The Beer Licence

So, we can expect to have to show our vaccination papers to get into pubs and restaurants and theatres and shops. The government have denied this so many times that it’s inevitable.

Well I won’t have any. So I won’t be going to places that demand it. I rarely went to those places before so it’s not going to be a big loss for me, but it will be a powerful incentive for many others.

The doublethink in this case is off the scale. The vaccines have been clearly stated to not be ‘real’ vaccines. They don’t stop you catching it and they don’t stop you spreading it. All they claim to do is reduce the symptoms. Well, that’s not a bad thing in itself. The rabies vaccine I had years ago claimed much the same – it won’t stop you getting rabies but it will give you time to get to a hospital for treatment. Without it – and especially as my visit to China involved visiting remote farms – I’d have died if there were any rabid animals left that the Chinese hadn’t eaten.

In the end I didn’t get rabies. I only saw two dogs in my time there and both of them were roasted.

So, the vaccine will not stop you spreading it, therefore the vaccinated pose just as much risk of spread as the unvaccinated. The difference is that the vaccinated might be spreading the virus without getting sick themselves. And yet we are to believe that the unvaccinated pose a risk to the vaccinated. This is the polar opposite to any form of biology, immunology, logic or reason – and people believe it.

Somehow, even though the vaccinated can still spread the virus, giving them a ‘vaccine passport’ makes them magically safe to be around. Twitter is full of propaganda on this.

‘Well you have to have a yellow fever vaccine to visit certain countries’. Yes you do. I had a slew of vaccines to get into China, but once in, I never had to show my vaccination card at any restaurant or public building. I have not had yellow fever vaccine because I haven’t been to any country that needs it but if I wanted to go to one of those countries, I’d take the vaccine. I have the choice. Take the vaccine or don’t visit that country.

‘Wouldn’t you feel safer if the person next to you in the theatre / your Uber driver was vaccinated?’ Well, do I have to ask them if they’ve had vaccinations against polio or tuberculosis or tetanus or measles or mumps or a host of other diseases that are far worse than Covid? No? So why this one? Also, if they’re vaccinated, they might have mild or no symptoms, suppressed by their vaccine, but still be exhaling live virus. So no, I’d feel safer if they didn’t have this dodgy vaccine, thanks.

‘Oh, it’s just proof of vaccination. You have a driver’s licence, it’s no different’. I’ve never had to show my driver’s licence to get into a pub. In fact I haven’t been asked to prove my age in a pub since I was 15. The only time you have to show your licence is when you are stopped by the police while driving. And if you don’t have it on you, you can show it at a police station a few days later. I’ve actually never experienced that either. Do you think that if you forget your Covid pertmission slip, the pub will let you in as long as you turn up with it next week?

Can you imagine the absurdity of having to show proof that you can drive in order to board public transport? In the New Normal, would anyone be at all surprised? A driving licence is in no way comparable to a vaccination certificate. You have to pass a test to get a licence. You have to work for it. You have to prove you are competent to be in charge of a vehicle. A vaccination is a medical record. All you have to do is roll up your sleeve.

A region of Spain has just defied the European court’s ‘no mandate for vaccines’ order and imposed fines on anyone who refuses. This will spread. Some Scandinavian countries are issuing vaccination passports – but they are not passports. You do not need them to leave the country. You need them to go to the shops.

If some countries demand proof of vaccination from anyone visiting, fine. Greece currently wants either a proof of vaccination or a recent negative test if you want to visit. That’s okay. It’s like the yellow fever vaccine, you have a choice. Comply with that country’s requirements or don’t go there.

This is not what is being proposed. You will need a permission slip (to give it its true name) to go to the shops, to restaurants, to pubs, anywhere. You will need to renew it every year to deal with ‘new variants’ and anything else that comes up. And if you think it is going to stop with Covid, I have several bridges in stock that you might be interested in.

Once it’s in place, flu vaccine will be added. Then another vaccine, then another, and it will never end. You will have to prove it’s up to date to the security guard at Tesco’s door before going in for a pint of milk. One missing vaccination and you’re going nowhere.

Take it from the smokers. You give them a foot in the door with this ‘Covid passport’ and it’ll be a rerun of ‘We only want a nonsmoking area in restaurants’ all over again.

Okay, I understand that those who are vaccinated might think it’s no big deal. It only applies to ‘the others’. But it is not stopping with Covid. You will have to show your entire medical record to get on a bus if you let this go. Overweight? Walk to the next stop and try again. It’s not like the smoking ban, which had no real effect on nonsmokers. Apart from closing some of their favourite pubs. This Covid passport affects everyone and it’s going to get bigger.

