The Vaccinators

That’s going to be a short story title for sure. Heck, it should have been a 1960s thriller series. If I could travel back in time… I’d be too young to write it.

So we have the One True Disease now and everyone thinks it’s instant death. Nobody’s much bothered about cancer or diabetes or anything else at all. Just the One True Disease that will kill us all.

Except… well over 99% of those who get it make a full recovery. And then we play with percentages.

Covid kills around 0.3% of those who catch it, with a mean age of 82. The younger you are, the lower that percentage goes. Strangely there are no percentages available on so-called ‘long covid’ which is actually a well known phenomenon called post viral syndrome. This is a real thing but it’s really not common and I’m betting you know few, if any, who have experienced it. Basically, it means the virus (any virus can do it) wreaked so much havoc that it will take weeks or months, sometimes years, to recover from it. All those damaged and destroyed body cells have to be replaced and it can take some time. The virus (any virus and indeed many bacterial infections, including Campylobacter which is in most chickens) could trigger Guillame-Barr syndrome and that might never get better.

So you decide. Live your life in sterile bubble-wrap or take your chances and have some fun before the shit hits the fan. It might never happen, your personal fan might remain forever shitless and if you stayed in the safe zone you might end up feeling pretty silly one day, lying in a hospital bed, dying of nothing.

Let’s face it. We are all going to die. None of us are immortal. One day I’ll be gone and these words, and the books I’ve written, will be all that’s left until a solar flare wipes out all electronic records. Most of the books and all the scientific papers are at least in print somewhere but this blog? It’s around until the sun decides to send us a reset. That will happen too, eventually. I hope it doesn’t happen before I die, it would be a pain to see it all wiped. Also, I hope the books don’t make millions after I die since they’ve made sod all while I’m alive. If you buy my books after I die I’m haunting you. Buy them before and you get unmolested sleep. I think that’s a fair deal.

Percentages. 0.3% die of this virus. We are told a ‘new variant’ is 100% more deadly. That means it kills 0.6% of those it infects. Does that sound far less scary than ‘100% more deadly’, or is it just me?

We’re also told that the vaccines reduce the death rate by 80%. Okay. We are starting with a 0.3% death rate so an 80% reduction takes that to 0.06%. 0.3% to 0.06%, well, if you are in the 0.24% that’s good news but if you were already in the 99.7% who weren’t going to die anyway, big deal.

Remember, the mean age of death is 82. Coincidentally, that was my father’s age when he died. Not of Covid, he died before this shitshow got under way and that might be a dark kind of blessing. He did not have the patience to deal with this nonsense. So, if you are 82 and you are in the 0.24% who are saved by the vaccine… how much time do you think you realistically have left? Months? Years? Weeks? Hours?

Oh I know it sounds fatalistic but I’m 60. The president of Tanzania just died at 61. I have known people who died at 40 of heart failure and brain haemorrhages. I remember a co-worker who died in his forties of cancer. Didn’t smoke or drink, was never overweight, it got him anyway. You and I are like filament light bulbs. We can burn bright today and tomorrow – pop. One day you just don’t wake up. The rest of the world carries on.

Life is finite for all of us. We have all just wasted a year of it in lockdown. You don’t get that added back on at the end, it’s gone. Done. The year you have spent cowering in terror has brought you, me, all of us one year closer to meeting the Reaper. Death’s hourglasses didn’t stop for a year. You don’t get to turn the clock back. That year is gone. The skeletal referee will not give you ‘injury time’ at the end of the game. How many more years do you want to waste, in fear of something that has a 0.3% chance of killing you?

Let’s play a game. Let’s say you follow every deranged and made-up piece of advice the ‘health experts’ spout. You don’t smoke or drink, touch no drugs of any kind, eat as directed, drink the required volume of water, recycle your tofu packets, all of it. Then one day you’re out for a drive (or more likely, cycle) with all your hi-viz gear and your perfect road sense and following every guideline… but you don’t know that the guy driving at breakneck speed towards you has a pile of empty cheap vodka bottles in the back of his car and is swigging from his sixth today. Maybe he’s had a crap life, maybe he’s suicidal, but now he can barely see the road, never mind you. What do you think comes next?


And he’ll rattle on along the road until he finds the corner he can’t take and he’ll die without knowing he killed you.

