An era ends

Okay, I plan to put up a poll in a day or so (assuming I can work out how) to have a fair assessment of which title is best. I’ll go with the winner, no matter what (unless it is Anthology McAnthologyface or similar) and I’ll abide by the decision.

Ah, it seems Prince Philip has died. That’s a terrible shame, he was mere weeks from his 100th birthday and his telegram from his wife. I would have loved to see his reaction to that.

Mrs. Queen and Snarky Phil are the only monarchs I have known. Mrs. Queen was on the throne before I was born and it will be hard to believe she is no longer on it before I die. Considering my whisky intake, she might be. I’m not sure I want to see the reign of Charles III, having done some research into the first two. Although I might be able to train some of the next batch of Roundheads. It’s not entirely unlikely, Cromwell was 45 when he led the Ironside Cavalry at Marston Moor. I’m older but I drink and I know things.

I have been a staunch supporter of Mrs. Queen but she is the last of the royal family in my mind. I cannot support Charles and his ridiculous green agenda. Spike Milligan was right about him. I see no improvement in William and I expect George to be indoctrinated into the Cult of the Green God too, if he isn’t already. After Elizabeth II, the royal family has no purpose anymore. They certainly have no royalty about them.

Prince Philip was a great man. A man with no filters, he said what was in his mind and sometimes he set off the perpetually offended with his off-the-cuff remarks. Those weak and feeble people like to forget that he actually fought in the second world war, in the navy, against real and genuine Nazis. It meant they would not be validated in calling him a Nazi even though they don’t want to realise what it actually means. It means… them.

There will never be another Phil the Greek. None of his offspring come close. Perhaps he didn’t put enough in. Certainly Charles appears to be a bit of late-pull-out spillage. Maybe Edward, the one who has gone quiet, will rise to replace him. We can hope. In the end… I suppose… it really doesn’t matter.

Mrs. Queen has lost her rock, the man who was her constant support throughout her life. It is common in these cases, even in much younger couples, for one to follow the other into whatever comes after. And they were so very close. I really don’t think she can last much longer, I think her grief will call the Reaper to her. They were together for so very long, his absence will feel like a knife into her soul.

I don’t want Mrs. Queen to die. I really don’t. It’s not just a royalist thing, it’s also a selfish thing. I see what is coming under Charles III and I’d rather she outlived me. And the jug-eared twat too. Although it seems he has infected his son with the same shite.

Traditional Britain has nothing left. When the Queen goes it all goes. There is no continuity.

The Royals have spent all this time keeping Britain intact. None of their successors believe in that. They all want the opposite.

I am a Royalist until Mrs. Queen passes.

After that I am a roundhead.

22 thoughts on “An era ends

  1. I’ll join you…. But I need a horse, a carbine and a sword, 2 of 3 which are illegal… I wonder if the Castle museum in York would miss a roundhead helmet and breastplate or two?

    Being a student of history and especially our constitution it is ironic to note that the ECW was fought to limit the absolute and arbritary power of the monarchy, only to be replaced by the absolute and arbritary power of a Parliament. Which to all intents is now that which it sought to remove.

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  2. I don’t quite know what to say, oh really.

    While I am a Royalist I don’t think that The Royal Family have all that much clout, beyond Pomp and Circumstance, which they are actually very good at. Parliament Rules in the end.
    But they do have continuity which is hardly a bad thing when considering the thought of the likes of Tony Blair for President and God knows who after that. And at least The Royal Family can’t do all that much damage, other than to itself.
    I don’t think Charles will take too much shit from Harry or any of the others of them. He might be a bit green but he isn’t daft. And then there is Parliament as I have already said.

    I was sad to hear about The Duke and I hope The Queen lives for a while yet. Although not for longer than me.

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    • No matter who the Monarch is, twat or not, and Britain has endured all types, they keep the place stable because they are not elected. They are just figureheads, patrons, and our country’s representatives: someone to love or hate, to look impressive, to provide pomp and ceremony, and carry on a very long tradition. We haven’t had a twat for a while! It’s bound to happen…..

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  3. You have omitted to mention Princess Anne, the only one of the next generation worth anything. Jug Ears-the-Dumb, Andy-the-Corrupt & Ed-the-Unknown could all disappear tomorrow and few would care, but Queen Anne would carry the monarchy (& tourism) onwards, thus supporting the economic recovery. In a fair world she would be next in line.

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  4. I was mildly republican until the Blair years. Having seen what we would have had with him as president & his awful wife as ‘1st lady’, I moved towards supporting Betty. She also represents my parents’ generation – the people who did actually sacrifice a great deal & suffered in all sorts of ways (even the survivors).

    All of today’s bleaters complaining about being upset by various trivial things have no feckin idea. They really don’t.

    I attended a talk at an ex services club in London (2018?), given by the excellent Dr Alastair Noble of the Air Historical Branch (RAF). He quoted a survey of 2,000 people in 2015, the 75th anniversary of 1940 events. That and associated surveys at the time showed scant knowledge of the Battle of Britain:

    30% of the respondents had not even heard of it.
    40% didn’t know what it was.
    50% of all adults did not know who “The Few” were.
    20% of 18 to 24-year-olds thought the Battle either took place in the last year or that it was a Viking attack.
    5% believed Britain & Germany to be allies at the time.

    I suspect that awareness and knowledge would be even lower today. It might even be a hate crime to know about it.

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    • I have exactly this problem with my students. In 20 years of teaching Lancashire teenagers, many very intelligent, I found four who had heard of the Battle of Britain, and one who knew what it was but not when, or against whom.

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      • At my (admittedly rock-bottom) comprehensive in the 70s I had classmates who were ignorant of World War Two. I was perhaps untypical in having older parents who had come of age by the start of the war, but nonetheless …

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    • I was born just before The War, so it was all I knew until I was about seven years old and in London. Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man. So that was it really. How do you survive that and stay middle of the road? The Jewish thing just about finished me off when it came to Human Kind. My life has been one huge apology ever since.

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  5. Totally off topic, I apologize: A long while back you wrote a post about electrofag, and how the nicotine doesn’t come out when you exhale, being already absorbed. I’m having a “discussion” with my girlfriend about this, and would appreciate your explanation again if you still have it stored somewhere.

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    • It’ll be way back somewhere.

      Basically, nicotine is water soluble. It’ll be absorbed into the wet layer over the throat and lung tissues. If you meet anyone refuting this just point out that if nicotine was exhaled rather than absorbed there’d be no point in either smoking or vaping 😉

      It would be like injecting a drug then pulling out the syringe plunger and sucking it back out again.

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