New kids in the needle

Last Friday was my father’s birthday. He would have been 83. It’s the first one he wasn’t there for and I suppose that’s the hardest one to get through so it’s been rather a gloomy weekend. I’m sure many of you have experienced the gloom this brings and if you haven’t yet… well it’s not going to be fun. He died on Valentine’s Day last year and I don’t think it’ll ever mean the same to me as it does to everyone else, ever again. But then my uncle, his brother, died on Christmas Eve so that’s screwed too. I wait with trepidation for Easter…

Anyway. These vaccines.

Decades of research have not come up with a single effective coronoavirus vaccine. Every one that has tried has hit ADE. Antibody dependent enhancement. It makes subsequent infection far worse. You can try searching for it but it’s been well buried now.

Within a year, we suddenly have a mass of profitable vaccines. And a game of supply that is designed to make you think there’s a shortage so you will demand one. The toilet paper thing was an effective proof of concept. If you think it’s going to run out you want it more. Even if you’d never even thought about it before. This is why SAGE is full of behavioural psychologists.

Another thing. I come up against people on Twitter convinced that all the vaccines are DNA-changers and all contain aborted foetus cells. I no longer engage. They will believe what they want to believe and I’m not wasting time arguing with them. They clearly are better versed in microbiology than a lifelong microbiologist so hey, I’m not getting involved.

None of the vaccines are DNA changers. That would require insertion of an enzyme called reverse transcriptase which is only found in retroviruses. Coronavirus is not one. So far I have not found any vaccine that uses attentuated coronaviruses, so nobody is getting injected with Covid as far as I can see. It’s either mRNA to make your cells produce spike protein, or another virus adapted to produce the spike protein, or just the spike protein in a fat ball. Not one of them injects Covid virus in any intact form.

As for the ‘aborted foetus cells’, well there might be some fragments in there. The only way to grow a virus for a vaccine is to grow it on human cells in cell culture. It will not – cannot – reproduce by itself. There are several ‘immortal’ human cell lines, mostly derived from cancers, that are used for this. It’s not Frankenstein science, it’s really the only way to grow a virus.

So. What do we have out there? The ones I really don’t like are the mRNA vaccines. This is entirely new and experimental technology and given that no successful coronavirus vaccine has ever happened, this is very dangerous meddling in my view. The only ones using this are the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. I don’t like either but I think I’d trust Pfizer over Moderna. Only because the latter is in the hands of the Billy Gates Gruff and I don’t trust that smug bastard any further than I could comfortably spit a rat.

AstraZeneca/Oxford. Yes, people have told me it’s a DNA changer but that’s bollocks. I no longer bother to correct them. This one uses an adenovirus (common cold) adapted to express the Covid spike protein. It does not make your body cells produce the protein, it already carries it. Your immune system will act on it directly. It cannot change your DNA. Really. It can’t.

The same is true of the new Novavax vaccine. They have used the unfortunate term ‘nanotechnology’ in their releases. They think it makes them sound very clever and don’t realise that everyone outside science thinks that ‘nanotechnology’ means tiny robots. They’ve had a diet of Star Trek Borg and/or Red Dwarf. They don’t realise it just means technology that’s working with sub-microscopic things.

The nanotechnology in the Novavax vaccine involves making really, really tiny fat globules with the Covid spike protein around them. So it looks just like the virus but there’s nothing inside. It isn’t going to infect anything. Is it safe? No idea. Time will tell and well, I won’t be indulging just yet. Still, it will not change your DNA and it will not take over your brain with little robots. Really. We do not yet have the technology to make the little robots. We really don’t. When we do, then things will get really scary. The way things are progressing, most people will demand to be assimilated first anyway.

Another one is made by Valneva and one more from Johnson and Johnson. My father once worked for the latter, making J-cloths. He borrowed my rubber joke hand and sent it through the rollers. It resulted in one of his co-workers having to go for a little lie down.He wasn’t fired for it, we had jokes in the old days. But I digress. As usual.

I have not yet found anything on the Valneva or Johnson vaccines. I don’t know how they are intended to work. Without that knowledge I won’t touch them. I suspect they are not mRNA vaccines but don’t know for sure yet.

Merck, one of the biggest players in the vaccination game, has given up on this one. They had two candidate vaccines but weren’t happy with the results. They’ve actually said the best protection is to suffer the virus and develop your own antibodies. That’s what used to happen with things like measles, mumps and chicken pox when I was a kid. Catch it, go through a few unpleasant weeks and then you have immunity. It was risky, measles especially can kill, but most of us got through it okay.

