A quiet coercion

I’m editing Mark Ellott’s next book, ‘Reiver’, which I expect to have available by the end of the month. There are two other books in the queue but since Mark has already had a few people check it over, there’s little to edit, and he has his own cover already. So this one will be quick.

I have noticed a little ‘lockdown ennui’ creeping in. Every day is the same so it’s hard to keep track of the passage of time. When I wrote this I didn’t realise we were going through a practice run for it.

Okay, it’s north Scotland and it’s always pretty miserable at this time of year but the absolute lack of going anywhere at all just knocks your body clock sideways. It’s hard to believe it’s nearly February. But that’s my problem, and I know for sure a lot of people have it much worse than me. At least I have a pension coming in.

The weather has been… Scottish. Some days are okay, some days the entire area is covered in black ice so you’re on your arse before you know it. Sometimes it snows a bit, sometimes it rains, but no major snow here so far. I once had to take a garden trailer down to the road to get a food delivery because the van couldn’t get up the farm road. Give me snow over ice every time.

But I digress. As usual.

Trump hasn’t gone away. The Democrats won’t let him. They are determined to impeach him even though he’s no longer president. Well, this is a terrible idea for any democrat out there for two reasons. One, it would make him a political martyr and that is something the Democrats would really regret doing. Two, and perhaps worse, it would set a precedent where former presidents can be impeached and you just know where Trump is going with that. In the end it seems the Constitution does not allow it anyway, but who cares, right?

Meanwhile, California, Michigan and Chicago have suddenly decided to end all Covid restrictions. Just like that. Was it all politics? Of course it was. Your pleb lives mean nothing to these people. You are just bargaining chips to get what they want. It’s like the chess player willing to lose pawns to get the queen through. The little guy doesn’t matter.

In the UK and Europe, we are now hearing about vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as effective treatments. Most of which we knew a year ago. Well, they’re making money from the vaccines and that will continue so they don’t need to let you all die any more.

So, can you just refuse the vaccine now? I mean, the objective is secured. Trump is gone, cases are dropping like a stone, restrictions are ending…

Well, yes you can refuse it. But you will not be allowed to work or travel or go to shops. Because the vaccine does not stop you catching or spreading the virus therefore you are only safe in public if you have it. Yeah. Pick the fucking logic out of that one.

Come on. It’s money now. It’s now about vaccine profit. So you have to stay scared. And… you will. I found out very early on in my horror writings that it is extraordinarily easy to scare people. It’s much more difficult to convince them that the scare is just a story.

Lockdowns have no end point. Mad Hancock made that clear when he said that one of the conditions was ‘no new variants’. New variants turn up at a rate of at least two every month and always will. You are not getting out of this until you die.

In the end you might decide, as many unfortunately have already, that it’s the easy way out. Take the hard way. It involves more effort but it’s so much more interesting.

The catchphrase for this lunacy is ‘stay safe’. I think I have a better one.

Stay sane. If you can.

24 thoughts on “A quiet coercion

  1. I’m getting fed up too. I get the usual nutters who can’t believe I have a medical degree, on Twitter telling me that I know nothing and that they can’t believe what I say. More fool them. Thankfully I’ve had practice at staying at home. Chronic fatigue syndrome. I barely got out much anyway so its not too much of a hassle to stay inside. But watching TV and normality is getting very wearing.
    The news is incessant propaganda. It’s got that fear tone… That menacing overtone in the voice, what can we do! Oh we’re all going to die! Etc. It got old very quickly. Cry wolf for long enough as they say. I’ve no doubt that I’ve had several virus infections. But nothing has happened. Not with the amount of vit D3 that I chuck back with gay abandon. Nor the 4g of vit C a day. Or the 50 mg of zinc. That’s all it would take… To keep the economy going but let’s face it there’s a big agenda. I found out that Florida is open for tourists, so what on earth is going on here in Britain.?
    I can’t wait until the real agenda is realised and there are repercussions for the politicians and idiots who have caused this shitty state of affairs.

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  2. I’ve had the ennui for some time now. It creeps up on you. The morning comes along and you wonder what is the point of getting up as today will be the same as yesterday. I keep forgetting what day of the week it is.

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  3. I had a text from an old pal yesterday asking me how things were. My reply was “staying sane, just”. I didn’t add probably getting liver damage but hey, it’s just a hobby.

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  4. Dear Mr Legiron

    Excess deaths by age group to 2021 week 2:


    I have also uploaded a screenshot of the graph of all deaths – note the vertical scale is greater.

