Digression first. My car battery has died completely. Not surprising really, it had six weeks last April of being totally immobilised because of a broken gearchange cable. Naturally all dealerships were closed for Covid and it’s a dealer-only part. I eventually got one from the United Arab Emirates, for about half the cost (including import duty) of getting one from the local dealer. So that was fixed. Still the car hardly went anywhere.

More recently, the front brake caliper broke so that was another short period of car paralysis while waiting for parts. Fortunately these are fairly generic so no need to harass the dealers.

Normally, this car would have had a run to Wales and back at least once a year (over a thousand miles round trip), and would have had regular runs to Aldi/Tesco which is at least a forty mile round trip whichever one we go to. We have not set foot in Tesco since last March. We get online orders delivered. So, the car really only gets to run two miles to Local Shop once in a while. Over winter, that short trip also involves using lights and heater and well, batteries just don’t like the cold anyway. No wonder the battery is buggered.

So, I looked up battery replacements. I have a little booster, about the size of a mobile phone, which is amazing. Clamp it onto the battery and the car starts. You then have about thirty seconds to get it off the battery before the back-voltage makes it explode but hey, what’s life without a little risk?

I found that the AA have a mobile battery replacement service. As a member I just pay for the battery (they ain’t cheap) but even if you’re a non-member it’s worth keeping in mind. Non-members get charged £35 (plus the battery you’d have to buy anyway) for the job, and they will come to you no matter where you are stuck. They will, of course, try to sell you membership but they’ll fix your battery anyway.

I booked a slot online at 1 am (March 2nd) thinking it might be a few days before they arrived but then I wasn’t really planning to go anywhere. I was astonished to find I could book a time for March 2nd! Yes really, later the same day! So I booked it for the afternoon because mornings are the invention of Satan and I will have no truck with them. Besides, why rush? It’s not like anything is open out there. I admit to being impressed by this.

Anyway, the car has had more things go wrong with it this year than ever before and it’s mostly because it’s been sitting idle, sometimes for weeks at a time. The exhaust heat shield rattles too but I don’t think I need to worry about that. I think of it as background music (early Kraftwerk was very similar).

Anyway, enough digression.

Mad Hancock has taken control of the government’s ‘optional’ vaccine program. Things are about to get much more draconian. Merkel has declared that anyone in Germany not taking the vaccine will be ostracised from normal life. Australia is doing much the same as are many other countries in Europe. Some parts of Spain intend to fine people who don’t want the vaccine and Germany has new concentration camps for lockdown refuseniks. You’d think Germany would know better, but then Israel are refusing entry to the unvaccinated in many places and they really should know better.

The reality of vaccine programs, none of which have ever required this level of enforcement and propaganda even for much more dangerous diseases like polio or tuberculosis, is that you need roughly 80% uptake to keep the disease in check. This assumes the vaccine works. You do not need to vaccinate every last individual. If two in ten people are unvaccinated, and one of the two has the disease, they can only pass it to one other person. The other eight are safe and the disease can’t spread far. It dies out.

This is what happened with tuberculosis in the UK until Tiny Blur decided to let the rest of the planet move here. I’m vaccinated, and it was double-checked when I started in microbiology. I’m vaccinated against many things now. I’m not taking part in an mRNA experiment though.

Well, there are at least five vaccines out there. Pfizer and Moderna use the mRNA experiment. Oxford/AZ use DNA in a viral vector to do much the same. I don’t really believe any of these will change your DNA unless there are extra bits in there I’m not aware of. I have other reasons to be concerned.

The Novavax uses virus spike proteins in a tiny fat micelle. It looks like a virus but has no DNA or RNA in it. It’s basically like a viral infection that’s firing blanks. I don’t hear much about that one. Still, so far, none of these four contain any intact coronavirus. They should not be able to cause an infection.

The Johnson and Johnson one uses killed or attenuated coronavirus. Again, it should not cause an infection.

So, does it matter which one you get? Not at all. None of them work as vaccines. None of them stop you getting the virus and none of them stop you spreading it. The best they offer is a lessening of severity of disease and really, that only matters for the elderly or the infirm. I don’t know when we suddenly became so terrified of a virus that knocks you sideways for a couple of weeks, we’ve had flu since the beginning of humanity. It’s horrible but you survive it and then you’re immune.

