Yeah but no but yeah but no but…

Well, our government seems to be run by two different mindsets. The ones we voted for and the ones we didn’t. Neither of htem seem much good.

On the one hand, Mad Hancock is claiming that the success of the vaccines means we can now dispense with the Nightingale emergency backup hospitals – those expensive white elephants that were barely used because there was nobody to staff them and never anywhere near enough patients to fill them. We won’t need them now, he says. Everything is under control.

On the other hand, and indeed at the same time, Gollum and Wormtongue are claiming that their ‘models’ show tens of thousands of deaths if people are allowed to associate with each other again. They want lockdown forever.

These are, of course the same ‘models’ that have never been anywhere remotely near correct in any epidemic, ever, including this one. What they don’t seem to address is… if the vaccines work, the models can’t possibly be right. If the models are right, the vaccines don’t work. So what’s it gonna be, droogies? One or the other. The scenarios are mutually exclusive.

This is because the further a total lockdown lift is delayed, the more progress profit the vaccine rollout makes 

There you go, Daily Mail. Fixed it for you.

Yes, it’s the usual combo. Money and control and the two are linked. There is a shitload of money in vaccines especially if they can be forced on everyone. Add in the manufacturer’s immunity to any legal action if people start keeling over and well, you have a magic money tree right there. Most of the bastards in charge have stock and stand to profit hugely. This is why easy fixes like vitamins D and C, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are being demonised or ignored. Those are all cheap and out of patent, or can’t be patented. No, the money is in the vaccines.

As for the control, well, in the backround is the Tiny Blur and his dream of a total-control ID cards for everyone. Here comes the vaccine passport whioch fulfils that dream with the added bonus of perpetual profit.

No, they cannot legally force you to take the vaccines. Incidentally – no, it does not have nanobots or microchips in it and it won’t track you. Your phone already does that anyway. Still, there are laws in place that prevent mandatory vaccination but these are very easily circumvented.

‘No jab, no job’. Heard that yet? If you don’t get the vaccine, you can’t work. If you don’t have the vaccine you cannot visit certain countries – well that’s no biggie really, the ‘yellow fever excuse’ has been rolled out over and over. But… if you don’t have the vaccine you can’t go to Tesco? This is not really comparable to a country requiring vaccination, is it?

Countries reliant on tourism are starting to state they won’t require Covid vaccination. Why? Because they are not run by idiots. They have realised that countries requiring Covid vaccination are not going to get all that many tourists in the future. They are getting in early, they’ll soak up all the excess tourist trade and do very well out of this. Travel and tour companies, likewise, because they have posted enormous losses rather than profits in the last tax year. Pubs, clubs, restaurants, gyms… local shops… if you can’t go there without a vaccination, just order what you want online. The vaccine passport will kill them all, if they let it.

If you don’t have the vaccination you can’t travel and you can’t live. It’s not compulsory to have it, you’re just an outcast from society if you don’t. Eventually people will give in and then it’s game on.

The flu vaccine will then take over. If it’s not on your passport, then your passport is invalid. It has to be renewed every year. Then the ‘new variant’ game begins in earnest. You have no effective control over the medications you take because if they are not on your passport you cannot enter a shop or get a job. Anything the Pharmers want to sell, you have to buy just to be able to live.

The covid pandemic is long since over. This winter, flu has been rebranded. Nothing is different when you look at previous winters. But the money and control keeps flowing and it will never end. You’ll be wearing fifteen masks in a few years, struggling to breathe to save the NHS that will have been closed to all but the approved diseases by then (it, effectively, already is). Your children will not see your face (my grandchildren won’t recognise me now and that’s only going to get worse) and you will never feel their touch.

So, droogies, is that the world you want? You want your children to grow up in a world of isolation and despair? A world where their bodies exist only for the profit of the Pharmers and the State?

Or are you going to do something to change it?

Time is running out.

16 thoughts on “Yeah but no but yeah but no but…

  1. That’s where the onus has changed. Before, it was ‘for your safety’; now it’s ‘for the safety of others’. Pitched as today’s social responsibility and all that, but people either forget their history or, more likely, weren’t even taught it.

    Before, it was you always had to opt-in to be signed up for whatever it was; now (or coming soon with 5G, the IoT, and beyond), you no longer need to: by not opting-in that’s you out. Ostracised, excluded, banished, off to Cov’ you go…

    A decade, a generation… two, it’s only time.

    “It was then that I realized where these new technologies were headed, and that if my generation didn’t intervene the escalation would only continue. It would be a tragedy if, by the time we’d finally resolved to resist, such resistance were futile.” (Edward Snowden, ‘Permanent Record’, p184)

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    • But, one has to spare a pitiful thought for those who truly believed, all we were going to be given was a little bit of folded cardboard, a “vaccine passport” we would have to flash with our passport once in a blue-moon when we jetted off the sunnier climes.

      The thought of being monitored 24/7 using technology full on Chinese Communist style, to even go to Tesco’s to buy a pint of milk,, or a loaf a bread, was obviously way beyond their comprehension.

      The World Economic Forum 2020 – Xi Jinping could not have been clearer.

      One would have to have been living in a cave for the past 13 months to not understand fully, what is about happen to us?

      But, but, but..this “vaccine passport” it’s just a little bit of folded cardboard..what’s the big deal. Yellow Fever…blah, blah, blah.

