The Cult of Covid

I have a seriously long post in the draft pile. It wanders around a lot, it’s about how everything is a cult now and you’re either in it or you’re a heretic. There’s no middle ground. Could end up as quite an essay if I can untangle it. So here’s a quickie*. Book info first, you can skip the next couple of paragraphs if you’re not interested in that.

*Definitions of ‘quickie’ are open to interpretation here

Mark Ellott’s novel ‘Ransom‘ now has a new cover. It was one of the first to be published on Leg Iron Books and I was never happy with my first attempts at that cover. Mark now has an actual professional involved and the cover is far, far better.

There is also the next book from Wandra Nomad in edits and the 14th Underdog Anthology under way and there’s one from Gastradamus… and more. One of the reasons I’ve been a bit out of touch lately.

Another is Twitter. A few days ago I put up a very simple tweet that basically said ‘I’m a retired microbiologist and I’m not having the Covid vaccine’. Well, that started a war of sorts and my follower count increased by over 2000 overnight. I’m still tracking them down to follow back. It could take a while, apparently there is a limit to how many you can follow in a day. So I started a war and raised an army in 24 hours, entirely by accident. Well, these things happen.

Should I start a cult? I don’t think so. I don’t want to be a leader, I don’t want people to do as I tell them. I want them to think for themselves. And I don’t want to be famous. I’d quite like to be rich, but I really don’t want fame. I have neither so I guess I’m halfway to my goal.

I have noticed a distinct polarization between the vaxxed and unvaxxed. To the extent that I, who has taken so many vaccines you could rip my arm off like a stamp, am now branded ‘antivaxxer’ because I don’t want to take part in an experiment.

“Oh but polio, TB, tetanus, so many things are under control because of vaccines, this is just one more.” No it isn’t. No mRNA vaccine has ever been approved for use, no mRNA vaccine has ever been widely used in humans. This is entirely new and it’s also entirely experimental.

Incidentally, none of the Covid vaccines have formal approval either, and none have completed safety trials. They are released under emergency licence only. End the emergency and they can’t sell any more vaccines. These vaccines have not passed experimental trials. This is the experiment. It’s you.

Which is the real reason they’ve just extended the ’emergency’ for another six months, and why they’ll extend it again afterwards. I don’t think these vaccines will ever get full approval so the government (several of whom have big financial stakes in all this) will have to keep lockdowns going forever. Booster shots are planned for October, they’ll need to extend the ’emergency’ for another six months so they can baptise more of the cult with the Holy Syringe of God Knows What.

I see this ending in one of two ways. Politicians in the stocks, or… Panoptica.

It’s already falling apart. Mad Hancock was challenged in parliament on how many his vaccines had killed or seriously disabled and his answer was… bluster. Bozza’s crap about a ‘third wave’ was just to keep everyone scared so they’d take the vaccine. It is emerging that the threat of ‘covid passports’ is to get the young vaccinated so they can go to the pub. Well, vaccinations were supposed to let you travel, right? Summer holidays are banned. You took the injection but you’re going nowhere. Do you really think you’ll be going to the pub? You really think they’ll keep their side of the bargain? After this last year, you still believe that? Really?

Oh you’re going to get a Covid passport? That conspiracy theory that multiple government ministers, including the Prime Monster, repeatedly told us was never going to happen? Well, now it’s going into a trial phase. Don’t have one, you can’t go to the pub.

I don’t give a foetid dingo’s kidney. I, along with everyone else who likes a smoke with a drink, was chucked out of pubs in 2006 (Scotland) and 2007 (England and Wales). Why would I care about being excluded from somewhere I was excluded from fifteen years ago? How much further excluded can I get?

As for shops, screw them. If they want to restrict their sales that’s their business. I can get everything online, the last year has taught me that, and delivery charges are far lower than the cost of petrol to go there myself. You want to stop deliveries? I live on a farm. I have a massive garden. I can grow my own food and keep chickens, and hunt rabbits, deer, pheasant and partridge through the bloody living room window. Seriously. I don’t need to leave the house. They come to the garden. Rabbits have actually burrowed into the lawn again this year. I have space to keep a cow for milk and I know how to pasteurise. It’s not hard.

