Curtains for Boris?

Well, while India is being used as the latest excuse for the new lockdowns the government have promised will never happen (just like the vaccine passports they promised would never happen), cases of Covid have pretty much petered out, lockdowns are killing more people than Covid and in Israel, heart issues among the vaccinated under 30s are killing more than the virus ever could, what’s the big news issue of the day?

Boris bought new curtains.

Yes, the Prime Monster had his flat redecorated. Apparently it cost several tens of thousands of pounds. Which is pocket change compared to the billions wasted on this pretend pandemic that could have been halted a year ago with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Instead we have a permanent state of emergency to justify using unlicenced vaccines so a few evil bastards can swell their bank accounts.

There is really no point in getting rid of Boris. He’s not in charge of anything, he’s a puppet and if you oust him he’ll be replaced with a new puppet. Probably a worse one. Gove. Or Hancock. Imagine having one of those psychos in charge.

I don’t give a damn about Boris redecorating. I don’t even care if it was paid for by taxes (it seems it wasn’t, so it’s no issue at all). That redecorating job was as nothing compared to the damage done by lockdowns and the horrors to come.

Oh I don’t mean the vast backlog of untreated diseases the NHS has ignored for over a year. Nor even the plethora of other respiratory diseases caused by continuous mask wearing. No, I’m talking about things like this. This is where it’s heading now. Dehumanisation of the unvaccinated. If you’ve read any history at all you’ll know where that inevitably leads.

Do you remember seeing that with polio vaccine? Hepatitis vaccines? How about tuberculosis? Those were all proper vaccines. This new technology isn’t even preventing spread. It’s also turning the vaccinated into shedders. Yes, it’s now clear that the vaccinated are shedding spike protein and causing issues in the unvaccinated around them. It’s even in Pfizer’s trial notes. So if the vaccinated want to shun me, I’m fine with that.

How long will they be shedding? Nobody knows. Nobody has tested this. Or maybe they have, and have decided on a six month booster shot to keep the game going. I don’t know. I’d guess the mRNA ones won’t last long though. A month or so at most. The DNA ones could last longer.

I keep seeing this statement that the mRNA is tapping into the body’s ‘operating system’. This is because the whole mRNA thing was thought up by a computer geek. It’s not like MS-DOS. It’s more like a factory.

Right. You have the blueprints to make stuff in your factory but if you build on the blueprints directly, you’ll wear them out. So you make a photocopy of the original blueprint and build on that. It wears out, no problem, you can make another copy from the original.

DNA is the blueprint. mRNA is the photocopy. tRNA brings the parts for assembly. This is nothing like a computer operating system, you can’t just reprogam it – but you can hijack the assembly line. Which is what viruses do. It’s also what mRNA vaccines do. They send a fake photocopy to the factory floor. The factory doesn’t know it’s fake, they just follow the instructions.

The fake photocopy, like the genuine ones, will wear out after a few passes through the machinery. Then they’re gone. The DNA vaccines are adding a bit of fake ‘original blueprint’ to the system so it can churn out many more fake mRNA ‘photocopies’. It’s only limited by the stability of that extra DNA. It’s going to last a lot longer than the mRNA. I can’t at this stage even make a guess at how long it’ll be in there.

The vaccinated posing a risk to the unvaccinated is not new. It’s been shown with many other vaccines, including measles.The difference here is that those taking the coronavirus vaccine are not shedding live virus. Just the spike proteins – but that’s enough because the spike proteins are the part of the virus that causes most of the problems, like blood clots, heart issues and more.

More and more issues are coming to light over this now. It will clear itself in time because T cells in the blood will eventually kill all the cells producing the spike proteins, since to the immune system those cells appear to be infected. Then the booster shots will start it all off again.

Basically, it’s not safe for the unvaccinated to be around the vaccinated for at least a few weeks after they get their shots. So if the vaccinated want to shun us, good. We’re better off if they do.

There has also been talk recently of a vaccine that spreads by itself. I don’t think that will get anywhere, even if it works. Years ago, when I worked in probiotics for farm animals (treatments for gut infections in pigs) I suggested that the ideal probiotic would be one you’d feed to one pig, and it would spread through the whole herd.

