‘Antivax’ is the new ‘Racist’

So, anyone who doesn’t want to take part in the experiment is now an ‘anti-vaxxer’. This would be amusing if it wasn’t so serious.

I’ve had every vaccine going (except flu, never needed it and it’s only about 40% effective so never thought it worth while). My children and grandchildren are vaccinated too. They haven’t had the same amount as me because they didn’t spend their entire career working with dangerously contaminated samples.

Yes, my kids had MMR vaccine. I went through both measles and mumps as a child and I can still remember them, even now. I don’t remember if I had rubella but I can still remember the smell of the calamine lotion I was painted with when I had chicken pox. I was fortunate enough to not get polio (I had the vaccine) but even in the 1960s, there were two kids at my school who had had it. One had the steel rods strapped to one leg, the other had both legs in a cast, separated by a pole to try to get them to grow evenly. At university, one of our lecturers had the massive-soled boot on one leg due to the damage caused by polio in his youth.

So yes, I got my children vaccinated against those things. Of course I did. I had either experienced the effects of the disease myself or knew someone who had. And if there is a vaccine available to stop them going through it too, of course I’d get it for them.

I don’t know if I had smallpox vaccine or not. It wasn’t compulsory in 1960, the ‘mandatory’ part had been challenged and discarded almost a hundred years earlier but I might have been caught in the tail end before it was finally eradicated. That’s okay. Smallpox had a high kill rate so I don’t mind if I was vaccinated, I was far too young to give a damn anyway.

I had to get a few extra vaccines to visit China in 1991. Maybe they aren’t required for a holiday but I was there for work – visiting farms, mainly pig farms – so the vaccines were a good idea. Nobody in China ever asked to see proof I’d had the rabies or any other vaccine. I suspect the Chinese attitude was ‘well, we warned you, if you didn’t listen, tough luck if you get it’. Which is an attitude I can agree with.

Flu vaccine has such a poor effectiveness that I’ve never bothered with it. I had my first official invitation this year and ignored it. I had flu once, thirty years ago, and yes it’s unpleasant but if the vaccine is only going to offer 40% protection… not good enough.

I am not touching this experimental mRNA or DNA stuff. I know well what happened in all previous attempts to make a coronavirus vaccine. Traditional or mRNA. I know what happened in the Phillipines when they injected masses of people with a vaccine for Dengue fever. Coronaviruses are a special case. Every vaccine ever attempted has only made subsequent infection far, far worse. From what I have learned so far, this one is going to be no different. If you’ve had the vaccine you need to be very, very careful not to catch this disease next winter.

Now I’m not judging anyone who has been vaccinated. The fear machine is still in overdrive and if you haven’t spent your entire career working on, and with, nasty infectious diseases there is no reason you’d know any of the things I know. You are all experts in your own careers, things I know nothing about and you haven’t had the time to study all the things I spent my life being paid to study. The push has been relentless and it’s still going on. There are now claims that it might take five vaccinations before it works – it won’t stop there.

That’s because it’s not about a virus and not even about a vaccine, even though many people are making enormous amounts of money out of it. It’s now about getting that vax passport in place, the first step to a Chinese style social credit system. The vaccinations will never end, your passport will expire if you miss one and it won’t be just the one vaccine. They are now working on mRNA vaccines for other diseases, you’ll have to buy those too. Oh it’s like the drug pushers, the first doses are free until you’re caught in the web.

They even claim to have a vaccine for cancer. This is ridiculous. There are many, many different causes of cancer, some of them still unknown, and one vaccine cannot possibly make you immune to them all. But then, that’s the idea – you’ll need to cover ‘variants’. I believe there is a vaccine against a virus-induced cervical cancer but not being in possession of a cervix myself, I can’t really comment. Still, a vaccine against asbestos-induced cancer, for example, seems pretty damn far fetched. You can’t develop immunity to a mineral.

