Another fake shortage

In a rerun of the toilet paper fiasco, people are now filling entirely unsuitable containers with petrol and in many cases will be turning their homes into potential infernos.

Why? Same reason as the toilet paper game. The media have told them there is a petrol shortage and petrol stations are going to run out of fuel. The result, again as with the toilet paper game, is that everyone rushed to fill their cars and anything else they could find with petrol, bought it all and… petrol stations ran out of fuel.

What kicked this off was a report that BP and Texaco were finding it difficult to employ enough delivery drivers so they were going to temporarily close ten petrol stations.

Ten. In the whole country. Ten out of over 8000 petrol stations. Now they are all swamped with idiots convinced it’s going to run out, and not realising they are the ones causing it to run out. As with the toilet paper, again, there is no real shortage. There is plenty of petrol waiting to be distributed and it is being distributed. The problem is the surge in demand – which means it’s disappearing from stock faster than it can be replaced. Give it a week and all those petrol stations will be back to normal. I look forward to the idiots trying to take their stock back for a refund.

More importantly though, some of the photographs show people filling actual petrol containers, others show them filling any plastic container they could find. Some of them will be corroded by the petrol and leak. And they are not small containers.

I live on a farm. I have a small stash of petrol for garden tools and I can store it well away from the house. Many of those people filling dodgy containers are likely to live in houses with attached garages, or even in flats. So what happens when the containers start to leak, the electricity goes off (almost inevitable this winter due to the Green lunacy) and they light candles? Terraced houses and flats are likely to go off like gigantic firecrackers.

They can’t return the petrol to the garages. They can’t safely dispose of it – and at current UK fuel prices they really aren’t going to try anyway. It’s just sitting there, waiting for a spark. Just as I wrote in May of 2020

So why this fake media-induced shortage and idiot-driven panic buying? Several possibilities have emerged. One is the idea that if you can’t get petrol, you’re better off with an electric car but with looming electricity outages, that doesn’t really work. Not being able to buy petrol really isn’t any different to not being able to plug in your car. And how many can afford those battery powered toys anyway?

One that does seem likely is that, to get the new crap E10 petrol loaded up, the government wanted to clear out the forecourt tanks so the new petrol won’t be diluted by the old stuff. I’ve been running on the new E10 for at least one full tank now. The car runs fine, but the mileage is already very noticeably down. So I’ll have to burn more of it to go the same distance as before. Green? This stuff is nowhere near ‘green’. Buring ethanol produces – guess what? CO2. So it will actually increase emissions. It will, incidentally, also increase the duty and VAT take because the same tank of fuel won’t take you as far as before.

I’d have thought that gradually diluting the new E10 with the old stuff would make the drop in mileage more gradual and less noticeable. This clearout is going to make it really, really obvious to anyone who wasn’t really paying attention before.

But then, sensible policy has never been the cornerstone of government. We vote them in and they think they are bloody emperors.

Soon, we are likely to have another King Charles. I have a very strong feeling that history, ignored as it is by many these days, could well be about to bite some political arses.

29 thoughts on “Another fake shortage

  1. “Just as I wrote in May of 2020″… I was thinking about that just today. And thought How did he know, but the thing is that if you are a critical thinker these things just make sense and natural progression. I couldn’t remember exactly where I had read it but I knew that I had. My brain doesnt file information that way it just remembers that it heard it or it read it.

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  2. We are really quite herdable aren’t we. Years of conditioning have made this possible.

    Shortages of cash, money, means of exchange will probably be coming our way soon. My plans to keep a few hens were thwarted by the dreaded plague™, eggs being a pretty decent form of barter. There are a few thousand golden virginia tobacco seeds knocking around somewhere in the loft, that might help. Was it here that I read that the flowers were a truly beautiful smoke?

    Must remember not to post comments like this, it only gives them ideas.

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    • The whole farago could have been imagined by Jonathan Swift working in time warp cooperation with Charles Dodgson and Spike Milligoon.
      Just after the war, 1950s if someone had written this as a satire he would not have been laughed at. Shirley it is all impossible.
      If something does not change we are all royally fucked.

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  3. Imagine the same situation at petrol stations, and then having the added grief of having to scan your QR-coded Digital ID vaccine Passports before you become state approved to continue?

    This will all end in tears.

    If it means a serious setback for the globalists wet-dreams, it’s all good by me.

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    • I think it was “Sir Humphrey” in “Yes Minister” who summed it up succinctly – “you shouldn’t believe a rumour until it’s been officially denied”. 🙂


  4. If all those petrol containers aren’t sealed properly, it could spell disaster. I had a few bonfires going in the garden in the early summer and used the lawnmower’s petrol to help spread the flames. The spout of the petrol can ignited, but fortunately it didn’t take hold. I hadn’t taken the vapour into account, but I will in future.

    Sure, ‘they’ want us plebs (99% of us) to be car-less. ‘They’ signposted it over ten years ago: along with meat rationing.

    BTW, I haven’t listened to Alex Jones for many years. Or written a blog post. Don’t leave comments; I can no longer log in to my own blog.

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  5. Storing fuel in cans, especially the new extra-hygroscopic E10 fuel, is bloody stupid. A great many years ago I bought a couple of 20-litre jerrycans to use to store diesel fuel, against any later shortages, this around the time of some fuel strikes. I added diesel fuel adjuvant to the contents to aid preservation. not that this mattered.

