The Mad Wanksock (he deserves no less derision) has declared that his personally-owned NHS owes no duty of care to vaccine refuseniks. Yes, he really said that. Unless you enrich him, and his cabal of dark whisperers of doom, by accepting the death juice, his personally-owned NHS will not treat you.

Well they’ve hardly treated anyone for a year anyway. Where’s your threat, Wanksock? My uncle died of delayed-treatment for his throat cancer on Christmas Eve last year. You have nothing. Nothing to threaten me with. Nothing to do with all your Pharmer shares.

Couple of points here. The Death Secretary (which is what Wanksock evidently thinks his job entails) does not own the NHS. In fact, nobody in government does, not since Tiny Blur put the whole thing under the control of ‘trusts’ that really do not deserve that title. He’s basically a blustering idiot and if he’s lucky he’ll only end up in prison. Did you see the BBC bloke hounded off the street by a mob? I watched that and thought ‘it’s a very short step to a lynching here’. People are angry to a level that hasn’t been seen since the days of Charles I, and that didn’t end pleasantly.

When the aftermath of this kicks in it’s likely to look exactly like those days and I’m taking cover out here.

Remember, Cromwell saved the English from the tyranny of Charles I, but turned out to be a total dick. They found him guilty of treason two years after he had died but that didn’t stop them. They dug him up and hung him anyway. Yes, Boris. Yes, Wanksock. These are the people you are currently repeatedly poking with a sharp stick. You might want to brush up on your history.

Second point – if the government has no duty to care for me, as non-vaccinated, then surely I have no duty to pay them any taxes in any form. My car road tax is due. Yet Wanksock has said that the NHS won’t treat the unvaxxed so if I am ever in an accident I will be left to die. Why, then, would I pay for that?

The BBC is already suffering from a loss of the TV tax. The new GBNews, headed up by Andrew Neil, seems popular but old Neilly has already stated that there will be consequences for those who refuse vaccination. So I won’t be watching that channel either. Nobody should be watching the idiot lantern now anyway. How will the government survive a tax strike? I think it’s time to find out.

Now, Wanksock wants to make the experimental jab compulsory for care workers. Then NHS workers. Then you and your children. Oh, he didn’t mention the last part so that’s a conspiracy theory – like compulsory jabs and vaccine passports and the ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ becoming permanent were just conspiracy theories mere months ago. Never happen… oh wait.

There are rumours and leaks and hints and allegations that the ‘third wave’ will begin on August 1st. That the lockdowns will intensify next autumn and winter. That most of the victims will be the fully vaccinated, and the unvaxxed will be blamed (this makes no sense biologically but they left science behind a long time ago). That there will be boosters of these experimental potions that can only be enforced while the emergency (and therefore the lockdowns) continue. Of course, these are just conspiracy theories. You know, the spoutings of tinfoil hatters. Like compulsory vaccinations and vaccine passports, or the ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ becoming a permanent New Normal. Nothing to worry about as long as you are fully brainwashed. You carry on, enjoy your servitude.

I won’t have a vaccine passport because I won’t be partaking of the potion. So, that means I can never fly overseas again? Well too bad. The government doesn’t want to let the unvaccinated fly. Unfortunately, the airlines don’t want to let the vaccinated fly. So nobody is going anywhere. Again, Wanksock, you have nothing.

This includes vaccinated pilots. The airlines are worried about their liability if the vaccinated form blood clots and die en route. They are now even more concerned that it could happen to a pilot – in which case everyone is likely to die en route. Flying at high altitudes increases everyone’s risk of deep vein thrombosis and it is increasingly clear that all the vaccines also increase the risk. So, the airlines are taking a risk and multiplying it by putting together high altitude and dodgy rushed out vaccines. They aren’t going to risk it. Very sensible.

None of us going anywhere means that although around 75% of pilots and aircrew are vaccinated, well, they aren’t going to need very many of them. Nobody vaccinated will be accepted by the airlines and nobody unvaccinated will be allowed on board by the government. So, a few cargo planes and the private jets of the sociopaths will soon be all that’s left flying.

Again, the government promise that you’ll get your ordinary life back if you accept the Prick of Destiny is shown to be a lie. Just like everything else. These alleged vaccines have already been stated to not stop you catching or spreading the virus. You get reduced symptoms, which means you can spread it more easily because it won’t confine you to bed. This is an incredibly stupid idea.

This government also promised that June 21st would be the end of it all. This was clearly bollocks from the outset, they were hiring ‘Covid marshals’ (aka fingermen, if you’ve read or seen ‘V for Vendetta’) with contracts up to 2023. They are planning boosters in September which could not happen unless the ’emergency powers’ were still active.

Now the combless clown claims we are to be freed on July 29th. ‘That’s really it, no takesie-backsies, we really mean it’ which is exactly what he said about June 21st. He is lying. It’s what he said in March 2020, ‘just three weeks to flatten the curve’ and you know what pisses me off more than anything else? So called ‘rebels’ saying ‘Well if he doesn’t stop this on July 29th…’

He has no intention of stopping it. Ever. You stop it or it never stops. That is it. Really. You stop getting tested when you’re not ill and adding to the made up figures. You refuse to comply on a scale that they cannot control.

