Out after curfew

Cards on the table. Aside from not being able to visit family, lockdown has had little effect on me. It’s had much more effect on my car – the decayed brakes and dead battery were entirely caused by lack of use.

I have a small pension, not enough for a world cruise but it pays for rent and food and heating (although heating is of course supplemented by having a real fire and an endless supply of free wood). There is a trickle of income from Leg Iron Books, still not much but it’s slowly improving. At the moment I’m not taking a cut from author profits since these are still low, authors get 100% and I just get the pennies from each anthology sold. The Spring anthology is building up, by the way. So I don’t have much income, the pension lets me run Leg Iron Books, but then there isn’t much left in the world that I want to buy. Instead, I have a load of stuff I need to sell.

We can’t go shopping – well, we can, but it’s such a miserable experience now that food deliveries are a much better option. It’s also worth noting that the charge for a delivery is far less than the petrol I’d use to get to the nearest supermarkets. I’ve used about one and a half tanks of petrol since last March. I am sure the mower has used more than the car. Also, not going to places like Aldi mean I don’t get to browse the Aisle of Wonder and buy more stuff I don’t need. Lockdown is actually saving me money.

So, am I a fan of lockdown? No. It’s the most ridiculous, damaging and downright cruel social experiment ever devised. It does nothing to stop a virus spreading, it has put a lot of people out of work and out of their homes, it has destroyed high street businesses and it has created a climate of fear that will take at least a generation to recover from. It is pure insanity.

Governments claiming they can control a virus is like governments claiming they can control the weather. Surely no government anywhere would make such ludicrous claims? Oh, wait…

Sure, I’m lucky. I live well away from other people and have plenty of outdoor space. If this had happened a few years earlier I’d have been stuck in a four-room top floor flat going rapidly insane. So yes, I can appreciate what it must be like for whoever lives there now.

“But lockdowns saved the NHS!” It wasn’t lockdown that emptied the hospitals and made the Nightingales unneccessary. What achieved that, and allowed all those medics to make dance videos in empty wards, was the complete shutdown of all doctor’s surgeries and all other treatments. Even now, if you don’t have Covid, they don’t want to see you. Don’t bother the doctor if you’re ill.

There was once an old joke, in which a man goes to his doctor. The doctor’s first words are ‘I haven’t seen you in a while’, to which the man responds ‘No, that’s because I haven’t been well.’ It’s no longer a joke. It’s reality.

Lately we are treated to videos of masked medics doing slow handclaps in empty wards because they were ‘only’ offered a 1% pay rise. Many people have found their income drop to zero during lockdown. Many businesses have gone to the wall. Those on furlough have taken a 20% pay cut this past year. Anyone wanting non-Covid treatment has had to fork out for private healthcare so they can see the same doctor they would have seen on the NHS, which we still have to pay for even though we can’t use it. Nobody is getting a pay rise other than the NHS, which has all but closed down for a year. Complaining about 1% in those circumstances endears the NHS to nobody.

Could the world get any madder? Well, as it turns out, yes it can.

A woman was kidnapped and murdered in London. The suspect is a police officer. You know, the ones we trust to stop people kidnapping and murdering other people. I’m not going to say any more on the case itself, I don’t know anything more and the investigation is ongoing.

The reaction to this, however, is nothing short of insane. Yes, it is a horrible crime. Yes, women do get attacked in city centres at night. There is much Outrage about this particular case, and a lot of it comes from those who excuse grooming gangs and illegal-immigrant violence with ‘it’s their culture’.

Yes, I wrote ‘illegal immigrant’ and not ‘asylum seeker’. If they are seeking asylum from violence, why did they bring it with them? Is it not more likely that their country paid them to leave so the home country would be safer?

And ‘immigrant’ is not something I am against. My own family, on my mother’s side, immigrated here from Italy a couple of generations ago. I could have been unlucky, I could have been born in Italy and all the Italian I know is ‘pizza’ and ‘espresso’. Although I could probably get by on that.

It looks like a digression, but consider – a woman is kidnapped and killed and there are questions raised in parliament. Immigrant drug gangs in London are killing each other so frequently now that the news doesn’t even report it. Grooming gangs are only now, after operating for decades, starting to be dealt with. So much more – but this one murder has become politicised to the hilt.

