Blood Clots and Holidays

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Okay. Lots of news about blood clots lately. I suspect it’s being amplified/fuelled by corporate rivalry but it’s a real effect. It started with the Oxford vaccine, then the J&J one, leaving the Moderna and Pfizer ones feeling smug. Until a study showed that those vaccines were causing more frequent blood clots – but that study comes from Oxford. There is definitely an element of ‘but their stuff is worse’ in all this but it’s irrelevant.

My father died suddenly in February 2020. It turned out to be a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in his lungs. This was before the Covid hysteria really got going and long before vaccines, so nothing to do with either of them. It’s still relevant. My father suffered multiple strokes in his old age. They left him barely able to walk although his mind remained as sharp as ever. Therefore blood clots, strokes, are in the family and I’m not taking anything that will increase my risk.

Especially not an experimental vaccine using a technique never before used in humans – and which has always failed in animal trials with horrible consequences. Blood clots are a recent issue with these vaccines, although that might not be entirely correct. There have also been cases of blindness, sudden death and many other adverse events. Let’s concentrate on the blood clots though, since this post could otherwise become a novel. I already babble on far too long, I’ll try to keep this one focused.

There is an excuse put out that ‘Ah but Covid also causes blood clots’. Of course it does. It’s the spike protein that causes the clots. We’ve known since very early on that in really severe caes the virus affects the blood. Now I’m not talking about those having to stay in bed for a few weeks, nor even most of those hospitalised. I’m talking about the ones put on forced ventilation in ICU. I don’t blame the doctors, they were treating a respiratory virus and when blood oxygen drops, the obvious answer is to get the ventilators out.

It turned out, and was soon realised, that ventilation was the wrong approach. It wasn’t lack of oxygen getting through the lungs that caused the problem. The virus was in the bloodstream and no matter how much oxygen you pumped into the lungs, the blood wasn’t transporting it. Because it was clotting.

So. Now we know that it’s the spike protein that causes clotting. And what do these vaccines do? They make your own body cells pump out the spike protein. The very thing that causes clotting.

To be fair, it wasn’t known that the spike protein caused the blood clots when the vaccines were first rolled out. Now that it is known, shouldn’t governments be stopping the use of this experimental stuff? Not a bit of it. They must have those vaccine passports and if they reduce the population in the meantime, they’ll see it as a bonus. An increasing number of medical staff are objecting but until their number gets above the level at which they can’t all be sacked, most will remain silenced.

The blood clot issue came to light when the 30-50 age group were injected. Some are dying within hours or days. Others are struggling with blood clots for some time. So why didn’t it show up in the older age groups, who were vaccinated first? Two possible reasons.

Maybe it did. But someone in their eighties dying of a stroke or a blood clot (as my father did) isn’t at all unusual. There would have had to have been a massive increase in the numbers dying and it wasn’t massive enough to be noticed – or maybe not so massive that it couldn’t be well hidden. By the way, if you still think your government is telling you the truth after this past year, then this isn’t the blog for you. I can’t help you and I’m not going to try.

The other reason depends on immune response. The older you get, the slower your immune response. It’s the reason cancer is far more common in the old. The cancer grows and spreads before the immune system really gets to grips with it.

So you can picture an elderly immune system sitting around in its slippers, sipping tea, and saying ‘That’s a jolly naughty virus over there. I should get around to doing something about that’. Yes, it’s a British immune system.

The young immune system will go at an infection like an enraged mob of Visigoths. It will hit very hard and won’t much care about collateral damage. It’s focused entirely on destroying the threat. So you’ll get a much faster and much bigger reaction in a young person than an old one.

It’s the other way around with the actual virus. The virus is far more dangerous in the elderly. The vaccine is far more dangerous in the young. This might be due to the virus being an actual intact particle, so the immune system is attacking the whole thing, while the vaccines simply cause your cells to pump out spike protein. That could result in an overreaction to one part of the virus, rather than a more general reaction to the entire particle.

They have now started ‘trials’ on babies and children. Already killed a few. They aren’t going to stop though. I can’t even imagine how any parent could offer up their child to any kind of experiment, much less this particular one. But then, the disease of virtue signalling has been around a lot longer than Covid. I hope those running the trials have some heavy duty lawyers. Since children are likely to be far more harmed by the vaccines than the virus, the ethics of this are questionable at best.

Ah but you must have the experimental potion if you want to go on a holiday abroad, right? Funnily enough, getting the injection changes nothing. You still have to mask up, social distance, no meeting family or friends, absolutely no physical contact and… you still can’t travel.

This is because it has nothing to do with any virus and probably never did. It’s about imposing a New Normal where common tourists don’t go around messing up the playgrounds of the elites. Where the plebs are monitored and controlled and selectively bred for compliance. If you think that’s a conspiracy theory you’re already bred for compliance. This didn’t start yesterday.

