How to sell the world

Many thanks for all the good wishes. Grandson is likely to make an almost complete recovery although it is going to take a very long time. One thing this family has a lot of, even if we don’t have much in the way of talent, is sheer bloodyminded persistence. And grandson has already demonstrated he has that too. I will not be surprised if he exceeds the medical expectations for his recovery.

It’s far from over but the prognosis is far better than it was.

So today we hear that tree pollen can spread covid and you’re all going to die. I know there are many out there who will believe that trees can catch covid and shed it in pollen even though we are beyond species and genus and into kingdoms now. Hay fever is now covid. No matter, I expect to have some sly fun convincing them that lettuce and tomatoes can get it too. It won’t be difficult. Oh… avocados…

They want to be scared, so I am happy to oblige.

If you wanted to take out all governments and install your One World Government, how would you do it? Just state it? Nobody is going to accept it, it’s a silly idea. Nobody wants to give up their country.

But look, the WHO have stated that vaccinating children for covid is a bad idea and should not be done. It’s true, children suffer almost nothing from covid so why vaccinate them? It’s pointless and damaging, the adverse effects from the vaccines (which are still experimental) far exceed the risk to children from the virus.

And yet Mad Wanksock and Boris the Spider keep pushing this. So do the idiots in charge of other western governments. Why? Don’t they know what they are preparing for? Perhaps they do and they have been promised they will be a part of it. They are simply useful idiots.

The WHO, all part of the WEF/UN New World Government, will let the idiots proceed until we are crying out for a saviour. Then they say ‘We told them not to do this but they kept going. Would you like us to take over?’

How many would welcome the New World Overlords at that point?

Oh, and Boris… Mad… sorry. They don’t need you any more. Except for one thing.

To take the blame.

15 thoughts on “How to sell the world

  1. Wow, I didnt know UK was pushing to vaccinate children. When did that happen? I thought I followed the news! I know Isreal as the first fully vaccinated country has recently (yesterday?) ‘allowed’ children to travel with vaccinated parents. No vaccinations for children there. I must have missed that here we were pushing to have children vaccinated. I should think futurely all kids might get an anti covid shot like we do with other diseases, polio, TB etc. After all, Covid-19 is disease you get from Sars-cov-2. If chickenpox were eradicated, I wouldnt have got shingles. THAT was really horrid!

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  2. Good to hear the news about your grandson.

    Yes I dug up the info on Opren today. With less reactions than our current vaccines it was withdrawn. Tweeted the Hansard report

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  3. Apparently the WHO have now removed their recommendation from their website…

    It now says:

    ‘Vaccines are usually tested in adults first, and only later assessed in children when safety has been proven in adults, because children are still developing and growing. COVID-19 has also been a more serious and dangerous disease among older people. Now that the vaccines have been determined to be safe for adults, they are being studied in children.

    ‘WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) has concluded that the Pfizer/BionTech vaccine is suitable for use by people aged 12 years and above. Children aged between 12 and 15 who are at higher risk of severe COVID-19 may be offered this vaccine alongside other priority groups for vaccination. Vaccine trials for children are ongoing and WHO will update its recommendations when the evidence or epidemiological situation justifies a change in policy.

    ‘While the supply of vaccines is limited, the ongoing priority is to vaccinate those most at risk of serious illness who still have not been vaccinated in many parts of the world: older people, those with chronic health conditions, and health workers.

    ‘Most children are at low risk of serious disease and vaccinating them is primarily about reducing transmission, which can also be achieved through public health measures, including: physically distancing from others, cleaning hands frequently, sneezing and coughing into their elbow, wearing a mask if age appropriate and avoiding crowded, poorly ventilated spaces.’


  4. Thank goodness for positive news about your grandson. That’s at least one little shaft of light in a dark world. As to the rest of the crap we are all suffering…well…we just have to KBO I guess!

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  5. Just a question about the (ahem) vaccine/s? Are these all the same, miraculously discovered by so many different companies, or are they different, with potentially different side (or deliberate, nothing would surprise me) effects?

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    • The four main ones – Pfizer and Moderna use mRNA in a liposome (tiiny fat ball), AZ and Johnsons use DNA in a virus. In the end they all do the same thing, they make your cells produce spike protein. So the range of adverse effects are likely to be the same, the quantity of those effects will depend on how many doses of each are given.

      I think the Novavax was a more traditional vaccine, using killed or attenuated virus, but that one seems to have gone quiet.


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