I repeat, this was a horrible crime and I am not downplaying it in any way. especially if it turns out it was really committed by a policeman. However, it has been picked out of the crime stats and hyped for political gain.

In the House of Lards, Baroness Gonzo Jones (a natural mistake, she does look like a Jim Henson creation) declared that there should be a 6 pm curfew on all men so that women feel safe. She is entirely serious.

Am I bovvered? Do I look bovvered? Local Shop shuts at 7 anyway, the pub is a 40 minute sober walk away and probably two hours on the way back if I don’t get lost in the woods (I haven’t tried) so I’ve only ever been there for meals. Which are good, but under Scotland’s drinking laws you can’t drive home after a couple of beers. It would be just my luck to meet the annual police patrol so I don’t risk it. I drink my whisky at home.

So no, a 6 pm curfew for men would not affect me in the slightest. Lockdown has messed up my sleeping patterns to the point where I don’t even get up by 6 pm some days. So… do I support it?

Of course not. It’s insanity in the form of a badly made puppet with unkempt hair. Who does she think will enforce it? The police? The ones charged with keeping us safe from murderers and kidnappers? Um… look again at that case, Baroness.

It would take every law abiding man off the street. Criminals, as with the gun and knife bans, will pay no attention at all. So the next time a woman is attacked there would be no male witness, no man to step in and intervene, no man a woman can approach and ask for help. Not even a policeman, most likely. I have nothing against policewomen but… up against a burly rapist? Yeah, all they’d really do is increase the victim count. And with a curfew on men, can they call for any meaningful backup?

Who the hell would ever think this was a good idea?

Well, Mark Drakeford, apparently. The head of the Welsh Assembly who thinks he’s Owain Glyndwr but acts more like Pol Pot. He wanted a curfew for men in Wales but then Winston Smith got to the newspaper report. Presumably someone with a smidgeon of intelligence realised that most of Labour’s voters like to get home from work and then have a couple of beers in the local pub (if there are any left. I hear The Crown, one of my favourites there, is now rubble). A 6 pm curfew would finally destroy every pub in the country and leave a hell of a lot of highly enraged voters. So the story changed.

The link I saw looked like this –

It lead to this URL – https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/politics/14315489/men-face-curfew-wales-markj-drakeford-sarah-everard/

Which now contains this story –

Very fast U-turn there. Maybe someone pointed out to the bespectacled idiot that his own son is currently in prison for an eight-stretch for rape and sexual assault? So trying to lord it as a champion for the fairer sex really isn’t going to go well.

The virtue signallers get it wrong every time. Every single time. Western civilisation is dying and the ones killing it are the ones charged with supporting it. It’s over, we’re finished, we haven’t got a prayer. The idiots in charge think they’ll survive this but when the taxpayers are all gone and all you have left are the benefit claimants, what happens then?

If schools still taught history, the answer would be clear.

21 thoughts on “Out after curfew

  1. I think you’ve got it wrong in your interpretation of Drakeford’s initial comments about curfew. He didn’t start out in favour of it; his mistake was to give a politician’s answer instead of a direct answer, and he didn’t foresee Charlie Stayt trying to throw a ‘Gotcha’ at him.
    If you watch it again you’ll see Drakeford say (from memory) ‘A curfew is not at the top of our list of actions.’ He was attempting to deflect the idea in what he thought was a diplomatic way. Charlie Stayt then jumped in with his ‘Gotcha’ by saying (from memory) ‘So you don’t rule out imposing a curfew.’
    The two points to take from this: politicians do better for us and themselves when they say clearly what they mean, and the media are more interested in putting forward their ‘truth’ (c. Oprah) than reporting reality.
    I suggest that you and your readers watch the first Drakeford clip again.

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    • The point is that our furher even has it on his list!! It showed him up as incompetent when faced with an unscripted question. A straight no was all that was required. A no, no, no, this idea is insane, would have been better. He has, hopefully, alienated at least half of his voter base.

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    • Well, he could have done the proper thing and firmly rejected it unambiguously out of hand, which is what an honest person would do. Oh, yeah, politician… He’s a scumbag for not instantly rejecting it as authoritarian insanity. A decent person wouldn’t give it a nanosecond’s thought before telling the questioner exactly what they could do with the proposal.

