Rumours and Contradictions

Blogging is going to be sporadic for a time. I am now up to my eyes in books getting prepared, getting existing books prepped for reloading on Lulu and have opened the fifteenth Underdog Anthology (Halloween) for stories. Even this post has taken three days to complete. Also, I have only just noticed we are now in September – author payments were due three days ago! I’ll get to that tonight.

One bit of good news – my grandson is making an excellent recovery, so that bit of tension has eased at least.

I see there is something of a to-do in Afghanistan. Lots of contradictory information, as ever, but I’ll refrain from commenting. I’ve never been there and have no military experience so I have nothing on which to base an opinion. Other than… why do countries keep invading Afghanistan? Nobody ever wins there. It’s where empires go to die. Just leave them alone, FFS.

When it comes to matters microbiological, that’s different. So here goes. A rundown of some of what I’ve seen and heard and the fragments that have been confirmed. There’s too much for one post.

I’ve heard that Germany and Denmark have stopped vaccinating. What’s confirmed is that both have stopped using the Astrazeneca vaccine over the blood clot issues. As far as I can tell they are still using Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. So they haven’t really stopped vaccinating, they’ve just narrowed their range of vaccines.

Japan hasn’t stopped vaccinating. They have stopped using Moderna over contamination issues. Well, if you give a company immunity from prosecution, why would they spend money on quality control? As far as I can tell, this only affects Moderna vaccines and only in Japan.

Vaxpasses are about to come into use in the UK, initially only for nightclubs and other places where large gatherings of people happen. I see so many comments of ‘well it’s just for large gatherings’ and they really believe it will stop there.

In France and Australia you can’t get into a supermarket without a vaxpass. In Cyprus you can’t even buy petrol without one. This is an activity that takes place outdoors, on your own, and the ‘pay at pump’ thing means you need never contact anyone else at all in the process. So the vaxpass makes no sense here. It makes no sense anywhere, but outdoors and alone it’s extra-special bunk with knobs on.

Israel is rolling out third jabs, because if you try something twice and it makes matters worse, the obvious solution (to idiots) is to keep doing it until it does work. Therefore their vaxpass is now only valid for six months after the last jab… which has an implication that should be blatantly obvious to anyone. Especially when you notice that the EU vaxpass has space for eight shots, and that many countries have ordered ten times as many vaccines as they have people. Oh yes, if you got on this train you are on it for life.

The graphene oxide thing is still going on. I’ve never worked with it so I can’t say whether the published micrographs look like it or not. It’s a sheet of carbon one atom thick, I would suspect you’d need a scanning tunneling microscope to see it, not a light microscope, but as I said, I’ve never worked with it so don’t know. I have no idea why it would be in there and the pictures I’ve seen show no real form, just folded sheets of something.

Well, if I was going to make a nanobot, using a stable carbon based outer shell that can be made one atom thick would be a good place to start. However, the micrographs don’t show robots or any kind of mechanical structure so if they were nanobots, they got mangled during the injection. Well, I did once consider nanobots a potentially useful thing (the virus mentioned in that post was in the computer). But that was back in 2003.

So, we have a great deal of conflicting information. There are those telling us the ‘vaccines’ are safe while others are building court cases over the massive amounts of harm they cause. Those telling us they work but everyone needs another shot because they aren’t working. Reports of magnetic effects followed by Japanese scientists finding magnetic particles in the shots. Graphene keeps coming back too, although the microchip story seems to have faded somewhat now. The 5G link… well I’ll probably be dead before 5G gets out to rural here so I’m not likely to have much to say about it. Getting any phone reception at all is cause for celebration here.

The imminent UK vaxpasses will be for large events, soon to be extended to pubs and shops and your living room and every time you need a pee. Australia and New Zealand are at the point where even North Korea is facepalming but Ireland and Denmark are dropping all restrictions and vax passes at the same time as Boris and Wee Nippy demand their introduction.

Incidentally, the best description I’ve seen of Boris lately is ‘a haunted haystack’. It needs to be a story.

