The Doublethinkers

Today, Bozza set out his (ha – ‘his’ :D) plan for getting out of lockdown. It’ll take months and it contains the caveat that it won’t necessarily end at all. That light at the end of the tunnel is just a fading eco-bulb nailed to a brick wall. They switch it on for a while, then switch it off again.

The communist enclave known as SAGE have declared that if lockdown ends, we will face up to 4000 deaths a day from the Virus of Doom.

On the same day, note this is all on the same day, Mad Hancock has stated that the vaccines are so good that hospitalisations from Covid are down 80%.

So… massive resurgence with corpses in the streets, or the vaccine is working well and hardly anyone even needs a hospital. Which is it? I have seen people believe both simultaneously. I read ‘1984’ many years ago and couldn’t quite grasp the concept of doublethink. I can see how it works now.

Meanwhile, there is much outrage over Mad Hancock handing his homework in late. He should have published details of the PPE procurement contracts within 30 days. He took 47 days and there was even a court case about it.

This is irrelevant. Who can honestly say they’ve never been late handing in a report when under pressure? Okay, I have little time for the man, but when this epidemic was at its height he had much more important matters to deal with than a bit of paperwork. I don’t care at all about late filing of the report.

I’m not even all that bothered about him giving contracts to his mates. As long as the PPE showed up, at that time that was all that really mattered. Who provided it is not really of any consequence to me. Okay, I can see it was pretty shady and sneaky and under-the-table but he’s a politician. What else would you expect? They are all the bloody same.

Much press time has been given to this late-homework nonsense. I am far more concerned about a much earlier lie. Mad Hancock told Parliament that he had commissioned a study into vitamin D and found it had no effect. No such study existed. He lied.

That was not a mistake. That was not ‘Dominic Cummings ate my homework so it’s late’. That was not passing lucrative contracts to his mates, who came up with what they were contracted to provide. None of those things matter.

The vitamin D lie was deliberate and potentially devastating. Most of those who got very sick and died with Covid were vitamin D deficient. A cheap supplement could have saved at least some of them and possibly made the disease far less nasty to many others.

I take vitamin D and so does CStM. A pack of 400 tablets of 4000 IU costs about a tenner. More than a year’s supply for less than the average price of one pack of cigarettes and much less than one bottle of decent whisky. Many people pay far more per month for Netflix or Sky than they’d pay for a year’s supply of vitamin D. Don’t wait for the government to supply it. They never will. Just get some. Especially if you are in northern Europe and have dark skin. You aren’t getting anywhere near enough of the free stuff from the pitiful amount of sunlight we get here in winter.

Also get some vitamin C, zinc and quercetin. That combination will help against a lot more than just Covid. The other diseases have not vanished, despite what the news tells you.

So now we have the press chasing Mad Hancock for getting his paperwork in late and giving him a free pass for openly lying about a vitamin D study that never happened. We have announcements on the same day telling us we’re all going to die and we are all simultaneously saved. We are all Schrodinger’s cat now.

It’s as if reality belongs to a different universe.

14 thoughts on “The Doublethinkers

      • Just a thought regarding nudgenudge (or njnj or no jab no job): could an employee argue that a company seeking to contractually force employees to have jabs for their jobs will be liable for injury payouts etc if the scenario of antibody dependent enhancement (as you described in your silent editor blogpost of the 20th Feb) comes to pass? Indeed, since the government has given itself and big pharma sovereign immunity, won’t the likes of Pimlico Plumbers be solely liable (given that there won’t be anyone else around to be sued) for any future vaccine-related illness in their employees?
        This of course begs the question as to whether or not big pharma are using the money saved as a result of their sovereign immunity gig to build up a fund/helpline to assist companies that in future may find themselves in this position. Given that CEOs of big pharma companies are more probably more interested in their share options, I suspect not.


  1. Compare “We will relax restrictions when we are certain that the retreat of the virus is irreversible” against “It may be necessary to impose, next winter (at least), mask wearing and ‘other’ restrictions”. They don’t even believe their own lies.

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    • In other words. We’re feeding you a line Yes but no but yes but no. And tell me how does Chris Whitty always look so well turned out. Wheres he getting his haircuts from? I look like a mad salt and pepper wave.


  2. In times past there were three truths – what you remember, what I remember and what actually happened. Now there are five truths when you include what politicians say and what the MSM report

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  3. Totally agree with your vit D remarks. However, there was a report issued by NICE in December 2020. They dissed its effects. Oddly, the studies they looked at were generally positive (some remarkably so) in their own conclusions, yet NICE’s decision was that there was no significant benefit.

    The best dissection of their bolleax that I’ve seen was done by Zoe Harcombe. ‘Tis here –

    I have lost all faith in any & every British institution. Covid costs would be ameliorated by simply shutting them all down.

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  4. Difficult for me here in Brittany from whence I watch on in utter amazement, where nothing is going on as far as I can see.
    There is an invitation in local Pharmacies to register for a vaccine if you are over 65, but no real information. Like do you have to produce a Birth Certificate? I didn’t ask in case they thought I was interested.

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  5. You know what? About these “experts”, I mean, the ones, some of whom emanate from that previously noble and august institutution, Imperial College (which my father attended from 1935 to 1939) and their PC Cultural Marxist mates….

    I think we should build a wall round Imperial College. Inside, incarcerate all the experts. They can enjoy each other’s company, but we will allow no alcohol (none whatever), and no restauranting in the cafeterias (none whatever), and certainly no sex…not even with each other, or even _with themselves_ (none, whatever.)

    Their phones and internet will also be cut off – it’s called “isolation”. The virus “could transmit up to 4,000 deaths a day via wifi”…

    They can communicate by waving biro-A4 sheets about their “latest models”, via the second floor windows.

    Then, we might just, might… be able to get this nation rebooted, somewhat, and up and running again.

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