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  2. The “vaccine passport” those crazy tin-foil wearing conspiracy theorists, have been warning what is coming since March 2020.

    Qr-codes, China have them, scan QR-code, in a taxi, on a bus, on a train, in the supermarket, in any shop, public building, in a hotel, pub, restaurant, club, any public building, to work, back from work, in a petrol station, anywhere, and everywhere you go, scan code, in and out, China use them, the Chinese even have to scan their codes to go from market to side street, side street to alleys, district to district, when they leave home, when they return home, full on Communist control of its citizens.

    We are next.

    Sometime in the not so distant future, scan QR-code,…Citizen, you are not permitted to purchase that bottle of half-decent red at 13% alcohol content, you have used up your state approved alcohol units for this period, please try again next month…Citizen, you are not permitted to purchase that Scratch card, you have exceeded the state approved gambling guidelines…Citizen you are not permitted to purchase that item of confectionery, your state approved sugar intake has been exceeded by 2 gms, please try again when your allowance for sugar, salt, will be set back to zero..

    You get the drift.

    Don’t believe it can happen?

    Wait until you are at Tesco’s, and your traffic light QR-code turns red, and you are not permitted entrance to buy that pint of milk.

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  3. Do any people under 30 care?
    That’s a major problem as I see it – the younger generations have been let down by so much crap ‘education’, have been under some restrictions all their lives and are fully signed up to ‘wokeness’, etc., etc. It’s very difficult to break through their assumptions and nonsense (about climate, race, gender, etc.) and reach any logical thought areas, for the few that are actually still capable of thought.
    So presently I am very pessimistic about the likelihood of any sort of normality returning – in fact I consider most of the compliant masses deserve their Brave New fate.

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  4. “The flu vaccine will then take over”. Could it be, mr Legiron, that all the old and vulnerable who took last years ‘flu jab’ from Dec’19 to Feb’20, just happen to be the ones who suffered and died in large numbers, during this last years ‘plandemic’.
    I only ask because, as we know the flu jab chosen, for every flu season, is a guess for which variant may, or may not arrive each winter.
    Could it be that the new, novel, never before seen, ChiNees Bat virus, doesn’t mix to well, with the last years, guesstimate flu ‘vaccine’?

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    • There’s no available data (as far as I know) on who had the flu vaccine vs. who ended up in hospital with Covid. There’s also, strangely, no information on how many recent deaths/hospitalisations were people who had just had the Covid vaccine. There are many anecdotal reports but nobody in the medical profession seems to be interested.

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  5. Dear Mr Legiron

    That nice Mr *hitty is in effect stating that vaccines don’t work. If they did work Mr *hitty could not state “…a deadly third wave of coronavirus is inevitable.. ”.

    ”More than 80,000 people have died since the second wave started gathering steam in September.”

    The people who wrote that should be arraigned on charges of terrorism. Deaths started to increase in October. Average weekly deaths over the last 5 years for England and Wales are around 10,500 per week. From October last year to Friday 26 February 2021 there are 21 weeks, so a more accurate figure is 220,000 people have died. Maybe they meant “after testing positive for covid”, but that’s not what they wrote. The actual deaths figure from week ending 9 October 2020 (week 41) to 26 February 2021 (week 8) is 282,252, therefore the excess above the average is 61,000, 24% less than the (I assume) claimed figure for deaths ‘with’ covid.

    Deaths ‘with’ covid have taken a dive recently. Cue the BBC et al to claim victory for vaccination.

    Though there were no mass vaccinations in 2015 or 2018 (the last two ‘bad flu’ years), those years and 2021 at week 8 are at more or less the same point: c 1,000 excess deaths – see the graph at Exhibit 1 below. The actual figures are:

    2015 1,004
    2018 1,017
    2021 1,188

    The cumulative totals to week 8 are:

    2015 105,518
    2018 106,132
    2021 131,886

    So 2021 is about 25,000 more deaths than the last two bad flu seasons and almost all of them over 70 years of age. Hardly a figure to trash entire economies for.

    All-cause deaths 2010-21

    It is worth noting on the graph that between the end of May 2020 and the beginning of October, the weekly death figures are lost in the noise of years 2010-2019, so the introduction of face nappies on 24 July was a total waste of time and money. Most likely it was a demand for a public display of obedience (PDO) and a fine opportunity to collect a bit of extra revenue, with perhaps a bit of corony corporatism on the side, bunging a bit of business to that nice Mr Johnson’s best mates who had gone long on face nappies.

    Under the conservatives an Englishman’s home is his prison. When I was a lad and battery hens were the latest thing, I remember watching hundreds of chickens being vaccinated before being consigned to their cages. In 2021 we are only to be allowed out of our cages if we are vaccinated. The public as the livestock of the state could not be more brazenly illustrated.

    The sad part is the vast majority seem to like it.


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    • The vaccines don’t prevent you from catching the illness. We’ve had a couple more outbreaks in Canada (a big one in BC) in care homes where everybody or nearly everybody was vaccinated.

      So…the virus has to work a bit harder to spread, and it causes you to spew more viral particles when you breathe out, thereby making it both more contagious and more deadly. As well as whatever else it mutates into.

      Do we end up in a situation where it’s like Marek’s disease in chickens – harmless to vaccinated chickens, 100% fatal to non-vaccinated? Ergo will we all be needing vaccines and updated vaccines every few months just to stay alive?

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