That, I’m afraid, is the reality of life. Any second now, your gas boiler might explode or your toaster burn down your house. You might have a blood clot building in your brain or an aorta that’s about to pop and leak your life away in your sleep. Any of us, no matter how healthy we might feel today, could be dead tomorrow, We are not indestructible, we are actually quite easy to kill.

So what do you want? A life of nothing, of pure safety, that might end spontaneously at 100 or 90 or 70 or 40 or even 20? Yes, that happens. Or do you want to end it knowing you at least made the best of it and enjoyed it? You only get one go at this. When ‘Game Over’ appears, you don’t get to respawn.

You can take the covid vaccine. That will let you get on a P&O cruise this summer. You’ll still have to wear masks and socially distance even though every single person on that ship is vaccinated. Does that make you think? At all? For many, the answer is, of course, no.

The vaccine is currently being blamed for blood clots. Not just any blood clots, as the MSM would have you believe. I don’t know if you can access this if you don’t have Twitter but if you can, this tells you it’s some very specific blood clots. Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. Not the general ‘blood clots’ that are no higher than expected. A specific type that is 700% higher than expected.

This should come as no surprise since it’s already known that the virus spike protein activates platelets and initiates clotting. The virus itself does it so making the spike protein in your body can do it too. Fortunately this reaction is rare. For now. Long term? Who knows? Nobody. There hasn’t been any ‘long term’ yet.

Also, this concentration on blood clots is odd. Nobody suspended the vaccine over effects such as blindness or Bell’s palsy or even death. Why this one?

And then there’s the long well-known thing about vaccines. Any vaccine will make you more susceptible to the disease you’re vaccinated against for up to a week, while your immune system cranks up. Normally it doesn’t matter. When I was vaccinated against rabies and various forms of hepatitis, my chances of encountering the disease within the next week were pretty much zero. Even tetanus, unless I went out and rubbed dirt into open wounds in the next week, chances of getting infected were close to zero.

But now, we are giving vaccines against a virus that’s endemic. It’s here. Now. All over the place. Chances of encountering it are pretty good. And we are priming people to get it.

But hey, nobody cares what I think. Maybe if you hear it from the head of the Vaccine Development Office at the German Centre for Infection Research, you’ll pay more attention.

Or maybe not. Maybe you’ll laugh this off and ignore it. Maybe you’ll try to convince me your way is the One True Way. The choice is yours. Your future is yours to decide.

It always was.

34 thoughts on “The Vaccinators

  1. Funny you should mention the bike thing. I have a schoolmate who was squished in February 2018. 48 years old. Left a wife and two kids. Exactly
    Life is short. Enjoy it. This last year has been shite. I have post viral or rather chronic fatigue syndrome and believe you me it has drastically reduced my life. When lockdown came the only thing it changed was the ability of people to visit. Nothing else changed for me.

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    • When I was studying for my PhD (1982-85) there was a thing abbreviated to ME, also called ‘Yuppie Flu’. One of the guys I worked with had it. It was widely considered psychosomatic or imaginary but it turned out to be a real disease. At the time he was branded a ‘lazy bastard’ but he was genuinely ill.

      Medical science doesn’t know anywhere near as much as it thinks it does, even now.

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      • In my case it’s a complex jumble of primary hyperaldosteronism, gluten intolerance and mitochondrial failure through stress probably. It’s taken me a doctor over ten years using the NHS to figure this all out. Using raw data from 23&me helped immensely also. Some doctors just do not want to do the work or the investigations.

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  2. A mean age of 82. Phew. That’s alright then. I’ve got another two months yet to live. Will I be allowed to get my birthday in first? I don’t get a lot of presents but I don’t want to miss the few that I do.

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    • Seeing as the average age of death in the UK in 2019 was 81.3 you’re already “ahead of the game”. So don’t start reading any very long novels, you never know! 🙂

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    • I scared myself the other day; looked up the life expectancy figures for high-functioning autism (which I have been diagnosed with). There’s only the one study been done, in Norway of all places and that one reckoned a lifespan drop of about fifteen years!

      It wasn’t even the highly affected individuals who tended to suffer the highest mortality, it was the high-functioning ones (I have a PhD; intelligence and social stuff are not linked) who in the main got into their fifties, considered what life held for them and simply said “Sod this for a game of soldiers” and ended it all. I am now 50, and wondering quite what the future holds for me; I am quite looking forwards to claiming this pension I’ve been paying into for so long.

