inflated sense of self-importance to even want the job.

Still his opponents are not satisfied with their win. They want him impeached, prosecuted, jailed. They want his supporters purged and sent to re-education camps or just killed. Really. If there’s one thing worse than a bad loser, it’s a bad winner. You won, just let it go.

So, was the election rigged? I have no idea. It does look that way but it needs proof. Trump is declassifying things left and right at the moment, so maybe we’ll see something. Maybe not. He’s already declassified documents on the Bidens’ activities in Ukraine that would be very damaging to the Biden administration but that doesn’t matter because there isn’t going to be one. Biden will be taken down by the 25th Amendment and Harris will take over. Possibly within days.

If you’ve listened to any of Joe Biden’s speeches, it’s clear he’s suffering with the early stages of dementia. He’s not going to be President for long. Which begs the question – if the Dems planned to steal the election anyway, why not go straight in with Harris as candidate?

Meanwhile, Washington DC is filling up with National Guard troops. Estimates vary between 20,000 and 30,000 troops. They are even being flown in from Puerto Rico. Why? A thousand of them would be far more than enough to deal with any angry mob, and the right-wing on Twitter are urging their side to stay away. They think it’s a trap and it probably is.

I have seen theories that the USA is a corporation and there needs to be no president on the 20th in order to dissolve the corporation and make it a country again. True? Not a clue. I’ve never heard that put forward before and have seen no references to back it up. I saw a video where a guy claimed that today, Trump will take control of all TV channels and all Internet and phones globally, and put out all the proof he has. Is that even possible? I’m sure the USA has the technical capability, but taking over all non-US communications would surely be an act of war against every country in the world simultaneously. It would be a very dangerous thing to do.

So many more. One that does have a tinge of credibility is that the democrats do not yet have control of the military. Someone asked who is sending all the troops into Washington, and it seems that the orders can only come from Trump. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know much about the ins and outs of American political structure. So is something wild going to happen? We only have to wait a few days to find out.

Part of me would like to see a spectacular show, another part would rather it all went quiet and people stopped trying to kill each other. Which, I suppose, means I’d be happy either way.

Well, what brought down Trump is apparently Covid. It’s the same all over. Governments are getting blamed for a virus. It’s a bloody virus. You cannot stop it. Lockdowns, masks, all the bollocks we have to endure all over the world will not stop it. Slow it down, maybe, but in the end the total infections and total deaths will be the same as if we’d just let it run. It’ll just take a bit longer to happen.

Here’s someone who knows what he’s talking about. (thanks to SubRosa for the link). Many deaths are likely to be due to treatment errors rather than the virus. Hydroxychloroquine is a perfectly safe drug at 200-400 mg per day. You can take it daily for years, and many in malaria-affected areas do just that. The trial that said it was bad started with a 2.4g dose (2400mg) and continued with higher than recommended doses. At that level it causes heart problems, often severe.

Remember being told it wasn’t a respiratory virus but affected your heart? It wasn’t the virus. It was the treatment. It was based on an amoebiasis epidemic that was treated at that level… with hydroxyquinoline, not hydroxychloroquine. The video goes into details of this utter balls-up, and others.

Then there is the mRNA vaccine, which is on track to have a far better kill record than the virus. The treatment and the cure are actually far worse than the disease! That’s before we get to lockdowns and isolation and cancelled appointments and cancelled surgeries and all the rest.

The FBI and UK spies are starting to say this was all set up by China through play-acting to force the West into a shutdown. Well duh. That became clear some months ago. I suspect this will be the way Boris eventually gets out of it because he has no plan at the moment. He’ll blame China.

China won’t like it, as it doesn’t like the fact that the USA now recognises Taiwan as a separate country. This is likely to start a war that will be initiated by China. They are being provoked into it. They are belligerent and confident enough to do it.

I suspect though, that this time they have made too many enemies at once. We shall see.

Interesting times ahead. I wouldn’t dare even try to predict where it ends.

16 thoughts on “Strange days

  1. “why not go straight in with Harris as candidate?”
    My understanding is that she couldn’t get the support at the time, financial or votes. She wasn’t a popular candidate to be the democrat candidate for prez.

    So it’s rather interesting that 80m (stop laughing at the back) Americans voted for Biden and her in the sure and certain knowledge that he won’t last a term and she’ll become prez. Some people born in 1800 felt strongly enough about the team to vote for them! Have to respect that level of enthusiasm for democracy.

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  2. It is also looking more and more like the virus isn’t entirely natural. There is a research technique, a fairly widely documented technique which aims to discover preemptive cures for diseases by seeing if, say, a coronavirus of bats can be made to switch its host range to humans instead by culturing it in cell cultures with increasing concentrations of human cells as opposed to bat cells.

    This could also be construed as going looking for trouble, and an accident waiting to happen. In most US and EU/UK labs, the accident will not happen because these scientists are very well aware of what level 4 biohazard is all about and they take the appropriate precautions. However a certain lab in Wuhan, China has been criticised by the World Health Organisation several times for having inadequate biocontainment, and effectively insufficient biosecure lab space for the work they were doing.

    This then raises the question of why a high security biological lab would be built in the middle of a teeming city which is also a major local transport hub. Surely China has a number of surplus to requirements Cold War air bases which entirely lack roads going anywhere near them, the only way in or out being by aircraft? Such a site would make a very useful if unremittingly grim biohazard lab site.

    A WHO team is apparently now searching China for answers as to what was going on. They won’t find much; all sources of information will have been buried, some literally, by now.

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  3. Allergic reactions to two of the vaccines (Pfize & Moderna) reported from mild malaise to full on anaphylactic shock. Reported in Irish Medical Times.

    Just over a week ago I heard the figure of over 3000 adverse reactions being bandied about. No idea what it is now.

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