The two tier society

Update on grandson first – he’s making great progress. Might not recover entirely but there is still a chance, and he still has his wicked smile and my genes for bloody-minded persistence. He’ll be fine. My mother has been visiting for the last ten days so I’ve been driving a lot – which is only fair. She hadn’t seen her grandchildren or great grandchildren for almost two years, and hadn’t met grandson at all before this visit. Bonus – I got to see them a lot more too. I have been concerned that my granddaughter might forget who I am, but it seems she remembers me well. Mostly because, like me, she really isn’t a close contact people person. We are both natural social distancers.

Anyway. There is much talk about the ‘two tier society’ that will give much more freedom to nonsmokers than to smokers. Oh wait, that already happened well over a decade ago. No, this one is about the ‘vaccinated’ having more rights than the unvaccinated.

I don’t care about your society. I like a smoke. You threw me out of society a long time ago. Tier yourself all you want, get that Indian caste system going, I’m already at the bottom anyway so how you stratify the rest of it makes no difference to me. Carry on, tier yourself apart.

‘First they came for the smokers, and nobody spoke out for me, so the hell with the rest of you’ – no longer applies. This new crap will affect my children and grandchildren and, if they could only see it, the children and grandchildren of all those who enforce this global communism. You risk being erased from family history like the descendants of Hitler’s family, you know. Maybe you don’t care, maybe you want to be consigned to oblivion and forgotten by your families. It’s your choice.

Boris the Spider has declared ‘freedom day’ to be nothing of the kind. It’s vaccine passport day. If you expected anything different, take another look at that half full glass, and reconsider the space above the liquid.

Yesterday, our malevolent overlords declared that mandatory vaccination is now a thing. You cannot work in a care home unless you accept the experimental jab. Oh there is much outrage on behalf of care home workers which is what the behaviour manipulators wanted. Why? Well there’s another aspect in there that has garnered little attention so far.

You cannot enter a care home unless you have taken the jab.

So, if you want to visit Grandad in his twilight days, you have to become part of the experiment. I didn’t expect this to break through to reality so soon and now I’m not sure I should write more of it. But I think I really have to.

Once that vaccine passport is in place, it will not end with certification that you took an experimental jab against a flu-like virus. There will be boosters, those are already planned for September. The flu jab will be added first, then tuberculosis and measles (which do not need boosters) and every version of hepatitis (I’ve had them all and they don’t need boosters) and plague and Ebola and malaria (not actually available to catch in the UK but you’ll have to get the vaccines anyway) and scrofula and lurgy and falling ears, irritation of the nurglers and the onset of the nadgers. Soft shoulder, pink toenail and acute amargin on the legs.

Once it’s in place you will have to have vaccines against things from the 12th century and things that never existed. Refuse, research, repudiate and your pass is invalid. You can’t get a nickel for your grandma – but then you can’t get in to see her anyway.

This vaccine passport is total control. Absolute total control. You cannot so much as buy a loaf of bread unless your scrofula booster is up to date. And you are never told when they go out of date, you just get taken into a little room, injected with something and charged for it.

I know, it sounds insane, so very Icke, but look back a year. When government monsters were emphatic that there would be no forced vaccination and no vaccine passports, ever. And then look back at today. What do you think it will be like next year?

Even if you have taken the vaccine and you’re fine, no side effects, you have to resist the vaccine passport. That is the killer move, the first step to a Borg world where you have no individuality. Where you exist only to service the collective. It’s not a joke and not an exaggeration. This is exactly where it’s heading.

But it’s up to you. Nobody is coming to save you. The superheroes don’t really exist, no matter how convincing the CGI films can be. If you won’t do it, it won’t happen.

So what’s it gonna be, droogies?


I have one Leg Iron Books mug still here. If you can spot the song and artists (hint -1959 and B side) it’s yours. Well, every doom laden post needs a bit of cheer.

23 thoughts on “The two tier society

  1. I dont believe any of this. I have already had my two jabs. I have lived in countries where you couldn’t do anything without vaccinations, or go anywhere without passports. In fact we had ID cards called ‘dompass’. And you know what? Life went on. We survived. It’s a temporary tier. It all comes and goes. At the end of 1984, Winston succumbs and he finds happiness in that. There is a huge release of happiness when you accept that some things just are. It is what it is. Currently I think everything is OK. It’s much better than living in Haiti. I am glad I am not there!


    • My mother has also had both jabs and is fine. I think those getting the really bad reactions are getting them within days of the jabs. So far, if you’re a month past the second jab, you are probably fine.

      As for me, I have hardly any risk from covid, so the risk of a bad event from the vaccine isn’t worth it.

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      • Ah, but how do you know that long term effects are not going to present themselves from the constant generation of spike proteins? Maybe this is carcinogenic. How would you know, there is no data. So even if you are fine, will you attribute cancer or dementia to the shots in a few years?


        • Nobody can possibly know anything about long term effects. I won’t get any because I haven’t taken the vaccine – nor have I ever been tested, and never downloaded the tracking app.

          I do have a nasty suspicion that this winter is going to present some, ah, ‘interesting’ results. Exacerbated by having so many medical staff out of work because they are refusing the vaccines too.

          I’d very much like to be wrong about this, but so far it’s not looking good.


  2. Another Nickel in the Machine

    You’re the Top B side to

    Edd Byrnes Kookie Kookie lend me your comb.

    I’m pissed off I can tell you.

    My next door neighbour. The one that caught Covid in hospital but survived. Well she passed away yesterday. I’d lived next to her for 24 years.

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  3. Here’s a new disease for you. Chronic supra-angulochondyle-tectitis, complicated by morbid teleangulectaticised bulimeo-endo-pigeonorrhoea. You get this by not wearing your tin helmet, while the Outer-Space Variant is fallling on your head.

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  5. By now we’re well into Phase Two in which the Minute of Hate is to be directed at the unjabbed who are now said to be the sole sources of contagion. Never mind the illogical conclusion that unjabbed is the same as infected (or that jabbed is the same as uninfected) or that if the jab works, the jabbed are safe. It’s basically the same paradigm that got the cattle herds to hate smokers on the grounds that a whiff on a wind-swept beach was going to kill them. Goebbels used the same trick nicely against the Jews.


    • The idea of ‘asymptomatic carriers’ has been repeatedly and comprehensively debunked but still the government claim one in three of us is a deadly plague rat.

      I plan to wait it out in the countryside. I doubt most people will ever understand what’s really happening to them, but I don’t think it’ll take very long.


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