      I am looking forwards with rather less anticipation to the uber-Greenie future our politicians seem to have mapped out for us. At least the little terraced house I own has plenty of chimneys, including one in the cellar. When the gas boiler is obsoleted out by the Great Green God a nice wood-fired system will fit in there quite nicely, for those frequent times when the weather’s freezing and the wind isn’t blowing.

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      • Chin up, Our Kid. There is still life out there even after Hope seems to have deserted you.
        And when all else fails stick in there for The Pension, mingy bunch. I’ve had twenty years out of them and fully intend to get another twenty.

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  3. I had CV in the summer. As I was ‘shielding’ I didn’t know I had it until I noticed that my Grape Nuts tasted well different than before. “Ah, a new recipe,” I thought. Then it twigged that it was a Covid symptom.

    I thought I would be about the last person to catch it, especially as I have rarely had the ‘flu.

    I had quite severe pains in my body for some time after. Of course, I was imagining all sorts until I read about ‘long Covid’ and then it fitted. I still have some pain, but not nearly as bad. I had a telephone appointment with my doctor and he told me to go online and watch some videos, which seems to be the stock response of my local practice whatever you have.

    As an aside, if you put all your electronic data on DVDs, are they safe from cosmic (or deliberate) catastrophes?

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    • Thing is – how much longer will it be before DVDs are obsolete. You’d have to keep switching to whatever new storage media comes out. Few computers come with DVD players these days. For right now? I’d suggest an external hard disk. You can load what you want to save onto it and then disconnect it from the computer. Plug it in again when you want access to your media. Depending on how things go, you might want to disconnect internet first.

      I don’t know that it would survive some kind of cosmic catastrophe, though.

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      • I have two external hard drives. The last time I used the older one, it gave a warning that it was unstable. They could still be wiped by a major EMP event.

        I’ve just read some conflicting reports, but it seems like DVDs, cloud storage and hard copies are the safest ways to protect your data.

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  4. Grammar School ended in 1977 for me at the age of 16. A good friend left at the same time and went in for a ‘routine appendix operation’ and expired on the operating table.
    Wake up in the morning. Slap yourself to make sure you are actually alive then make the most of it in whatever fashion you see fit as nothing you do or don’t do will prevent the reaper from tracking you down.

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  5. As always, Leggy, thank you for that. Much more informative than all other sources of “information”.
    I hope that you and all of your’s are in good health.
    In the meantime, these bastards have stolen 18 months of my life.
    Given your stated mean expected life, this is about a fifth of my increasingly decrepit life.
    By the way ‘n’ that, seeing your post headline, I thought I was going to read about some 50s or 60s pop group so far unbeknownst to me.

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  6. Dear Legiron. I get much more understandable information from you than anywhere else. Do you have any views on “Leaky Vaccines” like Marek’s Disease which seems to be referred to by Geert Vanden Bossche. If this is what we are all now enmeshed in this really could be the end of most of us.
    Bill Gates will be happy and Prince Ph ilip who was reported saying he wished to reincarnate as a virus to kill half the people on earth. This is the first time I’ve been afraid.
    May I suggest this :-

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  7. Dear Mr Legiron

    Excess all-cause mortality by age to week 9, Friday 5 March:


    A bonus: excess mortality for 2015, 2018 (bad flu years) and 2020 (very bad) and 2021 to week 9.


    ONS data on all-cause mortality is still showing the 5 year average for 2015-2019 for 2021, not the average for 2016-2020. I wonder why. My graphs are based on 2016-20 average for 2021, which will make it look very interesting in April.


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  8. I follow all the rules. I’m a sheep. I enjoy being a sheep, no stress. I really enjoyed the first year of lockdown, but now it’s getting tedious. Fortunately, I’m a non-travelling retired genuine female with a real male husband, living in an unmortgaged place with a garden and a dog. We have been vaccinated. (Not the dog)

    We could snuff it any minute, vaccinations or not. The last dog snuffed it very shockingly quickly, so I don’t trust the dog either,

    I try to not be depressed about these things and should remind myself that perhaps I should avoid Legiron’s blog posts unless they are uplifting!

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  9. 4cks sake! I must read more slowly. I thought I was going to have to have a pointless jab but, even worse, I thought I was going on a compulsory cruise! Have you seen the ads for cruises? The ships are either empty apart from the loving couple featured or they’re packed with the kind of people who go on cruises . . .