This won’t work for everyone. It really only works when you’re young and healthy and have no other conditions. For the elderly, or those with other illnesses already, it’s a very big risk indeed. However, if enough people develop immunity, the virus can’t spread any more so the vulnerable are protected. This is what’s called ‘herd immunity’ and no, it does not require a vaccine. If you have an effective vaccine you can get there faster but if you don’t then you need to keep away from the vulnerable ones until there’s enough immunity in the population to stop the spread.

It is now coming to light that hydroxychloroquine/zinc and ivermectin are indeed effective treatments for those who are in the early stages of infection, and are good as prophylactics too. Most of us knew this from the outset and have been daily dosing with vit C and D, zinc and quercetin (easier to get than hydroxychloroquine, not quite as good but it works) since the whole shitshow hit the road. Some are saying these treatments were quashed because Trump mentioned them (I don’t recall him mentioning ivermectin) but I think it was because of the vaccines. If you have a cheap and effective treatment for a disease then you don’t need a vaccine. And there is an awful lot of money involved here.

When you get this level of lunacy it’s either about money or ideology. This time it’s more lunatic than usual because it’s both. And more.

The vaccine makers make money. Can’t be surprised at that, the Pharmers are businesses. It’s their primary objective. Then we have the ideologies – more than one at work here. The Klaus Schwab great reset to take total control of everyone, the Church of Climatology who want us all in mud huts burning cow shit for heat and eating turnips, The Tiny Blur project for world domination, the One World Government… heck, add your own. So many of them are delighting in the sheeple’s easy subjugation. None of these are conspiracy theories any more. They are all quite open about it.

And then… the experiments. The mRNA vaccines are an experiment. Any Coronavirus vaccine is an experiment. They have never worked before. More than that, the behavioural experiment. How far are you willing to be controlled? Will you accept the lunacy of wearing two masks? If you do, it’ll soon be three. Are you willing to have a Q-tip shoved up your arse to see if your lungs are infected? Get an anatomy book and see how long that Q-tip is going to have to be. How far can the insanity go before you say ‘Hey – hang on a minute’?

Quite a lot further, I suspect. I mean, I speak as the guy who convinced an antismoker that all grey dust was cigarette ash. We’ve had smoking in the UK for 400 years and ASH has said that the residue never degrades so… that was easy.

It *is* easy. Very easy to scare people. Idiots in government and ‘public health’ make it easier still. I do it for fun but so many do it for pure profit. The mask industry has boomed, it’ll boom even more if you wear two at a time. Especially if they are single use. Believe me, the mask makers are having a great time now. They don’t want this to end.

So now you cannot leave the country without a valid reason. ‘Just because I want to’ only works if you’re rich. You are a prisoner of the nation state. The solution you will be offered is the abolition of the nation state. No more borders. Enough of these restrictions and you’ll vote for it.

No borders mean no need for passports. So… how will they keep track of where you’re going? Well, you know the ‘conspiracy theory’ Covid passports that are now in production? That’s just the beginning. Once mandated medication is accepted for one thing it won’t stop there, or ever. You will need to prove vaccination when you travel.

If you are not up to date with the mandated medications, you’re going nowhere.

33 thoughts on “New kids in the needle

  1. You can find a lot of information on the US Clinical Trials website. This is the Johnson and Johnson one –
    And this is the Valneva one –
    The Valneva one is still in phase 1/2 trials, so a long way off (although they seem to be releasing these things to the general public soon after the start of phase 3 trials at the moment). According to the Valneva wesite –

    What is VLA2001 and how is it different from other approaches?

    VLA2001 is a Vero-cell based, highly-purified inactivated whole virus vaccine candidate.

    VLA2001 is the first inactivated COVID-19 vaccine in clinical development in Europe.

    The inactivated vaccine is a proven approach that has been used for decades.[1]

    An inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine would be suitable for wide deployment including particularly vulnerable populations.

    Processes and infrastructures for the inactivated approach are well established.

    Valneva’s vaccine candidate is based on the same manufacturing platform the Company already uses to produce its FDA/EMA/MHRA approved JE vaccine.

    VLA2001 combined with Alum and Dynavax’s FDA-approved adjuvant CpG 1018 is expected to induce a strong immune response and has the potential to generate high titers of neutralizing antibodies.