Or you just sit in the fire thinking ‘This is fine’ while they jab their experiment into your children.

There is no Batman. No Superman. No hero coming to save you. It does look very much like the world of ‘V for Vendetta’ but there is no V. It’s up to you.

You can end this. You can bring down Mad Wanksock (he’s now at the stage where prison would be his lucky option) and Boris the Spider and their gang of doom-whisperers.

Or you can sit in the fire thinking ‘This is fine’ until you are burned to a crisp.

Your choice. Also your last chance.


I referenced two songs in there. Artist, song title, album (or film) and year gets you a random free book, and as a bonus, you get to choose a second if you can legitimately find one I didn’t deliberately reference if it’s legit.

27 thoughts on “Compulsion

  1. I work in the aviation industry and therefore have a vested interest in this.

    There are fairly strong rumours floating about regarding the death of 4 British Airways pilots/first officers. Jabbed, obviously as the stated cause of death was not Covid…

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  2. “The Idiot’s Lantern” is the seventh episode of the second series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast on 27 May 2006 on BBC One. It was written by Mark Gatiss and directed by Euros Lyn.

    The episode is set in London in 1953, at the time of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. In the episode, the incorporeal alien the Wire (Maureen Lipman) intends to regain a physical body by consuming enough energy from the minds of the coronation’s television audience. Tinfoil hat song

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  3. “…compulsory jabs and vaccine passports and the ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ becoming permanent were just conspiracy theories mere months ago. Never happen… oh wait.”

    That last one, I thought “the people will never stand for it” but they did. In fact, they welcomed it, at least those of them on the taxpayers’ teat (aka furlough) or “working” from home did. Then the vaccine passport idea was floated and denied by government who said it wouldn’t happen all the time they were putting it out to tender.

    But compulsory vaccinations? No, the people will never stand for it.

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  4. Just to consolidate a jaundiced view of the British electorate the long time well entrenched Tories in some constituency or another – in Bucks, I think it was – have just lost in a big way to . . . the LibDems. Out of the frying pan into the porridge?

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  5. Increased likelihood of DVT may be due to higher concentrations of CO2 in planes. Since smoking was banned on planes, they recirculate a much larger proportion of the viruses, sorry, air. This saves fuel otherwise needed to heat incoming fresh air from -40 degrees.

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  6. We’ve been formally told that we’re WFH from now on with only the odd foray into society and that we don’t need our company cars any more. I think something like 50% of new cars on the road are company cars, so that’s the car industry gone if my employer’s policy spreads (and I do a job which nobody would have thought could have been done remotely). In the foreseeable future there’ll be a few electric cars tootling around driven by politicians, public sector employees and the affluent; the rest of us will be on e-bikes, venturing out to do our shopping and cycling around a 10 mile radius of our homes for a day out. Agenda 21 in action?

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  7. Death Juice – Kai Wachi (2021)
    Poke with a sharp stick – Mel Wesson (2019)
    It’s time – Imagine Dragons (2012)
    Brainwashed – George Harrison (2002)
    Film – Pick of Destiny – Tenacious D (2006)
    Death Juice – Kai Wachi (2021)
    Poke with a sharp stick – Mel Wesson (2019)
    It’s time – Imagine Dragons (2012)
    Brainwashed – George Harrison (2002)
    Film – Pick of Destiny – Tenacious D (2006)
    DeDeath Juice – Kai Wachi (2021)
    Poke with a sharp stick – Mel Wesson (2019)
    It’s time – Imagine Dragons (2012)
    Brainwashed – George Harrison (2002)
    Film – Pick of Destiny – Tenacious D (2006)

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  8. I have been reading that some traditional council sponsored pantomimes are being or have been cancelled along with various Christmas fairs. Christmas is 6 months and a bit away. What is the government sharing with them? Another winter lockdown? There will be riots. Freedom from restrictions should be on 19th July. So what gives or am I hallucinating?

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    • Dear Dr Evil

      Freedom from restrictions was from 13 April 2020 after “3 weeks to flatten the curve”.

      That’s all I put up with, though I knew it was bullshit then.

      No face nappies, no social distancing, no restrictions on social gatherings, no hand sanitisers (OK twice, er, maybe four times) and handwashing as I always do.

      I cannot go into pubs/ shops/ cafes/ restaurants/ charity shops if they are closed. Now they are open (are they?), I won’t until the whole farce is over. Let them suffer more.



      • I haven’t set foot in a supermarket since March 2020. I discovered it costs less to get it all delivered than to drive there. Might never go back.

        The only shop I’ve been in is Local Shop, where they don’t give a stuff about all this.


    Completely hypothetical:
    If I were a totally unconscionable doctor or other person “in charge”, closely aligned to the interests of Big Pharma jab producers, I would maybe surreptitiously treat jabbed CoVID sufferers with HCQ/Ivermectin in order to reduce severe/death outcomes and stats, whilst leaving the un-jabbed to their own devices at home until they were ready to be ventillated to death.
    Anybody know Health Service whistleblowers?
    Got to go now, just heard that my local hardware shop has industrial grade tin-foil on special offer.

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  10. How about my second guess, Elvis Presley “Run on” withe lyric line “ Some people go to church just to sit in the fire
    Trying to make a date with the neighbour’s wife”


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