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    • I forgot to add that son and d-i-l – both in their late 40s – had covid last February before it was an official threat to mankind, then, nine months later, got it again. They’re now, three months later, working their way through PVS: including in his case, wandering blood clots,. A friend , now in her late sixties, has suffered from ME since she was in her teens – and yes, she was regarded as malingering for years.
      Isn’t life strange? Prescient Moody Blues track!

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  10. Yup. We all snuff it eventually.
    Which means there will be a most common cause of death.
    Makes me wonder what politicians and politicos think we should die of…
    They’re always moaning about something or other costing the NHS blessings be upon that wondrous shitfest too much. Well, something has to kill people. Heart disease, liver failure, thrombolyticcytopenia. Do they just think we should die in the cheapest way possible?

    The only thing I can think is that they think we should work and be healthy to retirement age and then keel over the next day. But that might be crediting them with to much nous.

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    • “The only thing I can think is that they think we should work and be healthy to retirement age and then keel over the next day. But that might be crediting them with to much nous.”

      That of course is the abiding principle behind all socialism, and also, by inference, slave-based societies.

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  11. I’m chuckling as I read this because a week ago on my way into work a tree fell over right in front of me. I was doing about 40 mph and as the tree fell across the road I hit the gas, swerved to the left and shot through underneath it. Not a scratch on the car and I was unscathed. Bloody huge adrenalin rush for the next couple of hours but knowing I was seconds from injury or death puts things in perspective and it’s best to get on and enjoy life.
    I am still not having the covid vaccine and the GP surgery, having chased me for two weeks have now accepted I won’t have it. I suspect my name is now on a list!

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  12. I’ve watched the interview with the vaccine developer that Leggy linked to but I’m not sure that I fully understood.
    He seemed to be saying that the vaccines are being used as prophylactic vaccines when they shouldn’t be because the virus is in our midst and this practice is dangerous because the virus becomes more infectious (I didn’t understand why – it seemed to have something to do with the virus “escaping”, which I didn’t understand); I think he then suggested that the mutations would be dangerous because we’d always be playing catch-up when vaccinating so the vaccines in future would be useless BUT having initially vaccinated the population, not only is an individual’s natural immune response suppressed but their response to a future mutated c-virus would be poor (but I really don’t understand why – is it something to do with natural immunity being flexible to fight off variants whereas the antibodies produced by vaccination are specific to a particular strain?).
    I hope someone will set me right in my understanding.
    I really don’t understand, though, how all the other vaccine developers who’ve developed the covid vaccines have got it so wrong while this guy is right. Why haven’t they come to the same conclusions as he has?

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    • Some of it is in my answer to EdP.

      The vaccine developers haven’t got it wrong. See, you’re assuming their principal aim is to improve health, whereas their principal aim is to improve profits.

      It’s business. We are nothing more than lines in a ledger to them.

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  13. Leggy, do you have information about these mRNA vaccines vs. Marek’s Disease in poultry?

    I’ve read that the vaccinated are a hazard to the unvaccinated, as they may be without symptoms, but be carrying and shedding viruses (as happens with chickens – the Marek vaccine is ‘leaky’).

    If the mRNAs are ‘leaky’, this grand experiment could turn out to be as bad for humans – all chicks must be vaccinated at one day old, or they die from infections (from the vaccinated but still infected and infectious flock).

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    • It’s not just the mRNA ones. All the vaccines are leaky.

      So… you get vaccinated against say, smallpox. You can’t be infected and you can’t spread it. Smallpox is dead in the water. It’s over.

      You get vaccinated against Covid and you can still catch and spread it but it has less effect on you. The virus keeps on spreading and mutating but it can’t kill you, just make you sick. Therefore more vicious variants can be spread by those vaccinated because it does not kill or disable them. It will kill or disable the unvaccinated. Normally, more vicious mutations would be limited because those catching them would die quickly or at least be confined to bed. But the vaccinated have milder symptoms so the vicious variants have a mobile spreader.

      That’s what happened with Marek’s disease. The vaccines didn’t stop the poultry catching or spreading it, just alleviated symptoms. Now chicks have to be vaccinated at one day old or it will kill them. The vaccinated get a mild sickness, but really it’s developed into an evil bastard of a disease. The unvaccinated will die. The disease has been boosted by having carriers who can tolerate the nastier versions.

      Will it happen in humans with the leaky Covid vaccines?

      I think it’s intended to, and I have a nasty feeling it’s started…

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