It’s not funny though. I have seen people who want to pin down all the unvaxxed and forcibly inject them. Others who want to line up ‘anti-vaxxers’ in front of a trench and shoot them, Stalin-style. Piers Morgan, the TV loon, wants to deny all medical treatment to those who won’t take part in this experiment. The crazed are being whipped up again and if you think that sort of thing is all in the past, look up the dates around Pol Pot or even the Chinese communist regime. These are not long-past events. Can it happen again?

It is happening again.

Can it be stopped?

Well I’m not sure. I have a feeling we might have to take the Underdog route of losing to win, because we will not get most people to realise or understand what is happening until it happens. Meanwhile they will blame the unvaxxed when the vaccines in them start killing them through antibody dependent enhancement and cytokine storms. For many it will take a long time before they realise the non-sick unvaxxed are not the source of their sickness. There might not be many of them left by then.

Next winter is going to be hard. We are going to, once again, be regaled by front page news filled with photos of overstretched hospitals which we’ve seen every winter for well over a decade. Except last year, when we were regaled with dance videos in empty wards… during a ‘pandemic’.

It will all be blamed on a ‘variant’ caused by the ‘unvaxxed’ when it will be the vaccines causing it all. I’ll have to stay out of sight for a year or two until, maybe, I end up as the Omega Man. I hope I won’t be the only one.

So let them call me ‘anti-vaxxer’. It makes a change from ‘racist’.

Although it is equally meaningless.

40 thoughts on “‘Antivax’ is the new ‘Racist’

  1. I share your unfondness for government coercion in all this, and also had trepidations about getting vaxxed, but got the JnJ vax a few months back for a family (Easter?) gathering which was then canceled anyway! My exposure has just about been south of nil. My biggest conversation time has been clocked in as overwhelmingly with my Google Home Assistant (I call her “BooBoo” since she answers, oddly enough, to that name just as well as to Hey Google!)

    I agree also with the future of the vax effects being to at least some extent unknown. Remember how long it took them to catch Thalidomide!

    HOWEVER… letting the virus run through the population ain’t so hot either, given the possibility of multiple disease-resident variants all popping up to the point where there’s no hope at all of even a flu-level vax. If pretty much everyone had been vaxxed and then subjected to a three-week REALLY mandatory lockdown, with all public service “necessary” personnel being vaxxed, I think we MIGHT have had a chance of sending this to the no-longer-needed Polio vax route.

    As it stands, at least partly due to skepticisms based on skepticism/distrust re medical establishments treatments of “second and thirdhand” Smoke, we’ve been seeing a far from perfect vax and mask mandate approach: too little, too late.

    And yes, I agree totally with keeping an eye on the flu graphs!

    – MJM, vaxxed and not COVIDious!

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    • Well, there was no vaccine at the start of all this (to me, there still isn’t 😉 ), and China put on quite a show – and they are now doing it again, this time in Beijing.

      The virus, if it ran its course, would eventually develop into one that will join the ranks of the 400-odd common cold viruses. The deadly versions would die out because the weaker versions would spread faster and render people immune to the nasty ones.

      The selective pressure from a leaky vaccine, however, will allow nasty versions to develop in the vaccinated (who won’t get very sick) so the nasty ones can hang around longer. That same leaky vaccine will (and is) vastly accelerate the development of variants, and eventually lead to one that can ignore the vaccines.

      This is dangerous meddling, mostly driven by corporate executives and politicians who have no idea what they are playing with. I’m staying away from everyone for a while, certainly over the next winter.

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    • Most of the evidence is now buried under page after page of bandwagon papers and articles about Covid-19. However, I did manage to dig out this one – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6959104/ which covers RNA respiratory viruses overall (coronavirus is just one family of these viruses).

      The videos of scientists talking about this have vanished from YouTube, but the gist of it was – there has never been a successful vaccine for any coronavirus. Not in decades of research. Now we have one that appeared in six months… and increasingly it is becoming clear that it is not only not working, it is making things worse. Gibraltar, Israel, Iceland for starters.