As for Australia, I used to think it was full of Crocodile Dundee types and that wonderful mad bastard who grabbed deadly snakes and was unfortunately killed by a stingray. I thought they all wore hats with corks hanging off them, cracked a cold tube of beer and threw another prawn on the barbie. Which gives a bit of a difficult image in the UK… my daughter used to collect Barbie dolls so I imagined a kind of game of quoits where you’d throw prawns and try to land them on the dolls. But I digress. Anyway, it turns out Australians are a bunch of feeble girlie men who will do as they are told by thugs in uniform and are scared of getting a cold. If you want to put out threats, Aussies, remember I’m on the other side of the planet and you are in detention – teacher won’t let you leave your country, or even your state. So what are you gonna do about it, matey?

Sweden, meanwhile, has ignored it all. With a covid infection and death rate result that was… exactly the same as everyone else, except they didn’t destroy their children’s education (well, apart from the Doom Goblin’s ‘we don’ need no education because we already know everything’ crap), they didn’t wreck their businesses and didn’t force everyone into pointless masks. But let’s not talk about that because it is so very inconvenient.

The messaging coming out is contradictory, much of it is unconfirmed, it is confusing and disorienting and I suspect that is deliberate. I have used this kind of technique for fun when faced with antismokers and other generally stupid people, and it really does work to scare people. I never imagined it could work on such a scale, it seems I underestimated the levels of stupidity and gullibility out there.

It is not going to improve any time soon. We are going to see much more of rumours that are later randomly proved or disproved, definitive facts that turn out to be false, clear ‘conspiracy theories’ wrapped and sealed in an Alcan factory that will later be shown to be the truth, until you don’t know if you are up or down, whether black is white or blue is brown.

At that point you are open to anything. Anything that will take away the confusion. Even if it is bizarre, it’s less mad than the world in your brain. Anything that at least looks logical.

Here is a bit of logic. One I have used more than once.

There are no roundabouts in America because the Romans never got that far. The Romans built dead straight roads because they hadn’t invented steering. So the invaded peoples built winding roads and roundabouts to slow them down and that is why the Romans failed. They did not reach America, so America has straight roads and no roundabouts. It’s logic.

It’s nonsense. It’s entirely made up. The real game takes longer than this simple outline but it has never failed. You will not believe how many people have accepted that as a sensible explanation. There are so many others, especially with antismokers but they were all one on one, retaliation if you will for snide remarks or fake coughs. It did not occur to me to scare an entire country, but looking back, I had the basis of it.

The basis is confusion, especially confusion that looks like logic. Once you have someone confused, any offer of any kind of illusory logic is grasped at. This is not hard to set up, the only hard part is keeping a straight face while doing it.

The setup was ‘your mask protects me, my mask protects you’, after many conflicting messages on masks until everyone is just desperate for some kind of logical reasoning behind them.

That sets up a mindset whereby everyone around you is at risk unless you do something to yourself (wear a mask) and if someone else doesn’t wear a mask, then they are a risk to you even if you are wearing yours. It’s senseless, but after a few months of ‘wear a mask/don’t wear a mask’ people are ready to grasp anything that gets them out of the confusion.

From there it’s a simple step to ‘my vaccine protects you, and if you don’t get one you are putting my health at risk’. A moment’s thought makes it clear that this is ludicrous, but so many aren’t thinking any more. They have been battered by confusing stories to the point where they just want it to stop, and they’ll accept anything at all that means they can fix some kind of logic in their minds.

So now we have the absurdity of the non-sick unvaxxed being dangerous to the often-ill vaxxed. If you are not vaccinated you can generate deadly variants of a virus you don’t have and infect people who have been vaccinated against that virus. People really believe this. They really do. I have to admit to being grudgingly impressed by the behavioural scientists of SAGE, they have performed a feat of brainwashing on most of the population that is absolutely astounding.

Of course, it’s not over. There are already calls for the unvaxxed to be segregated from society – including from Noam Chomsky, a man who was born in 1929 and will have observed multiple instances of the consequences of those words. Australia and Canada are building very large ‘quarantine camps’, and I hear rumours that other countries are also building them. Of course, any mention of them being used to round up the unvaxxed is tinfoil hattery. As was the vaxpass, the third jab, the fourth jab already being discussed and the eight spaces on the EU vaxpass. And there are already supporters of rounding up the unvaxxed, so they’ll have no problem finding camp guards.

