I have been pretty tied up with the Spring anthology. It was a little short on pages – that wouldn’t stop publication but it would mean I couldn’t have the title on the spine. A small thing, I know, but this is the fourteenth and I do like consistency.

I was only around ten pages short. I thought about adding in some photos but meh, that’s obvious padding. In the end, Cade F.O.N Apollyon came to the rescue with an extra story and I found two of mine that had not appeared in previous anthologies. So it’s 140 pages.

All interiors are complete – print and eBook versions – so all that’s left is the cover. I had that all planned out too.

I have a candle in a ceramic skull, a gift from CStM (she knows what I like). The skull’s eyesockets are open and the candle is red. I think you can guess where this is going. Well, I’ve had the candle for a while and was waiting for the right time to light it – and the overall dark theme of this Spring anthology demanded it.

I had underestimated how big this candle really is. It’s going to take a few hours burning before the eyes leak. So that’s where we are – waiting for a candle to burn down to photographic levels.

This is a quick snap. It will of course be on a black backsheet but that’s flammable so I’ll have to watch it all the time. For now it’s safely progressing with nothing flammable around it. Once the eyes start to leak, I set up and start photographing. I hope to have the cover finished tomorrow and that’s really all I’m waiting for now. If I’d realised how long it would take I’d have lit it earlier!

Anyway, the book is complete, just waiting for a candle to burn and we’ll have a cover.

So, we are now to be terrified of the Indian variant of covid. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s running a corner shop or making T shirts somewhere. Seriously though, we are getting reports on absolute numbers, not ‘covid per million’ numbers. India has 1.4 billion people and thousands die every day of things like diarrhoea.

I’m not kidding. Giardia lamblia thrives in the warmer waters there and water purification isn’t a widespread thing. This thing turns your arse into Satan’s shitty power washer and you’ll find it hard to take in water faster than you’re pumping it out. And if your water supply is contaminated, taking in more just makes it worse. Really, for India, covid is having a very small extra effect on top of starvation and filthy water supplies and more.

The India strain is being hyped. It’s no more dangerous than any other and none of them have proved to be any more dangerous than the flu… which has vanished. This is now all about selling vaccines, which is what it has been about all along. Don’t imagine that the Pharmers care about you. They care about making money. Nothing else.

It has become increasingly difficult to find any reliable information on anything at all. There are people saying the mRNA vaccines will integrate into your DNA. This is not possible. It simply cannot happen. The DNA versions, well, maybe. I can’t find any data either way. The RNA ones, not a chance.

There are reports that the vaccinated are shedding spike protein. This is actually quite likely. When you exhale, your breath contains shed cells. If you have a virus, it contains virus particles. The spike protein is even smaller than the virus so if your body is making it then having it come out on your breath is almost guaranteed.

It’s not an intact virus. It can’t infect anyone but it seems (anecdotally) that it can have some effect on those around the vaccinated. At least for a while after vaccination. It’s being blamed for irregular periods in unvaccinated women and some effects in breast fed infants. My advice? Don’t risk it. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, wait until that’s over before considering the vaccine. The manufacturers have stated that they have not tested it on pregnant or breastfeeding women and don’t recommend they take it. Listen to them, not to the NHS who think they can stick this potion into anyone and it’ll be fine. The NHS is lost to the Land of Money and doesn’t care about anything else now. If it ever did.

Then we have the 5G thing. It’s still going. I don’t see how microwaves can affect an infection but I’m keeping an open mind for now. You never know. One thing I am sure of is that microwaves cannot initiate an infection. That requires an infectious agent and no EM radiation can conjure one out of the air. Whether it can trigger a dormant infection, well, I don’t know. There are other issues with short range powerful microwaves, but out here I won’t have to worry too much about those for a long time. We still have copper phone lines.

There is so much more conflicting information to deal with. Later, if I can make any sense of it.

For now, it’s not the vaccines that worry me so much. It’s the religious fervour surrounding them. I have never before been asked if I’ve taken any vaccine and have never asked anyone else. Now it’s like some kind of assimilation juice – if you haven’t had it you are not One Of Us. Well what about tuberculosis? Mumps? Polio? Any of the others? Nobody ever cared. Why now, for something no more dangerous than flu?

I know, if you had the vaccine, you’re happy with the vaccine passport. You think it will only apply to this one, right? You don’t think it will apply to flu or any of the far more dangerous diseases. Just covid. That’s the only one.

I need to publish this book fast. I have a story that tells you where it’s going.

I don’t think you’re going to like it.

34 thoughts on “Developments

  1. This ”are you one of us” syndrome is worrying, they don’t need official brown shirts there’s enough so called normal people out there would have not the slightest doubt they were doing the right thing as they frog marched you to the cattle wagons.

    If you ever saw the old film Quatermass And The Pit (worth finding), during the dramatic ending those infected by the alien beings turned on those who weren’t, even though i haven’t seen the film for years i am reminded in the way people are taking sides in this covid scam, and the hostilty to dissidents from the believers.

    Among my colleagues its the east euopeans who stand out as distrusting the narrative and like the good lady and myself won’t be injected, sad numbers of my fellow natives have swallowed it wholesale.
    So pleased my 30 something daughter is equally distrusting of things as we are, she barely attended school in her teens being a bit of a tearaway, however she made very good by hard work and grabbing the right job offers when they came along, in retrospect i put a lot of her independent mindedness into her lack of indoctrination by the state.

    Keep up the good work Leggy.

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  2. I am back now, after a particularly nasty dose of anxiety

    So I have been thinkingaba about submitting a very short story I wrote a very long time ago., but I don’t know where to send it. However, please don’t feel obliged.

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  3. I like that skull, but I don’t think My Dear Wife would want it in the house.

    You’re a bit late now with Panoptica, old fellow, aren’t you. Not that it’d have made any difference had you managed to get it out four years ago, sadly. I think Western Civilisation had been too badly rotted from the inside via our “universities” even then.

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  4. “Mr Woods”, who at my prep school taught us boys “Scripture” and also, when required, “Maths” and history (no inverted commas there either as he really knew British history) was an ex-Assistant District Commisioner who ran a vast tract of the British Empire from inside Tanganyika.

    He told us boys; to our orgasmic delight, that he kept a human skull in his family’s dining room cabinet where the crockery and “the silver” were kept.

    He said it “deterred the negroes from stealing the silver”. He said that, after he installed it, the negro workers were “very respectful” and “stopped borrowing things”. We were thrilled, and we made a note.

    Do you think there is scope for installing real human skulls, candel-lit or otherwise, in people’s windows in police-deprived boroughs? To deter general scallies? Could be a go-er.

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