Someone much more business-savvy than me pointed out that if I succeeded, a big feed company would buy my patent and put it in the back of a filing cabinet somewhere. It would never be used.

Why? Well, selling one dose to one pig on a farm makes no money. Selling a dose for every individual pig makes a fortune. Same with this self-propagating vaccine. If they succeed, the idea will end up at the back of a filing cabinet somewhere, filed under ‘ignore forever’.

Vaccine companies, all health companies, are businesses. They don’t care about you. They are in it for the money. Nothing else.

Keep that in mind and a lot of the weird stuff you see makes a lot more sense.

14 thoughts on “Curtains for Boris?

  1. The Boris issue is that he is dishonest. His default position is to bluster and dissemble.

    He could have put this story to bed simply by saying ‘In the first instance I took a loan from Mr. A, which I have now repaid.’

    But he didn’t, because of his character flaws explained above.


    • Those qualities would make him totally representative of the HoC. Rosette colour immaterial. One possible exception might be Johnny Mercer who resigned over a pount of honour & principle – when was the last time that happened?


  2. The Chinese vaccines, Sinovax & Sinopharm, are allegedly proper, traditionally-made weakened viral vaccines. Do you have any information about them? And what would happen when someone jabbed with mRNA encounters a ‘Sino’ recipient?


    • As far as I can tell, China has only vaccinated around 3% of the population. Even the traditional vaccine attempts for coronavirus have caused ADE in the past so I’m guessing China want a ‘show’ to scare the west again – but they don’t want to wipe themselves out.


      • Massive batch to batch variation with Sinopharm vaccine coming out of Chile. A production and QA problem I expect. It’s pot luck with that one.


    • The Nature paper makes clear what a lot of immunologists have been saying – that infection with the real thing sets up immunity to more than just one protein. The spike-protein vaccine versions don’t give full immunity, and that can cause big problems in subsequent infections.

      The second link is rather more accessible to the non-scientist, and covers it very well.


    • I think that’s universal, which is why our lot are enforcing a no-longer-needed lockdown and restrictions. If they plan to use booster shots in October, they can only do it under emergency use so the restrictions aren’t going away – and they’ll still be stamping on other treatments.


      • I suppose that this means any deadly side-effects won’t be admitted to until there’s no more vaccine to be sold (or until Carrie Johncock/DVT are out of office/post, whichever be the later). As George Orwell could have said: a boot stamping on an antibiotic… forever.


        • I don’t think any deadly side effects of the vaccines will be admitted, especially if they can be hidden in other health outcomes. Ie if the clotting issues starts to show up in the longer term in the form of raised heart attack and stroke stats that will be explained as the consequence of covid itself, not the wonderful very safe vaccine. Or if ADE starts causing deaths it’ll be blamed on ‘new more virulent variants’ etc. If there isn’t a pile of bodies outside the vaccination centre exit door then that’ll do, everything else can be masked by smoke and mirrors. They just aren’t going to let this go.


  3. I explained about mRNA to my wife and she decided not to have that pretend vaccine either. Good. We said NO! What amazed me was that a vaccine against a Corona virus had been produced. Amazing. then I read about them and Lo! They weren’t vaccines at all. What were produced had no long term safety data by definition of being rushed out. Oh dear. The UK is a massive clinical trial, but of the worst kind. I despair. I really do. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum but it is no longer an asylum.


  4. A friend of a friend writes:
    “With regard to the political news, I have no idea. With regard to
    the medical. That is total misinformation. I spent 4 years studying
    this. mRNAs have been used since the time of small pox one of the
    first treatable viruses and people just didn’t know it. The drugs
    for malaria never were a cure. They only masked the symptoms if you
    didn’t die.
    “Sadly the world is flooded with poorly advised cranks spreading


    • Slight issue there… Smallpox vaccine, indeed many vaccines, were in use long before Watson and Crick worked out the structure of DNA.
      Smallpox vaccine – 1796
      Discovery of DNA – 1869, although it was a long time before anyone figured out what it was for.
      Discovery of mRNA – 1961 (yes, that recent!)

      So I’m afraid your friend of a friend spent four years studying to no avail at all. I didn’t have those dates in my head, it took five minutes to find them 😉

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