      Next up is an mRNA vaccine for flu (the NHS is already planning to send home test kits for flu, they’ve never done this before and I fully expect people to be told to self isolate/lockdown on the basis of these tests). There is likely to be a combined flu/covid jab this winter, it is entirely untested in combination and I for one will not touch it.

      Nothing is being properly tested any more. If you agree to the jab, you are the test. I’m not telling anyone not to take these jabs, I’m just saying that if you do, make sure you know what you’re getting into.

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      • Here’s another: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22536382/
        Immunization with SARS Coronavirus vaccines leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge with SARS Virus

        Results:…Histopathology seen in animals given one of the SARS-CoV vaccines was uniformly a Th2-type immunopathology with prominent eosinophil infiltration, confirmed with special eosinophil stains. The pathologic changes seen in all control groups lacked the eosinophil prominence.

        Conclusions: These SARS-CoV vaccines all induced antibody and protection against infection with SARS-CoV. However, challenge of mice given any of the vaccines led to occurrence of Th2-type immunopathology suggesting hypersensitivity to SARS-CoV components was induced. Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in humans is indicated.

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        • So scientific papers mean nothing to you, only the shrieks of the doomed matter.

          The responses are of no consequece since I present no antivax argument. You want it, get it.

          Know what you are getting jabbed in, because you can never get it out.

          But hey, the replies are the only thing that matters, right?

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  2. I’ve been watching with increased horror how the list of side effects, mini clots in capillaries,and spike proteins or maybe even prions are finding their way everywhere. One friend refused to let me visit him at home because I wasn’t vaccinated, I’ve know him for 50 odd years. Things are really bad and this winter is going to do some people in.

    For now I’ll just say I’ve had it but waiting for the second shot. No one will bother then . After all with a Vit D3 level of 250nmol /litre I should fight off even vaccinated virus variants

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  4. I had the single measles, the single rubella, the pertussis, the smallpox, the BCG, and the polio, *sugar lump version in 1976 or thereabouts) Typhoid several times, tetanus several times, cholera several times, Yellow fever in 2008, Hep B ( EngerixB) 1988 three times, plus a fucking booster in 1995 ( reason being I had had my titres tested in 1992 and they were high and I was saying test the titres first but they didnt fucking listen) Caught the chickenpox at 8 years old, Caught the Mumps from Dad who brought it home from a patient in 1983 when I was 13. Titres for rubella were fine in 1996. cos the hospital said, Have you had the rubella injection? I said I dont know, I cant remember Oh ok we’ll test you first. They tested and it was fine.
    When the MMR became a ” requirement for locum medical work ” I resisted it and said Ive had all these things, and I actually had the mumps I dont require a re vaccination ( Why on earth would I want an extra jab I cant stand needles at the best of times) That goes for blood letting also. I tolerate it just. So when these things came out I thought well its a coronavirus, those things mutate, a vaccine against one wont work against the next mutation ( QED) which is what is happening now. I had seen the documentaries etc about the ” vaccine for the common cold, the testing at Porton Down and the abject failure of these things ” and then when they mentioned mRNA I thought Im not going near that, Im not stupid. But that kind of thing will insert shit into my cell to make stuff rather than invoking a B cell or T cell response. But now Im being called an anti vaxer? No Im against stupidity. Fuck sakes they must think we are all stupid.

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    • I’m going to start asking people if they’ve had rabies vaccine. I had it, so if they didn’t then they must have asymptomatic rabies and could give it to me because I’m vaccinated.

      That’s fair, right? It’s in line with the modern logic.

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  5. I forgot to say. I had the flu vax in 2001. I was persuaded that it was a good thing to have. Fucking hell I felt like death for 8 weeks I never wanted to have the damn thing again and so far have avoided it.

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  6. I’m in the No column too and keep unsuccessfully trying to drum it into heads that “unvexed”” is not the same as “infected” but the propaganda mill argues irrationally against that bit of logic. It also seems to suppress the rather long list of reported and serious side effects. But I do have a question for you. I understand the idea that the vax can actually be the cause of the mutations, much in the way that bacteria learn to dodge the first (then the second, third etc) antibiotics that defeat it. However, you seem to say that if the vaxd get the virus, they’ll get it more seriously but so far it does appear that they get it either asymptomatically or lightly. So could you explain why you say otherwise?