    Fast forward to last April. I was in the process of getting rid of my much-disliked Qashqai diesel, and I had two 20-litre cans of dubious vintage diesel oil to get rid of. I hadn’t really got the kit to filter the fuel properly, nor the nerve to just run it through a standard filter and hope the vehicle’s inbuilt filter coped. I ended up taking this to the local recycling centre where it was eventually very grudgingly accepted, mostly on the basis of “Look, two shiny as-new jerrycans!”.

    That’s what will happen in the coming weeks and months.

    Fuel stored in cans “for an emergency” never gets used unless it is used fairly soon after the emergency starts. Otherwise the best that can be hoped for is that they use it in lawnmowers and get rid of the excess that way. This is, in my experience, unlikely since everyone with a lawnmower either has an electric one, or a dedicated petrol can for the mower.

    No, they’ll put the fuel away for an emergency and later discover it when it stinks the garage out from leaking through the incorrect container, or when they’re having a clear-out. Some will get lucky and not break their cars when they use the fuel; rather more will see problems of greater or lesser import.

    A rather larger number will not have the nerve to use this fuel that they have carefully hoarded. I hadn’t, for instance, but then I am a man of nervous disposition. I am also a trained scientist and very well aware of vapour hazards, general health and safety and why all those regulations exist. Most laymen will either ignore or discount such fripperies when they have to get rid of waste petrol.

    The safe way to do this is to take it to a household waste recycling centre and tell the exact truth about what is in the can and why you’re trying to get rid of it. You’ll be laughed at, but probably get rid of the fuel and container safely.

    The unsafe, unspectacular way to get rid is to burn the fuel, using a long metal tube to dribble the waste into an outdoor fire from a long distance away, and dribble slowly at that.

    The lunatic method is to empty the can over a bonfire and light from a safe distance, preferably by hurling burning material at the pyre from upwind. Expect not to have any eyebrows or skin after doing this.

    The lunatic, eco-vandal, prosecution for pollution way to get rid is to pour the fuel down a drain. Expect to be prosecuted for pollution and/or causing epic explosions in the drains if you do this.

    Take-home message: do not store vehicle fuels anywhere but in your car fuel tank, unless you have the proper kit.

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  6. While the usual conspiracy vs cock-up probabilities apply, it is interesting to consider the timing of this, especially given the political persuasion of some high-ups in broadcast news and the incentive of being first to break dramatic news.

    Pre-emptive footage or photos of a petrol station queue could easily be contrived with the help of a few car-owning accomplices and some clever camera angles; add in the idiocy of the general public and you have a conference-defining stick with which to beat the government (with the added bonus of being vociferously and self-righteously outraged when ministers ‘blame’ the panic buyers).

    I wonder what the media response will be to the first flame-grilled hoarders…

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    • My wife and I have a Landrover diesel monster 4 x 4 as a second car.

      I just “ topped” it up at a cost of £74 for a range of 404 miles.

      We also have an electric Range Rover hybrid P400e monster, it cost a tad over £80,000, four times the cost of our first three bedrooms semi-detached house.

      It has a range on electric full charge of a massive 36 miles before the fossil fuel engine kicks in.

      We charge it every day, so in November I am expecting an electricity bill of approximately a million pounds Sterling? Plus VAT.


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  7. Totally unrelated, totally off topic, don’t care, could not resist it.


    The Puritans of ASH must be fainting in droves, good.

    Supercentenarians: Living to the grand old age of 130 could be possible this century, scientists have predicted. The longest-lived person in history so far is Jeanne Calment (pictured), a chain-smoking French woman born in 1875 who died aged 122 years and 164 days in 1997

    On another unrelated note, I read today that even the Vatican City has now introduced QR-coded Digital ID Vaccine Passports.

    Not even God can help us now.

    I wish I had Elizabeth’s infectious optimism.

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    • Are these the same scientists who have given us all the other lies?

      There is a (quite convincing?) theory about the lady in question, that when she died, her daughter took her identity to avoid paying death taxes and that the replacement Jeanne Calment died at (I think) 99.

      Only God can help us now. It is written somewhere in the Bible that man’s limit is now 120 years.

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      • Even dying at 99 being a chain smoker is enough to make the dreadful Puritan Deborah Arnott faint with self-righteous indignation.

        I think I might just need to take up smoking again, if only for health reasons and longevity.

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  8. It is now beleievd, even by the Guv-Mint, that some of the (cleverly distorted) comments and minutes of a meeting in Downing Street, about driver shortages, were “leaked” almost immediately to ITV by the RHA chappie.

    I have also heard, but can’t confirm it, that the RHA reps even “leaked deliberately damaging” stuff before, and even after they were the only people in the room…

    What’s the betting the the Cabinet Office Enquiry into the “leak” (“leak” is an unfortunate term here, isn’t it, re petrol etc!) fails to find anyone responsible?


  9. My mother-in-law was in hospital for about a month with terrible burns to her arm. She was burning a tree stump and decided to speed the process adding fuel to the fire.
    Sad way to learn a lesson that every child should be taught. Especially now that few read to learn.


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