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    • I did and you’re right that he say a curfew on men would only be considered as a temporary measure. However, income tax was only introduced as a temporary measure to pay for the Napoleonic Wars, and more recently locking down the whole population in their homes for three weeks was billed as a temporary measure because of a crisis. That was a year ago and here we are.

      Now, I’m not saying that Mark Drakeford was around in 1799 or that he was responsible for ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’, but he did give succor to the insane and unworkable idea and to the spiteful, crazy cunts that proposed it.

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    • The SNP are now running with the idea. It’s theatre.
      Sagalout is right. A 6 pm curfew won’t fly – but 11 pm or midnight? Still nuts but appears to be less nuts than 6 pm.
      This new game does two things. It pits men against women, another division. It also sets the idea of a curfew in people’s minds. Many people seem to be afraid of the dark, and telling them ‘everyone else’ will be forced to stay home after dark will reassure them.
      So, as with so many other things, they will vote for it because they don’t think it will apply to them.

      My prediction? There will be a curfew. It won’t just be ‘for the bad guys’. And the bad guys will ignore it, as they have ignored every law aimed at them.

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  2. I think that we need to have a chat about the abysmal quality of our politicians. How many are worth listening to, across the UK and its constituents, a handful? Two at most?

    Unless someone better steps in, like The Official Monster Raving Loony Party, I shall be forced to continue spoiling my ballot papers. I gave up voting for the ‘less crap’ or ‘vote for me to stop them’ candidates after 2010 gave us Wavey-Davey Caemeroid.

    Take them all away. They’re not good enough

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    • Our trouble lies in the end in the fact that they very people which want to become politicians are abnormal; how? It’s that they’re not like…er…normal-people, who just want to get on with their lives untroubled by the top-down-bugbears, and the “relevant, important and pressing “Ishoos” going forward” that politicos want to saddle us with.

      They also need to look busy.

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  3. A 6 o’clock curfew is clearly absurd and is rightly dismissed as such. But a 10 o’clock curfew or 11 o’clock or midnight? A few more people would support that. So now the idea of a curfew has been floated we’ll start discussing when it should operate.

    The left makes a ludicrous proposal, it is dismissed, the left makes a slightly less ludicrous proposal then slightly less again until it begins to sound reasonable compared with the original. “Look how far we’ve moved” they say. “Surely you can meet us part way.” Thus the Overton window shifts, always to the left, leaving me, and centrists like me, apparently on the far right.

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  4. Well that bollixes me. I work nights, or used to before all this Covid nonsense quartered the factory output and meant massive shift reductions with accompanying income drops.
    So if my shift starts or ends at 7, am I stuck and can’t go to work or home? What levels of lunacy have our politicians descended to?

    Meanwhile, I’m sat here nursing about 40% pay cut, and they’re bitching about only getting 1% raise? Yeah, no sympathy for them here. Hear that? Tumbleweed.
    Incidentally, maybe they should have a look at how doctors and healthcare professionals are being treated in other parts of the world.
    In my current location in Eastern Europe, a load of the money that was supposed to pay for the doctors etc over the last 6 months has “disappeared”, probably into someone’s pocket. So a decent number of them aren’t going to get paid anything!!!
    Yet they still go in. Because they actually help people.
    Healthcare “professionals” in the UK don’t know they’re born…

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  5. And now, irony of ironies, Cressida Dick is in trouble and may finally be thrown out on her arse because a bunch of feminists decided ‘No doesn’t mean No’ and assembled in Clapham Common, and the police dealt with it. As they had no real choice to do otherwise, under corona legislation.

    So she’s clung on despite having an innocent man gunned down on the Tube and presiding over the Met pandering to every word of a known fantasist, but this may see her resignation. Despite the fact that it’s what the government have told her to do.

    Is it me, or has the world gone utterly mad?

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  6. Legiron,

    I was wondering if you’d seen this video interview (if you ignore the irritating self-promotion) of a vaccine promoter (in his own words ‘a highly passionate vaccine guy’) saying that the way ‘the vaccines’ are being used is going to screw up all recipients’ immune responses:

    It pretty much confirms what you are saying.

    It’s a far better argument than mine (the vaccine is full of politics and politics is full of crap, therefore… and I’m not a coprophagist).

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