Oh and ‘long covid’ is not new. It’s post viral syndrome. Many viruses can leave you in such a mess it can take months for it all to grow back. It’s not a new thing.

So now we have, suddenly, to vaccinate every single person on the planet with a vaccine that does not stop spread but the vaccinated will have a little badge to say they are safe to be around. No they aren’t. They have a vaccine that means they might not even get noticeable symptoms but they are still spreading it. They are very dangerous to be around. Not to themselves but to everyone else.

See, if you let a virus spread unhindered when you have blocked its vicious symptoms, you have created the ideal conditions for it to mutate into something utterly diabolical. It can’t do that if it makes people sick. Sick people stay home and well people know to be vigilant around the sick. The natural development of any virus is to become less dangerous and so become more easily spread. Nobody cares about the common cold. It’ll make your nose go crusty for a few days and then it’s gone. The less harm the virus does, the less care anyone takes about avoiding it. So simple Darwinism says that the less vicious variants will survive, the deadly ones won’t.

These vaccines allow the virus to continue spreading. It’s an artificial Darwinism: it’s not becoming less dangerous in reality, we’re making ourselves artificially resistant to this variant.

Since it’s an RNA virus it will be throwing up mutants all the time. By refusing to let it naturally decline into just a cold, we are allowing it to spread unhindered and there will be a much more dangerous variant at some point. One which will laugh at the vaccines.

This is Bill Gates’ prophecy of ‘the next pandemic will make people pay attention’. It’s being set up now.

And you know, none of this is happening to protect you or to boost your health. It’s all happening for the same two reasons it always happens. The same reasons behind everything that happens. Money and control.

The reason everyone has to be vaccinated this time is the Tiny Blur’s failed ID card scheme. This is the same thing again. Get the Covid card or never enter a business premises again. Never travel, never get credit, you are a nonperson. Why? Vaccination requires around 80% uptake to be effective against much more dangerous diseases. This time it has to be 100%.

Then there’s the money. People still think vaccines are for their benefit. They were at first but now it’s a business, not a medical intervention. Pharmers are not about cures any more. They are purely businesses and only interested in the bottom line. So you will have to get the vaccine every year at least and you can’t enter a supermarket unless you do. Dollar signs are lighting up the eyes of big business Pharmers the world over.

You think it’s free? Nope. Your taxes pay for it. You are paying.

The Covid passports are not about tracking you. That’s already easy. They are a first principle. Get one medication effectively compulsory and the sky’s the limit. You will need to prove vaccination against a whole raft of things just to buy a newspaper in your local shop if you let this go. It is not like the vaccinations you need to have to get into certain countries. This will be a range of vaccinations you need to have to visit your local coffee shop.

It is not about health. It’s been made very clear that the covid vaccines don’t do that.They do not stop spread so a vaccine passport does not make anyone safe to be around.

It is about money and control.

37 thoughts on “Health?

    • It’s the test-bed, to gauge reaction and public kick-back. If it’s too much, they’ll retreat, say they were wrong, how they misunderstood blah, blah, blah… and then they’ll promise to not do it again. They will. Much later. With a different option.

      Past EU referendums show how they slither.

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    • I hadn’t seen that. I’d seen it advertised as ‘attenuated virus’. So it’s another Oxford/AZ one (originally also advertised as a more traditional vaccine).

      As usual, they omit one detail – when your cells produce the spike protein, your immune system doesn’t just make antibodies against it. It destroys the cell showing the protein. Cells showing virus protein are, to the immune system, infected. White cells don’t know about vaccines.

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      • Dr Sucharit Bhakdi also talks about the risk from attacks mounted by lymphocytes against the cells targeted to produce the spike protein. I assume this risk is inherent in both the mRNA and viral vector vaccines – correct? There is something I would like the answer to, which is this: How many cells, or precisely which cells, are actually targeted to produce the spike protein? Are we talking about a very small or limited number, or cells in a very restricted localised part of the body, or will cells throughout the body be producing these spike proteins? I would have that, as a mere layman, that this would make a big difference to the severity of the reaction, and that in the former case it ought to be less dangerous than in the latter – or am I completely misunderstanding?

        Does anyone know, or has anyone seen anything in the literature that addresses this question?

