Heeere’s Joey!

In the end, all those 4D chess moves came to naught. Trump is out of office, nobody’s been arrested, and Joe Biden is President. There are still those saying he has something up his sleeve but he has no authority now. He can’t release anything. I didn’t see anything in the documents he declassified that was earth shattering, he really shouldn’t have left it to the last day. Anything still in the process can now be blocked.

Now Trump is talking about setting up his own political party. Maybe he will, but I think he’ll only succeed in splitting the Conservative vote if he does that. In his place, I’d now be thinking of spending my twilight years – and my money – somewhere warm and comfortable.

So, are the Democrats happy? I really don’t think they are capable of happiness. They now want to prosecute Trump and set up a secret police force to hunt down Trump supporters. They won. If there’s anything worse than a sore loser, it’s a sore winner.

Biden’s first day in office has been spent undoing much of what Trump did. Not because Trump was wrong (well not in every case, sometimes he was) but purely because Trump did it. This kind of hate is why so many died of Covid over there. Hydroxychloroquine works. We’ve always known it works. Trump said he’s heard good things about it and bam – it’s banned everywhere. Because Trump said it’s a good idea. No other reason. Now it’s coming back, but too late for an awful lot of people.

On this first day, the Biden administration changed the Ambassador to Israel to hte Ambassador to Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. It soon changed back, presumably someone pointed out that these areas are controlled by Hamas, not Israel, and if they are going to have an ambassador it really should be a different one.

The White House website now asks for your pronouns. Biden has appointed a health boss who took her own mother out of a nursing home before sending all the Covid patients in there. He has appointed an education boss who believes all white teachers need racism re-education. All this, and more, on day one.

Perhaps America needed this sample of what the current Democrat party is really like. It’s not like in JFK’s days. This is only the begining – Joe Biden is just the warm-up act.

When Kamala Harris takes over, then the fun begins in earnest. It’s going to be an interesting four (at least) years.

I’ve never visited America. I don’t think I’ll rush to visit just yet.

11 thoughts on “Heeere’s Joey!

    • Evil Charlene (anag) is the sort of man-fairy the Demrats like.

      (Insert a pronoun) has the weight to get things done – I’d agree to anything if that monster sat on me!

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  1. There will never by free elections in the US again. They will use their positions of power to roll out the dominion systems across the country and the will control it well before the election so that the final scores are close but clear wins. Occasionally dropping a state to the selected RINOs.

    America as a beacon of light and hope has now gone out. It is no different to Russia and every banana republic across the planet.

    Next up is the removal of 2A and the rollout of a woke agenda. This is the end of America and the start of the rise of China.

    Doris will be rolling them out here soon.

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  2. The American public will end up pining for Trump. They will miss him. He was a FUN President. Shall I say Mercurial? He was also pretty effective until the pandemic ruined it. More black Americans in work and a booming economy. Then splat. If it hadn’t been for the virus I expect Trump would have been re-elected. The Democrats are going to foul the nest. As you say that is not the same party that JFK was part of. It is far more like the shambolic Labour party. Harris will be POTUS in three months. Harris is a commie.

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      • There’s a surprise.
        Who wants to bet that the PCR cycle threshold is slowly wound down to 25 every where to prove that vaccines work

        For bonus points what test did New Zealand ban last April to prove that their isolation policy was working?

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        • Even 25 cycles, which magnified any original viral particles by 2E25 (i.e., 32,000,000 times, is excessive.
          A sensible limit would be 20 cycles (viral particles x 1,000,000). But then it would become obvious that this is now a test-demic, which is not in the script.

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    • Trump is the only President for decades who has not started a war. So we’re overdue for one – the military-industrial complex cannot go on at the low level Trump caused, they need a proper conflict to turn a profit.

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  3. Trump *should* start a third party. Yes, it will split the conservative vote. But if it succeeds in destroying the Republican (in name only) party then so much the better. The “Republican” party is part of the rotten political establishment and needs to be destroyed. A few decades of the Democrats in total power having turned the US into a socialist dystopia will serve all those idiot lefties right.

    As long as Trump isn’t convicted in this sham impeachment (how can he be impeached after he’s left office? It’s nonsensical and vindictive and I understand it violates the US Constitution), I think he should run for president in 2024 as an independent. He should be able to take enough votes from whatever lousy candidate is selected by the Republican party to ensure that person is not elected. Trump can be the Ross Perot of 2024.

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  4. Trump wasn’t supposed to win in 2016. It was Hilary’s year. But the public put paid to the never-ending conveyor of corporatist shils in the President’s chair. Hilary was such a despised character that even Democrats couldn’t stomach voting for her.
    Now they have manufactured a win for themselves, the the real people pulling the strings of American politics are going to try and ensure the public don’t interfere in an election ever again.
    So we’ll first see Trump put in a position where he can’t come back, Then we’ll see the people chastised for daring to go against the establishment’s wishes. Those Conservatives that stormed the Capitol will be made examples of, there will be examples of leftist agitators being let off and dissolving into the night.
    Then the atmosphere in the US will be changed such that you won’t be able to voice dissent. Social Media is already starting the cleansing, then the internet as a whole will be closed to Conservative voices. I foresee a US version of the Chinese firewall, excused by Russian online meddling.
    The US is slipping into the night.

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