A few years ago I lived in a top floor flat with four rooms. It was a very nice flat but I’m glad I wasn’t in there when all this crap arrived. I might have eaten the neighbours by now. So yes, I do understand how all this impacts those who aren’t as lucky as me or who didn’t prepare. Cut off my water and sewage? Pah. Water comes from a well and sewage goes into a septic tank in the woods. I’m not a bear but still I shit in the woods, if only by proxy through a pipe. The rhubarb in the soakaway is doing very well too. Cut off my heating? I have a fire and a massive supply of wood. Cut off my electricity? I have a generator.

If it came right down to it, I could manage with little to no electricity. Sure, the central heating won’t work and neither will the ovens, The gas hob is powered by bottled propane but if that failed, one of the fireplaces still has the swing-out pot holder. I could party like it’s 1699.

But I have descended into rant. Deep breaths, a quick swig of the Juice of Calm (yes, it looks and smells and tastes like whisky but it’s the Juice of Calm, just trust me on this) and we’re back to as normal as it ever gets.

Okay. There is currently a container ship stuck sideways in the Suez canal. Previous tracking of that ship’s course suggests the entire crew had used up their rum ration for the year. This has now been touted as ‘a worldwide toilet paper shortage’. Here we go again. Yes, you’re all going to die but you’ll get to the afterlife with a clean arse. China is not the only source of bum hygeine. We make this in the UK too. There is also the old-days version of a peg on a string hiolding cut up squares of newspaper… Any of them will do, although they are all so full of shit already they might not have room for more.

There are theories that it was a deliberate blockage and given the insanity of governments now, I can see where that comes from but it looks to me like something a drunk crew did. An ‘oh bugger’ moment. We’ve all had them.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. You played a good game boy, but the game is over. It’s the old witch game now. You are witch or witchhunter, there is no neutral. You belong to the cult or you ae a heretic and must die. Given that choice and surrounded by the cult, are you braver than a tenth century peasant faced with the same choice? Do you really believe those people were all that different?

No, it’s the same. The Mob is active once again against the witches, except this time the witches are those who don’t believe in magic. It works either way. You are split between believers and heretics in so many things now. Covid and vaccines are only the new game. It’s a game we have played from the beginning and still hardly anyone knows the rules. It will not end until you see it.

Fear the witch, for it is you.

I beleive I might have mentioned this before…

37 thoughts on “The Cult of Covid

  1. “ Oh you’re going to get a Covid passport? That conspiracy theory that multiple government ministers, including the Prime Monster, repeatedly told us was never going to happen? Well, now it’s going into a trial phase. Don’t have one, you can’t go to the pub.”

    Oh, without your Chinese inspired QR-code, we will not even be “allowed” to enter Tesco’s to buy a pint of milk.

    ( – China, QR-codes human track & trace) linked to the Chinese police database.

    Mass human surveillance.

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  2. I have to admit that I didn’t realise it is an experiment. I’m opting out because I don’t think they know enough about it. But on reflection this probably amounts to the same thing.

    Here in Brittany I haven’t heard so much as a whisper of when, which or how. Is I haven’t even had to say No Thanks.

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  3. In the house that I renovated, the upstairs toilet originally emptied into the pigpen. I do have quite a few sacks of corncobs. We usually use them for a short sharp heat to barbecue sardines etc. They also make excellent bum wipes and if you have pigs they’ll take care of the cleanup.

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  4. I guess I am one of those heretics. I’m the only one in my family to refuse the vaccine and I am one of three people in my team at work who has refused to have it. They have stopped arguing with me because I realised it is just easier to say no rather than try to explain why. They aren’t listening and think I am mad / odd / stupid / don’t understand the science, etc…
    I fully expect some manager to try to pressure me into having it and there will be the threat of suspension from my job or a move to desk job where I have no face to face contact with ‘vulnerable’ people. I can’t get in to see my GP but they have texted me several times. left several phone messages and yesterday I received a letter from the surgery, all to offer me the vaccine at the surgery.
    It might be time to sort the garden out, set up the home brew kit again and hunker down as society implodes and the crazies run riot…although I think that ship has sailed and they are currently running this shit show.