    23 and 26 views on the first two uploads. Early days …


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  5. Yesterday our public health officer was on youtube telling us we have to do more. Uhhh….? There are already rules in place about no socialising, don’t go out unless you have to, we have a mask mandate now.

    I’m going nuts. And there’s the small problem of pernicious anaemia which is getting worse – doctors offices and most clinics are still closed for covid except telephone appointments. Had to call an ambulance last week when it all went ballistic, because on top of the ‘I’m breathing but it’s not helping’, vertigo and tinnitus and shakes descended on me. They think it might be neurological damage from lack of treatment, shot me up, gave me some fluid, and betahistine to try to calm things down, but….things are not good.

    HCQ and Ivermectin still banned for treatment here, that’s likely to never change. And regrettably, I’m old enough to remember what a mess the previous coronavirus vaccines caused, so not eager at all. Not that that’s an issue, because it looks like Canada won’t be receiving any more of the vaccine for at least two weeks, maybe a month.

    What a shitshow. How many people are going to die of Everything Else because we have to fight the covid monster no matter the cost? How many are going to kill themselves? People can’t go on like this, they’re just getting to the end of their tether. We all are.

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    • My uncle died of cancer on Christmas Eve, less than a year after first diagnosis. His cancer treatments were delayed by Covid. I can never forgive the NHS.

      If you have anaemia don’t take zinc. It interferes with iron absorption and can actually cause anaemia with long term use. Vitamin D though, that’s a must.

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  6. I was fine until yesterday morning when the electricity went down for four hours. No Heat. No Light. And No Internet. My mind went blank and I nearly froze to death. Spent the afternoon sleeping and trying to regain body temperature. And now I can’t sleep. Must put some provisions in place in case this happens again.

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    • Power outages are a winter storm normality here. Usually they fix them pretty quickly, but there was one storm where they couldn’t. I thought, well, high voltage lines, rain, gales… no, I wouldn’t go out there either. I’m lucky to still have some functional chimneys here and now I have a generator. Also bottled gas runs the cooker so at a pinch it could heat the kitchen, at least a bit.

      It’s worth getting candles and a few battery powered lights. I’m also considering one of those Calor gas heaters.


  7. I think I am going quietly mad! I can’t concentrate on anything even reading a newspaper. Don’t know what day of the week it is and haven’t seen my grandkids for a year as I am unable to travel to Scotland. Can’t stand the news any more, US politics kept me interested for a while but without Trump it is just as boring and depressing. I can’t see my Opthamologist for Glaucoma check, can’t have my annual CT for cancer check and my respiratory doctor can only call me. I am better off than most as I have a comfortable house, garden and secure pension, no idea how people without these advantages are coping. I have no idea how my health is now and am rapidly getting past caring. I kept getting texts about the vaccine but they won’t say what kind so I don’t want it. This isn’t living, all I do is eat and sleep-very badly most of the time. Sorry for the moan but I have just about had enough !

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    • I’ve been trying to work on building models, but my concentration is missing. I now know what people mean when they say ‘my get up and go just got up and went’.
      It’s my granddaughter’s birthday tomorrow. 15 miles away. I can’t visit.
      Even an antisocial old grump like me is starting to feel the effects. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s been like for the more sociable people.


      • After 7 texts, 2 phone calls and 2 letters they wore me down and I have agreed to have the vaccine after making sure it is the Astra Zeneca one. I didn’t really want it but I can see the time coming when you will be very restricted if you don’t. I don’t have the energy to argue any more and I can’t see life returning to anything near normal any time soon. It’s so depressing.


  8. I can relate to most all of these comments. The days come and go, I try and read loads and get distracted by anything. Sit and gaze out the window. The delivery drivers (not all) arrive wearing masks – in a farmyard, on their own. Dump stuff in the box and leg it. (I know what it’s like getting paid per drop – did that for over 20yrs). Postie is good though, never see them masked up.

    I could go out, but the wife does all the necessary shopping. I do miss browsing The Farmers Market though, need some guttering and I’m not wearing a face nappy for anyone.

    Weather doesn’t help. Just another reason for not getting under the car in the damp & cold. Power cuts don’t bother us. We have oil lamps and torches, the Rayburn is gravity fed oil, no pumps or timers, multi fuel living room stove Edwardian open fire place in the ‘snug’. No TV as such and if the ‘net’ goes down – so what. Most of our power cuts only last a few minutes, if that. Even the clocks are wind up.

    Deep rural Shropshire. Not much to beat it. What shall I do tomorrow? Wake up I expect. Tea, breccy, pick up a book . . gaze out the window . . . I’m warm, I’m dry. The rest? Couldn’t be arsed.

    Vaccine? Over my dead body.


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