Next Jab

In ‘Leaving the Dream‘, I didn’t specify how the chip in Phil’s hand worked. Well, in a short story you have to avoid getting sidetracked into details that really aren’t needed to advance the story. Getting sidetracked is definitely one of my flaws so I do need to keep it under control.

I hadn’t envisaged his chip having terabytes of storage and its own power supply, although we might not be far off that as a possibility. You can now get micro SD cards with enough storage space to run a small country and some extremely tiny batteries. However, I hadn’t gone that way, I was saving it for more futuristic chips like the ones in 10538’s body.

Phil’s chip didn’t need it. It wasn’t scanned by hand held scanners, only on a desktop scanner attached to a computer, which was itself attached to the internet. So, Phil’s chip was simply a unique identifier, using RFID, no internal power. The scanners identified him and the computer accessed a central database to bring up his records. Very simple, cheap and already achievable with technology that’s already been around for quite some time.

The chip didn’t need updates or modifications of any kind. New medications were added to the central database and the chip simply identified him to that database. Seriously, that could be rolled out tomorrow. Every component of it already exists.

So, updating Phil’s vaccine passport does not require him to go anywhere or do anything to the chip, and there really isn’t much anyone can do about hacking it. It’s just an ID, the real data is stored elsewhere.

Now, it is already clear that the Pharmers intend to profit from regular ‘booster’ jabs, whether you need them or not, and that more vaccines will be added to that passport – all requiring regular top-ups. Flu, I am sure, will be next, there will probably be a few others before plague is added – but it will be.

Next, there is likely to be an mRNA vaccine for HIV.

Now, I am at pretty much zero risk of HIV. I’m over 60, I have never been one to ‘play the field’ and indeed, I have very little interaction with other people anyway. Heck, I’m at very low risk of catching a cold, I’m not at all concerned about HIV! I’m far more bothered by IBS which runs (literally) in the family. Not much anyone can do about that, and probably never will be.

I expect most of you out there can say much the same – your risk of HIV is negligible. So the vaccine will only be for high risk groups, right? Like Yellow Fever vaccine, which you only need if you go to a country where Yellow Fever is endemic. If you’re not visiting those parts of the world, you have no need of the vaccine.

Well, if you’re in the UK you don’t need plague vaccine but you’re going to get it anyway. Also yellow fever, even if you have never left your remote Pennines village and don’t intend to. You’ll have this HIV vaccine too.

Why? Two reasons.

  1. Each one will be added to your vaccine passport. Fail to stay up to date and you can’t even leave your house.
  2. So many have now fallen for the scam that ‘my vaccine doesn’t work unless you’re vaccinated too’ that it will henceforth apply to all future vaccines. It might even spread from there. ‘My painkillers don’t work unless everyone takes them’. There will be peer pressure that could well end up as a sort of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers scenario, where those fully up to date with every potion going will point and scream at you in the street if you miss one shot of the athlete’s foot vaccine.

Once you get on this ride you can never get off. It’s the last ride you’ll ever take and you’ll be on it to the end.

I won’t be getting on the ride. I’ve had all the vaccines I need, I’m not joining in with the experimental stuff. If that means no more visits to pubs, restaurants or shops, so be it. I’ll get everything delivered or simply go completely off grid and fend for myself. I’ve done that before. I’m a lot older now but I think I can survive for at least a while without all the modern luxuries I didn’t grow up with but, like many, have become used to.

I’m not saying ‘don’t get the vaccine’, that’s your choice. I will not stoop to the level of the Cult of Covid and demand anyone follows the way I choose to live. Few, if any, of those under 40 could cope with it anyway. However, even if you have had the vaccine, I would suggest you resist the introduction of the vaccine passport. It does not represent freedom in any way. It represents eternal slavery. You will do as you are told or you will be cancelled. The requirements put upon you will only increase, never decrease. You get in this game and the door slams behind you. There is no exit.

Well, if it comes to it, I choose cancellation. I really don’t want to live as one of the Pharmer cattle, I’d rather freeze to death in a remote forest. Although, since I know how to make a fire and cook over it, I’ll actually probably outlast most of the Eloi the Pharmers will be feeding on.