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  1. Logically, if less people get Covid, there is less chance of mutations? Vaccinations are a commodity and just like any other, there is a good time to sell them. Especially if they work. Vaccine passports? Meh. Vaccination is working. We are living in a different world now. We have gone backwards to when all of us had vaccination certificates to go abroad, or get into school/university. Vaccination certificates were EXTRA to our ID cards where I lived. My daughter works in a UK University as lecturer. She HAD to have a meningitis vaccination. Logical or not?

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    • Mutations happen while the virus is replicating. So yes, if fewer people are getting it, then there will be fewer variants appearing.
      I would have no issue if a country decides to require a vaccine passport to enter. That’s no different to the yellow fever countries. In that case, you get the vaccination or you don’t go there. And vaccination requirements for jobs? Well I’m a microbiologist, I’ve had most of the vaccines already available because I was working with some nasty things. I didn’t have to have any of them, they were recommended but not compulsory. I took them all anyway, they were free and since the job made me come in contact with high concentrations of the nasties, it was common sense.
      What I would have serious issue with is having to prove any vaccination to get into a pub, cafe, or to get on a bus or train. Because once they have life conditional on having one medication, you know they won’t ever stop adding to it.

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      • I don’t believe these things will last forever, or that they are a sleight of hand for personal freedom controls. Regulation that stifled freedom in the Middle Ages does not apply now.

        Lockdown and masking for the Spanish Flu does not apply now.

        Rationing and blackout rules, passes for access, from WW2 do not apply now.

        These things are temporary and not worth the energy to complain about. But they are not a ‘plot’ to drive us into servitude.

        Well, that’s my opinion.

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  2. Sorry to make this all about Me. My mother died of TB when I was very young and then I got Infantile TB whatever that might mean, but never to be caught again, they said. Until I was 30 years old. I don’t know if Streptomycine saved my life but I would have done anything to stay around for my children. Resultant Allergies not withstanding. I do know that some people are predisposed to TB and certainly not just in The Third World. My mother had never been anywhere in 1940 and nor had anyone else around her.

    I will never believe that TB has been eradicated. In fact I believe that it will get me in the end. But there are worse ways to die.

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    • TB hasn’t been eradicated. Heck, even the Black Death hasn’t been eradicated! I’m not sure how well TB vaccinations are being done now, everyone had one when I was younger. I guess once the prevalence goes way down, people get complacent – which is one of the reasons it seems to be making a comeback.

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      • My concern is that they tell you that you are cured forever. This is clearly not the case as TB does reoccur.
        My treatment lasted for eighteen months. Every injection and I swallowed every one of those bloody great horse pills. Although I understand that the treatment isn’t so bad these days.

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  3. Cars. I have effectively lost the use of My Car, due to Covid. My son uses it for work and then does the shopping. I haven’t driven anywhere for over a year now; In fact I am beginning to wonder if I still know how. This has insidiously crept up on me and I do feel deprived of a liberty. Gone are the days when I could even think of just getting in my car and going anywhere.
    This is not helped by the inherent kindness of any chid who inevitably thinks that they are doing you a favour by protecting you and that you are probably getting too old anyway.
    My life has changed forever.

    Tax Returns. Try explaining those to smart arsed children when you begin to suspect that you might one day lose the plot. The beginning to suspect comes with the kindness you see.
    Just done mine but it is so frightfully boring.

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    • I’ve put petrol in my car three times since last March. That’s it. The mower has used more than the car. There’s just nowhere to go now that everything is shut, and the delivery charge for a supermarket is actually less than the cost of petrol to drive there! I went down to Local Shop today, once the car was fixed, and had to remind myself how to drive!

      Tax returns – I keep my accounts really simple. If I’m ever audited though, they’ll have a nightmare because it’s all notes and receipts in a big bag 🙂

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  4. Prion genesis by the spike protein which can cross the blood brain barrier…that’s the next stage of the fun (in just a few years). The crossing of the blood brain barrier has been confirmed in autopsies (virus found everywhere in the body). The prion issue has recently been shown in pre-publication medical research. Before that it was shown in humanised mice. I gather that the spike binds on to the ACE2 receptor so strongly that proteins can be deformed. Deformed proteins => prions (which can reproduce in the brain, forming amyloid plaques/Parkinsons/Alzheimers etc)

    The true fun being that all the vaccines seem to carry the spike protein (or the recipe to build them). Having the vaccine (any vaccine) is rolling the die just as having the virus is. So we’re re-running the BSE-CJD experiment on humans but this time with the spike protein adding the ability to cross the blood brain barrier. What a time to be alive. I guess that we’ll all know the result in 1-5 years wehn Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s rates go through the roof…or not (I hope).

