A smile interlude

The competition has been won. Ianronj got it right, it was an ancient Goons song, I think it’s the oldest vinyl in my collection (even older than me, you’re lucky it’s not in Latin) and here it is with the B side too. I had it in my head it was the B side of the ‘Ying Tong Song‘ but no, it’s even older than that one. I’ll have to rummage in the records to find what’s on the B side of that.

The video is not of my copy, my record player is a Garrard, but it’s the record I have always played when I need a bit of cheering up. That and the Marty Feldman album, maybe a bit of Bonzo Dog Band. Could do with a bottle of that Goon stuff around the place now, it probably cures Covid too.

Anyway, Ianronj, you have mail. If you don’t see it check your spambox.

10 thoughts on “A smile interlude

  1. Fascinating fact! I recently read Spike’s “Mussolini, My Part in his Downfall” and found out the origin of the title of the Ying Tong song. One of spike’s oppos in Italy was called Edgington: his mates called him EdgYingTong and the rest is history.

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  2. I inherited/borrowed/stole a goons maxi single when I left home all those years ago.
    It has Bluebottle Blues The Ying Tong Song – I’m waking backwards for christmas
    & Bloodnok’s Rock’n roll Call.
    My children’s favorite was always Bluebottle Blues

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