It doesn’t end with covid either. We are now to fear Marburg virus, a disease endemic to certain parts of Africa and virtually unknown elsewhere West Nile virus is making a comeback, and you can expect variants to start popping up like farts in the bath as soon as the fear of all the new diseases is established. That vaxpass is going to look like a telephone directory – and it’s only valid until the next booster is due.

Miss one booster and you can join the unvaxxed in the camps. Square one.

The future is very dark indeed. There is one ray of hope though – this sort of thing has been tried throughout history, time and time again, and it has always ended very badly for those who have done it.

Better polish up Traitor’s Gate and oil the hinges. It’s likely to get a lot of traffic in the future.

29 thoughts on “Rumours and Contradictions

  1. Do you think the future is dark? I don’t. I think the future is the dawning on humanity that the vaxxed and the unvaxxed are carriers and therefore equal. Passports will become ludicrous. And in the end, we will all have had Covid with or without complications. We will overcome complications with better nursing techniques, which we are already doing. One day, our attitude to covid will be “meh” and history will record that humankind went through a temporary insanity in the “Covid Era” not unlike believing in Witches or the Devil with horns and a pitchfork. Scientific logic cannot support camps for the unvaccinated, nor vaxxpassports. Nor “vaccinations” that wear off after six months! I think the future is bright! I’m going to enjoy watching who falls out of which tree when you shake it. We just have to be patient…..

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    • I wish I had your optimism – but after having seen, like you did, what has happened in tobacco control and concerning vaping, I tend towards the doom with a ray of hope view.
      Concerning Germany: No, vaccination absolutely not has stopped. To the contrary: they’re coming for the kids, and they’re “discussing” how far the unvaccinated can be banned from public life.

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      • Now that is depressing about Covid restrictions in Germany. It’s part of the insanity. I predict that vaping will be found to be a fantastic delivery system for some medication or other as well as a decent substitute for smoking. I vape, but my brain still thinks like a smoker. I will never forget the persecution I endured as a smoker. I would still smoke if I preferred it. Tobacco Control is a hugely profitable industry. It worries me more than vaxxpassports and other losses of freedom. The latter does not have a logical scientific support system, but no one, not even smokers, can say smoking is good for us and makes us healthier the longer we do it. I’m one of the lucky ones it seems. I smoked for fifty years. I have vaped for ten. I’m 77 in a few days.

        In my lifetime, I have lived through Measles Epidemics, Scarlet Fever Epidemics, Diptheria Epidemics, Smallpox and Polio Epidemics, TB, Meningitis, Cholera, Malaria, Rabies, Tetanus and many many wars, cold or otherwise, Atomic Bomb scares, Hong Kong flu and on and on. The point is, in many of these we “lost our freedom” and had to have certificates, restrictions, and be put in isolation. It seems no one remembers any of this at all. All the above rose and fell, and have even passed out of memory. Right now, instead of expending tons of excess emotion, I say “this too will pass”. The future is bright, not dark, as science will show vaxxpassports and camps for unvaccinated are scientifically illogical and morally reprehensible.

        As for smoking, humans have been smoking something or other for many thousands of years, we will go on smoking for many more! Tobacco Control is farting against thunder by thinking they will ever have a “smoke-free” world. They have now linked every illness known to man as ’caused’ by smoking. Sod them! The only thing they have never considered is the happiness and comfort it brings. The world was much happier in ‘before’ times.

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    • I wish had Elizabeth’s optimism when she thought QR-coded Digital ID Vaccine Passports meant simply carrying a little bit of folded printed cardboard to wave in the face of anyone requesting it at Tesco’s.

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          • Had there been a distinct benefit to being vaccinated in not spreading Covid, (considering vaccinated people as “safer” than unvaccinated) might have been a reasonable reason for a vaccination certificate of any kind as was done for many other illnesses in the past in the UK and around the world. How old are you? I guess your History knowledge is a bit wobbly? But, science tells us vaccinations for Covid are losing protection value, so therefore certificates are truly meaningless. Now.