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    • And you will be the only person in your family who will not be “state approved” to enter Tesco’s to even buy a pint of milk then.

      What do you think all this guff has been about?

      Look to China.

      They run the show now.

      And yet, their are still some naive and gullible drones left who thought all we were required to carry was a little bit of folded cardboard in the form of a “Vaccine passport”

      You have been had, hook, line and sinker, unfortunately, you have been bought down, taking the rest us with you.

      QR-codes, Full-on Chinese communist style, they are here, they are real, and you, are just about to get one.

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      • I think you have misread my post and I was going to provide a longer response but then I realised, you will probably misread that too.
        Briefly – I am anti this bullshit vaccine, fully aware that QR codes in China might be replicated here and I am scratching my head regarding
        ‘ You have been had, hook, line and sinker, unfortunately, you have been bought down, taking the rest us with you. ‘


  5. 1) Conspiracy theory. Leggy, did you expect this pandemic when you moved north? And who warned you?
    2) Toilets. In Java I saw the village loos, many of them. A rickety walk way plank over the village pond. Full of healthy fish.
    Similar thing in China over the pig sty. Plank has to be high or the swine will have your nuts. They can reach or jump quite high.
    3) Totally coincidentally, reading le Carre’s The Constant Garedener. Shurely, big international Pharma would not experiment on helpless citizens?
    4) Juice of Calm. How long do you let the raw liquor soak in the oak chippings?
    Good luck in all you do.

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    • 3. If you want to see a highly entertaining series (Amazon or Netflix i forget which) , i suggest you find and watch Utopia, there’s a Britsh version from around 8 years ago (the better in my humble) and a US remake from last year.
      These are supposed fiction but once you get into the story they morph into documentaries bordering on an instruction manual for this covid farce.

      No, i’m not having the blasted jabs, nor is the good lady and even better nor is my 30 something daughter…a young woman who skipped most of school but who has made good in her career by hard graft dedication and work ethic…and i’m coming round to the conclusion she did the right thing avoiding school because she has the power of independent thought.

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  6. Sigh.
    1.Vaccines, after being used by the MILLIONS are not exactly experimental anymore. They had been mostly been tested already – the emergency use was a legal loophole at the time to enable their use.
    2. mRNA has been used before – for autoimmune stuff like Lupus? Multiple sclerosis? etc. (I will need to check that ) lookup Antisense Therapy …..
    3. Once, Smallpox vaccinations were mandatory. I don’t know if Polio was, They are not anymore. Things change with History. Covid passports etc are only a temporary measure in the Covid adventure.
    4. Governments don’t intentionally set out to harm their citizens. I think ours has tried their best. And the vaccine rollout has been brilliant!

    It’s such a pity to me that they are casting their pearls before swine who are squealing fear, fear, fear all the way home. Fear is so exhausting.

    I’m the vaccinated piggie that stays home and eats roast beef for dinner whilst watching things playing out….

    Is that better than admitting I’m a sheep?


    • “Vaccines, after being used by the MILLIONS are not exactly experimental anymore. They had been mostly been tested already – the emergency use was a legal loophole at the time to enable their use.”

      No, its still the legal basis for their use now and will be for some time. Full vaccine trials are still ongoing and will not be completed for some time yet.

      “mRNA has been used before – for autoimmune stuff like Lupus”

      I think you’re getting muddled up, lupus is treated with (among other things) hydroxychloroquine, which our Lords and Masters have decreed is absolutely definitely not any good for covid at all, no not one bit. mRNA vaccines have never been used in humans before. The Pfizer/Moderna mRNA vaccines are the first ones using the tech to ever be given to humans. Some of the previous attempts at mRNA vaccines for other diseases killed the animals they were being tested on. None ever made it to human use.

      “Covid passports etc are only a temporary measure in the Covid adventure.”

      Income tax was introduced as a temporary measure in 1842. Rationing was introduced in 1940 and was not repealed entirely until 1954, 9 years after WW2 had ended. Temporary in government terms means exactly however long they want it to mean.

      “Governments don’t intentionally set out to harm their citizens.”