    Valneva’s inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is expected to have a two-dose regimen.

    VLA2001 is expected to conform with standard cold chain requirements (2 degrees to 8 degrees centigrade).

    [1] Inactivated Viral Vaccines. Vaccine Analysis: Strategies, Principles, and Control. 2014 Nov 28 : 45–80. Published online 2014 Nov 28. doi: 10.1007/978-3-662-45024-6_2 PMCID: PMC7189890

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  2. When would you expect the infection/death graphs to show ‘the vaccines’ are working? With the billions spent developing whatever these concoctions really are, there surely needs to be some alleged benefit.

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  3. I was under the impression that the AstraZeneca one worked as you say, but came across this the in the medical news today ‘The Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine uses a chimpanzee common cold viral vector known as ChAdOx1, which delivers the code that allows our cells to make the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.’ see So essentially doing the same as the Pfizer i.e. make our cells produce the protein spike, just using another virus as the delivery system.

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    • That’s interesting. I had heard it described as ‘adenovirus modified to express the spike protein’ and assumed they meant the virus itself expressed it. So it’s another mRNA one.

      The link tells you the first part of what happens when your cells express the protein. It seems to have omitted the next part, where the T cells kill the cell expressing the protein. They don’t just make antibodies to the protein – there is no way to cure an infected cell (which is what the surface protein will indicate) so the T cells kill the infected cell.

      This is why you can feel like crap for weeks after a bad infection. It takes time to replace all the infected cells killed by those T cells. The virus might be defeated but you still need to rebuild the damage.

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  4. I really am astonished at the offence at having to have a card, a piece of paper, or ID to prove vaccination. All my life, you have had to have such things. If you travelled you had to have Yellow Fever, Cholera, TB, Smallpox, etc. We had regular tetanus shots, quinine, Malaria pills, worm pills, and other stuff concerning Africa if you moved around it. No one took offence. Our kids were not allowed to go to school without childhood vaccination certificates!

    No one took offence.

    Think of another idea. The government dishes out tons of Ivermectin for people to take every two weeks, whatever, as a prophylactic. How do they make sure they do? How do you control overdosing, underdosing etc?

    But with a vaccination, it’s done and dusted.

    What is a better plan?

    I had my vaccination three days ago – mRNA. I have my little card. It seems perfectly efficient to me, like the stamps I got on my passport, or my health card I once had recording my TB shots. Or the note I have on my Patient Access that says I had a Pneumonia vaccination once many years ago…

    I really cannot understand all the anger people take on about the whole covid thing, nitpicking. No one is coming up with a better plan for sixty-five ((plus) million people, unfortunately.

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    • It’s not the card. It’s what it’s for.

      I have a vaccination card detailing the vaccinations I’ve had through my career in microbiology, and the ones required for the time I visited China. There are a lot of them. I’ve never had yellow fever vaccine because I’ve never visited a country that required it. If I had the chance to visit one of those countries I’d take that vaccine. No problem.

      However, throughout my entire career, nobody has ever asked to see that vaccination card. No employer has ever asked which vaccinations I’ve had. I’ve worked in some extraordinarily high risk infectious environments and I have never, not once, heard ‘no jab, no job’. Now we have a plumbing firm saying that.

      I have never had to show proof of vaccination to fly, to visit a pub or restaurant, to go shopping or get on a bus. That is what this ‘covid passport’ is for.

      Getting a card detailing your vaccine history is nothing new. It’s perfectly normal.

      Making your life dependent on showing that card at pretty much every doorway you pass through – that’s what’s new. And that is what people are getting worked up about.

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      • Those little cards will soon morph into QR-codes, China have them, leave your hotel, house, scan the code, in a taxi, out of a taxi, on a bus off a bus, on a train, off a train, on holiday, back from holiday, in a shop, out of a shop, in any public building, out of any public building, mass 24/7 human surveillance.

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    • Personally, I’m not convinced that there’s a giant world take over conspiracy.
      “Don’t assume malice in what can be reasonably be explained by incompetence.”

      More likely there is a virus they (the government’s)were worried about overwhelming the health care systems and went into lockdowns. Which was probably the right course of action – lockdown for a short period while increasing capacity (see Nightingale hospitals).
      What they should have done then, is remove the lockdown completely, while strongly recommending elderly and other vulnerable groups stay isolated.
      Of course what they actually did was panic everyone with “if you see anybody, there’s a 110% chance you will kill your granny, yourself and some kittens, you monster”.

