Mad Hancock exits stage left.

Competition first. Winners are Kant Explain and Ripper – each got one answer right and they were the only ones to come up with more than one song, so I’m calling it a double win. Emails are on the way, check your spam folders if you don’t see it.

The ones I had placed were Boris the Spider by the Who, (disturbingly appropriate, really) and The Pick of Destiny by Tenacious D. Nobody got both, perhaps I should be a little less obscure next time.

So, farewell then, Mad Hancock,
You have lost your job
And your family
And nobody cares
– E.J. Thripp

He’s gone, and yet some are still sad to see him go. I expect a few mourned Mussolini’s passing too, but not me. I’m glad to see the back of the man who withheld information from the Prime Monster that might have prevented this extension of the silly lockdown. He has done so many terrible things, and he is brought down by a snog. It’s insane. It’s like Hitler being declared evil only after he has kicked a puppy. Everything was fine up to that point.

Anyway he’s gone. The end result works for me even if the means make no sense. Now we wait to see if his successor will earn the title of Stabby Jabby or Nemo Zebedee. Depends who accepts this poisoned chalice.

If they have any sense of self preservation at all, they will end this charade and blame it all on Mad Hancock. It really won’t affect him, he’s totally buggered anyway. He’s about to find out what happens to useful idiots when they are no longer useful. He’s not alone in that…and there will be more finding that out sooner than they’d like.

It does depend if they can read the mood of the country, something Charles I failed to do with terrible consequences and we are really not far from Charles III taking the throne. The jug-eared green maniac is certain to emulate the vicious taxation regime of his predecessor and very likely end up much the same way.

Well. The die is cast, the game continues.

Now we wait.

13 thoughts on “Mad Hancock exits stage left.

  1. Love in a Covid Climate proves mightier than the sword but has Hancock subtly avoided being punished by resigning? Lets see how long Stabby jabby manages in the poisoned chalice of DHSS

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  2. The point, I think, about this Hancock business is that he made himself, deliberately and according to his own self-image as a rather wimpish little man of low abillities but glib and self-regarding, into a kind of Psychopathic Jailer Of the Nation…on television…and worse, much worse…appeared to be enjoying every minute of it.

    I don’t view wireless-television instruments any more, finding them unhelpful. But we all get the gist of how he was feeling about tormenting the nation which he thought he bestrode like a colossus, from the clips in the media and from articles.

    History teaches us that if you’re an innately nasty fella or aggressive or tyrannical, then in battle you had better not let your foot slip in the mud, so that you fall. And then…

    …our enemies – and he’s made millions of those – will be on top of you like that peasant mob with Maules, Guisarmes, Pickaxes and Boulders, so you die.

    I rather think most people do not care much about his private life or even if he was pimping off PPE contracts to his mates’ mates. Well, not much anyway. But i do think that underneath, most folks are enraged about lockdowns, even if they daren’t say it at work etc.

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