      I think the history of the 20th century alone would refute that statement, as Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot to name but a few managed to murder hundreds of millions of their own countrymen. Closer to home, ask the black Americans who the US government did medical experiments on, the UK and US servicemen who were exposed to atomic, chemical and biological weapons without their consent, and the Swedish people who were forcibly sterilized as late as the 1970s whether their governments actively set out to harm them.

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      • Nice comment, thank you. Just check the link I gave about gene therapy. Yes, we are still on emergency legal ruling for vaccinations. True about dictatorships killing their citizens. And true about non-dictatorships using the culture/practices of the day on their citizens. Right now, we are allowing some very strange things to be done to people that will be “judged” by future generations.
        Remember to put your clock forward – that’s a really wacky thing we all co-operate in twice a year. Imagine the chaos if we didn’t! Sometimes it really is wiser to swim with the tide.


        • Elizabeth, you consistency spout this authoritarian crap over and over again. Why are you here reading this? Who do you think you will convince with these feeble appeals to already disgraced authority?


          • Sorry I have offended you. Authoritarian? Wow! Pot calling kettle black. Something that really does concern me is how divisive all this Covid fear mongering is whether it be fear of Covid or fear of vaccination or fear of Government. I see people in real anguish about it. They have worked themselves up into a state. Some things being said on both sides need contemplation. The bigger picture shrinks fear. It comforts.
            There ARE people here reading this blog, that may not agree with the fear theme that now appears in it. They have followed Leggy for many years with delight. But the posts are not characteristic anymore. And the comments simply reinforce fear.
            I hang around wanting the delight I used to get.
            You may believe whatever you like about Covid et al. But I believe, my own opinion entirely, is that the fear mongering going on is a deliberate politically motivated attempt to introduce division, hatred and fear into populations ON PURPOSE. As a Historian I see it has been done before, and, unfortunately, it works!
            I will not be part of it.
            But you are welcome. There are many different kinds of sheep!


            • That’s utter bullshit, Elizabeth, or sheepshit if you prefer. Leggy’s posts have been less regular for sure but there has been no let up in their quality to both inform and entertain. What delight exactly do you want him to share in the British government spending a vast sum of tax payer money to bend the British public to their authoritarian will? It’s called a psy-ops…

              You don’t want to be part of it, but you decided to accept their hype and hypodermic when you accepted their experimental drug into your body. Look, it’s understandable that you want to feel good and justified in the decisions that you’ve already taken, but don’t rag on Leggy because the cognizance of his argument is making you uncomfortable. Unlike the changing of the clocks each year, there is no going back in six months and we’re already in the second year of lockdown…

              *No, Clicky, I don’t think Elizabeth comprehends the tide of feeling here at all…*

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              • Indeed. Leggy is not the one peddling fear. I’ll make a judgement on the vaccines when we have several years’ worth of data. Until then, the government can tell us it’s safe as much as it likes, but unless they have a crystal ball, they do not know what the long term effects might be. That’s why I’ve declined. I’ll rely on my immune system.

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            • “There ARE people here reading this blog, that may not agree with the fear theme that now appears in it. They have followed Leggy for many years with delight. But the posts are not characteristic anymore. And the comments simply reinforce fear.”

              Woah, just back right up a bit. Who exactly is promoting fear right now? Is it the people who are saying ‘You know what this completely new and untested (in anything other than the very short term) vaccine isn’t for me’ or the people who are running radio ads (and probably TV ads, but I don’t watch TV) 24/7 frightening people to death with lies about the dangers from the virus? Or the ‘scientists’ making lurid predictions about the numbers of deaths unless we all do as we are told?

              You’re equating a few people using their reason to question what we are being fed by the MSM on behalf of the State, and the State using every tool in its massive armoury to frighten people to death and force them either through fear or desire to get out of their lockdown position to take an untested vaccine for a disease that even the State itself admits by its own data is not that serious for the average person. Thats such an uneven comparison I have to question if you are for real, or a troll looking to rile people up, or even some sort of GCHQ type paid to make pro-State comments on blogs.


              • I am not promoting fear. I am saying that the constant pushback against a situation none of us can change is a waste of energy. And it induces fear into those who follow this blog atm. Incalculation of fear is a technique of control. You complain about the Government using it, but the antis are also using it! Don’t you see that? I am asking that people use reason.