      Then it’s been one cock up after another as they try to get out of the mess they’ve created for themselves, without massive public anger at the mess and destroyed lives.

      I have no objection to vaccines. I have vaccinated my kids. I would have the yellow fever vaccine if I needed to go to some other country that mandates it. But these are tried and tested treatments.
      I strongly object to being treated like a second class citizen because I refuse to take an relatively untried and untreated experimental vaccine to save politicians from the consequences of their own mistakes.

      Maybe there won’t be any bad side effects. Maybe there will and in a few years we’ll have a catastrophic epidemic of side effects. Either way it is not right for the government to bully people into taking a medical treatment. Nor is it right for private entities, such as supermarkets/plumbers, to demand to see medical histories prior to employment or doing trade.
      Would it be acceptable for Tesco to demand to see your measles vaccination status before you can shop there? Or for your potential employer to see if you have gonorrhoeal infections before you are offered a job?

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    • I know this will probably sound silly, Elizabeth, but when I was about 13ish, I loved the ‘Mork & Mindy’ TV show…

      And the one episode I particularly remember, and I have thought about often since March last year, is called ‘Alas Poor Mork, We Knew Him Well’…

      *I love Hamlet, Clicky… /lights up and smokes… ‘cos play’s the thing…*

      A synopsis of the episode goes as follows:

      ‘As Mork and Mindy prep for a trip to Yellowstone with Nelson & Glenda Faye, a door to door visit from a fearmongering life insurance salesman, makes Mork so paranoid about his safety, that no matter what Mindy says, he starts to withdraw more and more from life.’,_Poor_Mork,_We_Knew_Him_Well

      Honestly, I think the Government over-reacted at the start and everything – lockdowned because other countries were doing it – and ever since they have been doubling down to hide the fact they committed senicide, moving Covid patients into nursing homes.

      *Yeah, they fucked up…*

      But now they’ve got the taste of power and tacit consent to remove our civil liberties, I don’t see them giving it any time soon.


  5. “A new COVID-19 study concludes there is a 99.8% probability SARS-CoV-2 came from a laboratory.”

    “The author, Dr. Steven Quay, has 360+ published medical studies and has been cited over 10,000 times, placing him in the top one percent of scientists worldwide.”

    Follow the money going into Wuhan and coming out of the vaccines. Then look at who censors and prohibits the off label use of HCQ, ivermectin et al. Even some videos recommending higher doses of vit. D have been removed.

    All this occurs during an historically critical U.S. election year in which pandemic concerns are levered against voting integrity and monumental fraud is perpetrated.

    Search out and read Peter Navarro’s papers comprehensively outlining this fraud.

    I Immaculate Deception
    II The Art of the Steal
    III Conclusion

    I would like to see discussed here possible reasons as to why Hong Kong, the size of New York City and perhaps more densely populated, has had only about 190 covid deaths during this pandemic. Consider how close Hong Kong is to Wuhan.

    The experimental vaccines are a product of a debacle in which human rights and human life have been devalued. Let that sink in before the needle does.

    Thank you for your fine blog.

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  6. Re human cells in vaccines. I remember the immortal HeLa cells used for culturing cancer cells and viruses from my immunology training. No big surprise there, they’ve been used since the 50’s. So yes, there probably was human tissue used in culturing a given vaccine. Like so many others developed in the last 60 plus years.

    As for Antibody Dependency, ScienceDirect have articles on it like this one for Yellow and Dengue Fever. Or this SARS/COV-2 paper from (Contains link to original paper published in I think I understood about half of it.

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  7. Dear Mr Legiron

    “No borders mean no need for passports.”

    It ain’t necessarily so: in the good ol’ USSR, and current day Russia, internal passports, which look like regular passports, are required for travel beyond your local area. Not sure how far you were allowed to go without it, but my Russian friend gave an example of how it worked. To travel by train, you had to show your passport when booking your ticket, and when boarding the train. Presumably there were checks at the other end and on the return journey. This was the case within the last 15 years. I learned this when she was frantically looking for her internal passport before going home to Russia for a holiday. She could have used her international passport internally, but chose not to because she didn’t want people to know she had one. So much to look forward to…

    The graph of England & Wales all-cause mortality by age to week 3 is up:


    Week 2 has had 55 views.


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