Evidence of ‘vaccine shedding’ is appearing and becoming more common. Ah but the vaccines contain no viable virus, right? This is of course absolutely true. What they contain is the genetic code to make virus spike protein. Which will then bud off your cells as little balls of cell membrane covered in spike protein. Some of those will contain copies of the RNA needed to make more spike protein, and the spike protein allows the little blobs to attach to cells and insert the RNA….

No, they didn’t give you the virus. They gave you the means to make it yourself. In your own cells.

The vaccinated are giving it all they can about ‘stay away from the unvaccinated’ and I really think they should. I will happily wear any kind of indicator that I am unvaccinated so the vaccinated stay away from me.

It’s starting to look like the vaccinated are the dangerous ones.

24 thoughts on “Blood Clots and Holidays

  1. I have now asked quite a few (NHS) medics why I should need or have a vaccine after having had the disease. It’s never been necessary before.
    Unsurprisingly, not one of them has answered convincingly. I suspect this is because they are not allowed to say.
    The next injection installment is due in the Autumn. This will ‘protect you from variants’, ha ha. Then there’ll be another in Spring 22, then another…

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      • The point is that whatever is in these concoctions, it is not a vaccine in the sense most people understand that word to mean.
        A vaccine: contains actual viruses, weakened so it does not cause a full-blown illness, but is sufficient to stimulate an immune response.
        mRNA types: new technique, long-term effects unknown. Previous attempts resulted in all test animals dying.
        Adenovirus types: sounds like a vaccine, but actually similar to the mRNA method, as it does not contain SARS-Cov-2 viruses, just the expression for the spike protein.
        There might be some research into ‘proper’ vaccines happening, but all previous attempts to counter coronaviruses with standard vaccines have failed.

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  2. The whole idea about getting vaccinated is that you can no longer be infected by a given pathogen, or being immune / resistant are subsequently highly unlikely to pass it on. The clotting risk, so I am told is minimal. Although some of the studies I’ve seen indicate that caution might be a god idea if you have blood group A.

    However, certain politicians have gobbed off, stating that they do not want to be anywhere near anyone who has not been vaccinated. Which makes no sense. If the vaccine works as a vaccine should, they would be sufficiently immune as not to have to worry about being exposed. Unless they’re not sure if the vaccines work or not, and they being closer to the sources of information, should know, right?

    Unless they don’t have a clue. Which wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

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  3. It occurs to me that Boris’s recent very odd statement about how the recent fall in cases and hospitalisations is actually all down to lockdowns and other NPIs rather than the vaccine is a straw in the wind as to what the Powers That Be are now being told by the few remaining adults in the system. Its such an obviously bonkers statement that no-one can work out why he would say such a thing, given the whole thrust of public policy has been ‘Vaccine Vaccine Vaccine’ for the last year. He has just spent hundreds of billions suppressing the economy and hundreds more on the vaccines themselves, why now trash their own headline policy at the point it looks as if its succeeding?

    To my way of thinking its indicative that they now realise the vaccines may prove to be so obviously dangerous that there is a distinct possibility they will have to be dropped, and fast. Thus they need to a) downplay any positive effects they may have had, and b) play up the effects of the NPIs that have been used so far, so the pivot from vaccines back to NPIs can be done seamlessly. Its the only explanation I can think of that makes sense of the facts.

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    “Dr. J. Patrick Whelan, a pediatric rheumatologist, warned the FDA in December that mRNA vaccines could cause microvascular injury to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in ways not assessed in safety trials.”

    “Worryingly, several studies have found that the spike proteins alone have the capacity to cause widespread injury throughout the body, without any evidence of virus.”

    “As of Jan. 29, 11,249 adverse events had been reported to OpenVAERS related to the two mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. The reports included 501 deaths, 1066 hospitalizations, 2443 urgent care visits, 1447 office visits and 147 cases of anaphylaxis…
    …the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealed that reported vaccine injuries to VAERS represent an estimated 1% of actual injuries.”

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  5. I received a call today changing my appointment for my second AZ vaccination. I noticed a distinct change in attitude from being harassed into having the first. I said I was a bit uneasy about it now and I was asked if I wanted it, no attempt to persuade me. Asked if I had any effects from the first, I didn’t, just said they strongly recommended it. I suppose any damage is already done when I said that she just laughed! This call worried me more than all the publicity. What do you think? Should I have it?

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    • I was called – with uncharacteristic NHS efficiency – two days after my first AZ jab to book my second one which will be given two months after the first. I very reluctantly had the first dose and am at the point of considering cancelling the second because I’m so worried that, contrary to mainstream reporting, exposure to the virus will result in greater rather than lesser illness. Then there’s the possibility of regular, frequent vaccination to deal with the variants and the apparently gross underreporting of the adverse reactions…..


      • I had my second vaccination yesterday, there didn’t seem much point in avoiding it after having the first. I was very reluctant to have it at all but they wore me down. I am worried about it turning into an annual event. I guess we will just have to live with any possible consequences, just hope I can now travel to Scotland to see my grandchildren soon.


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