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            • Elizabeth – Yes, I absolutely agree, I also agree with you regarding QR-coded Vaccine Passports as being unworkable, but then when I read “China QR-coded Vaccine Passports” FT.Com I also realise how horrific they are, and how much impact they are on ones life.

              I also strongly suspect we are all about to receive one too?

              The very brief exchange between you and I was a while back, your good self posted something along the lines of “ you can’t see the problem with having to show a little card to gain entry to somewhere, that is was no great upheaval “ my rep,y was along the lines of – “ It will not be little bit of folded cardboard/paper, it will be a personal allocated QR-coded Digital ID. And that QR-code will follow you everywhere you go, and everything you do, and I suspect soon, everything you purchase.

              For me personally, it was Scott Morrison who let the cat out of the bag way too early, and I assume he got his wrists severely smacked for his blunder, back early April 2020, Covid had barely begun, and Scott Morrison threatened the entire Australian nation with Vaccine Passports? This one blunder by the globalist useful idiot set me off on the hunt for QR-coded Digital ID Vaccine Passports, it was soon quite apparent what they were up to, and where we are heading.

              And here we are.

              63 by the way.

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              • Oh, still a spring chicken at sixty-three! We are all tracked and traced already. Have you listened to or read Yuval Harari? (sp)? We are doing it voluntarily. And we LIKE it. My middle-aged kids all have Fitbit’s, map trackers, plane and flight trackers, pet communicators, Carb Managers, and a multitude of apps on their phones. They have GPS on their cars that park themselves, Alexa, in their houses. My grandchildren are computer addicts and watch visually harsh and ugly kid’s stuff on TV. They have YouTube, not necessarily KidsYouTube, so god knows what is seeping into their consciousness! If you show the slightest interest by clicking on any link, you get offered more of the same. When my grown “children” shop, they click on the button that says “buy it now” and payment is made instantly and they get their shopping the very next day. But they don’t think there is anything sinister in any of these things. Its modern life. And you are worried about QR-coded Digital ID Vaccine Passports?

                I could go on. I know of folk who are anti-vaxxers because they don’t want “poison” in their bodies, but they eat crap, use shampoos, soaps, detergents, skin exfoliators, bleaches, hair colourants, wear underwire bras and live in houses off-gassing poisons from their newly fitted carpets, mock leather sofas, curtains and air fresheners. Women have been botoxed, or have breast or bum implants. They might snort coke, smoke weed, drink alcohol. They take painkillers, Cialis, vitamins or dodgy ‘natural’ remedies. If they are very health conscious, they drink “healthy” smoothies made from vegetables sprayed with and grown in poisonous soils. Modern life is saturated with poison. And they are worried about poisons in vaccines!

                There is nothing stranger than a human being….

                I enjoyed the conversation with you, thanks.

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                • Scott Morrison back in mid April 2020 threatening the entire Aussie nation with QR-code Vaccine Passports, the problem for me?

                  There was not even a vaccine for Covid? a) How did he know with such confidence a QR-code Vaccine Passport would be required? and b) How dd he know, and was so confident a vaccine in any form would be developed so soon?

                  I personally have come to the conclusion that either Scott Morrison is clearly psychic (but more than likely a psycho) or he was clearly working to a preset agenda?

                  This far in, it matters not a jot what side of the Covid fence one is on, one thing which is now abundantly crystal clear, something here is very, very wrong.

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  2. Actually, here in Cyprus the Petrol Station is the only place I don’t have to show my VaxPass. They have never bothered with masks either and all Petrol Stations here are ‘full service’…

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  3. “…it seems I underestimated the levels of stupidity and gullibility out there. ”
    ― Legiron

    “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”
    ― George Carlin

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    • Is that the one they’re basing on ivermectin? I’ve noticed a lot more ivermectin-trashing in the media (some of it so bad that hospitals have had to reply to say it isn’t true – never thought I’d see that), and I believe Pfizer is going into phase 3 trials now?

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