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  7. Stealing this right now:

    “ Flu vaccine has such a poor effectiveness that I’ve never bothered with it. I had my first official invitation this year and ignored it. I had flu once, thirty years ago, and yes it’s unpleasant but if the vaccine is only going to offer 40% protection… not good enough.

    I am not touching this experimental mRNA or DNA stuff. I know well what happened in all previous attempts to make a coronavirus vaccine. Traditional or mRNA. I know what happened in the Phillipines when they injected masses of people with a vaccine for Dengue fever. Coronaviruses are a special case. Every vaccine ever attempted has only made subsequent infection far, far worse. From what I have learned so far, this one is going to be no different. If you’ve had the vaccine you need to be very, very careful not to catch this disease next winter.”

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    • So certain airlines will soon be short of pilots, and certain other airlines will be taking on more pilots to cover the routes lost by the vax fanatics.

      Looks like it’ll all sort itself out soon 🙂


  8. So to summarise the options seem to be:

    1. Take the vaccine and risk death from a later autoimmune response.
    2. Don’t take the vaccine and risk death from deadly variants caused by the vaccine.
    3. Stay the hell away from everyone over the winter and wait to see if the autoimmune responses materialise or not.

    Unfortunately number 3 not an option for those of us with jobs and family. What are the relative probabilities of 1 and 2? Where would you put your money?

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    • There are effective treatments for this virus (you know, the ones that get people banned from social media for saying The Name That Must Not Be Said). Ivermectin has proven very effective indeed – but if that’s officially admitted, the vaccines lose their emergency authorisation.

      If 3 isn’t possible I’d go with 2. But with daily dosing of vit C and D, zinc and quercetin (HCQ is better if you can get it, but you have to be careful with the dose).

      If you don’t take the vaccine now, you have the option to take it later. If you take it now you can’t get it back out. I’m holding out at least until I get enough information on it to make an informed decision. It’s still experimental.

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  9. When all this was brewing up, I’d got interested in a hobbyist kind of way in regular Platonic solids, like dodecahedrons and whatnot. Stone me, but bacteriophages (that attack bacteria) are pretty much icosahedradral (20-faced). As someone who has lost almost every tooth in their heads to agony and abscess, I wonder if our host can provide some interesting perspective on these beasties? Particularly, do bacteria themselves have immune systems?


    • They are a fascinating group of viruses, aren’t they? The ‘stalk’ retracts when the virus attaches, to punch through the bacterial cell wall.

      Bacteria are single cells so don’t have an immune system. The phages attach to specific places on the cell surface so if a bacterium mutates to not have receptors, the virus can’t attack that one. Since bacteria never suffer natural death, because they reproduce by splitting in two, the emergence of such a mutant will soon replace the virus-sensitive population with a virus-resistant version.

      That actually works in higher animals too. There is an E. coli strain called K88 that affects pigs, but only those pigs that have the right receptors on their gut cells. If the bacterium can’t attach, it gets washed out. So if you breed the pigs that aren’t affected you could have a whole herd that’s immune.

      Well that’s the theory… but there are three types of K88 and all have different receptors so in practice it’s not so easy. There’s also the problem of meddling – you might breed out resistance to one pathogen but breed in susceptibility to another.

      I’ll stop before I get into full lecture mode 🙂


        • Amoxicillin is a penicillin-derived antibiotic. It has no effect on viruses but it’s often used to treat bacterial respiratory tract infections.

          If you have a virus infection, you have a lot of smashed up cells and cell debris hanging around, and your immune system is busy with the virus. The ideal time for a bacterial infection to take hold as well. The antibiotics used in the treatment are to try to stop bacteria taking hold in the battlezone between the virus and the immune system. Otherwise you could start with flu and end up with bacterial pneumonia!


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