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Still lots to do here, still fighting lockdown ennui as, I suspect, are most people. At least I moved out of that tiny flat in time. It was a very nice flat but being locked in there now would have been a nightmare. Also, grandson is recovering well fom his surprise illness which is good news. Somewhere between good and bad news is that my daughter, my youngest, just turned 30 and I feel almost as old as I did when she jumped out a plane skydiving. I think that event took my last non-grey hair.

Anyway. The Halloween anthology is open, and Leg Iron Books is going to be putting print books on They have some steep postage charges and if you undercut Amazon, they ditch you fast so it was never a cheap option – but so many people are boycotting Amazon now, an alternative outlet for print is necessary.

The eBooks are already also available via Smashwords, and most of them have made it through to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple etc, but the only source for print was Amazon. have changed since I was last there. A lot. It’s taking time to figure out the new layout but eventually all Leg Iron Books will appear there. The single author books will go in first (their trim sizes are a little different so if you provided your own cover I might need to ask for a slightly different size) and the anthologies will go in as three-book omnibus editions, where those were in the contracts. So they won’t be the same as the Amazon ones, won’t get the Amazon snarky price comparisons and will be worth the steep postage rates. I’m considering some hardback copies even though those would be so expensive they are unlikely to sell. Costs nothing but time to try it.

Anyway, the end of this month is author payment month so if you want our authors to succeed, have a look at the selection available. They don’t all have the Smashwords Ebook links yet, but they aren’t hard to find.

Best of all, they take your mind off the current Hell on earth for a while.

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