It seems some pubs are all in favour of the Covid passport. Did they learn nothing from the smoking ban? This is not going to revive your business, it’s going to finish it – and you will need to employ an extra member of staff to stand at the door checking customers and doing nothing else. Pubs will, once again, demand a level playing field so none of them will be open to those of us who don’t want the vaccine. *Shrug*. They effectively threw me out in 2006 anyway. In the north of Scotland, an unheated outdoor smoking area holds no appeal.

One more thing. This Covid passport is not for tracking your movements. That’s a strawman. Your car is tracked by ANPR and GPS and those ‘average speed’ cameras wherever you go. Some modern cars have the tracking built in, as an incentive to pay lower insurance premiums if you don’t drive far. You can be personally tracked via your phone. Many people have installed Alexa listening devices and Ring-type cameras in their homes voluntarily. Your movements and conversations are already available to any government that wants to track you.

This daily-life passport is the ultimate control. Do as you are told, take whatever medications are mandated whether you need them or not, or you can’t buy food. Once currency is digital your entire life can be switched off for one word out of place. In this modern world that really could happen to absolutely anyone at any time.

Is this really the world you want your children to grow up in?

26 thoughts on “The Beer Licence

  1. “One more thing. This Covid passport is not for tracking your movements. That’s a strawman.”

    Correct, Covid is the ‘mechanism’ for implementing the change that we’re now seeing – it’s the excuse for this transformation. Before, it was a case of opting-in to comply; if you didn’t, it was your call.
    Now, with vaccinations, the onus has changed. By not opting it, you will, quite simply, be excluded. Moreover, as in Galicia, fined until you do comply. Simple.

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  2. This is the polar opposite to any form of biology, immunology, logic or reason – and people believe it.

    See also, masks. If you apply logic and reason, the argument falls apart. It is an argument based on emotion not reason and as I have discovered, we are surrounded by the emotionally incontinent and the hard-of-thinking.

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  3. Wait a minute. I thought we had to stop the virus to keep it from mutating. Since the vaccine doesn’t stop the virus, it just doesn’t make people as sick, won’t it continue to mutate, so the vaccine will be ineffective, lots of people will get sick and die again, new vaccine that works for a few months then repeat – how does this solve anything? Or have I misunderstood completely?

    We had an episode in Quebec where a lot of the people in a long term care home got the illnesss after they were vaccinated, as did a good part of the staff, but they didn’t get sick. So no, it’s not a proper vaccine to begin with. About halfway down:

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  4. Now we’ve been softened up to accept controls and jabs, it’ll be an annual event, like your car’s MOT test.
    One of the mRNA concocters freely admit on their website that the jab’s ‘delivery system’ may be used as a platform for many ‘interventions’ from now – the covid mix is just a trial run for what’s ahead. Although these may include many potentially useful treatments, there are other, more worrying aspects, such as fertility control.

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    • The trouble is, how many people can look at a DNA/RNA sequence and say what it will do? I can’t. Even among those biochemists working daily with DNA, a string of letters doesn’t immediately translate into the protein it codes for. Even the top experts would need to know the reading frame to determine the protein (shift the frame one letter to the right, the protein sequence is completely different). So the average Joe in the street has absolutely no hope of knowing what the RNA is going to do in their bodies, even if handed the sequence. I bet most people wouldn’t want to admit that though, so they can show the actual sequence on the enclosed leaflet and everyone thinks they’ve been ‘informed’.

      Basically, only those who designed the sequence know what it does. And the ones in charge of the designers are avowed population-reducers. That does not make me feel comfortable at all.

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  5. Gove (rhymed with move, or love, or trove?) assures Parliament no pub entry certificate of vaccination will be needed. So that’s alright then – unless he’s an unreliable back-stabbing manipulative little shit

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  6. There was a Dan Dare strip one time called the Platinum Planet. The Aliens all wore helmets that controlled them. They liked the helmets which gave them a nice life. But of course it wasn’t really. They became like robots. Dan and Digby saved them all in the end. Many did not like that.

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    • This is the basis of hte problem. Many people just want someone else to do all their thinking for them, to take away all responsibility and make the hard decisions. You can’t save those who don’t want to be saved.

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  7. One main strategic problem in the West in general, and in the UK in particular, has been the diminution of the intensity and depth of science teaching in schools, sixth form colleges and indeed, in universities. I have an enormous archive of educational text books dating from the early 1900s to the present day. It is tragic to note what material, all of it deeply understood decaeds ago, has now vanished from modern “syllabuses”. Like the removal of Latin and Greek from school teaching largely, so that modern people can’t detect what words mean any more, I regard the demolition of mass science knowledge as a deliberate act.

    Perhaps that was a prelude, on purpose, to what has been going on in the last year. Nobody would know any more how to contradict our new “experts”, and our politicians, the experts’ new lackeys and running-dogs, who would agree to “follow the science”…

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