                The fact is, the situation IS. It is a fait accompli!

                At the moment, because of a very strong current, it is healthier to simply swim with the tide!

                None of us actually know, in this argument who is right! Emotion has overcome sense. History will tell.

                I do not believe the Government is closing down on us all PERMANENTLY. All things pass. History teaches us that. Now is not the time to fight. Fighting comes later during the backwash.

                All we need is PATIENCE to flow with THIS current.

                I am not a troll, neither am I paid. I am trying to tone down the fear factor.

                Every person has the right to choose to be vaccinated, but I was not given a choice of which kind I’d get. In UK, I don’t think you do. Around me, all have been vaccinated with Pfizer or Oxford. And even members of our family who are younger because of their various situations. The only people with an unpleasant reaction was my daughter who was one of the first to get Covid in March last year, and my neighbour who has a rare blood cancer and is on chemo. Daughter got Oxford, neighbour, Pfizer.


    • Ah, allow me to add some corrections.
      1. Vaccines in common use are not experimental and are, on the whole, safe. I should know, I’ve been pumped full of them over the years. The current vaccines are experimental. mRNA vaccines, indeed any mRNA therapy, has never been used before.
      2. No. They have been tried before but have never made it past animal trials. They have never before been tried in humans. For anything. Are they safe? I hope so, my mother has taken both shots of the PFizer but then she’s 80 this year so at high risk from Covid. I am not at high risk from Covid so the risk from the vaccine is greater than the risk from the virus for me.
      3. Smallpox was killing a lot more people than the smallpox vaccine could ever have been blamed for, so pushing hard for that one made sense. Likewise the ‘yellow fever argument’. Yellow fever kills around 30% of those infected so the risk from the infection far outweighs any risk from the vaccine.
      4. America was experimenting on its own people, without their knowledge, into the 1960s and possibly still are. The UK once released anthrax into the London Underground ‘to see what would happen’. Nobody was told at the time. Boris, his father, Bill Gates and many others involved are dead set on massive depopulation. And they want it done soon. There is no ‘nice’ way to achieve what they want.

      I see you’ve taken some flak for this but you are allowed to question what I post and nobody has to agree with me. Sometimes I’m wrong about things. But I’m not wroong about this experiment. I hope it turns out well, I really do, but I genuinely don’t think it will. Mainly because it’s being run on politics over science. Tony Blair is back in the picture and that is never a good sign. He pushed for compulsory ID cards, failed, and is now consulting on the vaccine passports we were told would never happen.

      There is now a push for everyone to get a third dose of vaccine in October. You’ll need your vaccine passport updated in order to carry on with daily life. Do you really imagine they will stop at three? Or that it will just be the one vaccine on the card?

      There is a lot more going on here than a virus.

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      • Oh, thank you for saying a word here. I have followed you for very many years. Your humour has always delighted me ( some people here can’t understand how reading another person’s blog can “delight”), but that’s their loss.

        I absolutely agree with you that something is being manipulated in the current situation that is noxious. It has been done many times throughout history both recent and ancient. Yes! Something is afoot. I believe something political ( make that financial elite actually, as they run the politics) is pushing what is happening on two fronts. Cultural breakdowns and financially. There will be businesses before Covid and after Covid. Our cultural change will happen too, it already is, with legislation against hate speech, cancel culture, white racism and decolonisation that worries me far more than a Covid passport. I dont think it will happen, even with Tony Blair salivating for it. I hope I’m right!

        The tool being used for it all, is fear. Buying into fear means they got you!

        As for a third vaccine? Well I’m not having that.

        As for mRNA “vaccines”. Well they arent really vaccines are they? They are gene therapy. I think that is the way of the future. But, I really only know what I have researched. I am sorry you have doubts.

        No one is going to stop me reading and thinking about your blog. I am a fan ffs.


  7. Floating voter here…

    I had the virus, early February.
    It was rough for 10 days. I’m okay now, but my energy is only slowly coming back.