I know, this is a bleak vision of the future but if the vaccine passport becomes reality, it’s the only one available. You can pooh-pooh this, you can pretend it’s all going to be fine, you can believe your government sees you as anything more than an inconvenience, you can believe the Pharmers care about more than pure profit… but there is a very nasty awakening coming for you.

Soon it will be too late to choose your future. It will have been decided for you. Unless you decide first.

The choice is yours. It always was, if you only could see it.

20 thoughts on “Next Jab

  1. I can see the future you describe coming, like a truck with no brakes hurtling towards us. Fortunately some of us have dodged out of the way. Unfortunately there will be another one along very soon. My food stores are totally inadequate for me to survive cancellation, my wealth is tied into my house and the bank. Too old and unskilled to exist, cold and shivering in the forest, but determined to resist, to go on my terms, not theirs. Born a free man, die a free man, that’s all I want.

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  2. Canada is full-out crazy on this. There will be vaccine passports to assure that we can’t take a train, plane, or ferry, or travel outside our province, let alone go to another country. They may well expand that to public transit. We’ll be banned from most public places and events, and there’s talk of banning us from grocery stores and medical care. Reading the case count thread in my city’s subreddit is basically the two-minute hate come true. They want us dead. Funny how in this climate that says we must not utter hate speech that hate speech against the approved targets is encouraged.

    There are internment camps in the prairies. As far as the astrology goes, it looks like there will be violence in both the States and Canada in the autumn. A friend in New York City (currently moving his family to another state) says it’s not just crazy there now, it’s angry and already getting violent. Here, I’m living my childhood nightmare – it’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    Going off-grid if you can seems like the best plan. Other than that, I’m not sure what can be done. People are in the grip of mass hysteria, they can’t see that they’re being played. And that makes for a very dangerous situation.

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  3. Oh for goodness sake! Don Quixote of Covid! “Experimental stuff” is experimental no more, legally. Vaccine results seem disappointing which would make vaccine passports unworkable. I don’t believe any stuff you predict! None of it will happen. You are just tilting a windmalls! Ha ha.


  4. Oh for goodness sake! Don Quixote of Covid! “Experimental stuff” is experimental no more, legally. Vaccine results seem disappointing which would make vaccine passports unworkable. I don’t believe any stuff you predict! None of it will happen. You are just tilting a windmalls! Ha ha.

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  5. Hmm. I seem to remember a time, about 15 years ago, when some people sounded the alarm about Health Fascism and said if you ban smokers, ban smoking, make it all illegal, chase them all down, refuse them medical treatments, fine and imprison them, shut down businesses and remove private property rights – all in the name of health and safety – then this is eventually going to lead to something much worse.

    And the majority of the world enjoyed beating down “filthy smokers” and were happy to mindlessly join in on locking them all down and kicking them out of society.

    That little bit of smoke that used to rise in the corner of the room or the fresh scent of cherry tobacco aroma that wafted in through the breeze, that used to be the insurance policy for everyone that peoples’ God given freedoms and liberties, as granted as inalienable right at birth, were not being denied and taken by an intolerant authoritarian dictatorial group of self-righteous hateful anti-smoking people called the government.

    Fast forward now, after nobody listened – and I looked back and think – what did they expect to happen. Were they not warned?

    It’s too late now. People begged and asked for it, people ignored the fact that the SHS Fraud was the same as all the frauds that have come since then. So as they tormented and killed and destroyed all the smokers, now too comes their turns – exactly as was warned but had all gone onto willingly deaf ears.

    In a way, I no longer feel sorry for them. They brought this on themselves and it started long ago before Covid or forced medical injections. They opened the door and health and safety fascism walked right on in.

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    • Well, they can have all their bans and controlled spaces and exclusions. They’ve done all that to us smokers since 2006 (in Scotland) and the new restrictions have had little extra effect.

      As you say, it’s too late to stop it now. They have to experience what’s coming before they’ll beleive it’s coming.


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