    Here’s the guy’s website
    He’s a medically retired brain researcher (used to do Tourette’s research by poking around in monkey brains). Ran a research lab. He’s not a nutter (as far as I can see. He’s not saying that everyone will get it)

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    • I was lying here peacefully on my couch when my cat came up to me & made a nice little sound and then gave a full blown god almighty sneeze right into my mouth and nose. So now I’m wondering just what I might catch from my cat. ::sigh::

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      • You’ll have a slight risk of getting kitticatitis, complicated be pre-morbid tele-angiectatic pussorrhoea. Alternatively, you might contract chronic catosis…

        My old man, a biologist, was great at making up spoof names for convincing-sounding diseases…

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  5. And guess who has caught a cold/flu . Me. Me who takes vit D3 regularly. So took 200000iu last night to blast it. Temp came down to 36.3 from 36.7 still feeling off though. And they’re now trying to book me in to get the vaccine. I’m only 50 … I am in two minds about it all. I certainly don’t want a vaccine when I’m sweating in bed with a stuffed up nose.

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    • Don’t get a vaccine while you’re ill. Any vaccine makes you actually more susceptible for a few days, maybe a week, until the immune system kicks in.

      With, say, hepatitis, it’s not likely to matter. If you’re not already at risk of it then a week won’t make any difference. But if you have a respiratory infection and you take a vaccine against a respiratory infection, well, it might not mix well. Hold off at least until the cold or flu is over.

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      • Exactly what I’m going to tell them. I need to wait at least a month or so before I get one. Hopefully I can just keep putting them off. Dad is due his second shot also in a month. So I’ll have a look at the other people getting their second. See what happens. I don’t want to take part in this experiment but I do wish to get on a plane and get out of this hell hole for 25 days at a time after June 21st. And it’s the Budget today. What fun, not

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  6. Battery wise, may i suggest if you haven’t already purchased to try and buy Yuasa, original equipment on good Japanese cars and 4×4’s and i’ve never had one die suddenly on me, when they’re past it they tend to turn the engine over slower so you get a warning it’s on its last legs, and they usually last well over 8 years if you buy the 5 year warranty jobbies.
    Tayna battery supplies sell them as cheaply as anyone online, though appreciate you may have a surcharge on delivery due to (lucky you) living in remote peace and quiet.

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    • It was a genuine Toyota battery – but no battery could have withstood this year. Weeks at a time immobile, most trips under 4 miles total, the battery was doomed. It had discharged to the point of no return, it couldn’t accept charge any more.
      The AA fitted a Bosch battery with a five year warranty – on condition the car does at least 5000 miles per year. In the last year I doubt it did 500. He also checked the charging system and checked for parasitic drain, just in case, but those were fine. It was simply lack of use that killed the battery. Since I’m an AA member, the only cost was the battery itself 🙂
      Incidentally, I’ve called the AA out three times in the past year. I hadn’t called them for a couple of decades before that! Good thing I didn’t cancel my membership.

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      • I even had to call out the AA for a jump on my Volvo. Now that battery is super effective. I didn’t even know where the terminals were. But 2-3 weeks sitting in the snow…
        Home start that day took 3 hours to turn up.

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    • I had a Citroen Picasso (bright bilous green – our mechanic finally failed its last MOT “because of its colour”…”Bora-Bora Green”…). We bought it in 2005, four years old, with the original battery in it. The battery lasted till late 2013 because i had a little 3-Watt solar charger velcro-d to the dashboard just under the windscreen, permanently wired to the electrics.

      Same with the current Zafira B. From 2014 till last November we had no battery problems. The AA man who replaced the battery said it was 2006 Vauxhall original equipment.

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    • My wife’s Mini is rarely used and we keep the battery on trickle charge when it’s not in use. The dealer said that, because it’s got keyless ignition, all the time it’s not being used it’s effectively continuously sending out a signal saying “where’s the key? Where’s the key? Where’s the key?” and that drains the battery.

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