    While I was ill, I got a text to go for vaccination. (I’m 70.)
    I ignored it. Then they rang me, so I explained.
    They told me to ring them back on March 10th for an appointment.
    I didn’t.

    On Thursday I got a reminder text, “Ring for an appointment.”

    I’ve had the bloody virus! I don’t need a vax!
    Plus, I’m naturally an awkward bugger.
    (Plus, Leggy has given us logical informed reasons to decline it anyway – Thanks!.)

    On the other hand, do I want to become a persona non grata?

    But, I’m a smoker; so I already am.
    I’m also happily unsociable and quite self-contained. I’ve never needed pubs, clubs, etc.
    I shop online. I only ever travelled to buy my cigs in Europe, pre-Brexit.
    Work? If they give me any grief, I’ll retire – it’s overdue.

    This vaccine is an experiment.
    Rushed, with a valid reason. But now it’s taken on a life of its own.
    It’s become another way to identify the disobedient.
    I am one of those. Always have been.

    But I am just a bit tired of fighting. Time to retire from that too? Maybe…
    Maybe not?

    Hmm. If in doubt, do nowt?

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  8. Leggy, you noted:

    “That conspiracy theory that multiple government ministers, including the Prime Monster, repeatedly told us was never going to happen? Well, now it’s going into a trial phase. Don’t have one, you can’t go to the pub.”

    calls to mind another quote from some similar personage back in 2005/6:

    “NO ONE is talking about banning smoking in PUBS!”

    (or outdoors, or in people’s flats, or… … …)

    – KIM

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    • ::sigh:: I love my 10″ kindle fire Color Oh Eva What is comes to taking speech and transformer Transforming it to text And then throwing in A very obnoxious spellchecker With leave something to be desire and that department.

      You can see what he said to some fairly simple words in a single simple sentence!

      In any event, When are sign my initials At the end of a posting,I do not shine them KIM! I sign them…

      – MJM

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    • 2006 was when they banned smoking in pubs in Scotland. I’ve rarely visited since. Scottish weather is rarely amenable to standing outside, the nearest pub is a 40 minute walk and the Scottish drink drive limit means that if I drive there and have one pint, I can’t drive home. So if I can’t go to pubs… no big deal.

      I last set foot in a supermarket in March last year. I found out the delivery charge was actually less than the petrol cost to drive there (the nearest is 15 miles away) so passport or no passport, I might never go back anyway 😉

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  9. I’m a semi retired Microbiologist and I opted to take the least worst vaccine currently available, AZ-Oxford. I am certainly not taking any mRNA vaccines so called, which they aren’t. Novavax is the closest to a ‘normal’ vaccine. I had it (AZ-O) because I want to have a few in a pub without any hassle. Pure selfishness. So far, no autoimmune symptoms.Nothing has dropped off or stopped working.

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      • It’ the one I was offered by our surgery as “today’s special” (there was no other choice…) I was happy with that as per what you have said before and what the other commenter says above. The staff all went hysterically apeshit and laughing, when they saw my Tin Hat with attached plastic visor, and all took selfies with me….

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    • I agree with you 100%. (I read biochemistry at Oxford a number of years ago.) There was a rather drunken night-time gathering in my college, in our second year, attended by us four Worcester biochemists a year-contemporary from Wadham who we socialised with, our Tutor Charlie Pasternak, Rodney Porter, and I think Edward Gill who was a chemistry don. I think George Radda was there but can’t remember now. We drank a lot of port and other potable liquids, and I went to bed at 4am. We talked mainly about viruses, of which RNA-based ones were starting to be better understood.

      It was set “in stone” at that meeting that viruses were not “living” in the accepted sense, and this raised other concerns we discussed, notably Francis Crick’s dilemma that he was still known to be trying to get a handle on, which was “at what point do molecules make the transistion from “non-living” to “living”?

      We didn’t solve it on that night, and I don’t think Crick ever did either.

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  10. As for ‘vaccine’ ‘safety’:
    if it’s 100% safe, why the hell do govts and big pharma need sovereign immunity?
    while govts/big pharma continue to engage in this cognitive dissonance, I’ll define ‘safe’ as nowhere near my body.
    Remember, the ‘vaccine’ is full of politics and politics is full of coprolite.

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